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Volume 1008 - War for Fun & Profit

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 Fridayday    February 28, 2003 


"It's not getting any smarter out there. You have to
  come to terms with stupidity, and make it work for you.
   -- Frank Zappa

 Talks on Iraq End Bitterly 
  Nobody likes a blood-crazed warmonger

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 A Security Council meeting on Iraq ended in bitter disagreement Thursday
 with council members unable to agree on basic issues such as a timetable
 for weapons inspectors to report next to the council.

 Diplomats described a terrible atmosphere within the council, which met behind
 closed doors for four hours Thursday. The council is split between the blod-crazed
 warmongers and others, led by the French, who want to continue weapons inspections.

 Ambassadors who spoke on condition of anonymity said the Americans seemed
 unwilling to compromise in order to achieve council unity on Iraq.

 We could all be in danger, because Gilligan's never been told "no" before.
 He's likely to lay in the floor and cry and scream and order some country to be nuked.
 You know how cranky 5-year olds can be when they don't get their way.


"The Sedition Act - Time to Act. Time to Arrest the Leaders of the Anti-War Movement!"
  -- Michael Savage (R-Rush wannabe)

 Our whole country is turning fascist - it will continue until we fight back.

 Is Bush Nuts?
        by William Thomas

  Click  Here

 What drives a man to go against the wishes of his countryfolk and the entire world community
 - including the presidents of Russia, China, France and Germany?

 How can a professed Christian continue to defy church leaders worldwide - including the Bishops of
 Britain and the Pope? How does he rationalize breaking the commandments of his God, which clearly
 prohibit coveting another's property, theft of their oil, and mass murder of defenseless populations?

 How can he ignore his own generals when they complain, "We're advocating a policy that says we
 will invade another nation that is not currently attacking us or invading any of our allies."
 [Capitol Hill Blue Jan, 22, 2003]

 This article is one, long great excerpt - must reading!
 I'd like to buy this William Thomas a drink.


"And my fervent desire is for the -- is to achieve peace, and to improve the plight
  of the Palestinian citizen and, at the same time, improve the security for not only
  the Palestinians, but the Israelis. We work the peace issue constantly."
    --Dubya, White House, Feb. 27, 2003

 You work the oil and money issue constantly, but when it's time to do your job,
 you go to Crawford and have the press tell us it's a "working vacation."


  Click  Here

 Court-appointed President Bush claims his assault on Iraq is
 going to bring peace to the Middle East. Yeah, "rest in" peace.

Visit  for more


"Why should George W. Bush want a blow-job from an intern
   when he gets one from Don Imus every morning?"
     -- heard it from a guy named Jim

 Air Force rapes

 The Republicans are raping these women.
 They think the military should be all male.
 They rape these women as a political statement.

 "Bitch can't handle herself in a fight, so I raped her just
   to demonstrate that women shouldn't be here with the men."

 And the senior officers agree, so they tell the women to "stop whining,"
 when they report the rape to a commander. This rapes will continue until
 the rapists and their shielders are put in prison.

 They should be arrested and jailed.

 ha ha

 You gotta check this, and do not write and say "bad link."

Marty's E! page
  The Friday e-page highlights include:
'Horns & Halos' (Bush cocaine) opens in NYC
Richard Pryor & Showtime
Dave has shingles, Regis hosts tonight
Jennifer Garner will be 'Electra' again
Bono honored by Chirac today
Some TV shows renews, some axed
         Bill Gates still rich
Smirk honors Art Linkletter & Thomas Sowell (R-Tom)
David Wells admits pitching perfect game with "a skull-rattling hangover"
(Paging Dock Ellis)
Michael Caine says McCartney is a prude
'NOW With Bill Moyers' on PBS & Bill Maher on HBO


Regime Change 2004


"American empire is an intellectual construct of scribblers and think-tank denizens more familiar
 with the hazards of graduate school than of gunnery school. Americans won't send their sons to
 die for an empire concocted by talking heads whose boys won't be patrolling that empire."
   --Pat Buchanan, War on Arrogance,

 FBI Says Arrests Made in Coupon Fraud

  Click  Here

 This is a John Ashcroft priority?
 Earlier this week, he cracked down on web sites that sell bongs.

 FBI Says Arrests Made in Bong sales

 Click  Here

 Bong sellers?
 Coupon fraud?
 These are John Ashcroft's priorities?

 Why isn't the FBI going after bin Laden?
 Because President Illegal Moron said bin Laden "doesn't concern me?"

 This has to stop!
 This is horseshit!

 Boy, the FBI is great when it's busting coupon clippers.
 The FBI is great when it's busting bong-selling web sites.
 The FBI is great when it's tracking women in Arkansas who
 may have had sex with the governor who they called "Elvis."

 But when Bush's former business partners bomb New York
 and kill 3000 people, the FBI is a powerless eunuch?

 When the antrax killer (R-Bush helper) is still out there,
 Ashcrack is fighting coupons and bongs?

