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Volume 1006 - Truth is discovered

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 Wednesday    February 26, 2003 


"I would call the French 'scumbags,' but that
  would be a disservice to those bags full of scum."
    -- Dennis Miller (R-Benedict) who now seems to be to Limbaugh's right.

 Geez, this was on Leno.
 And how nice of Jay to hire a man who can't get work.

 A minute after that Miller said, "It's all Gray Davis's fault. That's what you get
 when you elect a lawyer. You know, Shakespeare said 'First kill all the lawyers.' "

 Damn, maybe he's become the right-wing's wall.

 Did the US military set the Kuwait Oil Well Fires in 1991?

  Click  Here

 The explosive I used was C4. It’s light weight, its easy to use, its very safe to transport.
 ...a wellhead is completely sealed due to the environmental concerns involved with crude oil.
 Depending on the sight of the well, the valve is any where from three to six feet off of the ground.
 I placed the explosive on the wellhead and the incendiaries near by so that after the wellhead was
 damaged, that the incendiary could light the crude oil to fire.


"We're glad that the court battles look like they're finally over."
   -- Mike Fichter, director of Indiana Right to Life, an anti-choice group

 This is Al Gore's fault.
 This is Ralph Nader's fault.
 This is the fault of can't-be-bothered women voters.
 This is Katherine Harris's fault.
 This is that thug Scalia's fault.
 This is the fault of those nutty Florida voters.
 ...but it's mostly Donna Brazile's fault.

 I said this during the campaign, but nobody listened. Gore should've opened every
 speech with, "You ladies out there, if you want control of your reproductive decisions,
 I'm going to need your vote this November because I guarantee Bush and the nasty-ass thugs
 who back him on the Supreme Court will do everything they can to strip you of those rights."

 Sure, Gore mentioned that a time or two, but he never used the hammer.
 Not even once.

 Brazile should've had Gore hammering and hammering that message constantly.
 It would've given Gore something to run on, it would've put Bush on the defensive,
 it would've reminded women that the GOP thinks they're not smart enough to make
 their own decisions and I'm certain it would've resulted in a Gore presidency.
 Remember, all Gore needed was one more vote per precinct.
 Justices Clear Way for Abortion Rules 

 Click  Here  for more on the Whore Court ruling

 The Virtual March on Washington is today.

  For those who don't know about it go here:

 That wacky Saddam
   by Christian Livemore

  Click  Here

 Take Nikita Khrushchev. Now there was a funny guy.
 And when all is said and done he doesn’t seem so scary anymore, does he?
 I mean, how afraid can you be of a man who threatens you by banging his shoe on the table?

 “Look out, he’s got a Weejun!”

 Does not exactly strike fear, does it?


“If someone at the White House got prickly heat, the Republicans would
  try to put the blame on Clinton for stealing the talcum powder.”
  --Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.), at a House International Relations Committee hearing
     after Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Whore.) criticized the Clinton administration for not
     dealing with the North Korean nuclear threat. (That Rumsfeld sold them)

 Accidental has a new video you will enjoy:

  The Emperor Shrugged

Marty's E! page
'Horns and Halos,' the Jim Hatfield story
An Onion headline has come to pass
The Funk Brothers
Eric Clapton on a Peter Tosh tribute album
Phil Donahue fired
Tommy Chong's house & business raided
Amelia Earhart had a pre-nup
NBC & Westwood One
'Suge' Knight released from jail
And, the Patriot Act killed model rocketry


 Do they read

 NYPD Blue shocked the world last night, and in the first few minutes.
 In one of the clumsiest why-you-have-to-be-nudes ever, Andy's "shack up honey,"
 (as she would be described by Laura, the High Priestess of Screech) is surprised when
 little Theo catches her in the shower - and we're talking full frontal in the shower.

 She stood there for what seemed like an eternity with one arm covering her breasts
 and her hand strategically covering down there. This channel is owned by Disney?
 So guys, thanks for working a female into the nudity mix, for once.


''After all, Bush's biography comes straight out of the country singer's lifestyle manual,
  from the problems with alcohol, the confusion of his youth, to the fervent, aggressive
  born-again religious belief cut with an affection for hard-line politics and capital punishment
  – indeed, Johnny Paycheck's song "Pardon Me, I've Got Someone To Kill" could have
  been the theme tune to Bush's tenure as governor of Texas."
  --Terence Blacker, Cowboys in the Holy Ghost Corral,

 Why did Rupert Murdoch's paper call Sandy Koufax gay?
 What was there to be gained?

 Koufax, who you kids may not know, was the best left-handed pitcher in baseball in the sixties
 and retired at the top of his game to avoid damaging his arm. The New York Whore Post
 published a lie that he was gay.

