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Volume 1003 - Bush bait & switch

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Friday    February 21, 2003 


"It used to be in our history that only a few would own stocks.
  I bet there's a lot of people in Georgia in the old days would
  look up at Wall Street and say, you know, they own stocks,
  what is that all about?"
     --Dubya, Kennesaw, Georgia, Feb. 20, 2003

 Study: Short Iraq War Would Cost World $1 Trillion 
  Evil Bush family to skim off approx. $450B the first year

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 A long war could more than triple the costs, they said. The compounding effects
 of rising oil prices, extra budget spending and economic uncertainty could cut
 $173 billion from the world economy in 2003 alone, said the researchers,

 Remember the rule: You always have to triple their initial cost estimates.

 That means the war will cost at least $3 Trillion.
 (We could get each American health insurance for that amount of money.)
 The B.F.E.E. is skimming 45 percent of this "secure the homeland" expenses.

 It's a wag-the-dog war to distract people from Enron, their 401Ks and environmental
 legislation written by big oil which is looking to have a banner decade coming up.

 ...and the B.F.E.E. gets over a trillion dollars, tax free, from this never-ending war.

 Just never-you-mind where the money's going.
 We know what we're doing.
 Just keep watching FOX News.
 Don't make me have to secret torture you.

 It's the bottom line
 There's money to be made in post-war Iraq -- just like last time
   by Arianna Huffington

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 Cheney's company chose to do business with Saddam after the rape of Kuwait.
 After Scuds had been fired at Tel Aviv and Riyadh. After American soldiers
 had been sent home from Desert Storm in body bags.

 And in 2000, just months before pocketing his $34 million Halliburton retirement
 package and joining the GOP ticket, Cheney was lobbying for an end to U.N.
 sanctions against Saddam.

 The whole world knows Cheney was Saddam's buddy in the nineties, except the
 Americans because the press keep protecting this illegally-appointed White House
 Cheney made millions with Saddam and then Joe Lieberman sat there in the debate
 and let Cheney said he made his fortune without any help from the government?

 Tyson-Etienne Mood Getting Circuslike

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 The sight of Mike Tyson playfully nibbling on the arm of his baby boy
 wouldn't have been so startling except this was the guy who once
 threatened to eat Lennox Lewis' children.

"I mo bite you!"


"...when a person has more money in their pocket, they're likely to demand somebody
  to produce them a good or a service. In other words, you get money in your pocket
  -- you say, well, I think I'd like this product, or I'd like this service. [Five minutes pass...]
  You'll hear in a minute what people do with extra money in their pockets. You know what
  they do? They invest, or they hire."
    --Dubya, Kennesaw, Georgia, Feb. 20, 2003


 Or, they buy a once-profitable company for three cents on the dollar,
 fire all of the employees and sell the carcass in pieces for a big fat profit
 that they don't have to pay taxes on because they have a crooked president.

 U.S. Troops to Enter Philippines Combat 
  Phase Two: Oil in the Philippines

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 U.S. officials have said in recent days that they
"have new information showing a stronger link than previously believed"
 between the Philippine rebels and other international terrorist groups.

 Y'know, what used to be funny gets less funny each time that President Happykill
 invades another country.  At Washington parties, they say, "Iran is next."

 It figures that a two-theater war is more profitable than a single theater war,
 so wouldn't it figure that a triple would make them more profit than a double?

 The Bush Crime Family will make billions for each additional war we have to fight.

 Bart's Law #2
 Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money in their pocket,
 expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again.

 They set this up very well, saying "There are dozens of cells in a hundred countries,"
 meaning, "We may have to invade each country to root out terra."

 Who's going to stop them?
 The press?
 The Supreme Court?
 This Senate?
 This House?

 People in the streets will send a message, but what if the B.F.E.E. just doesn't care?
 If you were stealing a billion dollars a day, and had the US military backing you up,
 what's to stop you from trying to run the table and trying to take over the entire world?

 No man this crooked has ever had this much power.

 Bush & Cheney didn't quit their cushy, seven-figure jobs to help America.
 They quit their cushy, seven-figures jobs to move onto much bigger game.

 People need to ask themselves:
"Would evil men kill to gain absolute power?"


"America and our allies are called once again to defend the peace
  against an aggressive tyrant, and we accept this responsibility."
   --Dubya, Kennesaw, Georgia, Feb. 20, 2003

 Hey Happykill - nobody called you.
 Matter of fact, our allies are calling on you to NOT interfere.

 Well wait - bin Laden called and you promised he'd hear from us soon.
 It's been 17 months and you can't find the guy you promised to bring justice to,
 so you're consoling yourself by stealing the assets of a rich nation.

 Impeach President Lieberman

 If the candidate with the most votes had won in 2000, I have no doubt
 the Republicans would've fabricated evidence, just like with Clinton,
 and they would have impeached President Gore, just like with Clinton.

