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Volume 1014 - The obedient press

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 Friday    March 7, 2003 


"A lot of students around the country today protested the war today.
 The National Youth and Student Peace Coalition is sponsoring an anti-war
  organization called "Books Not Bombs”. And today Bush said, 'Why would
  we want to drop books on ‘em? You’d have to hit them right on the head.'”
          -- Leno

 Poll Shows Bush Would Lose to Democrat in Election
  But would crooked voting machines and a bribed court give it to Bush anyway?

  Click  Here

 The poll found that by 48 to 44 percent margin, voters would pick the unknown Democrat
 over the never-elected "incumbent." The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percent.

"This month, we find that a Democrat would edge out Bush," said polling director Maurice Carroll.
"A war and a bad economy are not good for anyone, especially sitting presidents."


"We're going to be asked to give up disposable income for Lent."
     --Tom Kloza, oil analyst, on gas prices shooting past $2.70 a gallon

 Why the Rush to War?

 I fail to see why Bush is in a hurry to go to war. Iraq poses no immediate threat.
 The arms inspectors continue to reduce the number of weapons that Iraq has
 in spite of the fact that no weapons of mass destruction have been found.

 It would seem reasonable to me that if we sent in a lot more inspectors for 6 months
 we could really eliminate the possibility of Iraq having weapons and then - if necessary
 - invade Iraq when they have far fewer weapons than they have today. It would save
 the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people - many of which are our own
 sons and daughters. Unless - of course - this war really is about stealing Iraq's oil.

 Marc Perkel

It's always the women on the front lines.
The men are too afraid to fight back.


"Bush was elected by the people of Florida - a state where
  they think The Dukes of Hazzard was a documentary."
   --comic Dave Fulton


 Please say something nice about Sen Barbara Boxer once in a while.
 She hasn't sold out, Diane has.


 Earl, I don't know much about your senators.
 If someone were to write something about the difference
 those two are doing in their jobs, I'd be happy to print it.

 Bush makes Christians look Bad

 If Bush is an example of what Christians are like - I don't want to have any part of it.
 He prays and talks about faith and God and Jesus while at the same time plotting to
 steal oil by killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

 Bush isn't praying for Iraqi lives - he's preying on them.  And to hear Bush lie to the
 American people and say that he hasn't decided to go to war yet --- well if you believe
 that I have some voting machines in Florida I'd like to sell you.

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

Uncensored and corporate-free for the masses

 How guilty is Robert Blake?

 It's hard to keep up with everything.
 Maybe someone could volunteer to keep us informed?

 He sure seems guilty, but this is the LA police department.

They were so stupid, they took blood from OJ and brought it to the crime scene,
     giving pro-OJ jurors the out they needed to acquit him.
They're so crooked, LA cops helped to assassinate Tupac and/or Biggie Smalls
They're so mean-spirited, they charged Paula Poundstone with doing the nasty
     with an underage girl when there was never any evidence of that.
They're so publicity-hungry, they refused to withdraw drug charges against
     Wynona Ryder even tho they had her doctor's prescription on file for 10 months.
They were such racists/liars, Mark Furhman testified that he never used the word "nigger."
They were so evil, the beat Rodney King for what seemed like forever on that tape.
Read below to see what these crooked cops did in 1968 that radically changed U.S. history.

 So - Blake sure seems guilty, but these are possibly crooked cops.
 And those witnesses?
 The ones who claim Blake tried to hire them?
 They could be telling the truth, or they could be trying to become the next Kato Kaelin
 I mean, Kato's been on Leno, and reality shows, and even some Fox movie, I think.
 LA is FULL of people who'd commit perjury to become a "star" like Kato.

 We need more than the word of a wannabe Kato to convict him, don't we?
 All these people were asked to kill his wife and nobody wore a wire?
 If they thought Blake was serious (if he even said it) why didn't they report it?
 If they knew he was planning to kill her, don't they belong in jail like Terry Nichols?

 What we need is forensics.
 Was the murder weapon found at the scene?
 If not, (just like OJ) how did Blake get rid of the gun?
 Did the crazy cops search the area or not?

 Did they test Blake for gunshot residue? Was it positive?
 All these leaks, and they can't leak something that counts?
 Oh wait, let me guess: They had a new detective in charge that night,
 and he "forgot" to test for GSR or he let the evidence get contaminated?

 Anybody want to be the "point man" on the Blake murder?
 Knowing html and having a page is a plus, but not completely necessary

 You gotta be the type that sticks with it.
 This may not be over for another year.
 You won't need to file daily reports, just when something happens.

us if you're the person we're looking for.


