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According to that's what people see 
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Who will be next?

How long before they shut down "traitorous" web sites that 
don't worship King George and his family's global power grab?

Today's page is below - unless Ashcroft disapproves...


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Volume 1017 - Madman

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 Tuesday    March 11, 2003 


"I described Iraq as the axis of evil once. I described them as an enemy until proven otherwise.
  They obviously, you know, desire weapons of mass destruction. I presume that he still views us as an enemy."
     --Dubya, Waco, Texas, Mar. 10, 2003

 He can't really be this stupid - can he?
 Can he really be this stupid?

 US firms set to cash in on reconstruction of Iraq 
  Holy Koresh - who could've foreseen that coming?

  Click  Here

 [Bush] is on the verge of awarding construction contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars
 to rebuild Iraq once Saddam Hussein is deposed.

 Halliburton, one of the companies in the running for the highly profitable deals, was formerly headed by Dick Cheney.
 Halliburton has already been awarded a lucrative contract to resurrect the Iraqi oilfields if there is a war.

 Other companies have strong ties to the US administration, including the construction giant Bechtel,
 the Fluor Corporation, and the Louis Berger Group, which is involved in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.
 Only US companies are on the shortlist of five.

 As I was typing that, James Miklachevski (sp) of whore MSNBC said Iraq's oil would be used
 to pay for these repairs. As guaranteed on this page many times for many months, Bush is going to
 steal that oil and claim he's using those billions to rebuild Iraq, but there will be no accounting.

 It's the biggest theft in history, done right under our noses - and who can stop them?
 That's the ONLY reason we're invading Iraq, to fill the never-full-enough coffers of the B.F.E.E.
 And what do the Senate Democrats say?

 Bart, stop falsely accusing our president!
 He's a good man - he'd never steal anything.
 Why are you so tough on Dubya?

 We're ashamed that you're a Democrat, Bart!


"Did you see Bush's press conference? I don't want to say there's nothing new there, but at one point
  the closed captioning actually said 'blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.' ...The president was so subdued and
  there were so many long pauses, the Washington Post suggested today that he may have been on drugs.
  Apparently we are seeing the side effects of a powerful codeine-based smirk inhibitor."
       --Bill Maher on his HBO show

 The 'Macho President' Ignores Calls for Peace
    by Helen Thomas

  Click  Here

"Bush did meet with the papal emissary in the White House recently, but Bush aides tried to play it down.
 Oval Office news coverage was limited to photographers. That's a sad commentary on the president's
 ability to tolerate other points of view, particularly on the question of war and peace."

'Bush seems on a messianic mission and believes that war will bring great benefits to the Iraqi people
 under the occupation and rule of the United States."


"By attacking Baghdad, Bush wants to fulfill a divine order. In the highly religious United States,
  there has rarely been such a deep connection between national power interests and fundamentalist false piety.
  Christian fanatics are calling for a crusade against Islam."
     --Cover Story, War out of compassion, Der Spiegel

 Bush, Propaganda Minister O'Reilly, The P-Word and the Weiner Nation
   by Al Martin

  Click  Here

 In the latest press conference, Bush looked like a wind-up talking corpse.
 There were reporters there too, all Pro-Bush reporters. And you could tell the questions were rehearsed
 because Ari Fleischer was sitting in the front row. They should have had him off camera. but there he was,
 holding onto a clipboard.   Every time one of the reporters asked a question, Ari would look at the clipboard
 and use his finger to follow what they were saying to make sure they were using the approved question line.


 "...while I read accounts during the election campaign describing George W. Bush as a calm,
  middle-of-the-road conservative and consensus builder, I somehow missed those stories suggesting
  that he would be the most radical right-wing president in American history.  The press kept telling me
  what a great guy W was, so why has Mr. Nice Guy alienated every ally in the world?"
      --Peter Bart, Variety Editor-in-Chief, Are journalists missing in action?

 More Notes From Beyond The Pale

  Click  Here

 Subject: Just an entertainer


 One thing I can't quite figure out: Rush Limbaugh loves to vilify movie, TV, and pop music types who
 speak out against the upcoming war in Iraq. He laughs at them and anyone who takes them seriously saying
 "what do they know about the real world, they are just entertainers."