 The difference is, Gore would've lost his vote in the Senate and he would've
 been forced to step down as a convicted criminal, all on trumped-up charges
 fabricated by the wild-dog Republicans, backed up by a crooked Supreme Court.

"But Bart," you ask, "how could they have done that with a Democratic Senate?

 Easy - Zell Miller, Kent Conrad and John Breaux (D-back-stabbing traitors)
 would've voted President Gore "guilty" to please their master, Karl Rove.

 Then VP Lieberman would've assumed the office and the mad bastards
 would begin to fabricate evidence against him, too. Of course, nobody would
 complain about this, because we're Democrats and we don't want to be like them.

 Yeah, if Florida had been won by the guy who won it,
 we'd be right in the middle of Lieberman's impeachment about now.

 Amazing New Government Website

 The United States Government Department of Homeland Security has put up an amazing web site
 .to tell Americans what to do in case of a nuclear blast. The site is at
 It says, "Take cover immediately" and to "Quickly assess the situation". Somehow they have the idea
 that if you see a nuclear blast that you can somehow out run gamma rays traveling at the speed of
 light or a pressure wave moving at 600 miles and hour. I wonder if by saying "quickly" they
 understand we're talking microseconds.

 The reality is - if you are any where near a nuclear blast you will be dead so fast that you will never
 know that it happened. So - the real instructions are, "If you see a tunnel with a white light at the end
 - go into the white light." This new web site represents a level of insanity that is beyond description.
 We are a country in denial and we have become a threat to the entire human race.
 The time to impeach Bush has arived.

 Marc Perkel


"It is not reassuring to be told we are going to war because he "has already seen
  this movie" and is bored by it. It is this flip, cavalier streak in our foreign policy,
  the contemptuous dismissal of peaceful alternatives, that is making some
  Europeans conclude this administration is dangerous."
   --Molly Ivins, This ain't 'Crossfire',


"To justify the indefensible, [Bush] talks about "appeasement" and compares Saddam with Hitler.
  But one of the reasons Hitler was appeased was that he commanded a frightening, nearly invincible
  war machine.   It took almost the entire world to defeat him, and it was a close thing at that.
  The Second World War lasted from 1939 to 1945. Will it take six years to defeat Saddam,
  or six days, or six hours? Whatever his intentions, he has no tanks, no airplanes, no submarines,
  no nothing. Anyone comparing this guy with Hitler has no understanding of how terrible Hitler was.
    --Nicholas von Hoffman, An Imperial Adventure For Anglo-Saxon Powers,

 Subject: military brats

 As you can see I grew up a military brat.
 During the 70's as an airforce wife, I remember them trying to cut the money to schools for military kids.
 And also when Bush I was president. I also remember in 1990 or so they did a big cut back in public
 education money because that was when they cut music programs and physical education, in grade schools.

 Now they are trying to cut money to military kids in school again. The really awful thing about this is when
 they threaten to cut this money, the schools threaten to throw the kids out of public schools, and we never
 have the money to send kids to private school. Maybe the generals and such but never the lower grades.
 Scaring kids and mothers is unforgiveable!!!!!


 Janet, that's sad.
 Bush is an evil man.
 Whatever the fighting men don't get is more the B.F.E.E. can steal.

 Recommended by Tommy Mack

 Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz lobbied Clinton in '98 to topple Saddam

  Click  Here

 Donald Rumsfield and Paul Wolfowitz undertook a full-fledged lobbying campaign in 1998 to get Bill Clinton
 to start a war with Iraq and topple Saddam, claiming that the country posed a threat to the United States,
 according to documents obtained from a former Clinton aide.

 This new information begs the question: what is really driving Bush's desire to start a war with Iraq
 if two of Bush's future top defense officials were already planting the seeds for an attack five years ago?

 It's more proof that 9-11 had nothing to do with with why we're going to murder Iraq.

I dunno, it looks like the same old Dems to me...

 VCR Alerts

 Bill Maher's new show starts tonight on HBO.
 To ensure a ratings controversy, he's invited Ann Slanders as a guest

 Saturday, Tyson takes a bite out of some cheese-eating, surrender monkey on Showtime.

 I mo bite somebody!

 Sunday is the Granny Awards, featuring U2 for the third year in a row.
 Hey, I like U2 more than most, but how do they get three years from one album?

 The Martial Plan
    by Paul Krugman, NYWTimes

  Click  Here

"It's not that the Bush administration is always stingy. In fact, right now it is offering
 handouts right and left. Most notably, it has offered the Turkish government $26 billion
 in grants and loans if it ignores popular opposition and supports the war.

 Some observers also point out that the administration has turned the regular foreign aid
 budget into a tool of war diplomacy. Small countries that currently have seats on the
 U.N. Security Council have suddenly received favorable treatment for aid requests,
 in an obvious attempt to influence their votes. Cynics say that the "coalition of the willing"
 President Bush spoke of turns out to be a "coalition of the bought off" instead.

