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Volume 1001 - Our streets

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Tuesday    February 18, 2003 


''You know what an unarmed country looks like?
  ...Iraq doesn't look like that."
    -- Bush, too stupid to be God's messenger


 Saudis warn US over Iraq war
  Will the good puppy press report this?

  Click  Here

 Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal has said that any
 unilateral military action by the US would appear as an "act of aggression".

 The worry is rising fundamentalism in America and the West - not in the Middle East, he said.
"Our worry is the new emerging fundamentalism in the United States and in the West.
 Fundamentalism in our region is on the wane. There, it's in the ascendancy. That's the threat."

 I think he's talking about Bush's "God wants me to have Saddam's oil" delusions.
 I agree - it's scary as hell when people carry out the commands of the Invisible Cloud Being.


"For years the freedom of our people were really never in doubt."
     --Dubya, FBI Headquarters, Feb. 14, 2003

 Freedom were never in doubt?
 What does that mean?


 Behind the Great Trans-Atlantic Media Divide
    by Paul Krugman for The New York Whore Times

  Click  Here

"...some U.S. media outlets - operating in an environment in which anyone who
 questions the administration's foreign policy is accused of being unpatriotic - have
 taken it as their assignment to sell the war, not to present a mix of information that
 might call the justification for war into question.

 Bush's 'sacrifice' can't be matched

 As we head for war with Iraq, Americans should reflect and be grateful for combat sacrifices
 made by our veterans, such as Sen. Inouye (lost an arm), Sen. John McCain (six years as a POW),
 Bob Kerrey (lost a leg) and Max Cleland (lost both legs and an arm).

 However, we veterans are most impressed by the sacrifices of Vietnam-era veteran George W. Bush,
 who lost his memory for nearly a whole year concerning where he was and what he was doing from
 mid-1972 to mid-1973 when he was supposed to be serving in the Texas Air National Guard.

 Loss of limbs pale in comparison with our president's unique personal sacrifice.
 We are fortunate to have such a selfless and patriotic man leading us to war.

 Chris Riser,
 a veteran of Desert Storm.


"We have it. The smoking gun. The evidence. The potential weapon
  of mass destruction we have been looking for as our pretext of invading Iraq.
  There's just one problem — it's in North Korea."
      --Jon Stewart

 Take Back the Media

 Click  Here

 Can't miss - must see.

 VCR Alert

 As you know, last week on 24 Kimberly was kidnapped by the cougar
 and eaten. It was gross, the cougar fed Kimberly to her three cubs.
 So this week, Jack shops for a new daughter while looking for the bomb.
 The Shield continues its run of first-rate excitement.
 Did you catch that motel standoff last week?
 Vic lost a girl on the side, but maybe picked another one up.
 And this one's not a scarred-up prostitute hooked on skank.
 NYPD Blue - they finally got Saved by the Bell out of jail.
 Hey guys - would you stop showing the men naked and even up the score a little?
 You have babes that are under contract to get partly nude - and you don't do that?
 Are you guys weird or something?


 Met Susan McDougal and Pat Harris in Emeryville 2/10/03.  Very nice people.
 They signed my book and told me they love BartCop and to say Hi.

 Enclosed is a check - if you don't need it, please give it to a rich person.
 Our president is doing all he can to keep the rich rich and he needs our help.

 Keep hammering,
 "Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press
  and that cannot be limited without being lost."
    -- Thomas Jefferson


"Records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a 1994 Senate Banking Committee
  investigation show that during Reagan's presidency, the United States sold Iraq anthrax, bubonic plague,
  and botulinum toxin, all supposedly for medical research. Over congressional opposition, Reagan sold Iraq
  twin-engine Bell "Huey" helicopters, which appear to have been used in his chemical attacks on the Kurds.

 The Bush administration's current outrage at Saddam's crimes is bogus. If people like Rumsfeld, Cheney,
 Powell, and Richard Armitage (all of whom held prominent government positions in the '80s) really cared
 about the Iraqi people, they wouldn't have helped Saddam brutalize them in the '80s. And, since the
 US doesn't care about the Iraqi people, our real motivation for war must lay elsewhere--either in a
 thirst for world domination, or oil, or both." 
   --Peter Beinart, Crass Act, tnr.com

 This is how Bush knows Saddam has WMD - because his daddy sold them to Saddam.
 Why won't the "liberal" media report this?

