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Volume 1036 - Like Aversion

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 Thursday, April 3 


"We were thinking these Americans want us to be safe."
   --Bakhat Hassan, who lost 11 family members (his 2 daughters, his son, his parents,
      two older brothers, their wives and two nieces) when his van was fired on by US troops

"We are here to liberate your oil fields.
  Stay out of my way and you might make it."

 Lynch Fought Captors Tooth n Nail 
  Wildcat went down in a hail of bullets

  Click  Here

 Spirited and hungry, rescued prisoner of war Pfc. Jessica Lynch arrived
 in Germany for treatment of two broken legs and bullet wounds she
 reportedly suffered in a fierce gunfight with her Iraqi captors.

 The Washington Post said she shot several Iraqi soldiers and kept firing even
 after she had several gunshot wounds, finally running out of ammunition.

"She was fighting to the death. She did not want to be taken alive. She's a fighter.
 That's exactly what I would expect her to do," her Mom said on The Today Show.

"She's real spirited. She hasn't eaten in eight days and she's hungry,"
 said her father, Greg Lynch. "She wants some food."

 Damn, that's one tough trooper.
 Lately, I heard someone say you die after ten days without food.

 She's only 19 and she's one damn tough fighting machine.
 Two broken legs (I've been there) a broken arm and some bullet
 holes in her and she kept fighting - damn, she's got SAC!

 Geez, if my mouse gets hung up, I figure I'm having a bad day.

 This girl (she's only 19!) has been to the mountaintop of courage and pain.
 Just think - the whole rest of her life, she's not going to be afraid of any goddamn thing.
 For the next sixty years, whenever she runs into some hurdle, all she's gotta do is remember
 that she kicked Iraqi ass with two broken legs, a broken arm and bullet holes in her.

 What's going to scare her now?  A cock roach?  A drunk in a bar?  A snarling dog?

 ha ha

 A shot of Chinaco to this incredible woman.

 Meanwhile, our cowardly AWOL appointee is giving another speech
 at a place where anyone who fails to show respect gets court martialed.


"People across this country are praying. They are praying that they hope
  those families and loved ones will find comfort and grace in their sorrow."
    --Dubya, who can't be as stupid as I think he is - can he?

"I are stoopid."

 Try Arnett for treason, senator says
  Telling the truth is a crime in Bush's Amerikkka

  Click  Here

 Peter Arnett should be "tried as a traitor" for remarks he made in an interview
 with Iraqi state television, Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky., said Tuesday.

"I think he should be brought back and tried as a traitor to America, for his aiding
 and abetting the Iraqi government during a war," Bunning said. Later in a speech on
 the Senate floor, Bunning said: "Mr. Arnett can apologize all he likes for being a
`useful idiot' for Saddam and his barbaric regime. But that's not enough for me,
 and it's certainly not enough for our soldiers and many Americans."

 If we put Arnett on trial for speaking, what do we do with Cheney, who built up
 Saddam's oil producing capacity or Poppy Bush and Rummy who sold him Anthrax?


"People across this country are praying. They are praying that they hope
  those families and loved ones will find comfort and grace in their sorrow."
    --Dubya, who can't be as stupid as I think he is - can he?

"I are stoopid."

 Tech Question

> What's the cheapest/best way to make MP3s?
> Is there a better alternative to buying the $70 software and a $30 headset from Radio Shack?

 Damn, I got more e-mail than I could answer on that one.

 As always, I misspoke in my request.
 Expecting lots of people to contribute MP3s, I want to point people to some simple software
 that they can use to create MP3s, not just convert wavs to MP3 format.

 Some suggestions include:

 go to and download the "mkw" program

 go to   and download "lame."  and DL Easy CD Ripper
 I think they have a free 30 day trial . $20 to buy if you like  Then download FreeRIP v2.21

 If you have $69 and want the best go to and get Cool Edit 2000
 They told me they'd knock off 25 percent if we bought 50 copies of Cool Edit 2000.
 We need incoming MP3 rants and quotes on MP3 etc from as many different sources as possible.