 Yet Limbaugh himself tells his dittohead listeners they should listen to him:
 He is the truth detector, the Dr. of Democracy, and the only source they will ever need to understand what is
 going on in the world. But when ever anyone critizies him he pleads, "Hey I'm just an entertainer."
 Chris Ray

 He says that because he's a vulgar Pigboy and Truth Molester.

 Let's look at the facts:
He loves Reagan, a bad actor and the stupidest man to ever sit in the Oval Office until January 20, 2001
Tennessee Tuxedo was an actor, but joined the senate and investigated the best president we ever had.
"Goober" or some such character from "Love Boat" was a GOP Representative.
Arnold wants to be the governor of California, but he's an idiot actor, right Rush?
Moses was never sane, but he's been a force in politics for decades, right Rush?
There's more, but I'm running behind.

 Pigboy, as always you're just flat-out lying.
 You don't mind actors getting into politics.
 You just hate it when the actors aren't Nazi activists.

 Hey Pigboy, you know what?
 You're going to be my second-favorite target starting in about 5 weeks.
 If you haven't heard of  yet, you're about to.

 You know what I'm going to do, Rush?
 I'm going to take your clumsy lies and force-feed them right down your throat.

 You know what else?
 It's going to be damn entertaining, too.
 It's going to be heard by dozens, at first, then more - then more - day after day.

 ...and I'm going to enjoy doing this to you.
 I'm going to make you my personal surrender-monkey.

Don't you miss the good old days?


"As a member of Atheists for Regime Change, a small but resilient outfit, I can't say that any of this pious
  euphemism, illogic, and moral cowardice distresses me. It shows yet again that there is a fixed gulf between
  religion and ethics. I hope it's borne in mind by the president, next time he wants to make a speech implying
  that God is on the side of the United States (and its godless Constitution)."
     --Christopher Hitchens, Pious Nonsense,

 What the hell's going of with this crazy bastard Hitchens?
 Is he anti-Smirk now?

 He's like Maureen Dowd - he hates everybody - this time it's Smirky McWarhardon

 The Sucker Punch
     By John Cory

  Click  Here

 Did anyone else get a creepy sort of "pod people" feeling while witnessing those journalists stand and present
 their questions at that White House press conference? Was it scripted and staged? Sure felt like it.

 And that so-called "somber" tone, what was that? The Bushman was so serious and so sedate it was just - weird.
 It has to be obvious that this White House has taken the old trial lawyer adage, "never ask a question that you don't
 already have the answer for" and twisted it into - "never permit a question that isn't on the pre-approved answer list."

 This is a recurring theme: Bush never gets involved in anything that's not fixed up-front.
 That's why he turned down the speech to Britain's Parliament, because they wouldn't guarantee that
 all members would stand and kiss his royal ring on command, so Bush told them all to "F" off.

 He's a pinhead and a chimp.
 He won't play unless they demonstrate that he's going to win before he starts.

 Subject: Bringin Down the House


 The reason Bringing Down the House scored so well last weekend is because Americans
 are so depressed by the war, the economy, and Bush that they are desperate for an escape.

 Why would anyone want to watch Karl Rove's war?

 If someone would make a funny war movie about a bunch of Nazi scum bags
 getting the snot kicked out of them, it would make a billion.


So good, we kept it up another day.


 "Bill Clinton and Bob Dole are doing a series of televised debates on '60 Minutes.'
 The debates will serve to remind Americans of what real leaders sound like when they talk."
    --Tina Fey, Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update"

 A mas fina cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

 Click  Here

Found this is my picture folder - thanks!


"One thing about it Mr. Penn, you will be remembered for a whole lot more than your acting.
  There will be hundreds of thousands of men and women who proudly wear the uniform of the USA
  who will remember you for a long time. They will remember your words, criticizing the country they
  love enough to die for.  I wouldn't be going to any VFW meetings if I were you, Mr. Penn.'"
      --Chickenhawk Charlie Daniels (R-'Be kind to niggers week') who was too busy to wear the uniform himself

 The latest Richard Perle outrage
     by Joe Conason

 Click  Here

 The Bush foreign policy adviser should resign for calling a journalist a "terrorist"
 -- and the Senate should investigate his fishy business deal.

