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Volume 1028 - He didn't say it

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 Tuesday  March 25, 2003 

  My good friend Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman on West Wing) is on our side.

  He does not support the disasterous policies of the Unelected Usurper,
  and he was horrified to learn that I inadvertantly linked him to the Illegal Warmonger.  regrets the error.

"When we torture, it's OK!

 20 US Dead or missing in one day
  Bush's illegal oil war is destroying America

  Click  Here

 General Franks spoke a day after our ground forces suffered their worst casualties
 so far - at least 20 American soldiers were missing or killed and 50 or more were
 wounded - battling determined forces on two fronts in what an American commander
 said were ``the sharpest engagements of the war.''

 Bush Prepares Public for a Harder War

  Click  Here

"It is evident that it's going to take a while to achieve our objective," the President said while
 on another vacation at Camp David. "I can assure the American people we're making good
 progress, and I can also assure them that this is just the beginning of a tough fight."

 Anybody old enough to remember Vietnam?  Every night, the news anchors would tell us,
"Today, Westmoreland says 50 gazillion Cong were killed, and we only lost 72 men,"
 so the viewer would think we were winning.

 We know Bush and his gang of thugs are lying about the war.
 How many coffins will it take before some Democrat stands up?
 100?     200?     1000?      3000?

 Should we start breaking ground on the Iraqi War Memorial in DC?
 Who wants to see a young widow and her little kids crying at the Iraqi memorial?

     Subject: But Bart...

     Don't you know they WILL find weapons of mass destruction?
     Just like they "found" those tubes WERE going to be used to make for nuclear weapons of mass destruction....
     Just like they "found" that all important report that was copied from some college kid...
     Just like they "found" forged documents...
     Just like they "found" only republican votes to forge in Pensacola....
     Just like they said Bush DIDN'T apologize to the Chinese.
     Just like they "found" out that they DIDN'T need a 9/11 investigation...
     Just like they haven't "found" the anthrax terrorist or Eric Rudolph?
      (Isn't he up for the next Bush appointment of something?)
     Well, we could go ON and ON like this, couldn't we.
     But, I guess we'd better forget this Freedom of Speech stuff and "Shut Up," like Uncle Tom DeLay says,
     and go back to sleep and let the "adults" run the country. Better make sure we only have republican
     approved nightmares; or we'll be labeled terrorists and disappeared or Wellstoned.
     Ken C

 I'm not a monkey! I'm a man!

 Subject: Tiger woods

 I noticed you have a loathing for Tiger Woods.  I wonder why.

 I don't like him, not one little bit. I don't think golfers like him, either.
 To suggest I should like him because he's black is silly.

 Could it be that he is wealthy, and your side hates wealthy creation.
 No, that is not it, Bill Clinton is wealthy now.

 The only wealthy people I dislike are Republican whiners.
 They have $300 million in the bank then whine because the military needs funding.

 After a little more thought, I figured it out.  He did not use affirmative action to succeed,
 so he is not a "real black man"  Are your precious programs becoming isolete?

 Scott G
 Bush 04

 Actually it's the opposite. Since Woods is a pretty good golfer, doors open for him.
 If it wasn't for his considerable talents, he'd be "just another nigger" to conservatives.
 We'll know Affirnative Action is obsolete when the GOP elects a black person.

 U.S. Steps Up Secret Surveillance
  Ashcroft Increases Use of Wiretaps, Records Searches

  Click  Here

 Since 9-11, the Justice Department and FBI have dramatically increased the use
 of two little-known powers that allow authorities to tap telephones, seize bank and
 telephone records and obtain other information in counterterrorism investigations
 with no immediate court oversight, according to officials and newly disclosed documents.

 Is this news? We lost the Bill of Rights long ago - what does this matter? If President Monkey
 can arrest, detain and execute anyone he wants for no reason at all, it really doesn't matter
 if they're reading mail and tapping your phones, does it?

 How to interpret terror warnings
  You gotta see this

  Click  Here

 The Jewish Vote

 Let's face it, the American people don't have much of a beef with the Iraqi people.
 Israel, on the other hand is the arch enemy of Iraq. Bush, always looking anxiously,
 toward the 04 presidential election, is trying to win favor with the Jewish-American
 voter by invading Iraq. It is indeed a sad day when political gain would drive a leader
 to start a war, where thousands of innocent lives will be lost.

 Greg Whitman

 The Lords of Vengeance
   by  William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 We have become, with a sudden jolt, a divided nation in this time of war.  Demands that
  Americans leave aside protests, accusations and anger in order to support our military work in
 Iraq have gone unheeded by great segments of the population.  Millions of people have poured
 into the streets of virtually every city in the country to demand that the bombing be stopped, and
 that the troops be brought safely home.  Those protests have been met by equally enraged
 citizens who see these protests as an aid to terrorists and an act of treason.  Americans scream
 obscenities at Americans across lines created by armored police.