 Also, cheap mics are at Radio Shack for about $10

 Thanks to all who helped, and I expect entertaining MP3s from all who are capable!

  Let Us Count the Lies on the Road to War
 Bush's Ever Shifting Absolutes
   by Sydney H. Schanberg in the Village Voice

  Click  Here

 Below is a partial timeline of how the White House kept changing its story.
 Follow the ever shifting, ever absolute bouncing ball.

 On 9-11, the death toll was roughly 3,000.  In the aftermath, U.S. intelligence confirmed that
 the assault was carried out by bin Laden operatives. No mention was made by the White House
 or anyone else in the Bush administration of any Iraqi involvement.

 President Bush, in his annual State of the Union address, on January 29, 2002, described an
 "axis of evil" comprising North Korea, Iran, and Iraq. He cited Iraq, a former ally whom
 Washington had aided in its war against Iran in the 1980s and to whom Washington allowed
 American companies to ship ingredients for biological and chemical warfare, for its development
 of weapons of mass destruction. He mentioned chemical and biological weapons and efforts to
 develop nuclear bombs. Still no suggestion of any Iraqi link to September 11.

 Great article, certainly worth a read, but "Washington" didn't give Saddam WMD.
 That was Bush and the B.F.E.E. first, last and always
 How dare you give the B.F.E.E. a free pass and blame "Washington."

click to order


"Congress should ask tough questions of the administration about the economic
  and humanitarian costs of invading and rebuilding Iraq. Has there ever been a
  president who pushed a tax cut as America entered a war? Do not let Bush cut
  billions in veterans’ programs and homeland security while giving tax breaks to
  multimillionaires. Investigate the Bush team’s shameless relationship with Halliburton.
  (There’s a name for that — war profiteering.) And demand that this administration
  use the billions put aside to buy support for this war to help the states address
  the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression."
     --Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor, The Nation

 Chelsea, Monica pass on Interstate 95

   Click  Here

  One of the many funny bits on

  Pro-War Clear Channel Tries to Take New York
 Bush's Voice of America

  Click  Here

 Paul Krugman, the best reason to read the Times, revealed last week that Clear Channel
 is the sponsor, albeit indirectly, of the carefully synchronized pro-war rallies taking place
 all over Bush country. Their stations have sponsored at least 13 of these "Rally for America"
 events, with future "outpourings of support" scheduled for Tampa, Florida; Lubbock, Texas;
 and Dothan, Alabama. One of their radio stars, Glenn Beck, joined by advertisers, has hosted
 another five. The company has tried to draw a flimsy line of distinction between itself and the
 rallies that its wholly-owned stations host, but anyone can see that's just one more lie
 out of Texas about this war.

 You can't hardly find an anti-war voice on the radio these days.
 ...but that could change in a matter of weeks.

Bumper stickers for sale
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“I believe demolishing Hussein’s military power and liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk.”
    --Ken Adelman, The Washington Whore Post, February 13, 2002, Altercation

 Very funny item in "the reliable source" in the washington post today . . .

 Everyone's favorite anorexic, ann coulter, is leaving new york.  All I can say is HOORAY!
 She's heading south, to miami florida (reason number 84 to avoid the sunshine state).

 Her e-mail to grove was hysterical.  Be sure to participate in lloyd grove's online chat
 tomorrow at 11 or 12 (I forget which), because this is sure to be topic A, with loads of
 slams to "ann the man".  I guess ann has slept with all the eligible men in the big apple
 (all five of them) and is moving on to the swarthy cubans of south beach.

 Edwin Starr ("WAR!") Dies of Heart Attack

  Click  Here

 Edwin Starr, the soul singer who produced No. 1 Motown hits such as "War,"
 died of an apparent heart attack Wednesday, his manager said. He was 61.

 His biggest success came with "War," a No. 1 hit in 1970 during a time of growing
 anti-Vietnam War protests. He also had sung live with Bruce Springsteen.

