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Volume 1087 - Still no WMD

Time is running out on the half-price deal

 Tuesday   June 10, 2003                      VCR Alert - Hillary on Larry King tonight


"The credibility of this country is based upon our strong desire to make
  the world more peaceful, and the world is now more peaceful after our decision."
       --Dubya, lying again.

 No, Mr 'President.'
 The credibility of this country is based on your murder spree bearing fruit.
 If you come up empty on that WMD search, you murdered thousands for no reason.
 The whole world warned you no to go in with guns blazing like Yosemite Sam.
 You own daddy warned you publicly that you needed allies - and to go slow.

 You said we HAD to invade because Saddam was coming in 45 minutes - remember?

"I didn't want to invade - it was Clinton's idea - we should blame him..."

 Bush Asserts Iraq 'Had a Weapons Program' 

  Click  Here

 Bush insisted Monday that Iraq had a weapons program,
 and he asked for patience during a search for evidence to prove it.

"History and time will prove that the United States made the right decision
 in freeing the people of Iraq from the clutches of Saddam Hussein."

 You can tell he's a Republican - he can't build an argument worth a crap.

Somebody should tell Cheeta's dimmest son that we KNOW that Saddam HAD WMDs,
     ...because his Daddy sold them to him in the eighties
History will prove you made the decision to free Iraq?
    What will history say about the MWDs that caused the war that never were?
Clinton lied about Monica's tongue and they impeached him.
The Never-Elected Fraud lied about oil and got 160 soldiers killed,
     and the Democrats volunteered to bend over for him again.

 I could so kick this ignorant monkey's ass in a friendly, online debate.

 That reminds me of my all-time favorite vulgar Pigboy quote:

"I never, ever, ...ever brag on myself - never!
  ...and when I do, it's only because if I don't - nobody else will!"

 Is that not the best quote ever?
 And those idiot sheep walk away thinking, "He's so modest!


"Besides Charles Manson, there are NO devil-worship killings on record."
   -- Nancy Grace on Larry King, with another of her famous 'guarantees'

 Gee, I wonder if  Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez  would agree with that?

 Nancy Grace can't speak without makling some wild-ass blanket (and false) guarantee.

 NBC Reality Show to Air Despite Star's Past
  Calling George W. Slovik - where are you?

  Click  Here

 NBC on Monday said it would continue to air "For Love or Money," despite discovering that
 its star hid the fact he left the U.S. Marine Corps after being disciplined for groping a female officer.

 The details of Campos' background first appeared Monday on

 Wait - why is this news?

 The Unelected Fraud went AWOL from his military unit - DURING WARTIME.
 If a stinking wartime deserter can be appointed president over the will of the voters,
 Campos should be allowed to work on some silly dating TV show.

ha ha
FOX's Sheperd Smith was busted for
"Aggravated battery with a motor vehicle."

By the way, do you know how he got that nickname?
He used to herd  2300 sheep in New Zealand...


"As the days and weeks go by, the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq reminds me
  of O.J.'s search for the real killer. At some point, we may as well give it up and go play golf.
  I don't want to lower my expectations, but with no weapons, no Saddam and no bin Laden,
  I'd be happy if they find a guy in a fright wig carrying three grenades and a hunting knife."
              --Steve Lopez,   Looks Like U.S. Peddled Weapons of Mass Dissemblance

 Subject: Bad Dresser

 In an e-mail from a Mr. Gladitor Shaft, he states that Bartcop is a bad dresser.
 Allow me to say that I have met Mr. Cop and while he has no fashion sense,
 I couldn't call him a "bad dresser".

 As I recall, he was wearing new store bought shoes and his suit looked
 like it had never even been used at the funeral supply store he shops at.
 The only thing missing was a Rush Limbaugh tieand maybe my white hat.
 Give the friggin guy a break already...he lives in Oklahoma, wherever that is.

 Rude Rich


"Iraq had a weapons program. Intelligence throughout the decade
  showed they had a weapons program. I am absolutely convinced
  with time we'll find out they did have a weapons program.''
      -- The American mass murderer who kiills for oil

"I know for sure Saddam had a rifle - I've seen pictures..."

 The Scott Peterson ordeal

 Last night, I heard caller after caller praising Nancy Grace, the whining ninny.

 More than half the callers (all female) thanked Grace for speaking for Laci,
 "because Laci has no voice," (God bless Nancy Grace).
 It's like watching those old films of Oral Roberts scamming people in the tent revivals.
 Grace is a champion for womens' rights like Clooney is a real medical doctor.