"So a New Zealand woman has offered to be crucified for peace.
  The proviso is Bush has to hammer the nails himself.
  Mary, be careful who you offer yourself to."
    --Rush Limbaugh, (R-Truth Molester)

 Rush is right this time.
 Bush is a blood-thirsty crazy man.
 He just might take this lady up on her offer.

 Bush only pretends to answer questions

  Complete  Transcript

 QUESTION: Mr. President, you have repeatedly said that we have shared with our allies all of the current,
 up-to-date intelligence information that proves the imminence of the threat we face from Saddam Hussein.
 If all of these normal allies have access to the same intelligence information, why are they so reluctant?

 BUSH: We, of course, are consulting with our allies at the United Nations.
 Saddam has had 12 years to disarm.  Saddam is a threat to our nation.
 My job is to protect the American people. So therefore I think the threat is real.

 Did anyone see an answer there?

 QUESTION: In the past several weeks your policy on Iraq has generated opposition from France, Russia,
 China, Germany, Turkey, the Arab League and many other countries, opened a rift at NATO and at the U.N.
 and drawn millions of ordinary citizens around the world into the streets into anti-war protests.
 May I ask what went wrong?

 BUSH: France and Germany express their opinions. We disagree over how to deal with Saddam.
 Having said that, they're still our friends, and we'll deal with them as friends.

 Did anyone see an answer there?

 QUESTION:Can any military operation be considered a success if the United States does
  not capture Saddam, as you once said, "Dead or alive?"

 BUSH: We care about the suffering of the Iraqi people. The life of the Iraqi citizen's going to dramatically improve.

 So far, he hasn't even come close to answering one question.

 QUESTION: Is success contingent upon capturing or killing Saddam Hussein?

 BUSH: We will be changing the regime of Iraq for the good of the Iraqi people.

 Did anyone see an answer there?

 QUESTION: ...there are a lot of people in this country -- who who listen to you say that you have the evidence,
 but who feel they haven't seen it, and who still wonder why blood has to be shed if he hasn't attacked us.

 BUSH: Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. He's used these weapons before.
 I mean, we're not speculating about the nature of the man. We know the nature of the man.

 In my lifetime (I'm old) no president has ever had the press lay down for him like this never-elected thug.

 QUESTION: ...the Security Council faces a vote next week on a resolution authorizing an attack on Iraq.
 Will you call for a vote on that resolution, even if you aren't sure you have the votes?

 BUSH: Yes, we'll call for a vote.

 This was the one question he should've slipped. Now his hands are tied, or, tied as much as Powell's were
 when he promised to release the Al Qaeda evidence the Sunday after 9-11-01, then broke his promise.

 There are two possibilities:

 1. The fix is in and he knows the other big nations will vote with him.
 2. The idiot just showed his cards and we're still raising each other at the poker table.

 This is the fault of the White House-run press.
 They ask him questions, he mumbles the same four lines he's memorized since December
 and the reporters say, "Thank you, Mr President," as tho they got an answer.

 Why didn't somebody ask, "If Saddam is such a monster, why did Cheney repair his oil fields?"
 Why didn't somebody ask, "Mr. President, can you assure us here, tonight, that after Iraq is taken,
 you and your wealthy friends won't make hundreds of millions of dollars from this bloody campaign?"

 When the subject was Clinton's sex life, it was our business.
 With hundreds of thousands of lives bet on future profits for the B.F.E.E., it's none of our business
 and if you think otherwise, you probably need to be tortured by the religio-psychopath called Ashcroft.

We're watching you, Funnyboy.

 I wish America had a free press.

 US man shoots laptop
 Man may face charges after he apparently shot his
 laptop computer in frustration after it kept crashing.

  Click  Here

 George Doughty, 48, from Lafayette, Colorado, walked next door into the bar he owned
 and announced to patrons that he was going to shoot his laptop computer, local papers said.

 Mr Doughty then reportedly warned customers to cover their ears, before shooting the laptop four times.
 He later hung the hapless computer on his bar wall in the style of a hunting trophy, police said.

 'It seemed appropriate,' he told officers after apologizing.

