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Volume 1032 - Bloody and costly

An Editor's Station Pick at

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 Weekend,   March 29-30 


"We were very surprised. We were told when we were going through Nassiriya that we would see
  little to no resistance.We were more prepared for what happened in the Gulf War when they turned
  over and surrendered most of the time... They weren't rolling over like we thought they would."
      -- wounded Marine Joshua Menard, news conference at Landstuhl, Germany

 "You were misled by Bill Clinton.
   Yeah, ...that's the ticket."

 Report: Rumsfeld Rejected Pentagon Advice on Iraq

  Click  Here  for the perma-link.
                       Anti-B.F.E.E. stories have a tendency to disappear right away.

Rumsfeld repeatedly rejected advice from Pentagon planners that substantially more troops and armor would be needed
Rumsfeld insisted at least six times that ground troops be sharply reduced and got his way.
"He thought he knew better. He was the decision-maker at every turn,"
This is the mess Rummy put himself in..."
Rumsfeld overruled Gen. Tommy Franks to delay the invasion
"[Our troops on the ground] have no resources.
...the war was now a stalemate.
Much of the supply of Tomahawk cruise missiles has been expended,
aircraft carriers were going to run out of precision guided bombs
serious maintenance problems with tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment,
they planned to bring in another 100,000 U.S. soldiers by the end of April.

 What a mess - have you ever seen cocksure bunglers screw up so incredibly bad?

 Politically, we have to compare this to Mogadishu, the GOPs favorite subject of all time
Clinton never wanted to be in Somalia - that was Bush 41's screw up
Clinton didn't try to micromanage Somalia,
Clinton didn't reject the advice of all his top generals
It's only been 12 days, and we've lost 61 men - either dead, missing or POWs that probably aren't coming back

 And they want to send another 100,000 men so Rummy can gamble some more?

 All this, because the Unelected Fraud has a physical lust for Iraq's oil.

 Today is March 30th, and we have 61 (trust me) dead.
 How many dead will we have thirty days from now?

 ...and if you're not sickened yet, check this, from an unnamed former senior Pentagon official:

"The only hope is that they can hold out until reinforcements arrive."

 We should recall the troops, apologize to the world and remind them we didn't elect these blood-thirsty thugs.

 I don't want to watch hundreds (please, not thousands) of our bravest men die live on CNN.

 We need to stop this war.

 Iraq Vows More Suicide Attacks on Troops

  Click  Here

 A suicide bomber in a taxi killed four American soldiers in an attack Saturday.
 The bomber was identified as an Iraqi army officer and more suicide attacks are coming.
 The bomber struck at a U.S. checkpoint on the highway north of the city of Najaf.
 A taxi stopped close to the checkpoint, and the driver waved for help.
 The soldiers approached the car, and it exploded.

 The illegal president wants to occupy this country?
 For how many years?
 They say it happened in Najaf, but it sure seems like Lebanon to me.

 Oh, how I wish we had an elected president that wasn't owned by greedy oil barons.

 U.S. Orders 4-6 Day Pause in Iraq Advance, say Officers
  Senior military officials deny it, and they'd never lie, right?

  Click  Here

 Field officers said "operational pause," ordered on Friday, meant that northward advances would be
 put on hold while the military tried to sort out logistics problems caused by long supply lines from Kuwait.
 Food rations have been cut sharply for at least some frontline U.S. units and fuel use has been limited.

 Oh, this war is going just perfect.
 They were so confident, they rushed towards Baghdad without extra supplies?

 I know less about war strategy than anybodt besides the Corrupt Commander,
 but why couldn't we invade with an inverted "V," instead of a "spear?"
 A spear is looooooooong and skinny, and apparently all our technology can't locate
 the Iraqis in SUVs that are ambushing us like the Idians did to trains 150 years ago.

 Isn't anybody thinking?
 Can't we pretend the lives of our soldiers mean something?

 Maybe we should just pull out of Iraq and hold an election for a real president.
 Or, we could keep on sending young men to their deaths so Shithead can avenge his Daddy.

 Upbeat Tone Ended With War
 The B.F.E.E. can't tell the truth when they smell oil

  Click  Here

 In the months preceding the war, Bush was largely silent on the subject of the conflict's cost, duration and dangers,
 while key administration officials and advisers presented upbeat forecasts. Cheney, for example, predicted Saddam's
 troops would "step aside" and that the conflict would be "weeks rather than months," a phrase repeated by other top officials.
 Others in advisory roles in the administration predicted Iraqi soldiers would "throw in the towel" and Hussein would collapse
 like "a house of cards" -- phrases senior administration officials often echoed in private.

 But now that our soldiers are dying in droves, Bush and Rummy are blaming their good puppy press.
 Yeah, it's the press's fault for qwuoting you thieving warmongers because you thought this would be easy.
 All they did was print what Mr Rove ordered them to print, and now the BFEE wants to jump into the Wabac
 Machine and pretend they never said this was going to be a "house of cards" war.