 Koufax was a Dodger, and Murdoch owns the Dodgers (there should be no Nazi's in baseball)
 as well as the New York Whore Post, so Koufax severed all ties with the Dodgers as a result.

 Koufax is famous for his superior pitching, but he's also famous for sitting out the opening game
 of the 1965 World Series because it was on Yom Kipper and Koufax is a Jew.

 Wait, that why Nazi Murdoch's paper published that lie?
 Because Koufax is Jewish?

 Shame on the Nazi Murdoch and his gay-bashing publications.
 Shame, shame, shame.

 Click  Here  for more on Murdoch's Jewish attack.

 Rational choice in deterrence of Iraq

  Click  Here

 Hussein's invasion of Kuwait is often cited as an example of his irrationality -- by invading Kuwait without
 regard for the devastating consequences American intervention would bring, Hussein showed that he would
 not be deterred by superior military forces. But in August of 1990, American intervention was far from
 assured. Shortly before the invasion of Kuwait, Hussein met with U.S. Ambassador April Glaspie, who
 assured him that the United States had "no opinion on Arab-Arab conflicts" and no special security
 commitments to Kuwait.

 Hussein, then, invaded Kuwait only after concluding that the United States would not intervene -- had
 [Bush 41] clearly stated his intention to defend Kuwait, Hussein's thinking likely would have changed.

 Bush didn't warn Saddam off because he wanted to drag us into a war.
 This way, the B.F.E.E. could make shiploads of money off of dead American soldiers
 and his dimmest son is doing it to us again, misuing his stolen power for personal enrichment.
 Bush couldn't get away with this without the networks propping him up and the pansy-ass
 Democrats rolling over for him

  We support the president.

Get your anti-war pins right here!

 Near as I can tell, this week is the 7th birthday of BartCop.

 Issue 001 mentions February 25, 1996 but then Issue 002
 says February 24, 1996, so who knows?

 Subject: hey bartcop dude...

 a query:

 if you could go back in time and shoot hitler, thereby saving
 the lives of millions and preventing horrific atrocities, would you?

 which leads to my next question:
 if you could go back in time and shoot "----------------------",
 for the same reasons, would you?

 the big mobowski

 There are two ways to answer that - yes and no.
 I'd had no moral problems with taking a job of eliminating someone
 who needed dying, but I've seen enough Star Trek's and Sliders to
 know it's a bad deal to be messing with the timeline.

 For instance, what if I shot Prescott's friend Hitler in 1936, and some second
 in command was smart enough to avoid a war with Russia in the winter?
 The Nazi's were messing with rockets and atomic bombs, and if they had
 held on another few years, we might've all been raised Republican.

 Pataki Sidesteps His Adams Problem
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 As Mr. Pataki continues to drop in the polls—thanks to a tanking state economy and
 looming service cuts—a job with the Bush administration will surely look better and better.
 But as his pal Gerry Adams could certainly attest, the past may yet come back to haunt him.

 Hey Bart;

 Some cool history for you (probably heard this one)

 In August 1939 German commandos cross the Polish border and kill a handful of
 Polish border guards, hump the bodies back into Deutchland, and blow up a small
 radio station.  All of a sudden there's a hue and cry!!! WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!!
 And the panzers roll the border 1 September.

 My koresh man... now we're the fucking Nazis!!!!
 I've never been more ashamed in my life of the honorable discharge on my wall.

 I was pretty convinced GW would launch his load on 2-3 March (new moon after all).
 But with this fake diplomacy noise from the bastards, I'm wondering if they got their
 own little Canned Goods warming up.  A little (totally bullshit) Iraqi attack on a Navy
 ship maybe?  How 'bout a little gas release in the KTO?  Maybe kill a few kids sitting
 in someone else's sandbox?  How could anyone blame GW for his righteous fury then?

 Love your work.  Please; offend the hell out of the Nazis.
 Nobody alive today deserves it more. Thanks for fighting for America


 Chris, the question we need to keep asking ourselves is this:
 Would evil men kill to take over the world?

 Bush is going to get his war, whatever it takes.
 That's why I was so against those human shields.
 Those people think they're dealing with a man with a conscience.


