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Volume 1013 - Thuggery

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 Thursday    March 6, 2003 


“The fact that he tried to kill my father and my wife shows the nature of the man...
  He’s cold-blooded. He’s a dictator. He’s a tyrant. And the decision I’m making,
  and have made, to disarm Saddam is based upon the security of the American people.”
     -- Extra-stupid monkey in a man suit


 Governor, if you wewre interested in anything but taking over the whole world you'd
 have enough respect for democracy to let the winner of the 2000 election take your
 place and bring some peace and prosperity to this bankrupt, war-torn country.

 Helen Thomas gives Fork Tongue Ari the red-ass

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 THOMAS: Ari, since there is an atmosphere of the imminence of war in this White House,
 and since we have no direct access to the President, will you state for the record, for the historical record,
 why he wants to bomb Iraqi people?

 FLEISCHER: Helen, I dispute the premise of your question, first of all. There's regular -- there's
 regular access to the President. The President is asked questions all the time. And when the President --

 THOMAS: He hasn't had a press conference for months.

 FLEISCHER: And when 14 of your colleagues spend 36 minutes asking
 scores of questions to the President just two days ago --

 THOMAS: Well, that's not a news conference.

 FLEISCHER: -- they asked the President a similar question, although they phrased it a little differently
 than you did. They asked the President why does he feel so strongly about the need to use force, if it comes
 to that, to disarm Saddam Hussein. And the answer from the President was that, given the fact that the world
 changed on September 11th, the threat to the American people was brought immediately to our home and to
 our shores and to our families, the President thinks it is in the interest of peace to make certain that Saddam
 does not have weapons of mass destruction which he can use against us, either by transferring them to
 terrorists or using them himself.

 THOMAS: There is no imminent threat.

 FLEISCHER: This is where -- Helen, if you were President you might view things differently.
 But you have your judgment and the President has others.

 THOMAS: Why doesn't he prove it? Why don't you lay it out?
 When have they threatened in the last 12 years?

 FLEISCHER: They have attacked their neighbors. They have gassed their own people.

 THOMAS: Twelve years ago.

 FLEISCHER: They have launched attacks.

 THOMAS: With our support.

 ha ha

 FLEISCHER: And September 11th showed the United States is vulnerable to those who would
 attack us. And one of the best ways to protect the homeland is to go after the threats abroad.

 THOMAS: You haven't linked terrorism to Saddam Hussein, in terms of 9/11.

 FLEISCHER: It's not -- the threat is what took place on 9/11. You don't have to make a direct linkage
 between Saddam and 9/11 to know that others who are planning can try to do it again, Saddam included.


"You people are some of the most disgusting examples of a waste
  of protoplasm I've ever had the displeasure to hear about."
   -- Charlie Daniels, (R-Racist bastard) in an open letter to Hollywood

 Hey Charlie, do you still sing "It's Be-kind-to niggers week" on your bus?
 You're a racist piece of horseshit, Charlie.

 Subject: Jesus, Get a Macintosh!

 I can’t believe that someone with your wit and intelligence is using Windows!
 jesus christ! what’s wrong with you?

 You can get a decent laptop (ibook) or the baby powerbook for around a grand.

 Drink one less bottle of chinaco and you’ll be able to afford it!


 Trust me, I’ve used Macs since 1985, and I run an IT services company.
 Macs never let you down.


 That's what everyone keeps telling me.
 When that happened, I might've been more insane with rage than the lawyer
 who got arrested for wearing the "Give peace a chance" t-shirt at the mall.

 The worst part was all the time writing and re-writing and re-writing.
 The news stuff I could just re-post, mostly, but the stuff I wrote only stays in
 my head for so long, and when I'm double-insane with rage none of it comes back

 It just seems like a crime to work that hard and lose everything.
 It's like destroying a painting in a museum (if I had talent).

 If Bill Gates had walked thru my door, and I killed him without hesitation,
 do you think I could get a jury to buy "depraved indifference?"