 They are covering for the never-elected clown and men will die because of that coverup.

 Click  Here  to see an example of the difference between
                      what Bush's good puppy press feeds us and
                      the truth that the rest of the world is getting.

 For those of you unable or unwilling to click on a link,
 it shows the BBC headline "Millions protest worldwide"
 while Bush's good puppy Post says "Thousands protest."

 The Frence press put the total between 8-11 million,
 while the Washington Post is still sticking to "thousands."

 Why can't they just give us the honest facts?
 Why do they lie to protect Bush, who wasn't even elected?
 Why did the Washington Post turn into another FOX News?

 The Washington Post will do anything to prop up the Illegal Usurper.
 I'm so old, I remember when the Washington Post could be trusted.

 Report: Long Island Diocese Protected Priests

  Click  Here

 A grand jury that investigated clerical sex abuse in the Diocese of Rockville Centre
 said church leaders there repeatedly sheltered molesters and fought to squelch the
 claims of alleged victims.

"The evidence before the grand jury clearly demonstrates that diocesan officials agreed
 to engage in conduct that resulted in the prevention, hindrance and delay in the discovery
 of criminal conduct by priests," a special grand jury said in a 180-page report.


"It is not self-evident that Iraq poses an imminent threat to US security.
 And watching the blunderbuss way our country goes about international
 diplomacy, playing it's moral superiority card, is horrifying in a different way.
 I know my country means well, but does it act well?"
   -- Rebecca Knight, New generation faces wartime, financialtimes of london

 Cut to the chase

  Click  Here

 When news of world war three reaches southern California, it will probably be the third item
 on the local news, following reports about the weather and car chases, says Duncan Campbell

 ABC's morning news show set the pace by announcing "team coverage" of the phenomenon of
 wet stuff falling on the ground. A man who had been caught in the rain gave an exclusive account
 of his experience as though he had survived an explosion. A delivery driver who had had to
 deliver cardboard boxes in Tarzana gave testimony. Cardboard boxes! Rain! Can you imagine?

 This is so true.
 Is there anything worse than local news?
 They do this crap in Tulsa, too.
"Team coverage," means that Tom, Nick and Gary will do a Huey-Dewey-Louis with the report.
 I mean, why have one guy read the news when you can have three?

 Another thing is the fake weather.
 In Tulsa, it's "Eye-witness, First-Hand, Pinpoint, Street-level Accu-weather,"
 but in truth, those nutty bastards can't even say if it's going to rain tomorrow or not.

"Pinpoint, accu-weather," my ass.
 I snowed ten inches here last weekend - and it caught them all by surprise.

 France is our Friend

 There is a widening rift between the Bush administration and the people of France.
 Our government has referred to them as "Old Europe" and many people are talking
 about the French as if they are ungrateful traitors or cowards. This is not the case.

 The French have always been our friends. They helped fund and supply us during our
 Revolutionary War allowing us to exist as a country in the first place. The Statue of
 Liberty was a gift from France. The French fought along our side in many recent wars
 including the last war on Iraq where we made the unfortunate choice to leave Saddam
 in power.  The French are not opposing this war because of disloyalty but rather
 because this war is the wrong thing to do.

 The situation between us reminds me of the ads, "Friends don't let friends drive drunk".
 We are a nation gone mad and we are about to start an unprovoked war. Old Europe
 is trying to stop us because they are our friends and the leaders of France care more
 about the American People than our own government does.

 Marc Perkel


"Troops in the field are so frustrated by the lack of preparedness that they have
   twisted the acronym NBC, for nuclear, biological chemical warfare. “Truth to tell,
   the troopers call it, ‘Nobody Cares:’ NBC.”  What they’ve been saying to me is
   that they don’t trust their gear. They don’t think it will work in a desert environment
   where it’s burning hot. A soldier without confidence is in trouble.”
    -- David Hackworth, an advocate of soldiers’ rights, "60 Minutes", 02/16/03

 US to punish German 'treachery' 
 Rummy plans to destabilize German economy for revenge

  Click  Here

 America is to punish Germany for leading international opposition to a war against Iraq.
 The US will withdraw all its troops and bases from there and end military and industrial
 co-operation between the two countries - moves that could cost the Germans billions of euros.

 The plan - discussed by Pentagon officials and military chiefs last week on the orders of
 Donald Rumsfeld - is designed 'to harm' the German economy to make an example of
 the country for what US hawks see as Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's 'treachery'.