"Let me just say, something remarkable happened in the U.S.  I mean, even if you
  think war in Iraq is the right thing, something very odd happened. Here was one guy,
  bin Laden, who launched a terrorist attack and the administration, aided by the networks
  -- including the broadcast networks, by the way, that's a canard -- have engaged in a sort
  of transference.  Bush himself last -- as far as we can make out -- last mentioned bin Laden
  in a speech last June.  Suddenly it was, you know, Osama, Osama,Saddam, Saddam.  And the
  broadcast media simply picked that up, transferred our feelings of alarm and anger from one
  villain to another villain, a villain no doubt. And that didn't happen in the rest of the world and
  that, more than anything else, is the reason why views of the world look so different in the U.S...."
    --Paul Krugman, "The New York Times" columnist on CNN Reliable Sources, 02/23/03

 If we go to war with Iraq, and win big (or they spin it that way) Bush might finally be elected
 president in 2004 and the networks, (GE, Viacom, Disney, FOX and AOL Time-Warner)
 will get hundreds of billions in tax cuts for supporting Smirky McWarhardon in his terror crusade.

 It's not about the truth.
 It's not about reporting a story with accuracy.
 It's about giant corporations making that extra nickle.

  Want to get involved?
 Making Transcripts of Rush's lies

  Click  Here

 [We have a project going on - transcribing Rush's show to use his words against him.
 He lies really fast (100 words in five minutes) so we break his show into 5 minute segments.
 It works great, but we need volunteers.]

 We are asking volunteers to email
 and give us their contact info.  And be patient - this project is in its embryonic phase.

 Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.  I think our transcripts could be of
 tremendous value to both BartCop Radio and Take Back the Media's Boycott Rush
 effort - so you'd be helping yourselves, too!  Sweet Koresh, I like win-win situations...

 Damn, I would've killed for this these transcripts last seven years, but yes.
 It would be great to have Pigboy's lies laid out in print.

 That five minutes at-a-time idea is good, too.
 Not many people can stand to listen to him longer than that.

 Anybody want to help?

  Open challege to BartCop

 First on your list ought to be Bartcop Radio. To be honest, I'm sick of waiting for it,
 and I don't understand the reason for the delay. You don't need to be a computer genius
 to do it, you don't need to have professional equipment, you can set it up in your own
 home and mix it right there with some very simple software. Joey Davis and I do
 The Joey Joe Joe Show on practically no budget with mediocre equipment, yet we've
 been doing a show once a week for six months now. And it only takes up a few hours
 of our time each week. I know the ieamerica radio network is interested in you, and they'll
 give you all the tech help you'll need, but damn it, you gotta get up off your ass and do it.

 I always thought my explanation made sense.
 If I work a day job and do the show at night,
 1. It would cut into my time with Mrs Bart
 2. She would have to remain silent during the show,
     meaning no TV, no radio, no margaritas with the blender etc.
 3. She thinks I'm the biggest load ever.
     I can't be in the middle of a rant and hear her giggling at me.

 But all that's moot because now we're counting down the days
 until we launch Tequila Treehouse Radio .  Woo Hoo!

 By the way, I heard your Show 26 (the newest is 27) and liked it.
 (They have a bit o BartCop in their opening)

 Hacking democracy? 
  Diebold voting machines - why is nobody paying attention?

  Click  Here

 Computerized vote-counting machines are sweeping the country.
 But they can be hacked -- and right now there's no way to be sure they haven't been.

 Cheney bought the company 
 that puts out oil well fires in 1995
  - Now with working link -

  Click  Here

 Dick Cheney has worked to profit from Iraqi oilfields "as rapidly as possible"
 since at least 1995.  In fact, one of the first deals he cut at Halliburton aimed
 to get first and controlling access to burning oil fields!

 Cheney's deal helped assure Halliburton the first position in Iraqi oil fields
 after a war:  fighting the fires.  Once in place, Halliburton would be positioned
 to service the ruined wells, no matter who wound up owning the oil.  Firefighting
 services gave Halliburton unique leverage in profiting from flaming Iraqi oil fields.

 Bush & Cheney sure are "lucky" that 9-11 happened.

  Click  Here

  Suddenly, the estimate doubles:
 Iraq war cost could soar, Pentagon says
  saw it on

  Click  Here

 The Pentagon has begun telling the White House and Congress that defeating Iraq
 and occupying the country for six months could cost as much as $85 billion,
 according to sources — considerably more than what senior administration
 officials have been saying in public.

 Conventional wisdom says always multiply cost estimates by three.
 With the B.F.E.E. getting a piece of every dollar spent on this "war on the Treasury,"
 we may have to start multiplying Bush's numbers by a factor of ten.


"The enemy. The other. The defiler of cherised symbols. Irrational and strange,
  they are beyond reason or dialogue. There can be only one response: Crush them.
  And so we are prepared for war by our free and independent media. The Weekly
  Standard is of course a conservative publication, open in its leanings, but is it really
  so different in Time, Newsweek, ABC’s Nightline and other mainstream outlets?
  What was it Orwell said: Circus dogs jump when the trainer cracks the whip, but
  the really well-trained dog is the one that turns somersaults when there is no whip.
  Our media: Working without a whip."
   --The Better Rhetor, Prepping Us For War,

 We are much closer now to  BartCop Radio.