 This is what happens when a religiously-insane, power-hungry fool
  has the power of the federal government to back him up.

 "Coupon clipping endangers all Americans."

 Bart, enough of the Pink Tutus, Okay?

  Click  Here


"There's strong signals that this economy will improve."
    --Dubya, White House, Feb. 27, 2003

  I'm not calling Bush a liar - Yahoo and the DOW are calling Bush a liar.

 Another BFEE rapist unleashed to control our lives
 Pension de-form
  by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 ...CSX decided to let John Snow factor in the stock benefits he had received as regular income,
 instead of just salary, as is normally done. At the same time CSX was giving Snow this lovely deal,
 it was cutting the health benefits in its retirement plan for lesser workers. Since Secretary Snow is
 now in charge of pension policy at the Treasury, can we look forward to similar deals for ourselves?
 Yep -- but we're in the class that gets the cuts, not the parachute.

 If you're wondering why you haven't heard much about this, let me suggest two reasons. One is
 that TV news is in its one-story, Dead Diana mode: All they have time for is Iraq and the occasional
 nightclub fire. The second is the consequence of having all the media owned by a few giant corporations.
 It is not in the interest of these corporations to have such news widely reported. .

 Subject: Pigboy says war in Iraq will make everything OK


 Was unfortunate enough to catch the vulgar pigboy yesterday afternoon in my car.
 A caller was suggesting that, with 55 votes, the Senate just “put Estrada on the court.”
 Sure, why not?  That’s not much different from what they did with W in 2000.  But I digress.

 Pigboy told the caller to be a little more patient, because the war in Iraq was coming,
 and when it did, “everything would turn around.”  The Democrats would cave on Estrada
 (unfortunately, he’s probably right on that one), the economy and stock market would
 improve and Too Stupid to be President’s ratings would soar.

 This just proves what you and the rest of us against this war have been saying all along
 —that the REAL reason for the war is not for our security; it’s for reasons of political gain (and ego)!

 Is he far gone, or what?


 Steve, I hate it when Rush is right.
 The Democrats will cave on Estrada, it'll probably be a short war,
 Bush will be called a "war hero" by the GOP-owned media
 and we're stuck, once again, being right and powerless.

 Hey Bart,

 The monkeymail submission about the military saluting Bush longer is FALSE.

 This is just propaganda to make it sound like the military loves Bush.

 Bob - a couple of things:
 First, the only reason I ran that was it was an excuse to run this picture.

 I think this picture demonstrates Monkeyboy's intelligence level.

 Second, sure, it's propaganda but it's true.
 The military DOES love the Wanker in Chief.

 Among the reasons Gore lost Florida was our military guys were flooding Florida
 with multiple ballots as late as early December, and they were mostly pro-Monkeyboy.

 Sometimes I sprinkle some lies in with the truth, but I'm not kidding when I say most
 military families would rather their son die from the AWOLer's bumbling than have him
 come home happy and healthy and then raise grandkids under that evil Clinton monster.
 (After all, Clinton had sex!!   Who wants their kids to come home under Clinton?)

 More proof is the loss of the American dream.

Clinton's paradise of peace and riches has turned to crap under AWOLboy,
     but people still give the moron a high approval rating for doing what?

Constantly taking month-long vacations after the FBI/CIA told him
     there was increased Al Qaeda traffic back in August 2001?
    Clinton was the hardest working president we ever had and the results back that up.

For giving Clinton's $5 TRIL and another $6 TRIL we don't have to his rich friends
    as bribes so he can get elected for the first time in 2004?

Nobody talks about the 220 marines we lost when Reagan bungled in Lebanon,
    but we hear "Remember Somalia" every day, because 20 men died after Clinton
    inherited another Bush bunglefest in the Middle East

 Clinton worked his way to the top with brains and skill, while AWOLboy laid back and
 had everything handed to him by his rich, crooked daddy, including the presidency.

 And the coke-snorting, noncurious drunk gets a high approval rating?

 What the hell is wrong with this country?


"Leaders in the region speak of a new Arab charter that champions internal reform,
  greater politics participation, economic openness, and free trade. And from Morocco
  to Bahrain and beyond, nations are taking genuine steps toward politics reform."
     -- Too stupid to ride a horse, White House, Feb. 27, 2003

 The Defector’s Secrets

  Click  Here

 Hussein Kamel, Saddam's son-in-law and the highest-ranking Iraqi official ever to defect
 from Saddam’s inner circle, told CIA and British intelligence officers and U.N. inspectors
 in 1995 that after the gulf war, Iraq destroyed all its chemical and biological weapons
 stocks and the missiles to deliver them.

 Kamel’s revelations about the destruction of Iraq’s WMD stocks were hushed up by the
 U.N. inspectors, sources say, for two reasons. Saddam did not know how much Kamel
 had revealed, and the inspectors hoped to bluff Saddam into disclosing still more.

 I had to buy a bunch of stamps the other day,
 so I bought the Thurgood Marshall stamps.