 The hawks believe that making an example of Germany will force other countries
 heavily dependent on US trade to think twice about standing up to America in future.

 How dare Germany have an opinion?
 What do they think they are - some kind of sovereign nation?

 Germany should consider itself lucky.
 Sometimes the B.F.E.E. disappears those who get in their way.

 Half a Million Anti-War Protesters Control NYC Streets
     by Dwayne Eutsey

  Click  Here

 The frigid Manhattan city streets were lined with NYPD police cars, vans,  and busses with
 metal grids in the windows.  Before long, though, the number of protesters grew so large that
 we had no choice but to spill into the middle of traffic on 2nd Avenue where I was.  As we
 took control of blocks of Manhattan, protesters chanted, “Who’s streets?  OUR streets!”


"U.S. military action to remove Saddam from power could inflame the whole Muslim community
  across the world and threaten President Pervez Musharraf’s control over Pakistan. Then you'll
  have al-Qaeda with a whole stockpile of nuclear weapons. That’s a poor trade-off to me."
   --John Glenn,  speech to the Ohio Newspaper Association

 Glenn is right.
 Musharraf's hold on power in Pakistan is shaky at best.
(Remember when Bush couldn't name Pakistan's president?
 He snapped, "I don't know his name - Do you?" at some reporter.)
 Thanks to more Bush bungling, we'll probably have to invade and occupy Pakistan, too.

 Hey George, is that the plan?
 To invade and occupy all the countries with oil?

 How did we get stuck with such a lazy moron in power?



 The Post-Standard (an affiliate of Syracuse.com) is reporting that Bush tried to halt
 the NYC anti-war rally. Last week, the NY mayor's office told organizers of the rally
 they could not march on the UN, citing "security concerns." Then, a three-judge federal
 panel upheld the mayor. But the Bush administration had filed a brief with the judge panel,
 urging it to support Bloomberg's decision to halt the march.

 That last line bears repeating; The Bush administration filed a brief in an attempt to stop the rally.
 This was a blatant maneuver to discourage the growing protests against the White House and the
 rush towards war.  It was a denial of 1st Amendment rights. This latest effort marks yet another
 assault on the Bill of Rights by this administration.

 The 100,000 to 1,000,000 (numbers depend on who you talk to) people who rallied in NYC
 were not deterred, but this does not change the fact that Bush wanted to shut them down.

 The question that begs to be asked is this; If "We The People" can't march,
 should our soldiers be allowed to?

 Dave Galloway


"...perhaps Churchill and Roosevelt made a very serious mistake
  when they decided to give France a veto in the Security Council."
    --John McCain, Face The Whore, 02/16/03

 Why would McCain say that?
 Bush doesn't care about no stinkin veto from France.
 Bush is going to war - no matter what.
 His small brain can only handle one thought at a time,
 and he likes "war" because it's only three letters.

 The Legacy of George W. Bush

 The legacy of George W. Bush will be one of unending war and recessions.
 This is a similar legacy of George Bush Sr. Bush the younger also will be
 remembered for his raid on our nation's treasury as he squandered a budget
 surplus by giving huge tax cuts to the wealthiest tax payers. We are now
 saddled with a huge budget deficit. He has not learned from his mistakes
 of the past 2 years, as he is proposing more tax cuts for the wealthy.
 Yo Bush, trickle down economics still doesn't work!
 Meanwhile back at the ranch the Bush recession rages on.

 Jim in Rochester, MI

Marty's E! page
Faux pirated CNN's Columbia video
Google bought blogger.com
Johnny Cash & Nine Inch Nails
Flowers are blooming in Kodiak, AK
The White House says Lauren Bush has to stay stateside
And, the overtly racist California Republican party is self-destructing
Woo Hoo!



"It is the people speaking. A living, breathing example of democracy at work.
  The people are saying no. Most people in this world are against the war.
  The leaders of my country do not seem to care about what people of the
  world think. They really want this war."
    --Tim Robbins, speaking at a London press conference

 Bush is the only one who wants war.
 Our very reluctant allies are being blackmailed and coddled into joining him.

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 Tony Blair's approval drops to 35

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 That's about where Bush would be if America still had a free press,
 but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

 When Karl Rove barks, "Print that Bush is a smart man doing a great job!"
 and the press rolls over and does exactly what they're told.

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