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Volume 1080 - Stuck on Stupid

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 Weekend   May 31-June 1, 2003


"Bush arrived in Poland and brought personal thanks to the country for standing up as a wartime ally in Iraq ,
  making no effort to hide that he harbors a deep grudge toward France and Germany for opposing the U.S.-led
  campaign against Saddam Hussein. Bush defended Poland against criticism of its war support. "I think it's
  unfortunate that some of the countries in Europe will try to bully Poland for standing up for what you think
  — what they think is right."
       --Terence Hunt,   Bush Arrives in Poland

 Can you believe the biggest bully on the planet calls other people a bully?
 The Murdering Moron, the blood-thirsty psychopath who rapes and murders smaller nations
 on the slightest of fabricated whims thinks that bullying other countries is the wrong thing to do.

 U.S. Insiders Say Iraq Intel Deliberately Skewed
  America catches up to what the rest of the world always knew
  Bush's good puppy press tied up ib knots - how can they protect Bush?

  Click  Here

 A growing number of U.S. national security professionals are accusing Bush of slanting
 the facts and hijacking the $30 billion intelligence apparatus to justify its rush to war in Iraq

 Patrick Lang said the CIA had "no guts at all" to resist the allegedly deliberate skewing
 of intelligence by a Pentagon that he said was now dominating U.S. foreign policy.

 Anger among security professionals appears widespread. Veteran Intelligence Professionals
 for Sanity, a group that says it is made up mostly of CIA intelligence analysts, wrote to Bush
 May 1 to hit what they called "a policy and intelligence fiasco of monumental proportions."

"The ends justified the means
  because I really wanted that Iraqi oil."

 Europe goes postal over Wolfie remarks
  Idiot confesses that WMD talk was crap - Euros are fuming

  Click  Here

 In Germany, where the war was widely unpopular, the Frankfurter AZ newspaper
 said the comments about Iraqi weapons showed that America is losing the battle for credibility.

"The charge of deception is inescapable," the newspaper said Friday.

 In London, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who quit as leader of the House
 of  Commons to protest the war, said he doubted Iraq had any such weapons.

"The war was sold on the basis of what was described as a pre-emptive strike,
 'Hit Saddam before he hits us,' " Cook told the BBC. "It is now quite clear
 that Saddam did not have anything with which to hit us in the first place."

 ...or, you could've read  and found that our in early April.

 Fraudboy lowers 'terror alert' to Yellow

  Which carrier will he be landing on this time?

"But I'm too afraid to lead.
 I just wanna be George's friend."

 Senator, do your party and your country a favor and resign.
 The Democrats need a wartime consigliere, not a scared bunny.

 Subject: Smirking in France


 Do you remember the current regime's definition of Terrorism?
 It includes actions that damage the economy of the country being attacked.

 Do you think the current White House occupant has damaged the economy of France?
 Shouldn't they, therefore, deny him a visa to the G8 summit, in their cooperation with the War on Terror?


 Russ, good idea.
 Maybe we can use that to keep him out of America, too.
 The bastard stole $11 trillion that we know about.

 US mainstream media: A clear and present danger
   by Ben Roberts as seen on

  Click  Here

 Forget about Jayson Blair and his piddling nickel and dime claims.
 ...the masters of Jayson Blair, are distorting and contorting news and truth to such an
 extreme that it is having an untoward effect on our daily lives and the decisions we make.

 Today the AP carried a story of another NY  Times reporter who did a series of stories leading
 up to the war on Iraq, outlining that nation's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction.
 The extensive source of her information was, believe it or not, Ahmed Chalabi.

 Can you conceive of a major paper like the New York Times, that a huge audience relies on for their information,
 feeding us as fact what is served up by Ahmed Chalabi abd the Iraqi National Congress

 Chalabi is a wanted criminal in bed with the B.F.E.E.   Rummy and Unka Dick are making him their boy in Iraq,
 and the NY Whore Times KNEW they were publishing bullshit  when they wrote that makes-Bush-happy story.

 If author Ben Roberts is just now finding out that the New York Times is a whore newspaper with ethics for sale,
 he must not be reading

   Book review

   Click to Order

 The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk
    by Susan McDougal

  Click  Here

 As an avid reader and Clinton supporter, I found McDougal's book to be fascinating
 and fabulous.   It is a story of a brave and independent woman who did not know until
 Kenneth Star and his minions went after her that she was brave and independent.

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 We’re Sailing Right Into a Fiscal Hurricane
  And the captain is a drunken idiot who doesn't know the ropes

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 What if someone gave you this choice: Enact the tax plan just approved by Congress,
 with its bogus gimmicks for tax cuts that are supposed to expire soon after they take effect
 and its windfall for investors like Dick Cheney, who stands to save six figures on his own taxes.

 Or secure the future of Social Security and Medicare.

