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Volume 1026 - No port in this storm

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 Fri-Sat  March 21-22, 2003 


"I want President Bush to get a good look at this, really good look here.
 This is the only son I had, only son. (holding a picture of his son) When asked
 what he would tell President Bush if he got the chance, he replied: 'This was
 not your son or daughter. That chair he sat in at Thanksgiving will be empty forever."
     -- Michael Waters-Bey, father of Kendall Waters-Bey, an soldier killed

 What did he mean?

 Tens of Thousands March in Manhattan
  "Bush is a lunatic" heard again and again

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"...tens of thousands of fellow anti-war demonstrators -- many chanting "Peace now!" marched
 down Broadway on a warm spring day, voicing their opposition to the war in Iraq even as
 explosions were heard in Baghdad. Police and United for Peace and Justice, the organizers
 of the march, estimated the crowd at betweem 100,000 and 200,000.

 Sad Quotes

"There are still a large number of people in the country who are opposed
  to this, they realize they cannot stop it, but they look to members of the
  Democratic Party to be their port in a storm, their place to manifest their
  dissatisfaction. What happens to them at the moment?"
      --Peter Jennings to Joe Biden

"If they're looking to Joe Biden or any Democrats to be a port in a storm about
  arguing whether or not we should be at war now, they've got the wrong port.
  President Bush is the Commander-in-Chief. Once the war has begun it is his
  responsibility, his job, and I am confident in the ability of our Commander-in-Chief,
  as well as our military officers, to wage this war in, quote, 'the proper way.'"
    -- Joe Biden, on his knees before Dubya

 Hey Joe, why don't you switch to the Republican Party?

 When Clinton led America into war (with no casualties) the GOP refused to back him,
 saying "We support the troops but not this president."

 Now that the situation is reversed, the Democrats are elbowing each other out of
 the way to see which senator can give the Never-elected monster Monica best.

 Bush is so lucky to have Democratic eunuchs "opposing" him.
 I'm so old, I remember when America had two political parties.

"We love our Dubya!"

 The Republicans keep saying that if you're anti-war, you're anti-America.

 But if that's true, doesn't that mean war *is* America?

 Is that what we want for our once-great country?

 America is war?


“You don't like the sound of truth coming from my mouth."
    -- lyrics from Truth 2, the next single from the Dixie Chicks

 ha ha

 They damn sure don't.

 I'm a man, not a monkey!
 Not like everyone says!

 Subject: Question

 Is bartcop radio going to be on the internet?
 Can I can listen to on the way to work?
 I don't think you've ever said.

 Just miserable here in Florida.

 KM, I'd be surprised if you could get BCR in your car right away,
 but big companies are pouring billions into broadcasting wireless internet.
 I read a thing that they are creating 10,000 "pockets" where anyone with
 a new computer will have access in their cars.  So that's coming soon.

 The prom (cue scary music)
   by Christian Livemore

  Click  Here

 But since the girls will always get their way for reasons which we will
 not go into here, that means the limo will be white. Now. Since every
 girl will want a white limo (and studies have shown that fifty percent
 of teens who attend proms are girls), the white limo will be a highly
 valued commodity. That of course means you will pay twice as much.
 (For price estimates, go to the U.S. State Department Web site and
 match your price to the current U.S. offer for the right to place
 Iraq-bound U.S. troops in Turkey.)

 Now, I Am the Terrorist
    by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

"On September 11th, I sat in numb horror as the images of carnage unfolded before me
 on the television.  On that day, I was the victim of terrorism, along with every other American.
 Today, I sit in numbed horror as more carnage unfolds.  Hundreds of massive missiles have
 rained down on a city far away, killing indiscriminately among the young, the infirm, the old
 and the innocent.  My government did this.  My nation did this.  My leaders did this.
 Today, I am the terrorist.  So are you. There is no justification for this attack."

 Have you heard?

  is coming...

 After the last major world catastrophe (between 1939 and 1945)
 it is often asked why no-one saw the danger coming and particularly
 why did no-one point-out Hitler for what he was worth.

 Click  Here



 As if enraging every nation on earth wasn't enough,
 now look what Smirky McWhordom has wrought.

 Where is Ann Slanders supposed to get her free fries now??


 Molly Ivins has gotta be reading

 Operation Bidness as Usual

  Click  Here

"The Bush administration's audacious plan to rebuild Iraq envisions a sweeping
 overhaul of Iraqi society within a year of war's end, but leaves much of the work
 to private U.S. companies," reports the Journal.

 Why didn't we think of that? Just hire the companies that are in the sweeping
 societal overhaul business, and we'll be out of there in a year.