 Bill O'Reilly made a mistake
 (a follow-up to Sometimes Talking Points talk back)
  by James Higdon

  Click  Here

  I understand that the folks at FOX are all atwitter that you are the highest rated talking head on cable.
 I've seen the ratings.  A whopping 2.8.  The fact is that the ratings for all talking head shows are a bust.
 I remember, a short time ago, when anything less than a 10.0 would get a show pulled from the air before
 its next scheduled broadcast.  Perhaps these shows would do better if they  provided a lot more useful
 information, and a lot less attitude.

 Advisors: Bush faces "humiliating" defeat on UN resolution
  So Bush and Ari say they don't care, Bush wants that oil, he'll attack anyway

  Click  Here

 Powell told Bush he has only four of the nine votes needed for approval of a second resolution.
 As a result, some White House advisors are now urging Bush to back off his war hardon and
 give UN weapons inspectors more time.

"We have no other choice," admits one Bush advisor.
"We don't have the votes. We don't have the support."

 Thousands of California students protest war

  Click  Here

"Many of us have family in the army. One of my cousins is a Marine and is being sent to Iraq.
 My sister is in the army. Why should they get sent to fight for oil? Nobody likes Bush; he wasn’t
 even supposed to be president. The Supreme Court picked him. He didn’t have to go into the
 army because he was rich and was sent to the best colleges. There is a big divide between the
 rich and the poor. They think that we are trash, but we are human too.”


"With many Americans unhappy at French resistance to a war in Iraq
  there has developed a backlash against the French, not stirred up
  by anybody except by the people.”
   --Dubya, the big fat liar who stole the White House

 Stirred up by the people?
 The people?

 What about NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, Rush the Pigboy, O'Reilly, Hannity, Paula Von Zahn,
 The Beltway Boys, Brit Hume, Tony Snow, Chris the Screamer, Gordon Liddy, Laura the Aborter,
 Michael Medved, Judas Maximus, every newspaper in the country,  Bob Scheiffer, George Will,
 (dumber than a chimp and I can prove it), Tim the Whore, John Hockenberry, Michael Savage,
 Ollie North, BowTieBoy Carlson, Robert Novak, Paul Weyrich, Brian Williams, Wolf the Whore,
 John Fund (I beat women, got any?) Bill Schneider, Candy Crowley (R-Butterqueen), Howie Kurtz,
 John Stossel, Diane the whore Sawyer, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Peggy Noonan, Andrew Sullivan,
 William Safire and every local Rush wannabe who controls 100 percent of the Nazi talk radio airwaves.

 But Bush is a man of God who'd never lie,
 so I guess I'm wrong.

 Possibility of 'Dirty Bomb' in Nigerian Theft

  Click  Here

 Halliburton, Cheney's super-sized oil field services firm, said it has started a probe involving
 U.S. and Nigerian government officials over theft of a radioactive device used at its Nigerian operations.

 A report by the Whore Street Journal said officials were concerned that the device's radioactive
 material could be used to create a "dirty bomb," to scatter radioactivity in a densely populated area.

 We're going to invade Nigeria, too?  So we can "stop the terrorists?"
 Why in the world are we going to...

 ...Oh, that's right.

 Nigeria has oil.

 No wonder they've found "terrorists" hiding there.
 Funny, they find terrorists in Iraq, Iran, the Philippines, and Nigeria.

There you go again, Bart!
Dubya would never use his office to get rich.
He's a good man and he can count on me.

 Bush Blackmails Russia

  Click  Here

 Showing its exasperation with Russia's growing defiance of U.S. war plans, Bush
 resorted to economic blackmail and warned Russia that it risks jeopardizing its bid
 to join the World Trade Organization if it vetoes a UN Security Council resolution.

 Russia also risks having to endure the continued humiliation of Soviet-era U.S. trade
 restrictions and being locked out of a post-Saddam Hussein Iraq, said a senior U.S.
 diplomat, who spoke on condition of anonymity in an interview Wednesday.