 Thanks to Brian Davis

 I showed this story to my computer.
 I told my computer I have guns in the next room.
 (Legal ones, Brady and all, Mr Ashcroft)

 Bill O’Reilly
 Letting A Sorry Ass Draft Dodger Define Your Patriotism!
  Author Ray Vaughn hammers O'Reilly, as seen on 'The Black World Today'
  Click  Here

 He's a man quick to label any guest appearing on his show, no matter the subject, as a pinhead,
 stupid, uniformed and worse who’s opinion is contrary to him while simultaneously advocating
 that he's an open mind. Anyone who dares question the actions of the President, United States
 foreign policy, or the systematic stripping away of the Constitution by the dictatorial powers in
 the Nation’s capital is anti-American and unpatriotic.

 Bear in mind as you read this commentary, this is the mindset of a Sad Sack who ran away
 from serving in the military.

 Mr. Vaughn uses words more frankly than perhaps  readers are accustomed.


"Back when Hussein was using chemical weapons on his own people
  there wasn't a great deal of outrage from the Reagan-Bush White House.”
   --  Ted Koppel, ABC's Nightline Town Meeting, 03/04/03

 Ted, blame Bush, not Reagan.
 Reagan was the puppet - Bush was in charge.
 Reagan just read the script they gave him, like Smirky McWarhardon

 50 years' jail for video thefts upheld

  Click  Here

 The supreme court has ruled that a 50-year sentence being served by a man who
 shoplifted videos as gifts for his children is not a "cruel and unusual" punishment.

 Because he had committed past similar shoplifting offences, Leandro Andrade was jailed
 in 1995 under the state's three-strikes law, which mandates a minimum 25-year sentence
 for each new offence, making a total of 50 years.

 Andrade, who had a drug habit, had no record of violence and had stolen videos including
 Cinderella and Free Willy for his children. When contacted for a quote, Justice Thomas
 reportedly said, "Niggas belong in cages."

Guilty of being black

 Under the Unelected Chimp, corporate CEOs steal hundreds of millions, (Remember when
 Enron stole $500 million in just one day by raping California?) and they get off with a slap on
 the wrist, if that, but a black man gets 50 years for stealing two videos?

 America has always been a terribly racist country, but under the Illegal Usurper,
 we're going backwards and the racist dogs of the right love it.

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Oprah is #1
Laughing Through the Apocalypse with 'Funny Times'
Mister Rogers & Tony Perkins
Sean Connery pays his taxes
Andy Richter to CBS
Jerry Lewis says 'The Nutty Professor' his best
Yankie Poodle Dandy
Mel Gibson's dad says the Holocaust never happened
Britney Spears & Fred Durst have made peace
Hooters Air takes off
widowed tattoos 'Do Not Resuscitate' on her chest



"President Bush answered reporters questions last night."
   -- Wolf the Whore, lying his ass off for the B.F.E.E.

 Michael Savage says rape victims deserve it

  Click  Here

 Savage, leaning into the microphone, decides to blame the victim, who said she had
 been drinking with her male classmates and  playing strip poker when the incident occurred.

 "If a girl gets drunk and plays strip poker with high-testosterone guys, what does she expect
  is going to happen," Savage rages, breaking into a mocking falsetto. "My gawd, I was raped."

 In a desperate attempt the edge out Sean Hannity as the "next Limbaugh" Savage
 has taken the position that raped women got what they deserve. I doubt he means it,
 but saying things that outrageous puts him on the map and the Cro-Mags laugh and cheer
 when some uppity liberal c*nt gets what's coming to her - so ratings soar and money pours in.

 Yes, we all live in George Bush's Amerika.

Or an unemployed whore,
desperate for some work?

 "Prophets Without Honor"

 Toe To Toe With The Empire
 American Priests Spend Years in Prison

"Prophets Without Honor", non-fiction, by William Strabala, former reporter
 for The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News; co-author, Mike Palecek.

  Click  Here  for more information


 A lot of people wrote to say yesterday's issue was extra good.
 I think what they really meant is, "Way to not lose a day's work, Bart."

 Morgan Pillsbury vs. Eric Alterman

  Click  Here

  I'm John Fund.
  I beat women - got any?


“The justices on the Supreme Court ought not give a diddlysquat
  what anybody thinks about issues before them. That's irrelevant.
  The only thing that should matter is the law, the Constitution,
  and their interpretation of it.”
    --Rush, the vulgar Pigboy

 But Rush, how will the crooked court know how to decide cases
 unless their appointed boss in the White House guides them?

 NASCAR Hosts Pre-Race Poetry Workshops

  Click  Here

 Las Vegas Motor Speedway's parking lot has been transformed into a flourishing seminar
 where devotees meet to deliberate the essential elements of poetry: meter, story, image,
 symbol, idea, voice, and trope. The names Virgil, Shakespeare and Milton are as
 commonplace as Jarrett, Waltrip and Earnhardt. And alcohol has been replaced
 by sparkling water or herbal tea.

