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Volume 1027 - Oscar 2003

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 Sun-Mon  March 23-24, 2003 


"They are two different situations."
    - Ari the lying bastard, when Helen Thomas (American Hero) badgered him
      about why Bush is insisting Iraq adhere to the Geneva Convention after
      Bush refuses to adhere to it with the Taliban held in Gitmo.

"When we torture, it's OK!

 Iraq Shows Dead and Captured U.S. Soldiers

  Click  Here

 Iraqi television showed film on Sunday of at least four bodies,
 said to be U.S. soldiers, and five prisoners who said they were American.

 Two of the prisoners, including a woman, appeared to be wounded.
 One was lying on the floor on a rug.

 I really, really hope I'm wrong, but I doubt we'll get them back.
 If there's one thing Bush does effectively, it's kill people, so when Bush
 announces that he's going to kill Saddam, what motive would Saddam
 have to act part human with the POWs?

 Bush's cowboy act will probably cost those prisoners their lives.

 Information is sketchy, but how did we lose those people in the first place?
 I heard their convoy was ambushed, but how do you sneak up on an army
 in the flat desert when that army has satellites, night vision, heat vision etc etc?

 Our marines are engaged in fierce fire fights in the cities leading to Baghdad.
 Maybe Rummy's bragging about the mass surrenders wasn't the right position to take publicly.

 ...and funny, so far, no WMD have been used.

 Saddam's WMD a no-show so far

  Click  Here

 If Saddam has no WMD, does anyone doubt the CIA will plant them?
 And just to make the story better, will they expose our men to WMD?


"Across the street from the peace demonstrators, three employees from nearby
 Advantage Business Solutions (<- link) used their lunch break to spread their own message.
 Their sign, scrawled on a cushioned business envelope, said ''Protestor equals terrorist.''

''We are sick of it,'' said Scott Tidwell of Franklin. ''They are standing here hollering
 at us about First Amendment rights. Who do they think is protecting those rights?''
     --Kelli Samantha Hewett, who apparently was arrested,

"But protesting is bad!"

 The Republicans keep saying that if you're anti-war, you're anti-America.
 But if that's true, doesn't that mean war *is* America?

 Is that what we want for our once-great country?
 America is war?


   I am almost speechless with rage over our fellow citizens stupidity.
 About this idea that anti-war prostesters are un-American and their demand
 that we "support the troops".  What in the name of  God could they be thinking
 to ask the question?  Do they think we detest the men and women who have
 enlisted with the best of intentions to help their country and make this a better world?
 Do they think we hate the country we grew up in?

  I cannot speak for the  others who engage in anti-war demonstrations, but here
 is why I do it.  I love this country with an absolute passion. I treasure the ideals
 that we have based our politcal life upon. I believe that democracy is best  preserved
 by its faithful use. I feel that to demand my government live up to it's highest ideals is
 my duty as a free citizen. If we are to live in a society that claims to love freedom,
 as Dubya loves to say, then we must use that freedom to hold our elected leaders to
 their promises and to the standards of deomcratic government that define that freedom.

 To fall lockstep behind an unelected frat boy is not  patriotism, it is an invitation to
 dictatorship. As a citizen of the greatest country on earth I claim my rights and exercize
 my responsibilities of that citizenship by refusing to follow an unelected leader straight to hell.



“If we are going to boycott the French is it OK to finally deport Jerry Lewis?
  The next step for the Repuglies is to align themselves with Multiple Sclerosis."
    -- John Stone

 I'm not a monkey! I'm a man!

 Subject: Be Careful

 In a discussion at the NY Radio Message Board, the question was asked whether the Al- Jazeera network
 is in violation of the Geneva Convention by showing our soldiers captured and killed by Iraqi troops. It is
 unclear whether they are in violation since they are showing video from Iraqi TV. Apparently Drudge does
 not feel that this is a violation since he has still pictures from the video posted on his website.

 Since Drudge is the favorite of our right wing friends, I doubt he will suffer any repercussions from printing
 these pictures but I am advising you not to print these pictures. Bush would come after you and "redirect"
 your readers if you print these images. U.S. networks have declined to air the footage but Drudge feels
 it is OK to show greusome pictures of our troops being tortured. I'm sure if asked, our friends on the right
 will support Drudge rather than ask for him to be jailed, as I would. Of course, even if someone would call
 for Drudge's head, the right would support him. I'm also sure that if accused, Drudge would pull a "Limba"
 and blame it on an underling.

 I do not want to see those pictures on


 Don't worry - you won't.