 The lil' King always gets what he wants.
 If he can't persuade you, he uses force, backed up by his daddy's power, and then,
 after the Florida Rape of Democracy, the power of the US military machine.

 The lil' King always gets what he wants.


"This is not battle, for only one side is engaged -- it has another name. It is massacre."
   --Mark Twain (Thanks to

 Students make stand for peace

  Click  Here

 Defying warnings from school administrators and ignoring the threat of detentions and suspensions,
 300 students from area high schools left their classrooms Wednesday to protest war against Iraq.

 "Bush is not the one who's going to be fighting. Kids are going to be fighting his war, and it's about
 getting Iraq's oil, which belongs to them to begin with, said Ashville High freshman Lindsey Chamberlain.

Marty's E! page
New interest in the Clash
Jack Paar had a stroke
Frances McDormand is a cover girl
BookExpo America features Madeleine Albright, Al Franken & Molly Ivins
CBS News is OK with actor doing accent as Saddam in interview
Christina Aguilera, Donatella Versace & real life imitating an SNL skit
Nelly is buying into NASCAR
And, in Michigan , NORML is part of the Adopt-A-Highway program



"Before getting into the lobbying game, Chet Lott, son of Trent, worked at Domino's pizza -- world
 renowned as the perfect training ground for future Washington power brokers. Harvard, Yale, Domino's.
 Now instead of taking orders for extra cheese, he pushes the piping hot agendas of clients like BellSouth
 and munitions maker Day & Zimmerman. Neither of whom, I'm sure, hired young Chet because his dad
 is an influential Senator. (Maybe it's because Chet promised that if he couldn't deliver the legislation
 they'd ordered in 30 minutes it would be free -- some habits are hard to break)."
   --Arianna Huffington, Power On The Potomac,

 Michael Savage's long, strange trip
 A Jewish kid from the Bronx now spews the ugliest bile on talk radio.
 (When you consider the competition, that's really saying something.)

  Click  Here

 These days, Weiner's more interested in purging the body politic. Using the pseudonym Michael Savage,
 he's launched a one-man mission to save America from its enemies at home and abroad, which on any
 given day includes liberals, gays, academics, the homeless, the Clintons, immigrants, feminists, CNN,
 the American Civil Liberties Union, Muslims and other minorities.

 Savage, or Weiner, is one of those Fox-type whores who manufactures their rage.
 I don't see how they can do that.

 Someday soon, I'll be explaining on BartCop Radio that I can't do that.
 I'm going to say what's on my mind, but I can't fake it like Savage and Rush.

 I don't understand how they can be in a good mood at 11:58, and then be pissed off
 and ready to take the world on every day at 12:06.  To me, it's just phoney crap.

 Even for Limbaugh's $28M a year, I couldn't fake it.
 I guess these guys should be given "credit" for being able to turn on the Clinton-hate
 at a moment's notice, but we're not going to have any of that on BartCop Radio.

 If I'm in a good mood, I'm in a good mood.
 If I'm in a bad mood, like I was yesterday, I'm in a damn bad mood.

 Fortunately, Smirk does something horribly outrageous most every day, so I won't have to
 fake anything, but Clinton's been gone for over two years and the ultra-right-wing Nazi's
 run the whole show now, so what's Savage got to be pissed about?
 Like Rush, he's become nothing more than an apologist for the always-right federal government.

 The Noriega Gambit

  Click  Here

  Bush Sr. Said In 1996 That War With Iraq...
'Would Turn Entire Arab World Against Us’
  Dimmest Son can't learn, so this lesson is wasted
   by Jason Leopold

  Click  Here

 Former President George Bush predicted in 1996 that if the United States
 were to engage in another war with Iraq, one aimed at overthrowing Saddam,
 the “entire Arab world would turn against us” and the U.S. would alienate
 its allies in the international community.