 Woo Hoo!
 No more part-time hammer in a full-time war!
 Maybe we should target April 15th as a starting date.

 Isn't this exciting?

 Wish me luck, and consider joining the team!
 Reminder: Our silent benefactor is still matching all new subscriptions.
 Help make BartCop Radio an April thing, rather than a May-June thing.

 Is  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $25 a month?

  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to support BartCop Radio

 A Question for Investors

 America is already setting record deficits before any costs of a war is factored in.
 The amount of money we are committing to paying bribes alone (foreign aid to
 Turkey and others for use of bases) is over twice what the last gulf war cost.
 We are about to launch a war without United Nations support. A war that the
 world clearly doesn't want. A war that America clearly doesn't want.
 A war that's going to invite more terrorism than America has ever seen.

 Win or lose, this war will put America on the verge of economic collapse.
 So - I ask investors. Is this a good time to keep your money in the stock market?
 Do you trust the Bush economy with your life savings?

 Marc Perkel

 Bush to Debate Saddam?

  Click  Here

 CBS News reported Monday that Saddam has challenged Bush to a live debate
 via satellite, saying, "As leaders, why don't we use this opportunity?"

 Hey, no problem.
 All Bush has to do is get Tim Russert, Bob Scheifer and Judas Maximus to be the judges.
 They'll all swear Bush won each round and this whole ugly mess is all over.

 Crusader Babbitt
      by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Call me naïve, but I hold with hypocrisy. Everything known about Bush
 apart from his political rhetoric suggests belief in a conventional rich man's God.
 His idea of paradise is a country club golf course. His public religiosity is
 precisely calculated to enthrall fundamentalist Christians whose failure to turn out
 in 1992 led to his father's defeat--the only Armageddon Junior seriously anticipates.

 Subject: Saw Greg Palast live last night

 Hey Bart,

 I got to see Greg Palast Sunday night at a special event that was for subscribers
 to totally listener supported KPFK, the Pacifica station in LA and the only honest
 source for broadcast news here until Bartcop radio is running.

 He was great. He chatted with folks first then spoke for about an hour and a half,
 connecting all sorts of dots for us.

 Among his disclosures...

 Although the Total Information Awareness network was supposedly killed by Congress,
 none of the contracts were cancelled. Also, the company ChoicePoint that was responsble
 for scrubbing the Florida voter rolls of "felons" in 2000 and one of the biggest commercial
 database firms in the country now has a division called Bode Technologies that is creating a
 national DNA database (which this administration is pushing for). They are coming for our blood.

 He said that Katherine Harris called him "twisted and maniacal" but didn't say he was wrong.

 To those who say, "Get over it", he asked "What do you get when you've gotten over democracy?"

 This and more is in the new paperback edition of his book, which has tons of new material
 including stuff about September 11th and Enron.  Hopefully he will be invited on all of the
 liberal media news shows. Yeah, right.

 Keep hammerin',
 Leslie A
 Bartcop subscriber


"It is important for the Iraqi generals to understand that if they take innocent life,
  if they destroy infrastructure, they will be held to account as war criminals."
      --Dubya, yesterday, who seems to be saying HE won't be held responsible
         for any innocents being killed or any infrastructure destroyed.

 He's never been held to account for anything his entire life.
 The DWIs, the abortion, the cocaine, going AWOL, stealing the White House,
 robbing the Treasury blind, crashing the stock market and starting a nonsense war.

 Nope, George isn't responsible for any of that - just ask Rush or FOX News.


 Terror suspect was a Bush supporter

  Click  Here

''He was a Bush supporter,'' said Robert McKee, an attorney who is representing Arian
 in a legal dispute with the university. ''As close as the election in Florida was, Sami may
 have put him over the top. He got out the vote in the Muslim community in Florida,
 and now Bush's attorney general is going after him.''

 Remembering his campaigning for Bush in Florida and the president's thin margin of
 victory (sic) there, Sami Arian was indignant. ''We certainly delivered him many more
 than 537 votes,'' Newsweek magazine quoted him as saying. ''Now they do this to my son.''


"There is all kinds of estimates about the cost of war."
    --Dubya, Washington, D.C., Feb. 25, 2003

 Bush is correct.
 There are the numbers Bush is releasing and then there's the truth.
 Tell us the real numbers, Governor!

 How much is Halliburton making?
 How much are you funneling to The Carlyle Group?

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