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Volume 1007 - Blood Train

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 Thursday    February 27, 2003 


"By blocking a vote on Miguel Estrada, some Democrats are flaunting the intention
  of the Constitution and the tradition of the Senate, itself. Alexander Hamilton wrote
  that the purpose of the Senate confirmation was to prevent the appointment of unfit
  characters. No one can possibly call Miguel Estrada unfit. "
    --Dubya, Washington, D.C., Feb. 26, 2003   (dubyaspeak.com)

 But Governor, his refusal to answer simple questions proves he's hiding something.
 Why do you guys have to hide if you're not breaking any laws?

 CBS, White House Clash Over Saddam Interview
  Monkey can't rebut Saddam unless a grown-up writes his answers

  Click  Here

 Ari Fleischer (R-Fork Tongue) said CBS replied it was interested only if President Bush
 made the response himself -- which he said the White House rejected on the grounds that
 it could imply a "moral equivalence" between the two leaders.

"This seems odd they wouldn't let the White House have a voice," Fleischer lied.

 Ari, you're lying again.
 CBS is offering your boy a chance to rebut - the problem is he can't because has no brain.
 Remember during the 2000 campaign I said Gore should insist the debate be held like two men,
 instead of that candy-ass, "debating" format that allowed Weak & Stupid to hide and evade answers?

 Now he's on the world stage and he has to hide again.

 This would've shown the country that Bush was mentally defective, that he couldn't hold his own in a
 debate because he's an empty shell of a man and has no brain functions beyond Play Station 2.

 Now, Bush and America will be seen as weak by all the world because his pea-brain doesn't work.
 How did we get stuck with a president without a brain?

 Virtual March Ties Up Senate Phones

  Click  Here

 Hundreds of thousands of opponents of war against Iraq called and faxed U.S. leaders
 on Wednesday in a "virtual march on Washington," jamming the White House switchboard
 and many congressional telephone lines for several hours.

 Coordinated by the Win Without War Coalition, an umbrella protest group, the action aimed
 to direct at least one telephone call and fax to every U.S. senator every minute throughout the day.
 Organizers said they were far exceeding that goal.

 The White House was flooded and most callers heard a message that "all circuits are busy."

 ha ha

 Stop having opinions!
 I need this war to get my
 approval ratings back up
 and make some millions!

 Hey Smirk, you're kinda arrogant ...considering you lost the election...


"The bidding for Turkey is still at $26B to let us deploy our troops there.
  Now, Joe Lieberman came out today, and he said, not to criticize the president,
  but that's what happens when you let the gentiles do the haggling."
        —Bill Maher, free to say anything on HBO


 More snow due today.
 We have had a snow storm every third day here in St. Louis this season.
 Would someone please bring me a groundhog?
 I think some stew would be nice.

 Mr. Rogers died.

 It is not a very beautiful day in the neighborhood.

 Someone please, the groundhog.

 Cara, if it's any consolation, at least Mr Rogers died from natural causes
 instead of being murdered by the B.F.E.E..

 From Detriot's MetroTimes.com

 Powerful words

 Thank you, Jack Lessenberry, for that very nice tribute to Sen. Robert Byrd
(“What kind of country?,” Metro Times, Feb. 19-25). His speech of Feb. 12,
 2003 was indeed one of the most powerful orations I have ever heard by any senator.

 In a time when we are constantly saturated by the nonsensical ramblings of
 a man who did not truly earn the title of president of the United States, it is
 refreshing to hear a true master of oratory at work.

 The mainstream media will not truly cover anything — such as Sen. Byrd’s speech against
 rushing to war — that might anger Karl Rove, Bush’s “minister of information.” Because of that,
 I look to you and others in the alternative media that can give me a weekly glimpse at the real truth.
   —Mark Barringer, Farmington Hills, bartcop.com contributor  and  chat regular


"Helen Thomas is a legend. She's known and covered every president since JFK.
  In a candid moment, Ms. Thomas spoke a powerful truth. "George W. Bush is the
  worst president in all of American history." Given how Mr. Bush has squandered
  the surplus, trashed the economy and is now hurdling toward a war that is unpopular,
  unjust, unwise and unwarranted, I think I see Helen's point. Now, the GOP has moved
  into smear mode. The RNC is urging it's faithful to, "call her out," which apparently
  means harassing Helen by e-mail, and phone, and fax. I guess nothing makes a
  Republican feel better than beating up on an 82-year-old woman."
           --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 02/24/03

 Click  Here   to see more about the GOPs "smear mode" from MWO.