 Cheney's wife (R-Shrew) actually a circus clown
  ...but the NY Post is owned by whore, so this story may not be true

  Click  Here

 Fed up with Wooden's sense of humor, the vice president told him, via a letter from his lawyer,
 to delete photos showing his wife, Lynne, wearing a red nose and remove the "biography."

 The piece describes Lynne Cheney, First Lady Laura Bush and President Bush's mother,
 Barbara, as "paragons of conjugal subservience."

 Hey Unka Dick!
 Have your lawyer send me a letter, too.


"The foreign ministers of France, Germany and Russia today issued a joint declaration
  that they will not allow a second American-backed resolution to pass the UN.  Bush wants
  the Security Council to explicitly authorize force against Iraq, and his press secretary today
  remained optimistic that in the end, that's just what he'll get. President Bush is said to be
  focusing on one fence-sitting Security Council member, the African nation of Guinea,
  because he said -- quote -- "I used to have one of their pigs."
      -- Paul Begala, Crossfire, 03/05/03

 Nazi Mall now wants to drop peace t-shirt charges
  Stormed by peace protestors, mall had no choice but to cave

  Click  Here

 Police said managers from Crossgates Mall called and asked that the complaint against
 Stephen Downs be withdrawn. Police Chief James Murley said he would support the mall's decision.

 Earlier Wednesday, about 100 anti-war demonstrators marched through the mall to protest the arrest.
 They told a mall manager they would stop only when charges against the shopper were dropped and
 when the mall outlined its policy.

 By the way, the phone number to Crossgates Mall is   518-869-9565

 Pro-war thugs trying to get Martin Sheen fired from West Wing
  If they fired Donahue (their money maker) they'll fire Sheen, too.

  Click  Here

 Pressure is growing for the president to lose his job because of his uncompromising stance on the war.
 That's President Bartlet, as played by Martin Sheen in the hit television series, The West Wing.

 NBC is under pressure to sack him from its show or face a boycott or withdrawal of advertising.

    We need to stick with our good friend, Martin Sheen

  Click  Here  to send a note of support to the thugs at money-grubbing NBC


"God is a neutral observer in the affairs of man.
  Man cannot march into war and assume God will be at his side.'"
     -- The Pope, who Bush must think is lying

 My country - the United States of America - is on a quest for world domination.
 If you are not yet scared of our influence in the world now,
 you should be because it's only going to get worse.
 Once we control the oil fields in Iraq we will go after Saudi Arabia and Iran.
 Then you will have to come to us for your oil.

 We will dominate you and we will enslave you.
 We are a dangerous country on a mission that threatens
 the security and future of everyone on the planet.
 Please do whatever it takes to stop us.

 Marc Perkel


"If the economy is flat, we're gonna win it."
   --Ted Kennedy, talking about 2004

 Public prayer fanatics

  Click  Here

"This is really an argument between two kinds of prayer--vertical and horizontal. I don't have the
 slightest problem with vertical prayer. It is horizontal prayer that frightens me. Vertical prayer is
 private, directed upward toward heaven. It need not be spoken aloud, because God is a spirit
 and has no ears. Horizontal prayer must always be audible, because its purpose is not to be heard
 by God, but to be heard by fellow men standing within earshot. To choose an example from football,
 when my team needs a field goal to win and I think, ''Please, dear God, let them make it!''--that is
 vertical prayer. When, before the game, a group of fans joins hands and ''voluntarily'' recites the
 Lord's Prayer--that is horizontal prayer. It serves one of two purposes: to encourage me to join them,
 or to make me feel excluded. "

 This is true.
 The religio-nuts want to be seen praying.
 They can pray all they want, 24 hours a day, but that's not what they want.
 They want to be seen praying to reassure themselves that their God is the real God.

 It's pure insanity, and one of these nuts stole his way into the White House to rob us blind.

 Subject: Mike Savage is scum

 Try to think of MSNBC’s shift to the right in Naderite terms.  Although I fully support
 the efforts of you and people like you who are trying to provide a liberal alternative to
 Rush, Hannity and the rest, we need to face facts.