 No one in Washington will make you this offer.
 That's because no one wants to admit that's the deal.

 Possible fixes for those not getting BartCop Radio

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While the Presidiot travels the planet, I am reminded of his last trots about the globe.
He tires easily. He does not enjoy travel -- never did.
When he gets tired, he comes up with his best material -- the original stuff.
Watch as he loses his happy step ... the comedy is about to begin.

Forget how he devalued the yen when he misspoke in Japan.
Don't pay attention to his insults to Heads of State with his total lack of geography and knowledge of local customs.
Just ignore the potential damage he can do to us or the world with the mispronunciation of just one word.
Pop some popcorn, order up a pizza.
Dubya is going on tour.
Let's just sit back and enjoy the floor show.- ZeldaM


 Subject: Wolfie's admission

 Hi Bart,

 Can you imagine the look on the face of a parent who lost their son or daughter to this trumped up war
 when Wolfie made the comment about their bureaucratic reasoning for fraud? The media should have
 pounced on the story like Ken Starr pounced on Monica's dress. This just makes me sick....

 Keep the hammer swining..

 You could be right, but it's been my observation that most military families would rather lose their
 son or daughter under this Unelected Fraud than see their grandchildren grow up under Clinton.
 Their hatred for Clinton seems to trump parental concerns.

 Remember, many military men voted twice in Florida, many of them in f-ing December of 2000.
 They wanted this bloodthirsty warmonger in office more than they wanted Democracy.


"And here's some cheering news: More people (4 million) tune in to The Daily Show
  in a given week than watched Fox news at the height of the war (3.3 million)."
      - - Susan Douglas in "The Nation"

 Clear Channel: the Media Mammoth that Stole the Airwaves

  Click  Here

 Can you name a Texas-based multinational company that is facing a Department of Justice investigation, lawsuits
 for inappropriate business practices, a flurry of criticism in the mainstream press, and a bill in congress to curb its
 impact on the industry?

 Did you say Enron?
 Try again.

 This 800 lb. Texas gorilla has spent $30 billion since 1996 to become the world's largest radio broadcaster,
 concert promoter, and billboard advertising firm. It's a major player in American TV and Spanish-language broadcasting.

 Clear Channel may not be a household name yet, but in less than six years it has rocketed to a place alongside
 NBC and Gannett as one of the largest media companies in the US. The mega-company has gained a reputation
 for its ugly hardball tactics. Clear Channel has played a leading role in destroying media diversity in the US.

"It's not just how big and powerful they are but how they do business, the arm twisting," Mike Jacobs, former
 independent label owner and manager of Blink 182, told Eric Boehlert who has been covering Clear Channel's
 shady business practices for

 What Can You Do?  File an Online Public Comment

 Tell them Clear Channel's ownership of 1200+ stations hurts local media diversity.

 Flooding the FCC with comments is crucial, and we only have until January 2nd 2003!

 I say we fight back with BartCop Radio, too.
 They can't Dixie Chick us if we are subscriber-supported.

 I think building  into a powerhouse is a worthwhile goal.
 Click  Here  to subscribe.

 Help build the anti-Bush network into something the media can't ignore and can't dismiss.

Remember, the unelected moron is borrowing money
to bribe his super rich friends.

They should impeach him for mortgaging our future for his selfish ass.


"America must get rid of the hangover that we now have as a result of the binge,
  the economic binge we just went through.  We were in a land of endless profit.
  There was no tomorrow when it came to the stock markets and corporate profits.
  And now we're suffering a hangover for that binge."
      --the smirking chimp president

 I'm not able to independently verify that quote, but if it's true, fuck you, George.

 Clinton not only paid for "that binge," he paid for your father's binge, too.

 Clinton gave us eight years of peace and prosperity because he didn't fellate the rich like you do.
 He brought 22 million jobs online, you've taken 2 million jobs and thrown them f-ing away.

 You're a liar and a fraud and you weren't even elected.

 If America was smart enough to read charts like this one, maybe they'd vote their pocketbook,
 Instead, minimum wage morons are calling for tax breaks for the super rich.
 Good job, Rush and the good puppy press.
 You've successfully sold us a tax break we can't afford and a war we didn't need.

 We are compiling a list of PC and Mac gurus.

 Maybe some of you tech people could compile a list of things to check if BCR isn't working?
Click  Here  to see the beginnings of the tech list. 

 Our first goal is to assist people who can't get BartCop radio satisfactorily.
 If YOU are having trouble, contact a tech and if the two of you work it out,
 have the tech contact us with the answer so we can post it.