 'Ex-presidents club' gets fat on conflict
   Carlyle Group cashes in when the tanks roll

  Click  Here

 'I do not exaggerate when I say that Carlyle is taking over the world in government
 contract work, particularly defence work,' one employee told Briody. Other Carlyle
 companies also benefited, including EC&G which makes X-ray scanners, Composite
 Structures, a maker of metal-bond structures in fighter jets and missiles, and Lier
 Siegler Services Inc, a major military contractor, providing logistics support.

 Carlyle - whose high-profile investors include George Soros and Saudi Arabia's Prince
 Alwaleed bin Talal - refutes suggestions it profits from war. Co-founder William Conway
 even went on record saying 'no one wants to be a beneficiary of 11 September.'

 Jesus, did he really say that?
 Bush Junior has exploited 9-11 to the nth degree, using it to force legislation he wants,
 empose secrecy like the country has never seen and crush dissent under the guise of
 being anti-American, and let's not even get into the rape of the Bill of Rights.

 Bush has been the ultimate beneficiary of 9-11, and he used the 50 approval points
 he "earned" by letting 9-11 happen to enrich his crime family and his top contributors.

 Subject: Letter to Bill Maher

 Dear Bill,

 Your last show sucked!!!
 I loved the first two and the third one wasn't bad but please loose the timidity.
 You sound like Joe Liberman out there.  If you can't be against the war and be
 funny read Bartcop or something, or get a cahones infusion.
 Do what you have to do.  But don't become fucking repub lite!

 Also why don't you ask Helen Thomas to come on?  Give her a frickin' fruit basket.


 Nancy, right on the money.
 Bill's last show sucked real bad. Tim Robbins was the only bright spot.

 But the worst part is that Paul Thompkins guy.  When he does his pitiful stand-up,
 Bill's the only one who laughs.  The guy's just not funny, and I hate to pick on his physical
 appearance because I'm no Clooney either, but when he speaks you can only see two
 of his upper teeth and they look like vampire fangs. Hey Dude, if you're doing TV,
 have some dental work done because that's very distracting.

 Lastly, in four weeks, Bill has become a Bush apologist.
 He says now that we're at war, he's behind Bush, something like that.

 That's a damn dangerous precedent, also echoed by Daschle and Howard Dean.
 Al three have said once troops are in the field, we get behind the president.

When Clinton had troops in the field, they fucking impeached him.
If a brainless warmonger like Bush knows all he's got to do to get Democratic support
    is to place our men in harm's way, they'll stay in harm's way forever. Why bother being
    against an unjust war if you're just going to flip-flop when the troops land?

 Man Wins $39 Million on Las Vegas Slots
  That's what makes Vegas Vegas, ...well, ...that and the top-shelf hookers

  Click  Here

 A 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles came up big at the Excalibur Casino.
 He said he'd put in about $100 when he turned his head away for an instant. When he
 looked back, the winning symbols had lined up and he was $39,713,982.25 richer.

 If he's a Democrat, he'll think he won the lottery.
 If he's a Republican, he'll whine the rest of his life that he had to pay taxes on it.

  Click  Here

  He's back - R.B Ham

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 Bush on the psychiatrist's couch

  Click  Here

 This is Freud's notorious Oedipus complex recast in the guise of Realpolitik. If you want
 the Great Mother and her cookie of world domination, you've got to be ready to kill for it.
 The real tragedy of this particular Oedipal drama is that it is being enacted not in the discreet
 context of Bush's own family but on the international stage, in the theater of real war and real
 bloodshed, and it's making the one superpower behave, for all the world to see, like a disturbed
 adolescent who is angry because he can't get his way--precisely at a time when what the world
 needs from us is real leadership, not the posturing behavior of some neighborhood bully who
 needs to prove to all the other kids that he's the toughest kid on the block.

 From: Sophie_C

 Subject: bartcop in new zealand

 Hello Bartcop people,

 I hope you will be able to view this picture.

 This is me (Sophie) and my friend, Bianca, protesting with about 3 or 4
 hundred other people in Dunedin, New Zealand on February 15th.

 Sophie, thanks for that.

 Have you heard?

  is coming...

 Sometimes I make mistakes.
 On March 12, I printed the following:

> Quotes

>"I love this country, I love the debate. Every time I see it, I think it's what this country's about.
>  But whatever side of the issue you're on, when it gets to be 'go time,' and it's obviously pretty close
>  to 'go time,' I think you gotta support those amazing men and women who are over there about to
>  execute whatever we do, and I think the best way you can do that is to get behind the most visible
>  embodiment of them, and that's the Commander-in-Chief."
>    -- Bradley Whitford, “Josh Lyman” on The West Wing

> Brad, isn't that what the Germans said in WWII?
> One can't be more behind the boys than I, but I can't support a genocidal maniac
> just because he stole the title and wants to impress his Daddy with a big body count..