 Bruce Willis Hosts Late Show
 Letterman Out Sick with Eye Infection

  Click Here

 Besides his massive heart attack, it's the first time in 20 years that Dave has missed work.

 Get well Dave.
 Have Foo Fightin' Dave on your next show back.

Marty's E! page
Buffy plunges her last stake
Dave out sick (1st time) off this week & next
Donahue had the best numbers on MSNBC
Dionne Warwick says she was framed
(She couldn't see it coming?)
Gucci's pubic hair ad
And more bhang for the buck



"Iraq's natural resources must be saved
  and used for the benefit of the owners."
   -- Governor Bloody Warmonger

 The bad news?
 Bush has convinced himself *he* owns Iraq's resources.

 Crossfire Moments

 James Carville: "What about people in South Carolina? There's a BMW plant in South Carolina.
 There's a Mercedes plant in Alabama. Look, should these people go to work or should they strike?
 I mean what are you saying? You don't want me to buy a German watch? Are these bad Americans
 that are working these plants and feeding their familes?"

 David Bossie: "What we're saying is that this coalition of the willing, people who are interested in
 making the Germans and the French understand what we're saying, which is enough is enough.
 You're standing in the way of the Iraqi people being liberated."

 James Carville: "So these auto workers in South Carolina and Alabama are bad Americans?"

 David Bossie: "You know what, James? The guys who are the hard workers in Alabama and
 Georgia and South Carolina, what they are...You know what? Because these guys who are in
 the National Guard and in the Reserves, they're all overseas."

 James Carville: "I don't need a speech. I've been in the Marine Corps. Answer the question.
 Mr. Bossie has attacked autoworkers in South Carolina and Alabama...I want to give you a chance.
 Dave, we'll give you a chance to apologize to hardworking people in Alabama."

 David Bossie: "I thought we were going to have a serious conversation, a serious debate.
 You just want to yell and scream at me and that's fine."

 James Carville: "I'll scream at you any time I want to, boy."

 ha ha

 from Crossfire, 02/25/03 (cnn.com)


 bartcopnew@yahoo.com  is a dead, dead, dead address.
 If you sent mail to that address, I haven't seen it.

 Please use  bartcop@bartcop.com  for the best address.

 The mail's working a lot faster since the mail goes to one box.


"I think it ill behooves a president who got into office by getting fewer votes
  than his opponent to ignore popular opinion. I think he wants to lead the free world.
  These are free people expressing their views. The president ought to listen to them."
         --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 02/24/03


  Click  Here  for a review of Mike Palecek's book K.G.B..

 The three biggest lies of 2003 are:

 1. The check is in the mail.
 2. Sure I'll respect you in the morning.
 3. I hope we don't go to war. War is our last resort.

    Marc Perkel

 Subject: bill maher show

 Bart,  I finally managed to get thru the show.
 I was tempted several times to turn it off.
 I was real depressed watching that bitch coulter.
 She claimed that bush's SAT scores were huge - 'twice as good as Bill Bradley's'
 -  Maher looked at her and said 'You just make shit up!'

 That was great!

 I agree.
 I plan to watch it each Friday, then as soon as it's over,
 I'll switch to Dave and see who's 'on cape.'

 ...and if Bush's scores were really higher than Bill Bradley's
 that's proof somebody took the test for the brainless Bush boy.

 Subject: Mrs. Bartcop Radio?

 Saw your section about not letting Mrs. Bartcop do anything when you start doing your show.
 Why not include her if she laughs at all your rants?
 I mean Howard Stern has his laughing side kicks, why not you? :)


 Stern's people aren't laughing at him.


"Bush is oil. His number one donor is the petroleum and energy industry.
  We didn’t hold an election. We held an auction, and they put up the money."
     --Greg Palast, interview with LiberalOasis, 02/25/03

 No War
  by Jackson Thoreau

  Click  Here

 Such an invasion makes no sense. It's immoral - more than a million Iraqi kids have died due
 to sanctions and other measures since the Persian Gulf war and many more will die faster
 with such an invasion. This war goes against Christ's call to love our enemies and does not
 meet the criteria of a just war, as the Pope and others have said.

 Subject: Grammy censors

 Did they trample on the artists' rights? It looks like it. But they'll get away with it
 until someone has the courage to go ahead and do it and force them to cut off the mikes.

