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Volume 1002 - Delusions of Oilhood

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Wed-Thurs    February 20, 2003 


"How do you lose a P.R. war with Saddam Hussein? I mean, how could you be so inept
  that this lying thug dope addict serial killer is beating us in the court of world opinion.
  How could you be that inept?...Why is this administration so inept that it is letting this clown
  beat the living tar out of them in the court of world opinion?...The problem is that this
  administration is so inept it can't even beat a thug at a P.R. war."
    --James Carville, Crossfire, 02/19/03

 U.S. 2002 Deficit Hit Record $435.2B 
  He's stealing that money from us - doesn't anybody care?

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 The United States Bush administration recorded a $435.2 billion trade deficit for 2002,
 the largest imbalance in history, as the weak global economy set back American exports
 while imports of autos and other consumer goods were hitting all-time highs.

 In other economic news, the Labor Department said Thursday that inflation at the
 wholesale level shot up by 1.6 percent in January, the biggest increase in 13 years,
 led by a sharp 4.8 percent rise in energy costs.

 Nearly half of America voted for an Oil President.
 Well folks, you got what you asked for.
 Tax cuts for the super-rich and oil men setting prices wherever they want.

 Meanwhile, the BFEE has emptied the Social Security vault and now
 they're writing checks that our children will be forced to pay.

 But there's no need to wake up.
 Let's wait until the deficit is $20 trillion before we bother to notice...

 GOP threats halted GAO Cheney suit

  Click  Here

 Threats by Republicans to cut the GAO budget influenced its decision
 to abandon a lawsuit against Vice President Dick Cheney, The Hill has learned.

  This must be a mistake.
  Dubya's a good man.
  He'd never do something like this.
  The Hill should stop lying.
  I looove my president.


"It seems like every leader of every country
  in the world right now a total dick."
    -- Jon Stewart, last night.

 What does he mean?

 Brits Move To Dump Blair

  Click  Here

 After a day, Feb. 15, which saw the largest political demonstration ever in
 London, with two million marchers protesting plans for a war in Iraq, and with
 tens of thousands marching in Glasgow and Belfast, moves gathered pace,
 among leading circles in the ruling Labour Party and elsewhere, for Tony Blair
 to be dumped, as soon as that can be arranged.

 With all signs pointing to the Bush Administration being fully committed to an
 Iraq war, in the weeks immediately ahead, the dumping of Blair, the
 Administration's main ally for the war drive, might well be the one qualitative
 event, that would knock the war off course.

 What would President Happykill do without his lone ally?
 I supoose he'd cry and sulk and grab his favorite pillow,
 and then he'd get pissed and murder twice as many Iraqi towns.

 Thinking about the Unthinkable

 Nuclear policy during the Cold War used to be based on MAD - an acronym that stands
 for Mutual Assured Destruction. The name also implies that only someone totally mad would
 actually use such a weapon. But the Bush administration is already talking about using these
 weapons against Iraq. To talk about using these weapons is to encourage other countries to
 make the idea of nuclear war thinkable - and therefore more likely. This kind of thinking puts
 every person on the planet in danger.

 For the most powerful person on the planet to promote the idea that we would use nuclear
 weapons and make the idea thinkable is a crime against the human race. If the human race is
 to survive as a species, we absolutely must be smart enough to never use these weapons
 under any circumstances. For Bush to promote the insane idea that we might actually nuke
 Iraq is irresponsible beyond belief. Bush is not my president and he does not speak for the
 people of America who believe that starting a nuclear war is always wrong.