 But it's clear that the generosity will end as soon as Baghdad falls."

 I wonder how much Tony Blair is getting paid to drag England into this war
 when polls show 75-80 percent of Brits want no part of the Iraqi slaughter?


 Yesterday's "good" and "bad" oil companies piece was a crock.

  Someday I'll have a staff and a fact-checker.

The smell of death surrounds him.

Marty's E! page
Artists United to Win Without War can't buy time on network TV
Simon & Garfunkel reuniting for the Grammy's
Mike Tyson's new tatoo
JR Ewing is no fan of smirk
The R&B Foundation honored the other Clinton - George
Jane Pauley is leaving NBC after 27 years
Rob Reiner, Martin Sheen endorse Howard Dean
An amateur astronomer from Tulsa vindicated 50 years late



"So what is going on here? Some day they may call this the Bait-and-Switch War.
  George Bush promised us Osama bin Laden in the ads, but when we called up
  to place an order, he gave us Saddam Hussein—whose only affinity with Osama
  seems to have been that he also was armed and encouraged by American officials,
  some of whom are still in office."
     --Nicholas von Hoffman,

 Kill him!
 Kill this Hoffman guy!
 I don't like him and I want him dead!
 Don't get in my way!
 I'm a baaaad man!
 Kill this Hoffman guy!

  Click  Here  for an excerpt from KGB

 Bush advisors looking for a "way out" of war with Iraq
  Bluff failed, disgraced president looking to apologize to the world

  Click  Here

 Some strategists within the Bush Administration are urging him to look for an "exit strategy"
 on Iraq, warning the tough stance on war with the Arab country has left the country in a
 "no win" situation.

"At this point, the United States and Britain does not have the support for passage
 of a second UN resolution," admits a White House aide, sounding like Smirk.

 In addition, Republican leaders in both the House and Senate are telling Bush
 privately that he is losing support in Congress for a "go it alone war" against Iraq.

 Click  Here  to see the "Bush the terrorist" t-shirt
                      that got some kid sent home from school this week.


"The Fox Network, is thanking Evan, the guy on "Joe Millionaire,”
  by giving him a free trip to Hawaii. However, in the spirit of the show,
  he is being flown to New Jersey and he will be told it’s Hawaii."

Thanks to Mark

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"Our stake in maintaining the myth and the attendant self-image that we are doing a great
  job is every bit as great a fiction as that of the American Congress serving the people.
  The gravest threat to the truth today may well be within our own profession."
   -- Carl Bernstein, Town Hall Lecture series, Sarasota, Florida, 02/19/03

 Standing ovation and a shot of Chinaco for Carl Bernstein.

 Maybe he's tired of watching Bob Woodward licking President Happykill's butt.

 Subject: Dennis Kucinich

 I don't know how much you know about Dennis Kucinich,
 but if you check his record he is one of us.. He is one of the
 few democrats that actually have a backbone.  I donated $35
 to Dennis's reelection campaign last year after he appeared
 on Democracy now, and he called me personally to thank me.

 By all accounts he seems to be a top notch person who I think
 you would like a lot.

 J Long

 J, thanks.
 Everything I've heard about him has been good.
 I guess we'll know he's getting popular when the vulgar Pigboy
 and his fellow swine start slurring him 24/7.

 Kindergarten Follies

  Click  Here

“Our incompetent leaders who seem to spend every waking minute prancing
 and preening in front of conveniently-placed cameras and microphones
 scaring the living daylights out of real or alleged enemies, or worse, me.”


"For two years the national agenda shifted from a world of crises and emerging dangers,
  including al-Qaida's rise and the economy's coming free-fall, to an obsession with Monica.
  The world became a more dangerous place because Washington wouldn't look past the
  president's crotch.   Ancient history?   In names only.   Today, Saddam is Bush's Lewinsky.
  It is an obsession as scabrous as the original, but with hugely worse consequences.
  The president isn't being harebrained. He isn't misguidedly dragging the nation through
  the muck of private thrills gone wrong. He is purposefully letting a private obsession
  rooted in his father's unsettled scores turn into an international game of chicken...
  He's doing all this not because of Sept. 11 terrorism, al-Qaida's ties to Iraq being nil,
  not because of any credible threat Iraq poses to its neighbors or the world's oil supplies,
  and least of all to the United States. He's doing it because he has a score to settle and
  because he has discovered himself to be incapable of governing as a peacetime president."
    --Pierre Tristam, Bush dragging us through muck,


"The most outspoken American Euro-bashers are neoconservatives using the same
  sort of combative rhetoric they have habitually deployed against American liberals."
    --Timothy Garton Ash, a British writer

 Even the French are fighting the Illegal Moron more than the Democrats.

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"You got to feel bad for Bush. He’s getting upset with the U.N
  dragging their feet over attack on Iraq. He wants to be able to
  wipe them out before his one-term presidency is up."

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