 If that happens, though, it might start to wake up the ditto monkeys as to what's happening.
 As long as they keep everything behind the scenes, and bully Hollywood and recording artists,
 they'll continue to get away with this shit.

 I believe Sheryl, but I'm also a little disappointed that they were able to run over her.
 Sorry about the unemployment "thing", but I'm hoping to hear Bartcop Radio soon. Good luck!


 Glenda, thanks for that.

 You know what would've been cool?
 If artist after artist went into an anti-war rant and got their mic turned off.
 CBS pays millions for a show and then turns the mic off for the performers?

 ha ha

 That would be great TV!

 Out of the wreckage
 By tearing up the global rulebook,
 the US is undermining its own imperial rule

  Click  Here

 The men who run the world are democrats at home and dictators abroad.
 They came to power by means of national elections which possess, at least,
 the potential to represent the will of their people. Their citizens can dismiss
 them without bloodshed, and challenge their policies in the expectation that,
 if enough people join in, they will be obliged to listen.

 Note: Bush has made it very clear. He sees the millions protesting in the streets,
           but nothing will deter a madman who's obsessed with a bad and bloody idea.

 Internationally, they rule by brute force. They and the global institutions they
 run exercise greater economic and political control over the people of the poor
 world than its own governments do. But those people can no sooner challenge or
 replace them than the citizens of the Soviet Union could vote Stalin out of office.
 Their global governance is, by all the classic political definitions, tyrannical.

 Ari gets laughed out of the WH press room

 Ari just drew himself up with imperious indignation and said something like
 "you're implying that the President is buying the votes of other nations
   and that's just not a consideration" or words to that effect.

 And guess what happened? The whole press corps, normally sheep, broke out
 in laughter... sweet, derisive laughter. They kept on laughing as Ari turned on
 his heels and strode out. Sheesh.

 Go down to White House Press Briefing (02/25/2003) and click on the video.
 After it buffers, play from about 28 minutes forward for context, 30 minutes
 forward to watch Press laugh at Ari's BIG FAT GOP LIE.


 Hilary N

 (Works best with IE, not Netscape)

 The biggest shock is, in this tiny clip, we actually see the press doing
 something besides kissing Ari's ass and praising the Evil Usurper.


"The Grammy’s were just so long and boring.
  It was so dull that I thought I was hosting it...

  About half way through the show Phil Spector got up
  and fired off a couple rounds to create some excitement."
      -- Dave

 They did it again

 The local NBC affiliate hasn't shown us the last two West Wing/Law & Order episodes
 because, you guessed it ...f-ing basketball pre-empted both shows the last two Wednesdays.

 Does anyone have those four hours on a video tape they could mail to me at...?
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155

 I could either owe you a favor or I'd PayPal you $10.

 Basketball is a stupid sport that should have its own separate channel
 so the rest of us can avoid all that boring squeaking and dribbling.

me if you can help.

 Have you noticed a difference in the salute given by our military as President Bush walks by?
 Most folks would not notice anything, but those of us who have served in the military see it right away.
 Next time, Watch: When President Bush leaves Air Force One, the honor guards salute and face him
 as he disembarks, then turn their faces towards him as he passes by. They continue to salute his back
 as he walks away. This kind of salute has not been seen in the previous eight years, though it is customary
 courtesy to the Commander-in-Chief. They are not required to salute his back. They are only required to salute.
 They can remain face-forward the entire time. And that is what they did during the previous administration..
 Our soldiers were forced to obey his orders, but they were not forced to respect him

 Respect the numb-nutted moron?

     Do you think he can even spell "salute?"

 The armed forces respects the pampered moron who went AWOL during wartime.

 Strange but true.

 Tom DeLay and the Party of Appeasement
  You're going to like this one

  Click  Here

 Then there was the creepy way Dean kept referring to the president. He called the showdown
"Bush's undeclared war" and "Bush's bombing campaign." He described it as something
"the president has put us into" and warned his audience, "We should think very, very seriously
 whether we are going to take ownership of the bombing - as though the president weren't the
 nation's commander in chief. He urged Congress to de-fund the war and "pull out the forces
 we now have in the region."

 Trust me.
 Be sure you read it all.

 Click and learn how we can help you win!