 Marc Perkel

at the SF rally Sunday


"On the streets of New York I saw the kind of freedom George Bush has vowed
  to give to Iraq  - menacing squads of riot police. In an attempt to sabotage this
  deafening chorus of disapproval, blue helmeted officers backed by horses confined
  pockets of protesters to Manhattan side streets.  At the corner of 24th and Sixth,
  30 blocks from the rallying point, I watched incredulous as around 200 baton wielding
  police set about a group of 100, feverishly tearing down their banners.
  The provocation?  Not staying on the pavement.
  Saddam's goons would have been proud."
    --Richard Wallace, New York Says No,

  Turks and Saudis take firm stance over Iraq

  Click  Here

 Two of the countries whose support is considered crucial in any future military
 campaign against Iraq yesterday warned Britain and the United States they would
 not support any attack that did not have the backing of the United Nations.

 Saudi Arabia said it would regard any action without UN backing as a war of
 aggression which could destabilise the whole of the Middle East, and Turkey
 made it clear that even an £18 billion aid package might not be enough to
 persuade it to join in an unsanctioned campaign.

 Poor Smirk - you know he's gotta be drinking again.

 All his life, he's always had things go his way.
 He's never once had to work with anybody to get something done
 because Daddy always rigged the game before it started.

 I think he needs another dose of  The BartCop Hex!

 Hex on thee!
 Hex on thee!!
 Hex on thee!!!

 Oh no, not the Hex!!
 I can't take it no more!!
 Daddy, make him stop!!!!!!
 I wanna go back to Texas!

 Subject: Congratulations on 1000 issues

 Hey Bart,

 Congratulations!  1000 issues and still pounding as madly as ever.
 Only 700-odd issues to go before democracy is restored in your country.


 ps  I'm glad the issue didn't suck ten times as hard as BartCop #100.

 Yeah, that Issue 100 is in a place all by itself.

 Blessed are the Peacemakers

  Click  Here

Life under President Oil


 "Allow the President to invade a neighboring nation, whenever he shall deem it necessary
   to repel an invasion, and you allow him to do so, whenever he may choose to say he deems
   it necessary for such a purpose -- and you allow him to make war at pleasure.

   If today, he should choose to say he thinks it necessary to invade Canada, to prevent the
   British from invading us, how could you stop him? You may say to him, 'I see no probability
   of the British invading us' but he will say to you, 'Be silent; I see it, if you don't.'"  --
    -- Congressman Abe Lincoln, 150 years ago, who seems to know President Happykill very well.

 Spain: 2 million+ march in Barcelona and Madrid
 ...another chance for The Washington Whore Post to say "Thousands marched in Spain!"

  Click  Here

 Wait, Spain's one of the few allies onboard with President Happykill, right?

 Sorry about no issue yesterday - my DSL modem did a crash & burn.
 Now I have cable, which means this is the new fifth computer in three years.
 ("New computer," counting all the times we had to wipe the hard drive and start over.)

 ...but that puts us closer to  BartCop Radio

 You might think we're kidding about this  BartCop Radio  thing - we're not.
 I've been thinking about the stuff we can do with audio.
 The farther we get into it, the more I'm thinking we may have to dial it back,
 because we don't want to lose a lot of people on the first day we webcast.

 If we came out of the chute unbridled, we could lose longtime readers who'd say,
 "Bart, sure, he's a vulgar Pigboy, but you went waaaay too far..."

 Yeah, ...we'll have to dial it back a little at first...

 Subject: S.F. March and Rally

 Hey Bart,

 Went to the March and Rally Sunday in San Francisco and it was a huge success....
 being a day after the rest of the world, it did my heart proud to see so many peaceful
 people in the streets. (Local news says 250,000, one of the largest marches ever in S.F.)

 Moms and dads, kids and dogs, seniors and teenagers, hippies and bankers and hip-hoppers,
 they all turned out.  Moral outrage and anger at Bush's war policies were balanced by a carnival
 atmosphere and tremendous creativity in the signs people carried and the costumes they wore.
 I saw one guy dressed as Jesus carrying a cross, another as Uncle Sam carrying an oil derrick.

 A guy in a Bush mask danced with a guy in a Saddam mask and both carried signs that said "Dictator."
 Two sexy women in sheer tank-tops carried a fur-lined sign that said "My Bush is for Peace."