 Lunch with the Chairman
   by Seymore Hersh
 This is why Perle called Hersh a "terrorist" on Wolf Blitzer's show:

  Click  Here

 Khashoggi is still brokering [arms deals]. In January of this year, he arranged a private lunch, in France, to bring together
 Harb Saleh al-Zuhair, a Saudi industrialist whose family fortune includes extensive holdings in construction, electronics,
 and engineering companies throughout the Middle East, and Richard N. Perle, the chairman of the Defense Policy Board,
 who is one of the most outspoken and influential American advocates of war with Iraq.

 Note: During the Reagan Administration, Khashoggi was one of the middlemen between Oliver North, in the White House,
 and the mullahs in Iran in what became known as the Iran-Contra scandal. he is currently a partner in The Carlyle Group,
 part of the B.F.E.E. that is going to make billions from Bush's illegal Oil War.

 ...and anyone who prints the truth about the B.F.E.E. making billions from this war is a terrorist?

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 Difference between Bush and Saddam?

 Is there any real moral difference between Bush and Saddam Husein? Saddam used poison gas against the Kurds,
 but Reagan gave Saddam the poison gas in the first place. Of course - he wasn't supposed to use it against the Kurds
 - he was supposed to use that against the Iranians. You see - it's OK to gas Iranians - but not Kurds. And we Americans
 don't gas anyone - so we give poison gas to people like Saddam because we Americans don't like to get our hands dirty,
 so we get people like Saddam to do our dirty work for us.

 Of course Saddam invaded Kuwait without provocation for the purpose of stealing their oil. And we are about to defy the
 United Nations and invade Iraq without provocation for the purpose of stealing their oil. And now Bush is promoting the
 first use of nuclear weapons against an unarmed country. I'm having a problem trying to understand how to explain to the
 rest of the world that American leaders like Reagan, Bush, and Bush are any better than Iraq's Saddam Husein.

 Marc Perkel

This Perkel fella?   I remember him.
 He ran against me as a Republican in Missouri
I don't like his Al-Qaeda tone.

I need a secret torture choppper to San Francisco.
Pick up one "Marc Perkel" and just execute him.

Marty's E! page
Michael Dare
Vince Vaughn hosting Dave tonight
SAG Award Winners
Ely, NV, finally honors Pat Nixon
Bridget Fonda is engaged to Danny Elfman
Celine Dion's "clean" Vegas show
Tom Arnold likes playing 'the fat white guy'
(Like he has a choice...)
And a flying sheep head



"Tonight we're having a good time. But we're going to kill a lot of people next week.
  Let's not forget about that ... We're making a huge mistake."
    -- Neil Young at last night's Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies

 But Neil, you said Bush was your man!
 You've been a big Bush supporter for years.
 What the hell made you come to your senses?

 You used to be a hero of mine, Neil, but when you went down on Dubya,
 I stopped listenting to your music - that was a sad day for me.

 Now your boy's going on a worldwide killing spree and "We're making a huge mistake?"
 No, Neil - YOU made the big mistake - "we" didn't help Bush one goddamn bit.

 I can't believe the man who wrote "Ohio" stood behind killer Bush and praised him.
 You're an idiot, Neil.

 You should never have betrayed your fans by turning into a Republican warlord.
 Now you seem to be saying you made a hueueueueuge mistake,
 but I haven't heard your apology - why is that, Neil?

 Don't pretend your hands are clean.
 YOU helped elect this murdering monster.
 You have the blood of innocents on your hands, Neil.

 On a less bloody note, catch the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductions Sunday on VH-1.


 Your minions are SO very "moderate" and "compassionate" (ha ha ha ha).
 Why just today I entered the Bartcop chatroom, and one of them called  me
"idiot punk moron" and then bumped me out with "Now go "f" off."

 Dude, you are a idiot punk moron.
 You need to "f" off.

 Remember when I responded to your remark that "no conservative has ever debated me"?

 Not true.
 I've debated dozens of  ditto-monkeys, and I gave each and every one a sore, red-ass
 My "remark" was/is, "Where can I find more conservatives to debate me?"

 You offered me to pick the topic of debate.
 I did.
 I hope you have since removed that remark from your website.

 I think you hope I've removed my boot from your sore, red-ass.
 God's truth be known, I remember you as one of my stalkers, but not the specifics.
 Have you been stalking me long?.

 Otherwise, you will be lying, and you know it.

 ha ha
 I hate it when I'm trapped by a ditto-monkey.
 Artie, ...tell them it's NOT you!

 Not that you can differentiate between lies and truth, or would care to if you could.