 Grace isn't doing this for Laci, she's auditioning for her own talk show.
 She already substitutes for Larry when he's too busy to come to work.

    "I'm a busy man. Try Garlique.
      I eat it every day, and look at me!"

 Hell, King might retire before long - and there's Nancy Grace, ready to step right in for him.
 God Bless Nancy Grace.

 Subject: Missing on BFEE list

 Bart- Missing from your BFEE players list important person no one talks about Kahlid bin Mafouz.

 Funder of Adnan Khashoggi, Osama bin Laden's banker and brother-in-law, funder Abul Nadel
 and Saudi charities fronts all over world, head of BCCI scandal under Bush 1 diverting $5B
 humanitarian aid to Saddam.

 ALSO  capitalized Enron w/Citigroup, and recapitalized Harkin Oil. Head of third richest Saudi family,
 was in Carlyle.  BIGGGEST FUNDER OF TERROR IN THE WORLD and Bushs and Enron's biz partner

 ....well who'd a thunk it.


"Iraq had a weapons program. Intelligence throughout the decade
  showed they had 'a weapons program.' I am absolutely convinced
  with time we'll find out they did have 'a weapons program.' ''
      -- The American mass murderer who kiills children for oil

"I know for sure Saddam had a rifle - that counts, right?"


 Subject: playing connect-the-dots with BartCop

 You and all your leftist friends are always bitching about how if Bush hadda
 "connected the dots" we'd never have had 9/11. So now, G-W connects all
 the dots for yah on the Iraq threat and comes to the logical conclusion given
 all the evidence and NOW ya'll accuse him of LYING !?

 You care to defend yourself on that ? Or can't you ?

 ha ha
 I know you, the reader, think I make these nutty e-mails up.
 No, this is the enemy that we face.

 There is no satisfying you because you are still embittered over Gore's loss and
 fellatio-freak Clinton's impeachment. You are simply HATERS of Bush and that's all.
 Personally I hope you choke on it. You think Dean has a CASE ! ha ha ha

 Ask the average American if he'd rather slaughter a buncha stinkin' Arabs
 (women & children first) or take a chance on letting the murderous bastards strike again.

 This is a real e-mail, from the "president's" party.
 He wants "stinkin Arabs dead  (women & children first)"
 and he doesn't care who knows about it.

 As always you goofball leftists are on the WRONG side of the issue. Why ?
 Because you basically HATE America just as much as any Arab does.
 And come '04 YOU are the bastards we're gonna slaughter next - - at the polls.

 See yah there, ASSWIPE !
 ha ha ha


 ...I wonder if the Playskool company likes this nutwad using their name
 to call for the slaughter of Arab women and children?

 Should we try an experiment?

 How long since we checked out our reach?
 Have we gotten any bigger in the last 6-8 months?

 Click  Here  to ask Playskool if they endorse the slaughter of innocent Arab women and children
 - and if not - why haven't they taken their good name back from this kill-happy Smirk-wannabe?

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"Today's vote is a victory for free speech.
  The collective voice of the American people has been heard."
       --Major Gen. Patrick Brady, chairman of the board of the Citizens Flag Alliance,
          on the House vote in favor of a constitutional amendment to ban protesters from
          burning the American flag,    Attribution

 I can't tell if that's so poorly wtitten that it means the opposite of what he meant,
 or if he's celebrating that burning the flag (free speech) is being taken away from him.
 Who celebrates when they lose some rights?

 There isn't a conservative in the internet who'd like to debate this topic, is there?
 I think flag burning should be legal, now more than ever.
 Assuming, of course, the fire itself isn't a hazard.

 Remember a few years ago, Gary Trudeau printed a flag in his Doonesbury cartoon.
 Think how many millions of Republican threw our flag in the trash that day.
 Shouldn't they have all been arrested?

 This proposed amendment has "Catholic logic" all over it.

 First, they're going to make flag burning a crime.
 Next up is failure to say The Pledge "with enthusiasm."
 Next is failure to bow and praise the Unelected Bastard.

 Don't think I'm kidding...

 The Lars Napster video

 Click  Here

 ha ha

 Yesterday, I said this (?) is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the Internet.

  ha ha

 I'd rather be Michael Jackson or Pee Wee Herman than Lars...

 What's the Internet toon with Millionaire I'm thinking of?
 I remember Regis and the lights zooming around Lar's tiny head.