 Iraq gets sympathetic press around the world
  America just not getting the facts from the Bush's-pro-war press

  Click  Here

  "CNN's Walter Rodgers' style of reporting resembles the live coverage of the Super Bowl," noted
 an editorial in Germany's liberal Suddeutsche Zeitung. "(It is) anecdotal, full of metaphors, enthusiastic
 and bubbling with admiration for the overwhelming technical advantages of the Abrams tank."

 Journalists in Asia echo that complaint. A Sunday Bangkok Post column scolded Thai television
 stations for using U.S. feeds without "investigating or challenging them." And a recent critique of
 coverage in the English-language South China Morning Post ran under the headline "U.S. television
 networks losing the fight against biased coverage."

 Todd Gitlin, professor of journalism at Columbia University, says these charges have some merit.

 "Our coverage is a little worse than I expected. Reports from embedded journalists are basically snippets
 of enthusiastic travelogue and up-close and personal stuff with the troops," says Gitlin. "There's been a
 disappearance of political commentary. We don't seem to want to know why others are angry."

 The whole world is seeing a different war than we're seeing.
 They're seeing the photos of the bloody bodies of the children and then asking "Why?"
 In Bush's Amerikkka, anyone telling the truth about this war is immediately out of business.
 Fox and Clear Channel would get thousands of angry ditto-monkeys to storm your network.

 I'm so old, I remember when America's press was free.

 We now have the 

 Call 918-493-1500 - you have two minutes to say your piece.
 We'll then feed the fun calls into the computer for BartCop Radio.

 Someday we'll be able to afford a live phone hookup - they are very expensive.

 We want Republicans to call - that makes it interesting.
 If you have a decent long distance carrier, the call will only cost 20 cents.

 Last night's calls:

 Click  Here for an experimental minute of The BartPhone yesterday:

 By the way, that was the real Dale who called the BartPhone, not a Dale impersonator.
 We should all watch King of the Hill on Sunday nights.

 Call now!   918-493-1500

 Bush monkeys and ditto-wanks welcome, too.
 Step by step, we're getting closer to BartCop Radio.


 Subject: Monkey Mail

 Dear Bartcop:
 This is what a "friend" sent to me, how would you respond to this:

> The fact that Mr. Blair made a unpopular decision to side with the U.S. on this
> and other actions against terrorism in the Middle East and other parts of the world,
> qualifies him as a leader.  Heads of government get paid to make decision that may
> not be popular, but are for the good of their country.  Not many world leaders today,
> are brave enough to bit the bullet when it needs to be bitten.  Blair is....Bush is.

 I would love a retort

 Keep on hammerin"!!!
 Rosie Fitz

 Rosie - first thing - they are lying.
 When they tell you this kind of crap, don't say, "Really?"
 You say, "Oh, who told you that crap? Hannity or the vulgar Pigboy?"

 That always shakes them up, because their opinions are manufactured from whatever
 horseshit  they heard Rush, Hannity or Savage that day.  It's easy to repeat something
 a whore said.  It's called Monkey See, Monkey Do. They do it all the time.

 The truth is, I'm FOR a statesman going against the will of his constituents.
 I live in Oklahoma.   Here, if a black man looks at a white woman's mini-skirt,
 whitey goes crazy and burns down "Niggertown" to avenge the glance.

 When Oklahomans say "Hang all the niggers," I want the elected official to stand up
 and say, "We are a nation of laws," but that doesn't happen, because this is Oklahoma.
 They say "Hang that nigger," unless he played for Oklahoma - then they elect him to the House.

 Back to the point:

 Blair tells the Brits, "This is something that must be done," but when they ask "Why?"
 he says, "Trust my buddy George and my future employer - The Carlyle Group."

 If Blair can't produce the evidence, or can't reveal it to a few people who we can actually trust,
 then he's just lying to get the big payoff from the B.F.E.E. after they've occupied the Middle East.


"With our cities going under, our deficits exploding, the world uniting against us, and Arabs
  signing up for a jihad against us, and North Korea threatening an Asian conflagration, we are
  obsessing about what even many military men (and women) consider to be a second-order problem
  The stolen election of 2000 is looking more and more like a tragic turning point in our nation’s history.
  Thanks Ralph."
    --Eric Alterman

 Subject: Boycott of your products & services


 As a consumer I feel disgusted that your company advertises or a racist,
 biased and an un american show like "Rush Limbaugh".  I will boycott
 all your services and products from now, and will spread this word
 around in my community.  SHAME ON YOU!!!!