 Was that a question?
 If so, a question mark at the end of the sentence would help.

 The topic was YOUR maliciousness,

 ha ha
 I admit, I have maliciousness.
 "Malo" being Latin for "evil,"
 I was a Catholic altar boy before I reached the age of reason.
 I have much "Malo" for power-hungry Nazis.

 Sue me, then suck me.

...and YOUR profanity,

  ha ha
 Stop it!
 They'll accuse me of hiring you to play the fool like FOX News did with Alan Colmes.

 ...and YOUR hatefulness.
 What would you say to defend your pathological hatred?

  ha ha

 Dude, you wanna be famous?
 I could USE a guy like you on my sure-to-be-a-hit BartCop Radio!

 Well, you tried to change the subject.  To George Bush.
 To mean old conservatives. To ANYTHING but YOUR pathological hatred.

 Hold on, I'm going to do a shot of Chinaco Anejo.
 You need every advanatage you can get in this fight..

You had no defense for it, did you Bartcop!  NOTHING!
 Finally, you dropped out, defeated by your own maliciousness.

 ha ha
 I'm such a coward.
 I should pray to the Invisible Cloud Being for more courage.

 Everyone in the Bartcop chatroom talks like you do, Bartcop.
 It's a  veritable hell.

 No, it's a place where the truth is spoken.
 To you, it just seems like hell.

 No wonder nobody there can stand me!

 ha ha
 If that's not proof, what is?

 Please return to calling our President petty names.
 It's what you do best.

 Why don't you go sit on an inflatable donut?
 Your ass will feel a lot better.


 You quoted that punk O'Reilly:

> "Americans, and indeed our foreign allies who actively work against our military
>  once the war is underway, will be considered enemies of the state by me."

 Who the hell does this little fuckwad think he is?
 What's he gonna do, start his own secret police state?

 "Will be considered enemies of the state by me"?
 ...and I should give a flyin "F" what this loud mouth asswipe thinks?

 Hey Bill, come and get me.
 Ray G

 Ray, I'm with you on the "Blow me, O'Reilly," but you asked, "Who does O'Reilly think he is?"

 He's the top-rated Nazi gasbag on the top-rated news network.


"No Iraqi ever stole my 401k.'
   -- John Stone, pissed at the Failure in Thief

 BartCop Radio

 We're buying broadcasting equipment.

 I have my Lil' Radio Dude's microphone, but I don't have anything to plug it into yet.
 I got headphones and an FX box, but nothing to plug them into..

 That will come - soon.

 In a few days we'll get more parts to build  BartCop Radio  a piece at a time.

 We're working on it right this second.
 Wish us luck, and consider joining the team!

 Reminder: Our silent benefactor is still matching all new subscriptions.
 Help make BartCop Radio an April thing, rather than a May-June thing.

 Is  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $25 a month?


 You say you can't afford to subscribe?
 What happens if Bush wins  steals another four years?
 Can you afford that?

 They own the TV networks.
 They own the major newspapers.
 They own the weekly news magazines.
 They own talk radio.

 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to support BartCop Radio big-time

 If we don't fact, we're just soldiers in Happy Crack's Insanity Brigade.


"It was reported that two of bin Laden's sons were apprehended in Afghanistan,
  but Bush is not gloating, he knows how embarrassing it is when your kids get arrested."
   --Bill Maher, HBO

 Bush has media walking a fine line
  Get this - this was in USA Today - a monstrously pro-Bush newspaper

  Click  Here

"...Bush called a rare prime-time news conference, which networks and cable outlets covered. There, Bush made two unprecedented
 moves that could signal the way he and his administration plan to handle some say intimidate the media during wartime. First,
 rather than filing in as usual, reporters were summoned into the East Room in pairs, "as if we were in grammar school and were being
 called on the line for something," CBS' Bill Plante says. Then, after opening remarks, Bush called on reporters from a predetermined
 list assembled by White House press secretary Ari Fleischer."

 Reporters can't ask Bush any unscripted questions becauyse he has no brain.
 Bush is more stupid than even Ronald Reagan, who got many answers right at his press conferences.
 Bush can't say anything besides, "Saddam must disarm" and "This is all Clinton's fault."

 You know why?
 Because he's a monkey.


 Now I'm having FTP problems.

 I can't wait to hit the big time so I can afford a tech.

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