"Tuesday, Donald Rumsfeld floated a new explanation for the failure to find thousands of tons
  of chemical and biological weapons in Iraq. The peppery Defense Secretary now theorizes that
  Saddam may have ordered all that nasty junk destroyed before the war began -- presumably to
  make Bush, Blair and Rummy look bad. To believe that requires a suspension of normal
  skepticism even greater than is usually accorded Rumsfeld by credulous journalists.
   -- Joe Conason, the only reason to subscribe to

 A Death in Scarborough Country
  Does Anybody in the Press Care About Lori Klausutis?
     by Denis Wright and Chris George as seen on ampol

  Click  Here

 Were Lori's medical records thoroughly examined for any evidence of the pre-existing heart condition?
  It would seem that someone must have examined her heart if she ran 8Ks.

 Did Dr. Berkland personally examine the site of death in undisturbed condition in order to support
 his later conclusion that the physical evidence was compatible with his later conclusions?

 Were the toxicology studies entirely negative? Was there evidence of any legal or illegal
 substance in the blood stream which could have caused her to lose consciousness?

 Was she pregnant?
 If so, were fetal blood specimens obtained to determine paternity?


 Liberty Vanishes While the Press Sleeps

  Click  Here

 Most of the radical revisions of the Constitution that I and others have been writing about
 will ultimately be ruled on by the Supreme Court.  Scalia indicates he will come down on
 the side of Bush and Ashcroft. A few days after the terrorist attacks on the WTC and the
 Pentagon, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said that as a result, we would have to give up
 some of our liberties. That's two of nine justices we are not likely to be able to depend on.

 The media, with few exceptions, are failing to report consistently, and in depth,
 precisely how Bush and Ashcroft are undermining our fundamental individual liberties.

Marty's E! page
The throne room at Catherine's Palace, in St. Petersburg - from Alex
A fixed link
Sean Penn & 'Kilroy's Still Here'
Ray Harryhausen to finally get a star on the Walk O'Fame
Harrison Ford got his star on the Walk O'Fame Friday
Richard Chamberlain outs himself
Reba McEntire supports chimpy, not the Dixie Chicks
'The Producer's' debutted in LA (with Jason Alexander & Martin Short).
A monkey with makeup
Ozzy & Kelly Osbourne
Star Jones gets hate e-mail
And, the return of absinthe


  Book review
   by Tamara Knowles

  Click to Order

  Prophets without Honor
    by William Strabala and Mike Palecek

  Click  Here  to read this excellent review

 If you were born-too-late to understand the protests of the 1960s, this book will be
 an especially good read for you. It covers how the protest movement got started back then,
 the first instances of burning draft cards, and something called "blood dumping."

 By the end of this book, the reader will have a number of answers to the question:
 "Why do they hate us so much?"

 Do you have a political book review we could publish?
 If you don't have a URL I can link to, send as plain text inside the e-mail.
 You will lose all formatting, anyway, and please don't send War & Peace.


"Dependence on cheap oil. It's a dependence that's so strong that it's almost like a narcotic.
  You don't question the pusher. So many of my colleagues who worked in Saudi Arabia left
  the CIA and went to work for the Saudis. How can they spend thirty years in the CIA,
  walk out the door, and have the same remarks I do if they are working for the place?
  This is an uneasy relationship, because even the Saudi ambassador has admitted that he
  holds out jobs in front of bureaucrats, knowing that one day they can work for the Saudis
  or work for defense companies that work inside Saudi Arabia. These companies don't want
  to question Saudi Arabia. You're not going to get Boeing or any of these other companies,
  like the Carlyle Group, to do independent studies saying, "Oh, by the way, our source of
  cheap oil is wobbly."
    -- Robert Baer, a former CIA agent in the Middle East,  Addicted to Oil

 Forget former CIA agents.
 The "president's" daddy is a paid-for lobbyist for the Saudis.
 Every decision made about the Middle East will be made on a what's-best-for-the-B.F.E.E. basis.
 The Saudis control our government, that's why the 9-11 report must remain buried.

 For all we know, the Saudi's bankrolled 9-11 with the permission of the B.F.E.E
 And if you doubt that, answer this one question:

Would evil men kill innocent people to take over the world?


 I had to send you a note.  I was reading one of your rants and you were so right on it hurt.
 It was the one about paying half the salary of jobs worth $40,000 and creating 6 million new jobs plus the airline idea.

 That falls into what I've been saying.
 Instead of giving these corporations and rich bastards tax cuts in hope they'll create jobs.
 If they create jobs that last two years they get the tax cuts, credits or whatever, but not before.
 Then you guarantee the job creation.

 Keep up the good work man.
 If the bastards don't kill you maybe we can stop them.
 Always check your rear view mirror.

 Richard K

 I lost much of today's issue when f-ing Netscape crashed during a transition,
 so it came out a little angrier than usual.

 ...and I still need a graphic of Biden's face on Daschle's tutu.

 Call  918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

Tell us about it!


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 Hey Melic,

 Can you tell the Get Your War On guys that I need more strips?

 It's been 23 days since their last update.

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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