 This will only get worse, as both groups are hardened in their opinions and beliefs.

 Subject: Moore's cojones

 Bart, I can just hear resident snippy asking Unca Dick, "What's fictitious mean?"


 A man can't know all the words...

 Subject: Operation Iraqi Liberation

 Does anyone not think that Operation Iraqi Liberation was not the hawk's
 FIRST choice for naming what ultimately became Operation Iraqi Freedom?!
 Apparently, the acronym did not make it past the Post Political Editing department...

 Have you heard?

  is coming...

 War from 30,000 feet
  Bush stampedes America into conflict

  Click  Here

 President Bush is using fear as a weapon, not to build courage among Americans but
 to stampede them into endorsing a case for a war that has been built literally on a grab bag
 of possibilities, contingencies, ifs and maybes, of things that haven't happened but could
 happen, of bad guys who might hit us if we don't hit them first.

 This is a created crisis.

 Do you think this was written by some wild-ass blogger?
 No, it was written by R.C. Longworth,  a Chicago Tribune senior correspondent

 I know a lot of people don't like comparisons of our current crisis with 1930's Germany
 but if you read this article, it will amaze you how history seems to be repeating itself.

 The Ultimate Proof of Bush Regime's Course

  Click  Here

 With his number two man - a master at manipulating the media - he began a campaign to convince
 the people of the nation that a small, limited war was necessary. Another nation was harboring many
 of the suspicious Middle Eastern people, and even though its connection with the terrorist who had
 set afire the nation's most important building was tenuous at best, it held resources their nation badly
 needed if they were to have room to live and maintain their prosperity. He called a press conference
 and publicly delivered an ultimatum to the leader of the other nation, provoking an international uproar.
 He claimed the right to strike preemptively in self-defense, and nations across Europe - at first -
 denounced him for it, pointing out that it was a doctrine only claimed in the past by nations seeking
 worldwide empire, like Caesar's Rome or Alexander's Greece.

 Instructions on How to Surrender 

  Click  Here

 A "Safe Conduct" leaflet, distributed deep inside opposition territory,
 describes two choices in no uncertain terms: Fight and die, or surrender and live.

Only a whore could love this war.

 Control of the Oil

 Is this a war to liberate Iraq and eliminate weapons of mass destruction, or is this war
 merely a mugging to steal a nations oil? Bush has insisted that this war is about liberation,
 not occupation. Bush vowed on March 17 to "work closely with the international community"
 after Saddam falls. He also said he would "quickly seek new Security Council resolutions to
 encourage broad participation in ... helping the Iraqi people to build a free Iraq."

 Under international law it is the United Nations not the United States that has jurisdiction over
 post war Iraq. But if this is a war to steal oil then Bush will want to keep control of the oil in
 spite of the law. I believe that the real test of what this war is about will be determined by who
 gets the oil. If we see control of the oil going to Bush’s corporate buddies then we will know
 that the anti-war protestors were right.

 Marc Perkel

I have 10W-30 in my veins.

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 Subject: So you support our troops huh?


 Is this (picture above) what you mean by "supporting" our troops, jackass?

 No, and that's a really stupid question.
 That's not me holding that sign.
 What could make you assume I support those idiots?

 You just pulled a Limbaugh - making leaps that could get you in the Olympics.
 Limbaugh ridiculed the troops when Clinton was president.
 I support them no matter who is president.

 BTW, since you like to call some people chickenhawks,
 may I ask what branch of service YOU served in?

 The army seemed to think two broken femurs was a good enough excuse.
 (I broke them intentionally because I hate America)

 Why do you support a rich snot who went AWOL?
 Logic dictates you'd hate a deserter more than a draft-dodger,
 but I'll bet you'd harm Clinton if you had the chance, right?.
 Do you have any room for logic in your argument?

 And if you support the troops as you say you do what exactly is it
 that you and your barties do to support them? I gather it isn't much
 of anything except to pay lip service. Am I right?

 I want fewer names on the Iraqi War Memorial.
 ...and you disagree with me on that?

 More to come...

 Fine, do your homework next time.
 Accuse me of what I've said, not some idiot who wants to prevent
 murder by encouraging soldiers to murder their commanding officers.

 Tarapia Tapioco
 One pissed off war veteran who is tired of liberals trying to have it both ways.

 It's my opinion that rage is clouding your thinking.
 Tell me, how many dead American soldiers are you willing to tolerate?
 I want those men to come home - you want them in battle in Iraq?