"When the news media turn into a propaganda arm of the administration--as Fox News has
 shamelessly become--it makes it hard for democracy to work. By echoing rather than
 challenging the administration's distortions, by failing to report what is going on in the region,
 by failing to let Americans understand why much of the world opposes the war on Iraq,
 the media are compounding the president's error. It is allowing him to get away without
 sharing why he's made the choices he has made."
   --Jesse Jackson, Media give Bush free pass to Iraq,suntimes.com

  Saw it on MediaWhoresOnline
 MSNBC Axes Donahue

  Click  Here

 It could be that giant clicking sound MSNBC heard was disgusted liberals tuning out
 each time Phil effused praise for the unelected fraud - which was nearly every show.
 Could viewer feedback to the network and word of mouth have kept Donahue on the air longer?
 Possibly.  But no doubt many activists considered promoting the success of an unabashed
 Naderite too high a risk for later betrayal, and a waste of time.

 Word to future librul talk show hosts and spineless Democrats: Had Al Gore served in the office
 to which he was elected, flagship Faux blowhard Bill O'Reilly, host of the highest-rated screamfest on TV,
 would never refer him as "My President" in the way Donahue bizarrely referred to the unelected fraud
 on a daily basis.  Further, promoting third party, no-chance candidates is no way to endear yourselves to
 the vast majority of those who worked/voted to defeat Bush regime in '00 and hope to defeat it again in '04.

 I plan to take the advice of MWO.
 When we take to the webwaves on April 15th,
 we will not be heaping praise on the unelected fraud.
 Oh, and another thing:
 We're going to be around a damn lot longer than six months.

 Bush, the international terrorist?

 Click  Here


"Listening to Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly and Ann Coulter, among many other
  rightist media stars, you feel you've been transported to Berlin in 1938. The
  cultural atmosphere no longer feels American. In fact, it doesn't feel at all like
  a democracy -- which it is surely not, now that the Busheviks have taken over."
     --Mark Crispin Miller, The Bush Dyslexicon, Buzzflash interview, 02/23/03

 We are much closer now to  BartCop Radio.

 Woo Hoo!
 No more part-time hammer in a full-time war!
 Maybe we should target April 15th as a starting date.

 Isn't this exciting?

 Wish me luck, and consider joining the team!
 Reminder: Our silent benefactor is still matching all new subscriptions.
 Help make BartCop Radio an April thing, rather than a May-June thing.

 Is  bartcop.com  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $25 a month?

  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to support BartCop Radio

 They keep saying the economy collapsed under Clinton?
 Clinton announces another record budget surplus
 September 27, 2000  Gee, that almost makes them out to be liars.

  Click  Here

 Clinton announced Wednesday that the federal budget surplus for fiscal year 2000
 amounted to at least $230 billion, making it the largest in U.S. history and topping
 last year's record surplus of $122.7 billion.

 Then they blamed the economy first on Clinton, and then on 9-11
 CBO: Social Security funds needed to balance books
 August 29, 2001  Gee, that almost makes them out to be liars.

 Click  Here

 This year's federal budget surplus has plunged to $153 billion because of the nation's
 economic doldrums and the Bush tax cuts...

 So what has the Moron's bungling done to our economy?

 Our National Debt is now
and growing...

 Click  Here  to see the debt clock page
 The numbers will be higher by the time you click.

"We're getting so goddamn rich I can't stand it!
  They're buying what you're selling, Mr President!"


"Saddam is Bush’s Butcher of Baghdad. The most important phrase from Condi Rice
  was when she said it’s immoral to leave Saddam in power for 12 years. Of course, it’s
  been 24 years. He was their favorite dictator. They kept him in power because he was
  against the Unicycle of Evil, Iran. Saddam is a killer, a murderer and a berzerker.
  A Frankenstein created by Bush. He hired him, so I guess he has the right to fire him."
      --Greg Palast, interview with LiberalOasis, 02/25/03

 Some quick headlines and links

 Australian Legal Experts: Invasion Of Iraq "a War Crime"
  Australian military personnel liable for prosecution if they assist Warmonger

  Click  Here

 Veteran U.S. diplomat resigns to protest Iraq policy
  Cites Warmonger's "fervent pursuit of war"

  Click  Here

 Gulf War Vets call for Rummy's resignation
  For lying about giving WMD to Warmongers buddy Saddam

  Click  Here


“Cowboy George has not been content with just fucking up America
  these past two years, he is now intent on spending the rest of his
  time fucking up the whole World.”
     -- Rack Jite, rackjite.com

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