 Remember the stories about the Pentagon generals didn't want this war, and how Rummy would constantly
 override their recommendations?  Rummy is micro-managing this apparently endless massacre, but he wants
 to blame Frankie and the press for his inability to get the job done.

 What happened to "shock and awe?"

 It looks like we're the ones in shock at the causualties this "cakewalk" is costing us.
 I think it may be time to saw "awe fuck it" and bring those tropps home.

 If I was president, I'd go after Al Qaeda, not some fabricated, oil-rich pretend-enemy that
 my Vice President and Secretary of Defense have been propping up for the last twenty years.

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"I don't have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. Everybody's out of work,
  or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel's worth, banks are going bust, shopkeepers
  keep a gun under the counter, punks are running wild in the street and there's nobody anywhere
  who seems to know what to do, and there's no end to it."
     --Howard Beale in "Network"

 Have I mentioned lately what a whore Wolf Blitzer is?

 Friday I was half-watching some war coverage, when Wolf the Bastard broke in
 to someone else's interview to say, in the most breathless tones you could imagine,
 that he had a "deeply disturbing bit of news that had to be aired right away."

 And I'm thinking, "Oh, Christ - Saddam just gassed a thousand of our troops,"
 or "Jesus, Saddam just blew up Haifa and Israel is nuke-arming their jet fighters."

 But no, it was just Wolf being the disgusting whore that he is again.

 The "deeply disturbing news" that Wolf was bracing us for was some report from
 unnamed White House offiicials that some unnamed low-level Iraqi suspects had been arrested
 in two unnamed countries for suspected and unnamed crimes they weren't about to commit.

 There wasn't any news there.
 It was just Wolf playing messenger boy for Mr Rove.
 The White House was scrambling to get that generals "we didn't war-game for this" comments
 of the talk radio topics, so Karl Rove fabricated this non-story for Wolf to breathlessly unveil.

 Wolf, thy name is WHORE.

 They jerked Connie Chung off the air for her repeated "Murder by Mercedes" crappola,
 so how in the world do you keep your job, Mr. Whore?  Wolf, you're the worst CNN has,
 and that's saying a lot considering Paula Zahn and Candy 'The Butterqueen' Crowley work there.

Toon from Kalia Art Gallery



"At the peace march this weekend, we carried signs that said, "Shock and Awe, and Shame."
 We pray for innocent lives and young Americans. Some of us pray for impeachment, and for
 a real leader to emerge, and not to lose our minds in the meantime...I am going to pray for
 George Bush's heart to change, so that he begins to want to be a part of the human family."
       --Anne Lamott, Good Friday world

"I'm not an animal.
  I'm not a monkey."
  I'm a ....Condi, ...what am I?"

 Two More U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghan Ambush
 The bad news keeps coming when a moron runs a war

  Click  Here

 Two U.S. Special Forces were killed and one wounded when their patrol was ambushed
 near Khandahar, the U.S. military said in a statement. It did not identify the victims.

 Four people on two motorcycles ambushed the U.S. vehicles and escaped, Khan said,
 identifying the assailants as Taliban fighters.

 Wait - so that makes this Clinton's fault - right?
 ...because he "decimated" the military, we can't handle the Afghans and the Iraqis, right?

 That's what we'll hear on the Sunday talks shows, how all this is Clinton's fault. And Bush's good
 puppy press will echo that for the seventy percent who think Saddam was the mastermind behind 9-11.



"Here is the good news: We still have elections. True, Mr. Bush’s people are trying to cancel
  presidential primaries in several states. It is the kind of work that fuels our paranoia. But there
  will be an election in November of 2004 or there will be hell and blood to pay. And those of us
  who care for the direction of the American dream have one job now to do, and that is to begin
  working toward that election day in November of next year."
         -- Dorris Haddock, aka Granny D, "Lifting the torch",

  Full  Article

 What if America Loses this War?

 Everyone expects America to win this war saying it's just a matter of when.
 But America might lose this war. We assume that because we have superior
 fire power that we will win but that is not always the case. The Iraqis are more
 motivated than we are. They are defending their homeland, their lives, the lives
 of their families, and their culture against an invading force. American troops
 are there because they are ordered their knowing they do not have international
 support and are fighting for big oil and tax cuts for the rich. Many of our own
 troops have doubts that our cause is just.

 Americans like to launch missiles but don't do nearly as well on the ground or
 fighting hand to hand against a motivated enemy. Although it's unlikely that Iraq
 will defeat us, if we fail to defeat them it is about the same. So I would ask
 - what happens if we lose this war? What do we do then?

 Marc Perkel


Only a whore could love this war.


“Of course not — we have no military.”
   --Helgi Agustsson, Iceland’s ambassador, when asked
      if his country would be supplying troops

"...but I still count them as a coalition partner."

 Subject: Democratic Party leaders embrace Bush’s war of aggression


 What gives?
 Should I vote Dem in 2004?

 I'm going to...
 Cause if I don't, it's a vote for BFEE to continue the mad takeover of Earth

 I don't think so.  This, once again, confirms that the
 Dems are the party of cowards not worth supporting.