 Then Christian sent me this:

 From: Bradley Whitford

 Subject: I didn't say it!

 Hey, Christian,

 I just found  after a friend told me that there was a quote
 from me supporting the Bush Administration's disastrous policy in Iraq.

 I never said it.  I am horrified that this quote has been attributed to me.
 Please remove it from your site immediately and print a retraction.

 I would appreciate it if you would run the following quote on my behalf:

"To announce there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are
   to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile,
   but is morally treasonable to the American public."
     -Theodore Roosevelt

 Bradley Whitford

 I double checked my quote source and discovered that the quote was actually
 attributed to a former West Wing cast member, not Bradley Whitford.
 This was my mistake and I'm sorry it happened.
 I also think Brad handled this like a gentleman.

 Again, my mistake, he did not say it.

 Music and marching against war in Tokyo
  Exclusive report sent thru Nick Barlow, senior  foreign correspondent

  Click  Here

 When we arrived at the embassy the two people that had bullhorns graciously amplified us
 to lead the chant of "Senso Hantai", among others.  The other group on the other side of the
 street were led by approximately seven monks wearing bright orange robes and hitting single
 head drums with wooden mallets.  At around nine o'clock one of the organizers said,
"Thank-you very much for your hard work.  We will be here Saturday and Sunday night as well."


 I have a big favor to ask, my Mom is now Southern California's ERA coordinators
 and she is trying to get the word out on the hypocrites in DC. If you could put this up
 on your site, I would be beyond greatful.

 Morgan Pillsbury

 Note: According to police, Ms Pillsbury was a victim of John Fund's physical violence.

 Hi, I'm John Fund
 I beat women - got any?

 Ann Coulter and the ERA

  Click  Here

 Anne Coulter wears skirts so short you can see her brains.  Or you could if she had any.
 She is blond by choice, razor thin and dresses like a two bit whore.
 She has a mouth like a toilet and a mind to match.

 ha ha

 Yeah, ...I think I can make room for that.
 Thanks, and tell your Mom, "Bart says hey."

 Let's talk Oscars
  With audio clips?
  The first cries of BartCop Radio?

  Click  Here

 But one thing, Michael Moore's comments were heard by a billion people.
 And, once Moore said what he said, the pressure seemed to be off.
 Nobody else needed to say anything, but then came a moment of true class.

 Subject: Geneva Convention

 Let me get this straight:  Don Rumsfeld says it's a violation of the Geneva Conventions
 for Iraq to show POW's on TV.  Yet it's OK for CNN to show interviews with Iraqi prisoners
 and almost endless loops of handcuffed Iraqis being led away to an "undisclosed location?"

 So:  who's the pot and whom the kettle, and what's the color?

 B-T-W, didn't Georgie want to unilaterally withdraw from the Geneva Accords some while back,
 along with all those other treaties he said were useless?  Do the Geneva Conventions still apply
 to us, or did George make it open season on American POWs?

 Robin W

 Robin, Bush is the biggest bungler in presidential history.
 Even if he didn't formally withdraw from the Geneva Accords, when he declared the captured
 Taliban were NOT prisoners of war, he gave Saddam the option to say the same damn thing.

 ...and remember, he brought those men to Cuba so they could be tortured.
 So how can he demand that Saddam treat our men any better?
 Rush and FOX News say that's OK because military personnel are volunteers.

 Bush has openly declared his intention to kill Saddam, so I doubt Saddam
 is in the mood to do the right thing just before Bush kills him.

I screwed up real bad.

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Note: darkerviolet is not the designer of this page.
They do much better work than what you see here :)


"Support for this war is in part a reflection that the media has allowed
  the Bush administration to get away with misleading the American people."
      --Eric Alterman,

 C.I.A. Aides Feel Pressure in Preparing Iraqi Reports

  Click  Here

 Analysts at the agency said they had felt pressured to make their intelligence reports on Iraq
 conform to Bush administration policies. C.I.A. analysts have faced pressure in writing
 intelligence reports to emphasize links between Saddam Hussein's government and Al Qaeda.

 Several analysts have told colleagues they have become so frustrated that they have considered
 leaving the agency, according to government officials who have talked with the analysts.

 Hey, if you're not willing to lie and fabricate evidence to make the B.F.E.E. richer you need to
 get your ass out of government service and find another way to put food on your family.

 Do you support the war?
    by RF

  Click  Here

 I isn't easy for most to comprehend that Bush is evil, and must go, alwilst the troops need to
 prevail with nary a physical scar...  Complex topics not easily understood on the surface inch.

 Subject: The cost of war


 Four hundred trillion?
 We have Stanford out here - you remember, Chelsea Clinton University -
 and they did a study on what the war has cost us thus far.