 Not to be left out, I purchased a George W. Bush VooDoo Doll from a vendor with a big umbrella
 where dozens of dolls dangled, each from its own hangman's noose.  Silly-looking and fun, I stabbed
 it with the pin from my NO WAR ON IRAQ button.  Later, toward the end of the rally, I ran into
 Joan Baez on the street and asked her to sign my doll.  Earlier in the day she had led the huge crowd
 in song, chastising Bush from the stage for his warmongering ways. When she saw the doll she laughed
 and laughed, and with considerable gusto took her own stabs at the VooDoo President. When she was
 done, she handed it back to me with a twinkle in her eye and said "I think we showed him!"

 It was a priceless moment, one special vignette from a remarkable day.
 With a quarter of a million committed people in the streets, all united to oppose
 Bush's rush to War, yes Joan, I think San Francisco DID show him.



"We probably need to have tax cuts directed at lower-income Americans,
  such as payroll-tax reductions. Low-income Americans in totality bear a
  much higher tax burden than wealthy Americans do; therefore, there is
  a growing gap between the wealthiest and poorest Americans."
       -- McCain, sounding like a candidate for the Democrats in 2004

 Bush Cuts Aid for Military Dependents
 Bastard wants his tax cut above helping our brave heroes
   by Bob Herbert

  Click  Here

 Say it ain't so, Mr. President.

 You might think that with the country gearing up for war this would be
 the wrong time — absolutely the worst time — to cut federal school aid
 for the children of men and women in the armed forces.

 Nobody would do that, right?

 Hey, the super-rich need their enormous tax cut.
 Bush said, "Tax cuts, so help me God."

 He didn't say, "I'll stand by our fighting mne, so help me God."
 Screw the brave men who are willing to risk their lives for us.
 First things first.

 ...and the military voted for this AWOL back-stabber?

 Sympathy for the Devil: France
   by Davis Sweet

  Click  Here

 The only factor that gives the Iraq issue any legitimacy is the Gulf War. They lost, period. They agreed
 to disarm, period. They didn't agree to change rulers, to embrace their enemies, or to commit mass suicide;
 they agreed to disarm. Is there a way to get there without killing a whole bunch of people and trotting
 Saddam's head through the street on a spear? Yes. And -- surprise! -- France is advocating just such
 a plan. Surprise! again, they're catching hell for it from apparently bloodthirsty US politicians and media.

 Subject: Bartcop - the perfect talk show host


 I know that I'm stating the obvious here but I am sure that you have heard from AmPol
 that they are looking for a liberal talking head.  Hey, you are as liberal as the next guy.
 You have something to say and you say it well. I think that after 1000 issues that you are
 ready to expand.  I for one would love to hear you rant live.  I especially want to be listening
 when the A$$KKKroft storm troopers knock down the door and drag you away, this would
 be the start of the Revolution.  Okay so that is just a fantasy, but it could happen.

 Also, FYI to any bartcoppers out there.  There is going to be a march at the Mall in DC
 Saturday March 1st. I will have BARTCOP prominently placed on my placard.  Look me up
 and we can talk about JulieFest and the past issues. I have been a bc reader since about issue 100.
 Can't believe it's been that long.

 keep the hammer high
 ed from columbia

 ED, BartCop Radio is just around the corner.
 It's gonna be killer, too.  Each subscription gets us closer.
 I'd say we're at the 15 yard line, moving those chains a little every day.

 ...and what do you mean you want to be listening when Ashcroft drags me away? :)

 Student Sent Home With Bush/Terrorist Shirt

 Yesterday on the 10:00 p.m. nightly news in Detroit, it featured a junior high student in Dearborn
 public school with a shirt that had a picture of W and below it read "Terrorist."  The student was
 told by the school to remove the shirt. He refused, and was sent home. The TV station interviewed
 the student as he proudly displayed the shirt, and he said that he merely was exercising his free speech.