 From:  Bhaskar

 Subject: About Kucinich

 hi bart

 i'm writing after a long time, primarily because i know you've tons of mail
 from subscribers to check on :)

 This is my fault, but it's a cyclical thing.
 I whine about getting too much mail.
 People see that, they stop writing.

 Don't stop writing.
 As of today, I'm reading/responding to each and every e-mail- can't be done.

 What do you think of dennis kucinich for president?

 Well,  I'm going to vote for the Democrat with the best chance to defeat the crooked governor.

 Kucinich is saying all the right things, but he's in fifth place, in some polls.
 I like Kerry, Dean and Kucinich, Graham, too, or anybody who will speak up.

 i've been reading on the bloke, and the more i read, the more i like him.
 he's like the anti-thesis of bush jr, and not that it matters too much to me or my country,
 but he could really give pride of place to america again in the comity of nations.

 Dude, that was well written.

 Bhaskar is from India, and did you catch his turning of that phrase?
"...give pride of place to america again in the comity of nations."
 Besides that, he knows how to use "comity" in a sentence.

 All I know is, under Bush, we've become a "comity" nation without the laughs

 recently, published an article called   kucinich reloaded  and while the writer
 is an obvious fan, kucinich comes across as a man who knows what it is to be an average american,
 unlike bushie, who was born with a silver spoon in one hand and a nuke in the other.

 ha ha
 Dude, you want a weekly column?

 ...just wanted to know what you think of him for president.
 you're getting better and better, so keep going!
 have a great day!
 BH, from India

 ps: your shirley fixation is so hilarious! since she hasn't yet called or met you,
      you might as well sing the chorus from the excellent "milk"
      - 'i'm  waiting/i'm waiting/for yoooouu'

 Damn, he's even hip to America's best music.

ps2: whats a "pink tutu"?

 This is a pink tutu.
 They're only worn by ballerinas and senate Democrats.

Click to join the fight  against the Weiner fraud.

He's suing lefty sites because his career is dying.
ha ha
According to
The weinerboy is getting ratings of 0.0 in Chicago,
Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta and Denver.

Guess what?

 Those are the same ratingsgets in those cities
and we haven't even started webcasting yet - ha ha


"Still, Gerth called the FBI office in Little Rock to inform an agent there of what Hale was
  saying about Clinton. The agent sent a teletype to Washington: "Gerth alluded that this is
  why the US Attorney Casey would not deal with Coleman when he was attempting to work
  a suitable deal for his client"  __"That in itself is a bigger violation of journalistic ethics
  than anything Jayson Blair could muster up in a lifetime."
     --Atrios , The Clinton Wars, p. 76

 ...and who was David Hale's lawyer?

 Ted Olson

 ...and who was Paula Jones's lawyer?

 Ted Olson (and Ken Starr, early)

 ...and who was the glue in the vast, right-wing conspiracy to screw democracy in 1998?

 Ted Olson

 ...and who led the fight to force an unelected king on America in 2000?

 Ted Olson

 ...and who approved Olson's nomination as the Solicitor General?

   What Dubya wants, Dubya gets - he's our president!

  I need tutus for every Democratic senator, as soon as possible.

 I'm not sure if I mean this or not, but maybe we are safer with Republicans in the White House.
 The Democrats are afraid to fight Mr Rove. Could we trust them to fight Al Qaeda?

 Hell, John Lennon and Bono both fought when the reasons were right.
 Maybe this group of cowards doesn't think anything is worth fighting for?
 Not their jobs, not their families, not their country?


 You wrote:

> The "likely guilty" aren't worthy of a vigorous defense?
> I thought I was defending a man's right not to be railroaded by a for-sale press.

 You know the world's been turned upside-down when a self-described
 lapsed Catholic with ADD and an IQ of 64 understands with more clarity
 than a licensed attorney the concept of the presumption of innocence.

 So this guy knows Peterson is "likely guilty?"
 Just like Dim Son knew Sadaam had WMD?

 Koresh help us!


 Got Radio?

 Click  Here  to see if you can hear 13 seconds of this Shirley song.

 If you can't hear Shirley vow to tear some guy's soul apart (don't piss her off)
 then Click  Here  to see the new and improved troubleshooting tech page.
 E-mail someone on that list and tell them what kind of system you have.

 Beginning June 20/21, we will be posting radio shows in the "members" section.

 Subject: Howard Dean reads Bartcop?