 How does 1.1 trillion sound?  So far!

 Jim H.

 Hey, that's not too much to spend to make the fake president a hero.

 Shock & Yawn
     by mike@subversivetalk

  Click Here

 Still waiting for Shock & Awe to begin. The smell of fresh-nuked popcorn permeates
 the house and whets my appetite for action.   I grab a beer.   It's early, but this is war
 you know.  The waiting is killing me.   If this Shock & Awe turns out to be a dud like
 New Year's Eve 1999 then I'm going to give up on spectacle altogether.

 Shocking Arrogance
   by Jeff Crook

  Click  Here

 Iraqi soldiers pretending to surrender then attacking? This isn't meant to fool
 the Americans, it is meant to make it impossible for any Iraqi's to surrender.
 Now, American soldiers won't honor a flag of truce. Iraqi soldiers dressing
 in civilian clothes? This isn't meant to fool the Americans, it is meant to make
 all Iraqi civilians a target, thus forcing them to defend themselves from us.
 Now no Iraqi, not a surrendering soldier and not an innocent civilian is safe.


"The threshold for what America does militarily has got to be higher than
  anyone else's. America has always set the moral tone in foreign policy.
  And if we attack a nation unilaterally that's not a threat to us, it means
  that someone will try the same thing, somewhere down the line, and
  justify it by our actions."
    --Howard Dean,

 Democracy for Iraq

 Bush promises to liberate Iraq and bring democracy to the Iraqi people
 - perhaps even a constitution. I just hope that if Iraq does form a
 constitution that they don't include and Electoral College.

 Marc Perkel

 Marc, good point.
 Will Bush install a real democracy?
 Or will he install one of those "loser takes all" democracies that we have in America?

is coming soon.

 Isn't it exciting?

 Wish us luck, and consider joining the team!
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 They own the TV networks.
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 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

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Marty's E! page
VCR Alert!
Paul Shaffer is hosting Letterman & Wanda Sykes is on Leno
Oscars stuff, and a bonus page
Text of Michael Moore's speech & link to video
The Travel Channel has the 'World of Poker Tour'
And links to some of Marc Perkel's pics & videos of San Francisco.


 GOP plan trims vets' benefits to fund Bush tax cuts

  Click  Here

 With hundreds of thousands of American troops poised for combat in Iraq, veterans groups
 are criticizing a budget plan expected on the House floor this week that would slash Veterans
 Affairs money by $15 billion in the next decade to make room for Bush's proposed tax cuts.

 We should be outraged by this, but if the military loves this AWOL bastard so much that
 they don't mind him slashing their benefits to help the super rich get richer, should we care?

 Invariably, some nut will write and say, "Bart, why do you hate the military?" after reading
 a sentence like that, so let me clarify for those who can't understand the typed word:
 I wouldn't mind if my taxes were raised to help the veterans, so that's not my point.

 But it's like women and abortion - if they don't want to control their reproductive choices,
 why should I fight a battle if they don't care enough to fight?  If the vets love Bush and
 his big-ass chainsaw coming after their benefits, should we care?

"Cutting already underfunded veterans' programs to offset the costs of tax cuts is indefensible
 and callous," said Edward R. Heath, national commander of the Disabled American Veterans.
"It is unconscionable to cut benefits and services for disabled veterans at a time when we
 have thousands of our service members in harm's way."

 Hey Ed, don't tell us - tell the veterans who voted TWICE for Bush in late November and
 early December of 2000. The military cheated to get the president they wanted into office.
 Why complain now that your wishes have come true?


"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one:
 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it."
            --Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

 Who looks ridiculous?

 We have a new mail box

 This is for radio bits, sound bites, parody songs -etc.
 We need pretty much everything - if it's short and funny - send it.

 Subject: Shirley Manson


 Alright.  I can tell you right now that you need to change your name.
 Your obsession with Shirl is too reminiscent of another historical obsession.
 You need to change your name to Judge Roy Bean.
 The "Hangin' Judge's" obsession with Lilly Langtree occurred in the late 1800's.

 But, good cheer, I'm told that Bean did get the chance to actually visit with Miss Langtree.
 She heard of his obsession, and she came to visit his one-horse town.

 Jim H.

 Jim, don't say that.
 Lilly came to Bean's town after he died.

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 "The Republican budget allows U.S. troops to go into a war today
   and then slashes their veterans benefits by billions when they
   return tomorrow because their budget needs those billions from
   veterans to fund a $90,000 tax cut per millionaire."
             --Steve J. Israel, D-N.Y.,

 Screw the military.
 We need those tax cuts.

 BartCop - all he has is a webcasting studio, a smart mouth and the truth.

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