Marty's E! page
A great story about Dave
Fay Wray welcomes King Kong
Another Martin Sheen protest
Tom Brokaw is the most trusted news anchor?
Angie Harmon likes playing strong women

Fox News brags about its bias
Trump, NBC produce new reality tv show
A colossal squid
And, Edwin Starr



"Bush's tax break won't do much for the Americans doing the fighting.
  The average tax-cut for American service personnel is approximately $148.
  To serve in the military is a great honor. But to ask Rupert Murdoch or
  Leona Helmsley to pay their fair share of taxes would be a raid on their property.
  But don't worry, those productive civilians struggling to bring home a million
  dollars a year would, under Bush's plan, get a tax cut of $90, 222.
  Class warfare is over -- the rich won."
    --Mark Shields, often a Democrat

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 Subject: 24

 You're right about "24"

 I figure FOX spent so much filming the series that they HAVE to show it
 But once they realized it exposes the B.F.E.E., they started interrupting it with American Idol.

 There was practically a MONTH between episodes in Dec. and again in March.
 And as far as I know, they don't rerun episodes like last year.

 They're probably hoping nobody notices the similarities,
 but I hope somebody from the 9/11 investigation is watching...

 Judson K

 The biggest difference between 24 and real life is rthw worst has already come true
 because the President, in real life, is in on the trillion dollar scam.

Thanks to Micah Wright


"There is going to be collateral damage. And if you really want to
   be brutal about it, better we get it done now than spread it over months."
    -- Rupert Murdoch (R-Warmonger)

 Sure, why let them live a few more days when you can kill them today?

We're coming... country at a time.

 Think you can stop us?

"And when like here, oh Great Dubyahi, you shall pass
  Among the dead babies-scatter'd on the Grass,
  And in your joyous errand to anoint thyself in oil reach the spot
  Consider thyself but an insane Horse's Ass!"


   Click  Here

 Great question

 Speaking of radio, I have another serious question:  How do you plan to structure
 your shows; specifically, how will yours differ from Mike Malloy, Peter Werbe, etc.?

 Malloy's been at it a long time, and he still can't break into serious listenership numbers.
 And I really, really would like to see BartCopRadio at least get a good, fighting chance
 to succeed, if not succeed wildly & beyond anyone's dreams!


 Howard, great question!
 First thing, BartCop Radio will be a lot goofier than Malloy's show. It's my best guess that
 Mike has a sip of Jack Daniel's after his show, but what if he sipped his Jack during his show?
 I'm sure there are lots of rules against having a good time on the radio, but I don't care.

 Malloy has a great radio show, but we'll have Animal House meets The Terminator on fine tequila.
 I can't stay serious for very long.   My ADD will have us chasing 20 topics an hour.

 Plus, people like you are my bosses. We don't have to impress anyone. We won't have some
 bean-counting suit with clown shoes busting in every day with "Our sponsors want more X!"

 We can do anything - we can say anything. We can play anything we want on the air.
 I pity the fool who tries to play copyright gotcha with us.

 It's gonna be the wild f-ing west, and you have to expect the early shows will suck,
 but we're going to have a good time first, and then we'll get into some politics.
 We might be stuck with the unelected King for six more years, so fun's gotta come first.

 The number one, most-often thing I read in my snail mail is, "Thanks for saving my sanity."
 Trust me, we're going to be saving big gobs of sanity when we get BartCop Radio on.


 Wish us luck, and consider joining the team!
 Help make BartCop Radio an April thing, rather than a May-June thing.

 Is  worth $5 a month?

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 You say you can't afford to subscribe?
 What happens if Bush wins  steals another four years?
 Can you afford that?

 They own the TV networks, the papers, the news magazines and talk radio.

 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Reminder: we get matching funds when you subscribe.

 Click  Here   to turn ten dollars into twenty dollars.

 Can you say ?
 I'll bet you can.

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