 Older, white people watch news programs right now.  These people tilt right, in general.
 If Michael Savage manages to take the most far right audience from Fox, that hurts Fox,
 Hence, my reference to Ralph Nader.  In the long run, we need liberal media to educate.
 In the short run, a bunch of conservative choices hurts them all as they fight over a dwindling audience share.



"Well, those of you who still believe the myth of the liberal media should consider this:
  MSNBC, an obscure cable channel, has fired Donahue, the host of its highest-rated show.
  A memo from inside NBC shows that NBC big wigs feared that the liberal Donahue represented
  in the words of the NBC memo -- quote -- "a difficult public face for NBC at a time of war, while
  our competitors are waving the flag at every opportunity because he seems to delight in guests
  who are anti-war, anti-Bush and skeptical of the administration's motives." So there it is, according
  to NBC. Phil Donahue was fired because he's a liberal. In fact, the only liberal with the solo cable
  talk show. NBC, of course, is a division of the conglomerate GE, where they apparently only
  bring right wing things to life."
    --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 03/05/03

 Anti-war protesters pile dung outside Labour HQ

 Anti-war protesters led by comedian Mark Thomas have heaped fertiliser
 on the steps of the Labour Party headquarters.

 Bemused passers-by looked on as seven sacks of dung were spread near the door
 of the party offices in Old Queen Street, Westminster, in a protest against conflict in Iraq.

 Mr Thomas told a camera crew at the scene: "This is what the people of Britain think of
 the second UN resolution, which despite the Government's claims, does not specifically call for war on Iraq."

 The comedian, who has been involved in a number of protests in the past, left shortly afterwards
 with the rest of the group after police arrived at the scene.

 On top of the heap of dung they left anti-war white ribbons and signs on posts stuck into the pile
 saying: "US/UK 2nd Resolution" and "Blair-Bush 2nd Resolution" over the picture of a cow.

 A blue van carrying the dung and about five protesters made it to the security sensitive
 Westminster HQ without being challenged


 I'm surprised Al Qaeda hasn't attacked London.
 That would probably bring half of Britian into this war
 that Osama and Bush want so badly.  mirrors
 hosted by

 I am double-backing up everything, even after I change a comma, I back it up.

 BartCop Radio is coming - soon

 Wish us luck, and consider joining the team!
 Reminder: Our silent benefactor is still matching all new subscriptions.
 Help make BartCop Radio an April thing, rather than a May-June thing.

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  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

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 "Nazis - I hate 'em."
   -- Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

 Clinton-Dole to "Point-Counterpoint" on 60 Minutes
  For ten weeks, Clinton will whip the old guy like he was his daddy

 Poor Bob Dole.
 On his best day, is no Bow-Tie boy.
 Clinton, on his worst day, is better than Carville, and that's saying a lot.

 But it's great that our best warrior will have a weekly TV presence.
 And to the people who claim this "diminishes" the presidency,
 how can you say that when I'm smarter than the current Bozo in the White House?

 Saturday night at the fights
  Why Roy Jones Jr. vs Lennox Lewis won't happen
      By Hunter S. Thompson

  Click  Here

 Roy Jones Jr. is the real thing, and I take my hat off to him. He is a first-class fighter and a proud champion….
 The bad news is that Jones is so good that nobody within 40 pounds of his fighting weight even deserves to be
 in a boxing ring with him. He is quite literally in a class by himself.

 The only fighter alive today who might have a chance to beat  Jones Jr. is Lennox Lewis.  But let's face it:
 we will not be tuning into a Jones-Lewis heavyweight fight anytime soon, maybe never. That is not the way
 boxing works -- not as long as Don King is around. No sir. That would be too obvious, too logical. It would
 short-circuit the revenue stream, bypass too many other big paydays and too many "sure thing" preview
 matchups on the road to the big kahuna.

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