 I have not found any reports of this incident today in any of the Detroit newspapers.
 I will keep searching for the story and forward it to you.

 Jim in Rochester


"Next month NBC is coming out with a show called 'The search for the
  most talented kid in America.' Or as Michael Jackson calls it, "Are you hot?"
    -- Leno

 Texans Turn Out Against War
   by Jackson Thoreau, AlterNet

  Click  Here

 Bush can continue to ignore veteran activists and liberals like me.
 But he can't ignore the independent suburban voters, the kind who
 don't vote straight tickets for the Republican or any other political party.

 Bush can't ignore people like Virginia Abdo, 68, a retired teacher from
 University Park, a wealthy suburb right next to the burb where Cheney
 lived until he helped steal the White House. When people like Abdo carry
 signs like, "Old Euro-Americans Want Peace Too,"  Bush has to take notice.


 About those "Things to do in Seattle today":
                     *Meet Susan McDougal,
                     *buy her book,
                     *get her autograph,
                     *thank her for kicking Po' Kenny you-know-where
                     *tell her Bart says "Hey."

 Mission accomplished!

 I was the first in line at the signing table. I told her I had two messages.
 The first: "Hey from Bartcop!" She was very pleased and replied, "I know Bartcop",
 and a couple of other folks in line chimed in with "yeah, alright" and other encouraging remarks.
 So your greeting, by proxy, was the first she received at the signing table.

 The second message was from me: "You are a true American hero Susan!"
 That pleased her too, and we shared a warm handshake. Godwadda gal!
 Attached is a pic of her inscription in my copy of her book. !

 Keep swinging that Big Hammer!
 Daniel Schwenk

 Dan, you did good.

 Why the French Resist War
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Most French observers see terrible danger in either of two post-Saddam scenarios:
 either the U.S. leaves Iraq in chaos and ruins, then bugs out leaving the Europeans holding
 the bag, as we've basically done in Afghanistan; or we occupy it indefinitely, turning the
 region into a huge West Bank and insuring an exponential growth of Islamic extremism
 and al Qaeda terrorism.

      What Alain implied but was too polite to say was that if the swaggering puppy Bush
 was in too big a hurry to seek U.N. approval, he shouldn't have asked. Our allies are
 democracies, after all, and upwards of 80 per cent of the public opposes invading Iraq.
 (No doubt reacting to U.S. bullying, an astonishing 87 per cent of the French do.)
 As millions of anti-war protesters across Europe underscored last weekend, Bush
 was appointed president of the United States, not France.

 ha ha

 Bart, is it time to start thinking about a Spring fest?
 Maybe your neck of the woods so you and Mrs BC don't have to go through so much hassle?

 Maybe Austin or something like that?
 We could have a great time partying on Smirk's turf.



"Our government very rarely censors the media. It doesn't have to. A new, subtle form
  of self-censorship has recently become commonplace. A news story is covered in full,
  minus a crucial fact that changes the entire tenor of the piece. That missing bit of
  information is invariably something that would make someone important look bad.
  Perhaps you've read that American soldiers are fighting off guerrillas loyal to warlord
  Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in eastern Afghanistan  Hekmatyar, the Associated Press says,
  is "believed by Afghan and U.S. authorities to be allied with Taliban and Al Qaeda remnants."
  That may be true. But Hekmatyar was always a sworn enemy of the Taliban--until the CIA
  tried to kill him last May, with a Hellfire missile fired by a Predator drone plane.
  One missing detail. Changes the story a little, doesn't it?"
       --Ted Rall, What They Don't Tell Us,  on

 The French Dissent: Is That a Crime?
    by smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The worldwide goodwill that accrued to the United States—with all
 that means for the very real war against Islamist terror—is being
 squandered in an orgy of tabloid bullying and sophomoric xenophobia.