 Why would you want to repeat your mistake of 2000?
 What has Bush done to earn your vote?

 Rather than BC Radio, how about a viable third party organization?

 ha ha
 I've already bought most of the equippment and left my job.
 It's a little late to change the plan.

 Or would you rather continue to torture yourself.
 This is disgusting.

 Neil in VT

 Dude, helping Bush with an anti-Democrat vote is extra-disgusting.
 Wouldn't you rather vote against never-ending world wars and the never-ending world recession?



 Subject: you're a JACKASS!!!!!!

 Just visited you're website for the first time bart,
 and just wanted you to know that you are indeed a jackass!

 It's nice to meet you, too, Jason Echols.

 The poster of the soldier saying "I only signed up for the college money is truly a disgrace to
 the men and women who have volunteered to serve our country and fight for our freedoms
 so that you can voice your jackass opinions on the radio and internet!

 Sure, but many of them signed up just for the college money.
 That was the purpose behind the poster.
 You tree climbers have no sense of humor.

 Keep up the good work of making liberals look like a bunch of shitheads!
 By the way, if rush is such an idiot, and he is so out of touch,
 why does his audience rate so much higher than yours?

 Jason Echols

 Oh, that's easy.
 Rush's daddy was rich - owned a radio station. To get that little whiner out of the house,
 he placed him behind the microphone and Rusty became a DJ when he was only 16,
 which means he's been doing this for 38 years and I haven't gotten on the air yet.
 Plus, his crowd is a lot easier to fool than the educated liberals.
 He tells them all kinds of lies, yet they still believe him over the facts.
 Do you know that some people take Rush seriously?


"As George Bush's poodle, Tony Blair is perfectly capable of having his own pups.
  But yesterday he went to Camp David to buy another one. Our Prime Minister had
  the humiliation of being slapped down by the Americans, who clearly plan to run Iraq
  as the 51st state of the USA. He claimed he would win Washington's support for a
  United Nations mandate to rule in Baghdad when his dirty war is over. He did no
  such thing. It was deeply embarrassing for Brits to see our PM openly snubbed
  by Ten Gallon Hat at their joint press conference."
     --Paul Routledge,  Dubya in a Slapdown to our PM, 03/28/03

"...wait, I have a poodle?
 It's it a French poodle or a Freedom Poodle?"

 Be sure to check out

We're coming... country at a time.
 Think you can stop us?

 Ditto-Monkeys Get Sarandon Cancelled

 Wow, look what Rush Limbaugh's ditto-monkeys accomplished. By writing some nasty letters to
 the Tampa United Way charity, they got Susan Sarandon canceled as the key note speaker for an
 upcoming fund raiser in April. Why did Rush urge his listeners to write letters to complain about Sarandon?

 Well, because Susan Sarandon had the audacity to flash the peace sign the other night at the Oscars.
 I remember a time when it was a good thing to be for peace.
 Those days are gone, and the ditto-monkeys are now running the asylum.

 Greg W

 Conflict sapping forces' morale

  Click  Here

 They are frustrated that their political masters gave the American public the impression
 that it would be easier than it's turned out to be. But, also that they should have given them
 more expectation about Iraqi resistance like this.

 One thing that's certainly had an effect is the news that the Pentagon is deploying another 120,000 troops.
  It made Marines here realise that it could be quite a long conflict.

Wrong, that oil belongs to the B.F.E.E..
Why do you think we're dying for it?

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Marty's Sunday E! page
A double shot of TBH Politioons
Hunter S. Thompson is engaged
Muhammad Ali writing a book with his daughter
Vince Vaughn got a bloody nose
'Urban Cowboy' closed after 4 Broadway performances
French bashing feelings in New Orleans



"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should
  always be attended by a bodyguard of lies."
    --  Winston Churchill

"What does that mean?
  Somebody call Churchill and

  ask him what that means."

 In the weekend edition of USA Today, TV critic Robert Bianco says of the new FOX show, The Pitts,

"The Piits are the Munsters in reverse. Where the Munsters were a freakish family living an
 ordinary existence, The Piits are an ordinary family beset by freakish occurences. Everywhere
 they go, something strange, disasterous and unbelievable happens to them, ...sort of like Kimberly in24."

 ha ha

"I can't hear you!!!"

 The Best Unregulated Families
   by Margie Burns

  Click  Here

 In spring 1999, Marvin Pierce Bush, youngest brother of George W. Bush, was a nominee for the boards of directors
 of two companies, both with a significant interest in security at the World Trade Center. One was HCC Insurance,
 formerly Houston Casualty Company, a giant holding company and major insurance carrier for the center.
 The other was a security company named Stratesec, one of the center's numerous security contractors.

 Bush, however, did not list his directorship at Stratesec on the proxy statement for HCC, and did not list his
 connections with HCC on the proxy statement for Stratesec.

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  Number one, don't list deductions that will raise a red flag.
  Number two, make sure you file on time.
  Number three, don't make an anti-war speech at the Academy Awards."
      -- Leno

"I hold a grudge like Ann Coulter holds a pickle."

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