 Do you believe Bush when he says Iraq caused 9-11?

 PS. Usually when someone writes a letter like this, I put up a monkey sign and ridicule them.
        Because you claim to be a vet, and emotions are running high, I'm giving you some slack.


"If the Iraqis harm our POWs, we will hunt them down
  and make them pay the ultimate price."
   -- John McCain on Larry King

 Senator, that's an extremely stupid lie. Your hero, the man who accused you of
 selling out your fellow Vietnam POWs, has already sentenced them to death.
 How can you warn them not to harm our men with a straight face?
 How do you expect to scare people who will be dead very, very soon?

 Your hero's stupidity and arrogance has probably already cost those men their lives.
 If you were a real patriot, John McCain, you'd stand up to the insane Usurper and
 get America back on the right track. Your silence is helping to kill those POWs.

 Subject:  Dixie Chicks
 I'm afraid I have no use for the Dixie Chicks at this point. As soon as the heat was applied,
 they backed off and talked about the need to "respect" that unelected drunk. It seems to me
 she made the statement just to curry favor with the London crowd and didn't realize it would
 get back to her "fans" in the US.


 David, it wouldn't hurt to re-read their statement.
 They said it was important to respect the title of the presidency.
 I thought that was skillfully worded.
 To me, the statement read, "No matter how crazy the idiot gets,
 it's important to respect the office of the President."


"It's got to be torture for these people."
   -- CNN's Judy Woodruff (R-Airhead) using the wrong word
       to describe the anguish of the families of the POWs

  Big-time shock alert!!
 Iraq rebuilding contracts awarded 
  Halliburton, Stevedoring get government contracts

  Click  Here

 Halliburton was awarded a contract to put out oil fires
 and make emergency repairs to Iraq's oil infrastructure.

 Cheney divested himself of all interest in Halliburton after the 2000 election.
 Halliburton wouldn't disclose the monetary value of the contract.

 1. Who could've predicted this?
 2. Funny how bidding on contracts is verbotten with the B.F.E.E.
 3. I hate being lied to - Cheney didn't divest shit.  Halliburton is still sending him money.
 4. Halliburton didn't disclose the monetary value because it'll be
     untold hundreds of billions and it's none of our f-ing business.

 I'm fed up with your smart mouth, Funnyboy.
 You need to be taught a lesson in obeying the B.F.E.E.!

is coming soon.

 Isn't it exciting?

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 You say you can't afford to subscribe?
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 Can you afford that?

 They own the TV networks, the papers, the news magazines and talk radio.

 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

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 If we don't fight back, we're on Bush's team.

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Cosby hosts Dave & Chris Rock is on Leno 
Lawsuit from 'Will & Grace' settled
Michael Dare!
Wonder Woman had a makeover
Harry Potter's mom had a boy
Flipper in the Navy
Nick Nolte drawn to 'criminal' characters
And, a naked man


 A cry for help

 Dear Friend.

 I am Mrs. Roseline Coleman wife to the late Chife Paul Coleman from Sierra Leon.
 I am writing you in absolute confidence primarily to seek your assistance to transfer
 our cash of twenty-five Million Dollars ($25,000.000.00) now in the custody of a
 private Security trust firm in Europe the money is in trunk boxes deposited and
 declared as Precious stones by my late Husband as a matter of fact the company
 does not know the content as money, although my husband made them to understand
 that the boxes belongs to his foreign partner.

 Mrs. Roseline Coleman

 Dear Mrs. Coleman,
 Your cheating bastard of a husband borrowed five Million Dollars ($5,000,000)
 from me to buy hookers and cocaine in Las Vegas.

 Please refund my money so I don't have to sue your late husband's estate.

 Bartus Baristrus

 The US media: propagandists for a criminal war

  Click  Here

 In Los Angeles, thousands joined an unauthorized march on Saturday down Sunset Blvd.
 to CNN’s headquarters to denounce the cable news network’s coverage.

 For outraged citizens to descend on CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC—not to mention that citadel
 of backwardness and reaction, Fox News—would be entirely understandable.  It is difficult to
 overestimate the criminal role played by the mass media in the current war of aggression.


"It's important for the American people to realize that this war has just begun."
     -- The extra stupid president

 Thanks for the advice, dim son.
 Those of us who oppose it are well aware.

 Tony C

 I'm extra stupid!

 Our audio mail box

 This is for radio bits, sound bites, parody songs -etc.
 We need pretty much everything - if it's short and funny - send it.

 True story
  ...assuming we can trust the networks

 I heard this out of the corner of my ear, but a grandmother in Texas was
 surfing the Spanish cable channels looking for cartoons for her granddaughter
 to watch because Mommy is in Iraq fighting for B.F.E.E. oil when she saw her
 daughter's picture on a Telemundo news program saying she was a POW.