 A Pennsylvania legislator says he will introduce a resolution ordering the
 state’s Liquor Control Board to prohibit stores from carrying and selling
 alcohol imported from France. A Congressman from New Jersey proposes
 a resolution discouraging American corporate and government officials from
 attending the Paris Air Show. Led by those brilliant internationalists, Tom
 DeLay and Dennis Hastert, the House Republicans are mulling restrictions
 on French wine and sparkling water.


 Congratulations on reaching 1,000 issues!
 Hope this donation helps you with the next 1,000.

 I've had an epiphany - here's what we can do to stop the war.
 Give Bush back the authority to send criminals in Texas to their death,
 as he did when he was governor.  I think he misses that.

 Maybe if he got a regular dose of killing a hundred or so people each year,
 he wouldn't need to kill hundreds of thousands in Iraq.

 And where's Monica Lewinsky when we need her?

 Politico 60

 ha ha

 Every president needs a little Monica.
 It might get us more peace and prosperity.

 Thanks for the donation.

 Next time, in America, dissent will not come easy
   by James Higdon

  Click  Here

 To prove their point, talking heads from California to Maine pointed out that some of these
 folks who were marching even march against the wars with far better poll numbers than the
 one currently proposed.  Some of these folks don't believe in violence at all!  How un-American
 is that?  It is quite clear to the weak witted, overly paid, media millionaires that many average
 Americans are being led down the garden path by people who may not even watch television.
 And one can see their frustration.  As loudly as the mainstream media has been banging the
 drum of war, a majority of Americans still refuse to dance.  The media is nearly as frustrated
 as when they were attempting to persuade the citizenry to oust Bill Clinton, while the voters
 were giving him 70+% approval ratings.  Why won't the public simply believe what they are
 told to believe?

 Does Dennis Kucinich read


"Someone has to get into this race and say 'Hold it! Things
  are out of control. We must have a fundamental shift in direction!' "
       -- Kucinich, 2/19/03 USA Today, Page 6A

 Dennis, get your ass on Meet the Press and poke Tim the Whore
 in the chest when you repeat that and I'll support you.

 Companies that import terrorist oil

 Shell............................205,742,000 barrels
 Chevron/Texaco.........144,332,000   barrels
 Exxon /Mobil................130,082,000 barrels
 Marathon/Speedway...117,740,000 barrels
 Amoco.........................62,231,000 barrels

 Companies that do not import terrorist oil:

 Citgo....................0 barrels )
 Sunoco............. .. 0 barrels )
 Conoco............... 0 barrels )
 Sinclair................ 0 barrels )
 BP/Phillips........... 0 barrels )
 Hess....................0 barrels )

 I'm not saying push your out-of-gas car 10 miles past
 a terrorist Shell station to fill up at a non-terrorist Conoco station,


 ...if they're both on the same corner, you might as well not fund
 terrorism (B.F.E.E.) by dealing with the better oil companies


 I am a US Naval Academy graduate and an 8 year veteran of the US Navy.
 After serving in one of the most conservative environments this country knows
 I thanked my higher power everyday that you existed.

 Keep fightin the good fight, wish I could give more but I'm about to lose my job.



"There's so much snow in New York City, housewives are putting
  snowtires on their Mercedes to run over their husbands."
    -- Dave

Marty's E! page
Nancy Maynard's ''War Story''
Gordon Guano reviews 'Daredevil'
Eliot Glassheim (D-Grand Forks), a brave man
Bono nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
Ashley Judd is Broadway bound
Kate Hudson is hosting the technical Oscars
Disney has a hiring freeze, thans to war jitters
(Is Walt still on ice?)
The French Academy of Cinema Arts honors Meryl Streep
And, Adam Rich charged with DUI



"Mr. Blair, stop toadying up to the Americans and listen to your own people, us."
   --Elsie Hinks, 77, who marched in London Saturday

 I still need addresses for Cynthia and Ollie.

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