 Big Penis Monologues Hitch

  Click  Here

"I lay awake alone at nights wondering, like many men in my position,
  just how big is Saddam’s Al Samoud 2 exactly?"


"...the good news of having spineless leaders is that they scare easily.
  When the public is outraged and shows it, you'll be amazed how
   quickly these leaders will get in the front of the parade."
    --Arianna Huffington, Pigs at the Trough, the Buzzflash Interview

 Sirhan Sirhan Denied Parole Again

  Click  Here

 Sirhan claims he was hypnotized at the time and that a second gunman
 might have actually killed Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

 On Wednesday, Sirhan's attorney, Lawrence Teeter, repeated his argument
 that Sirhan could not have fired the fatal shot.

"He was not in position and was out of range
 and could not have shot Robert Kennedy," Teeter said.

 Click  Here  to read about the crooked LA cops and their cover-up.
 Click  Here  to read the coroner's statement  "Until more is precisely known…
 the existence of a second gunman remains a possibility.
 Thus, I have never said that Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy."


“I’d win in a landslide if weird people voted.”
   --  Jerry Springer, considering a run against Ohio's Sen. Voinovich (R)

 You just knew Springer would be a Democrat...

 Who is the "Cafferty" guy who reads the CNN morning news with Paula Zahn (R-Whore)?

 It's like having Rush, Michael Savage or Mancow reading the news to us.
 Zahn plays the good cop, mostly reading straight news, then Cafferty comes on and calls liberals
 "a bunch of unpatriotic, lying wimps" and CNN rakes in that all-important ditto-monkey dollar.

 ...yet the GOP claims CNN is biased towards the left?

 Pro-war thugs trying to get Martin Sheen fired from West Wing
  If they fired Donahue (their money maker) they'll fire Sheen, too.

  Click  Here

    We need to stick with our good friend, Martin Sheen

  Click  Here  to send a note of support to the thugs at money-grubbing NBC
  before another American loses his job because of the idiot who stole the White House

Please visit our sponsors


"There's a sardonic two-liner making the rounds in Washington these days:
 'How do we know that Saddam Hussein has biological and chemical weapons?
  We have the receipts.'"
     --Ted Koppel, ABC's Nightline Town Meeting, 03/04/03

 Hey, I wrote that over a month ago.

 White House/American press spin of the day:

 Turkey, not George Bush, is endangering our soldiers by listening to 94 percent of
 Turks who say "No!" to Bush's personal oil war and denying Bush the use of their land.

 Yes, it's Turkey who's sending our boys to die in the desert for Bush's oil friends.
 Not the guy giving the orderrs, it's the country of Turkey that's killing our boys.


“If CBS is expecting fireworks between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole
  during this ten weeks of so-called commentary on 60 Minutes,
  it ain’t gonna happen. The stuff people really want to hear Clinton
  address will not even be allowed to be brought up.”
    --Rush, still obsessed with Clinton's cock - after all these years

  ...but he's not the only one:

 Americans ill-served by own media

  Click  Here

"They package and market this "Showdown" thing like info-burger: Pre-ground, overcooked,
 and then served with a side of processed cheese, just like the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
 No wonder more than two dozen authors, historians, scholars and journalists this week signed
 a group letter to media organizations charging them with overplaying military tactics while
 ignoring significant and relevant issues. Can we say oil, kids? Or ask about how some of the
 weapons of mass destruction got to Iraq in the first place? The media's failure to serve the
 public interest helps explain why, as the Internet audience measurement company Nielsen
 NetRatings revealed last month, Americans are turning more and more to news sites
 outside the country for a more accurate and balanced picture of the world. "

 The America press is owned by the state, like in North Korea and Cuba.
 No wonder people are looking overseas and to the internet for the truth.

 Here is a quote that I think you should include in the section
 where you are asking for financial backing.

"Every man owes a part of his time and money to that business or industry
  in which he is engaged. No man has a mortal right to withhold his support
  to improve conditions withing his sphere."
     -- Theodore Roosevelt

 In my opinion, your efforts on behalf of this country are worthy
 of the financial support President Roosevelt spoke of.

 Dr. Cole

 Dr. Cole, thanks.  Help is on the way.

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  Wish us luck, and consider joining the team!
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  Thanks to Bruce Yurgil

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

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Will kill for oil

 One thing?

 We published early today, 9:30 CST and late, 3 PM CST yesterday
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 I didn't lose any of it.

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