 You notice they did not put the contract up for open bidding. Competitive bidding
 requirements were side-stepped under special rules applying to "emergency needs."
 According to a spokeswoman, "[they wanted] firms with a proven track record."

 ha ha

 That would include B.F.E.E. loyalists like Halliburton and The Carlyle Group.
 They're stealing hundreds of billions at a time, but we can't investigate these crimes
 because they have nothing to do with Clinton's zipper, so stop being so anti-American!!

 Attack Injures 13 U.S. Troops in Kuwait

  Click  Here

 A grenade and small-arms attack injured 10 American soldiers at a camp in Kuwait
 early Sunday, U.S. military officials said. Six of the troops were seriously hurt.

"From our reports it appears that a terrorist penetrated Camp Pennsylvania, one or more
 terrorists threw two hand grenades into a tent."

 I don't know much about military strategery, but I think I can guarantee that if
 I was in charge of a certain area where soldiers had pitched tents, nobody could
 get close enough to heave two grenades into those tents.

 I mean, how can you be a fighting force and not have any defense? We have six seriously
 wounded soldiers because some jagoffs got close enough to throw grenades inside them?

 We have night vision, we have satellites, we have heat-vision
 and Hadji can still walk up to our tents and toss a grenade inside?

 If Bart was in charge, we'd have mean and bad GIs with baby Glocks
 constantly patrolling the perimeter ready to shoot intruders - but noooooooooooo.
 I guess today's army has other plans that don't involve defense.

 What's wrong with them?
 How is this even possible?

 Oh, Jesus - now they're saying it was a US soldier who did it.


"Neoconservative hatemongers are stirring up the Francophobic bigotry that lies
  just beneath the surface of the American mind. Not content with hurling the charge
  of anti-Semitism against anyone who wins an argument with Bill Kristol (the line
  would extend around the world) or happens to have something (a foundation,
  a magazine, a job) they want, neoconservatives who have never fired a pellet gun
  or put on a pair of boxing gloves are deriding the French for cowardice and calling
  for boycotts against French wine. The assembled patriots and heroes of the House
  of Representatives, not wanting to be outdone, have even renamed the French fries
  and French toast served in their sumptuous, tax-subsidized restaurant. I hope they
  also rename French doughnuts, which used to be known as German doughnuts,
  before an earlier set of chauvinist cretins changed the name. What a country."
   --Thomas Fleming, America's Flailing Francophobes,

 CNN is saying "It's not necessary that we capture or kill Saddam."

 Hey, since we're being condemned by the whole world, it would be nice if our
 Resident Moron didn't "pull another Osama" and say "Saddam doesn't interest me at all"
 after hearing what a Hitler Saddam was for 12 years.

 But I suppose the networks and the public (the Democrats always cave,
 so there's no use in asking about them) will let President Pinhead off again,
 another job half done, another mission left unfinished. long as he gets that oil, he doesn't mind "Hitler" getting away like Osama.

 Subject: bartcop radio


 How is this going to work?
  I know you need to subscribe but what hours is it going to be on?
 Am I going to need any special software to get it etc etc etc?

 I'm a west coaster and luckily still have a job,
 so if it's during my work hours that will suck.


 AV, no sucking here.
 My best guess is that we'll do the live show late in the day, maybe 3 PM CST.
 It will be archived so anyone can hear it anywhere at anytime.

 As far as software, whatever you'll need will be free.
 Besides the regular show, I assume we'll be doing "specials" such as broadcasting
 during speeches by the Governor, or big-time breaking stories, etc.

 Lou Dobbs just said it again, that getting Saddam is "irrelevant."

 Hey, I'm very much agaibst this R\Bush-gets-ruch war, but we're paying
 $8B a month to do this, so why don't we finish the job while we're there?

 Are we setting this up so President Jeb can invade in 2008?

 Mind Control at Stanford Research Institute

 Whoops, I'd better not run that story, or people will say since I printed it,
 I must be a proponent of mind control ...and we can't have any of that.



"It’s a Bush family trait to turn everything into a grudge match. Anybody who
  crosses Bush gets the treatment. During last fall’s congressional races, GOP
  operatives likened Tom Daschle to Saddam because he stood in the way of
  passing Bush’s legislation. Daschle is again in the crossfire for criticizing Bush’s
  failure to resolve the impasse over Iraq with diplomacy.  The White House slapped
  down Daschle and implied he was unpatriotic. “France has a better chance of
  getting back in Bush’s good graces,” said one official."
    --Eleanor Clift

 We Are the Germany of 1939

 Jimmy Breslin writes, "I wonder if anybody watching this Shock and Awe bombing Friday
 noted that Iraq didn't have a plane. There is no joy to kill the bull unless he fights. You can't
 call this a war. The television people, and the politicians in Washington, said this was an
 extraordinary exhibition of bombing that never has been seen before. They used the right
 word, exhibition. It's an exhibition war, not a real war. You'll take it right now, if it keeps
 these young men of ours alive. Take it and gag on it, for this is a total character collapse
 of a country that was supposed to be so far above this loathsome act. You become the
 thing you hate. And Friday, we did. We became the Germany of 1939."