 This part of his speech at the Iowa picnic seems to be lifted directly from you.
 I knew I liked him :)

 When Ronald Reagan came into office, he cut taxes, we had big deficits, and we lost 2 million jobs.
 When Bill Clinton came into office, he raised taxes without a single Republican vote; we balanced
 the budget; we gained 6 and a half million jobs. George Bush has already lost 2 and a half million.
 I want a balanced budget because that's how you get jobs in this country is to balance the books.

 No Republican president has balanced the budget in 34 years. …
 You had better elect a Democrat, because the Republicans cannot handle money. …
 We're the party of responsibility, and they're not.


Royal Thug, Emporer of America

 He promised to bring honor and dignity to the White House.
 He also promised the military that "help is on the way."

 Instead be brought murder, war, recession and economic ruin
 to every citizen but the richest one percent of the super rich.

 And the military?
 He cut their beneifits and sent them far away to fight a phoney war,
 but they love him more than ever, even after lying and getting them killed

 ...meanwhile, the media tells us Bush is our greatest president ever!

 Thanks goodnesss Clinton and his phoney peace and prosperity are gone.

 Don't get your news from Mr Rove's good puppy press.

 Instead, read

"My penis wants to run for governor."

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I talked to your Dad.
 He wants another tie.


"How much can Bush get away with before the public and the media hold him accountable?”
     --Newsweek’s  Eleanor Clift in a May 30 column,

 Hundreds Show for Hillary Clinton Signing

  Click  Here

 When Hillary eventually walked out into a waiting van, a crowd cheered from behind barricades across the street.
"It was definitely worth it," said Krystal Powell, an office assistant and Clinton admirer who waited more than
two hours for an autograph. More than 400 people had lined up before the 11 a.m. event at Barnes & Noble,
some after waiting through the night for a chance to chat with the former first lady on the book's first day in stores.

 Before the signing, Clinton told reporters at a Manhattan hotel that her critics could benefit from reading the book.
 "I don't know whether I can change anybody's mind, but I think if people read the book with an open mind they
 may be surprised, they may learn a few things, they may decide that maybe they weren't given a full picture of
 what had gone on," Clinton said.

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 Building  into a powerhouse could pay off.
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 Help build the anti-Bush network into something the media can't ignore and can't dismiss.

 Who's Accountable?
   by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

 Bush and Blair are trying to silence critics — many of them current or former intelligence analysts — who say
 that tthey exaggerated the threat from Iraq. Last week a Blair official accused Britain's intelligence agencies of
 plotting against the government. (Tony Blair's government has since apologized for January's "dodgy dossier.")
 In this country, Colin Powell has declared that questions about the justification for war are "outrageous."

 Yet dishonest salesmanship has been the hallmark of the Bush administration's approach to domestic policy.
 And it has become increasingly clear that the selling of the war with Iraq was no different.

 For example, look at the way the administration rhetorically linked Saddam to Sept. 11. As The AP put it:
"The implication from Bush on down was that Saddam supported Osama bin Laden's network. Iraq and the
 Sept. 11 attacks frequently were mentioned in the same sentence, even though officials have no good evidence
 of such a link." Not only was there no good evidence: according to The New York Times, captured leaders
 of Al Qaeda explicitly told the C.I.A. that they had not been working with Saddam.

 To answer the question - Bush is accountable to no one.
 As long as the press says he's telling the truth, he'll get away with it.
 As long as the Democrats remain silent, he'll get away with it.

   What Dubya wants, Dubya gets - he's our president!

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Newt Gingrich on Jon Stewart
Fresh 'The Osbournes' on MTV
Letterman will be taking time off this summer
'V' is returning to NBC
'Moneyline' has been renamed 'Lou Dobbs Tonight."
British censors finally allow 'The Trip' (1960's movie written by Jack Nicholson)
Kate Winslet married Sam Mendes
Pam Anderson's wake-up service
Will Soledad O'Brien be the next Paula Zahn?
Fan electrocuted at a  Snoop Dogg/Red Hot Chili Peppers concert
Jesse Ventura - a slow-study for MSGOP
And, the list of winners of the 2003 Tony Awards



“Something got screwed up in terms of your priorities if you think it’s more
  important to get rid of the dividend tax than it is to take care of 11 million kids.”
     --  David Broder on Meet the Whore 

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Tell us about it!


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“It’s the richest Americans – the top one percent – who get the lion’s share of the tax cuts, people like
 Treasury Sec John Snow Dick Cheney ....Eleven million children in families with incomes roughly between
 $10,000 and $26,000 a year will not be getting the check that was supposed to be in the mail this summer.
 Eleven million children punished for being poor, even as the rich are rewarded for being rich.”
    --Bill Moyers on Now 

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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