 That's some sad shit, finding out that way.
 What the hell's wrong with those Telemundo bastards?

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 Screw the military.
 We need tax cuts.

 Subject: Peace Protestors

 You posted an e-mail from a reader named "Pat" who asked, "Do they think we detest the men
 and women who have enlisted with the best of intentions to help their country and make this a
 better world?  Do they think we hate the country we grew up in?".  Before Saturday, I wasn't
 sure about the answer.  I was willing to give you and other peaceniks the benefit of the doubt.
 I then read on your site today that you believe we military folks voted twice in Florida,
 presumably en masse,  to help elect Bush.  I have finally seen the light.
 I didn't say every military person cheated, I'm saying some did.
 It's my understanding military personnel get two ballots each.
 I don't know if that's for the wife, or if they get one at home and one at work,
 but in November 2000 it was reported (by our whore media) that many military
 personnel voted twice.   I'm supposed to accept that?   I'm supposed to like that?
 Plus, military ballots were coming in even during December.  Don't you remember
 the Republicans screaming "Al Gore doesn't want military votes to count!"
 because the votes kept coming and kept coming after the polls were closed for weeks.

 I am a Recruit Division Commander at the Navy's Recruit Training Command in Illinois.
 My recruits went out on "liberty" Saturday in Chicago, and encountered peace demonstrators.
 One of my recruits was cursed and spat on.  He didn't do anything in response.  He walked away.
 I am proud of my recruit's restraint and conduct.  I AM sorry that this lousy piece of excrement
 will get away with what he did.
 If that's a true story, that's a shame.
 If I was in uniform and spit on, I'd kick that son of a bitch's ass.
 Where did you Navy guys learn to accept physical abuse from punk-ass losers?

 Let me explain something to you people.  You don't have the right to disrespect those of us who
 serve in the military.  You don't have the right to spit on us.  We defend your right to protest,
 whether we agree with it or not.  We, the United States Armed Forces, would never wish to
 trample the rights of those to speak out.  Yet, you would dishonor and degrade us by spitting on us.
 You constantly whine about living in a police state and having freedoms taken away, yet you are
 still able to hold your little demonstrations.  Is there something wrong with this picture?
 Yes, are part of the trouble is you don't know what you're talking about.  I am a military hawk.
 When China shot our spy plane out of the sky, I wanted blood, but your Weak and Stupid
 Commander in Chief got down on his knees and apologized for our plane flying in international waters
 I didn't spit on you - why can't you figure that out?   Is there some part of basic training where
 they teach you that if someone spits on you, get on the Internet and ask BartCop why he did that?

 ...and like the previous "military man" in this issue, I'm cutting you some slack.

 So, do I think you detest the military?  Yes, I do.

 I refuse to hold your ignorance against you.  Unlike 99.99 percent of America, I have seven years
 of history posted for everyone to read. I have always been pro-military, but when you guys fuck up
 and worship an AWOL monkey, I'm compelled to call you on it.  I take shit every week from doves
 who quote John Lennon to me, but we have no business attacking Iraq to make Bush more wealthy.

 Do you hate your country?  Most definitely.
 You are undeserving of the freedoms you take for granted by living here.
 You're not making sense.
 If I said you hate your country, would that make it true?

 By the way, if our actions in Iraq are so detestable, why are citizens welcoming our troops as liberators. 

 Tuesday's (today) USA Today says military commanders are surprised that they are not receiving
 more support from the people we are "liberating." Take it up with them, not me.

 If Clinton were taking this same action (and he wanted to), would you be screaming and ranting
 the same things?  Would it still be about oil?

 Chief Petty Officer
 United States Navy

 Clinton's family doesn't run a billion-dollar weapons and oil conglomerate. Clinton never said he'd
 go house-to-house chasing Saddam at the cost of dozens, hundreds or thousands of men like you.

 Of course this is about oil.
 Why aren't we going after North Korea? ..because they don't have any oil.

 You need to re-think your position. Bush 41's daddy  had to pay a fine in WWII for helping Hitler.
 You can pretend that's not true, but the son of a bitch paid the fine, so let's not argue about it.
 Bush 41 armed Saddam, Osama and Islamic Jihad - remember the 241 Marines we lost in Lebanon?
 Bush gave those murdering motherfuckers Stinger missles and swore under oath that he didn't.
 How can you ignore the facts?

 Bush 43 went AWOL to snort coke and screw Mexican hookers and you forgive him for that?
 You're not thinking clearly if you support this never-elected fraud.

 BartCop - all he has is a webcasting studio, a smart mouth and the truth.

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