 Jim in Rochester, MI

 I heard some Michael Savage last night in the car, returning from Radio Shack
 where I got another $200 worth of patch cords, connectors, headphones, speakers,
 extension cords, wires etc etc etc.  That, along with the new computer I'm having to buy
 caused VISA to call the house and ask if I was actually putting all this stuff on my card
 or was it stolen and "disadvantaged youths" were on some damn shopping spree.

 Anyway, Rush is in trouble, because Michael Savage will take his crown away.
 (The crown for being the biggest asshole on the radio.)
 Savage said San Francisco police arrested and released 1400 war protestors,
 then he staked his reputation on the "fact" that they were all "Al Qaeda sleeper cells."

 Swear to Koresh, I heard it myself.

 He kept screaming that the "shock and puke communists were Al Qaeda," and it was
 Mayor Willie Brown's fault for ordering the release of these Al Qaeda terrorists so they
 could continue ruining America for the rich, white men who listen to his show.

 Rush might have to retire, because the crazy shirt Savage speaks is much nuttier
 than the crazy shit Rush spews every day.  BartCop Radio is getting closer and closer,
 and it may be coming at just the right time. Soon, instead of Rush being "mainstream,"
 Michael Savage may become the mainstream. Remember, this is the handjob who
 wants to arrest protestors and charge them with treason.

is coming soon.

 Isn't it exciting?

 Wish us luck, and consider joining the team!
 It's going to have to be a joint venture if it's going to work.
 Reminder: Our silent benefactor is still matching all new subscriptions.
 Help make BartCop Radio an April thing, rather than a May-June thing.

 Is  worth $5 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

 Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $25 a month?


 You say you can't afford to subscribe?
 What happens if Bush wins  steals another four years?
 Can you afford that?

 They own the TV networks.
 They own the major newspapers.
 They own the weekly news magazines.
 They own talk radio.

 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to support BartCop Radio big-time

 If we don't fight back, we're just soldiers in Smirky McWarhardon's Insanity Brigade.

Marty's Saturday E! page
Sitcom reruns are getting better ratings than the war
Michael Moore got the Freedom of Speech Award
The estate of Jimi Hendrix won a British court battle
Viewers are favoring Faux's war coverage over CNN's
Canned Heat to play on Diego Garcia
Cris Judd got custody of the dog
Tiger Woods' girlfriend had food poisoning
And a Thai resort wants no American tourists


 Chelsea Clinton: You gotta love her

  Click  Here

"Chelsea ...studied her tail off, got into Stanford, scored straight A's, signed up for Oxford,
 and now, landed a six-figure job in New York City. Oh, sweet justice.  I envision the Bush girls
 graduating from college and becoming bartenders at Coyote Ugly. They remind me of the girls
 who sail through adolescence with smooth skin and well-behaved hair, the ones elected to
 homecoming court. When they were staying after school for pompom practice, the
 Chelseas of the world were staying after for Latin Club. I love it that it paid off."


"The Dixie Chicks angered country music fans when Natalie Maines said,
 'Just so you know, we're ashamed the president of the United States is
  from Texas.'    If you'd like to hear more of what Natalie Maines has to say,
  check out the new government wiretap on all of her phones."
     --Tina Fey, Saturday Night Live

 Karl's going to ruin that bitch

 Tamara Baker's Pop Quiz
  as seen on

  Click  Here

 1) Iraqis were among the 9/11 hijackers and masterminds.

 FALSE. Most of the hijackers and masterminds were Saudi Arabian
 members of Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda hates secular Iraq and Saddam
 almost as much as they hate America.

 We have a new mail box

 This is for radio bits, sound bites, parody songs -etc.
 We need pretty much everything - if it's short and funny - send it.

  Sex crimes, Bush as a boxer and something for Elvis fans

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Does Gary Trudeau read


Bring this Trudeau fellow to my secret Halliburton torture chamber.
And bring his wife, too. I always wondered what Jane Pauley
would look like strapped into one of my torture chairs.


 "Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity."
    --Frank Leahy

 What does that mean?

 Subject: The show

 Is there anyone in their right mind who can sit in front of their TV
 and watch Baghdad burn and not think of the lost of innocent lives?

 And our leaders end every message with a comment about God blessing America.


 BartCop - all he has is a webcasting studio, a smart mouth and the truth.

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