 Why did I do that?

 Do you know who George Herbert-Herbert Bush appointed (for life) to replace Marshall?

                 Hi, I'm Bush house negro Clarence.
           I votes like Massa Bush tells me to votes.

 A good friend has a new web page,  The Anti P.C. page


"So Glenn Hubbard has resigned as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers
  — to spend more time with his family, of course. (Pay no attention to the knife handles
  protruding from his back.) Gregory Mankiw, his successor, is a very good economist,
  but never mind: When the political apparatchiks who make all decisions in this
  administration want Mr. Mankiw's opinion, they'll tell Mr. Mankiw what it is.
    -- Paul Krugman, No Relief in Sight,

  Click  Here  to read his newest column

 VCR Alert

 Springsteen on CBS,
 Bill Maher on HBO with my good friend Ted Rall

 I can't wait to hear Ted Rall speak the language most Americans use.
 I believe Ted likes the Unelected Usurper less than I do.

 The Legacy of King George

  Click  Here


"...Now all this teaching ought to be very useful in preventing us
     from attacking or invading any other country- (with a chuckle)
     if anyone outside a madhouse wished to do so...."
      -- Winston Churchill, in the History Channel archives, calling Blair and Monkeyboy madmen

 When a government lies to its people
   by Carla Binion  as seen on

  Click  Here

 Rumsfeld said recently, "Everyone agrees that the last choice is to use force and have a war,
 but at some point time would run out. And that's what the president has said."

 How can Rumsfeld claim an attack on Iraq would be a "last choice" or last resort?
 Iraq isn't "fixed in a posture of attack," imminently ready to fire missiles at the U.S.
 The Bush administration has offered no evidence that Iraq is an imminent threat in any way.

 Welcome back, Carla!


"Wherever he is, I’m convinced that bin Laden has more to celebrate today than he did
   on Sept. 11, 2001. And why not? His work is being done for him by our president and the
   president’s Cabinet, aided and abetted by a gutless Senate and House, millions of terrified
   Americans, and a bevy of international opportunists. Bin Laden does not have to lift a
   finger or issue another statement. The administration has done the work of creating legions
   of people who hate and fear America, who have or will soon be profoundly hurt by this country,
   who see the United States as greedy, rapacious and violent. A perfect formula for creating
   new and probably better terrorists..."
    --Jill Nelson, Lust for empire,

 Subject: Whitley Streiber was kicked off radio by the BFEE

 It's been a couple of months since "Dreamland" did it's final broadcast.
 It was on Saturday nights 9-1EST.  He took over when Art Bell stopped doing it.
 Anyway,he was pretty open in last few shows that they were kicking him off the air
 because they did not like a lot of things he let be talked about on the air and he really
 did make it clear that it was the Bush gang forcing him off.

 Now he does it on the net on Saturday afternoons.
 His website is
    -Frug Frehley

 Frug, scary stuff, but between Marc Perkel and the Electronic Frontier Foundation,
 can't nobody shut down BartCop Radio. The only way we could be guaranteed
 absolute freedom of speech was to be in charge of it, ourselves.

 No bosses, no program managers, no accounting weasels saying we have to stop saying "X"
 or we'll lose our advertisers - we don't want any part of whitey's golden chains.

 Trust me, they're going to want to shut is down, too.

 We are so close now to  BartCop Radio.

 Woo Hoo!

 No more part-time hammer in a full-time war!
 Target date for the first broadcast is April 15th.

 It's so exciting!!

 Wish me luck, and consider joining the team!
 Reminder: Our silent benefactor is still matching all new subscriptions.
 Help make BartCop Radio an April thing, rather than a May-June thing.

 Is  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $25 a month?

  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to support BartCop Radio big-time

 Last night, I was awakened by a commotion outside.
 I grabbed The Baby and looked out and all I could see was clouds.

 I opened the front door and saw the Face of God.
 He was 900 feet tall and he was holding BartCop Manor in His hand.

 I said, "God, what in the world are you doing?"

 God told me today's issue of  would be the greatest ever.

 I said, "But God, it can't be the greatest ever - not without a Bonus Issue,"
 and He said, "Relax, my son, I've already written one for you."

 Woo Hoo!

 Click  Here  for the biggest ever, and yes, there's Monkey Mail!

 Praise Jesus!

 Oh, but he also said if we don't have BartCop Radio
 going by April 15,  He was going to "call me home."


"...a few weeks ago, Bush went to Florida and said -- "our people in uniform and their families
  deserve our gratitude and deserve our support" -- unquote. He then went back to Washington
  and cut aid to the schools that teach the children of our servicemen and women by $173 million,
  a 14 percent reduction. Now, in defense of Mr. Bush, there is one promise he has never broken.
  It's the promise to cut taxes for the rich, in good times and bad, through war and peace, in surplus
  and deficit, Mr. Bush's commitment to his fellow millionaires never waivers..."
   --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 02/27/03

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