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Volume 1095 - Cowardly Frauds

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 Friday   June 20, 2003 


"We've been fighting for nearly 21 months - fighting the administration, the White House.
  As soon as we started looking for answers we were blocked, put off and ignored at every
  stop of the way. We were shocked. The White House is just blocking everything."
    --Monica Gabrielle, whose late husband was in Tower 2,

 Monica, you won't ever get the truth from this bunch.
 They are stealing billions, they have no time for honesty or accoutability.

'D.C. 9/11' Spins Fairy Tale of President on Tragic Day 
  Showtime Docudrama Depicts a Defiant, Decisive Bush

  Click  Here

 Sources here confirmed the generally heroic portrayal of the president and his aides,
 including the dramatic scene in which Bush is hopscotching the country in Air Force One
 as a security precaution. When a Secret Service agent questions the order to fly back to
 Washington by saying, "But Mr. President -- , " Bush replies firmly, "Try 'Commander in Chief.'
 Whose present command is: Take the president home!"

 Mother of Christ!

 They're going to pretend he acted like a man that day?

 He ran like a senate Democrat on September 11th.
 He was so scared, he delivered that I've-been-taken-hostage speech ON TAPE,
 because his handlers knew he was too shaken to let a live camera anywhere near him.

 At first panic, he flew to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana, then on to Nebraska.
 The fairy tale that he forcefully ordered the plane back to DC was obviously Karl Rove's work,
 because if he was the John Wayne he claims to be, he would've flown from Florida direct to DC.

 The trembling monkey continued to read the goddamn goat story to those kids for 30 minutes,
 then Rove later spun that into, "Right away, I knew America was under attack."
 Bush and Rove continue to lie, and the whore press continues to help them lie.

 I am so ashamed of the prostitutes that pretend they are journalists. Can we just get the facts
 - without the Rove inspired hero-worship of this cowardly, never-elected corporate fraud?

"I'm a war hero - people love that about me..."


"Nearly everyday, there’s something written on the Internet about me that’s flat out untrue.
  And I’m not alone. Nearly every famous person in the country’s under siege...The reason
  these net people get away with all kinds of stuff is that they work for no one. They put stuff up
  with no restraints. This, of course, is dangerous, but it symbolizes what the Internet is becoming...
  The Internet has become a sewer of slander and libel, an unpatrolled polluted waterway, where
  just about anything goes...So which is the bigger threat to America?  The big companies or the
  criminals at the computer? Interesting question."
      --Bill O'Reilly, whining like a bitch   Whinefest

 O'Reilly thinks people shouldn't have opinions that's not cleared by Mr Rove.

 Subject: The Chicxie Dix

 My girlfriend was given 4 tickets for the Dixie Chicks at the Garden tomorrow night.
 I am ashamed to be from the same country as the Dixie Chicks because they have
 apologized for saying they are ashamed they are from the same state as Dubya
 ( not to mention their music sucks).

 I am going to drop these traitors off at the Garden and then go downtown and drink
 with my good friend Mark Nassor until the concert is over and they call me to pick them up.
 Just thought you'd like to know. Unlike the Chicxie Dicks, I stand behind my beliefs.

 Did I mention I woudn't know them if I tripped over them?

 Rude Rich

"You don't want to make him mad."

 When Will House Republicans Call for Bush's Impeachment? 
  The Repubs will have to be the ones, because the Democrats are too cowardly to act

  Click  Here

 It has now become clear that President Bush lied to the American people in order to promote a war.
 That war continues and has already led to the death of thousands of Iraqi civilians, hundreds of U.S.
 soldiers and countless Iraqi soldiers. In truth, Bush’s lies are more than just lies. They are high crimes
 and the President should now be subject to impeachment.  Does anyone remember 1998?

“There is a visibility factor in the president's public acts, and those which betray a trust
  or reveal contempt for the law are hard to sweep under the rug..."
     -- Henry Hyde (R-Had a girlfriend)

“The truth is still the truth, and a lie is still a lie, and the rule of law should apply to everyone,
  no matter what excuses are made by the president's defenders…  Allowing the president to
  stand above the law opens invitations for more serious and more criminal behavior.”
    -- James Sensenbrenner (R-Too old for sex)

“The president of the United States sets atop of the legal pyramid. If there's reasonable doubt about his
  ability to faithfully execute the laws of the land, our future would be better off if that individual is removed.
   --  Lindsey Graham (R - Whoremonger, Hypocrite, Racist)

 Subject: Living History

 Bart, you wrote:

> The Nazi right can't stand the fact that Hillary's book is so big.
> Even before they read it, they branded it, "All lies."

 Don't forget "bowtie boy" Tucker Carlson of Crossfire has vowed to eat his shoes
 if Hillary sells a million copies. That alone convinced me to buy TWO!

 Larry by the Sea


"The resignation of Rand Beers from the NSC is giving off plenty of sparks. Just before the Iraq war began,
  Beers quit as one of the government's top counterterrorism officials. He's now joined Kerry's campaign and
  went public Monday in a Washington Post page-one profile, in which he branded the White House's Iraq policy
  an "ill-conceived and poorly executed strategy."

  That, apparently, was too much for Brit Hume, who on-air accused Beers of having falsely testified under oath
  about Colombian terrorists training at al Qaeda's Afghan camps, reports our David E. Kaplan. Now Hume is the
  one being attacked–by former Fox analyst Larry Johnson, who served with Beers at the State Department and
  insists Beers acted with the best intelligence then available. "You impugned Rand's integrity on your show by
  suggesting that he lied and had to correct his lie," Johnson wrote Hume in an E-mail titled "Reprehensible."
  He added, "Have you no shame?"

  In his response, Hume suggested that Johnson be "more careful in writing late-night messages based on what
  you imagine someone to have said." Johnson replied by citing the transcript and sending the exchange around town.
 "You are starting to sound like Bill Clinton trying to define 'sex'," wrote Johnson."
       --Paul Bedard,   Fox pundit lashes out at Brit Hume

 Questions for Smirk in the 2004 Presidential debates

Please explain how a 2 million ton steel aircraft carrier can float.
Please explain how a 20 ton airplane can fly.
Please explain how a propeller pushes a bass boat thru a lake.
Please explain how gasoline causes an automobile to move forward.

 Swear to Koresh, if he gave a half-ass answer to any of those questions,
 I would admit he's less stupid than I thought.


"I'm very disappointed in the press. I think it's disgusting the independent commission is doing the most
  important work for this nation and it's not even reported in the New York Times or on the nightly news.
  I've been scheduled to go on Meet the Press and Hardball so many times and I'm always canceled.
  Frankly I'd like nothing better than to go head to head with Dick Cheney on Meet the Press.
  Because somebody needs to ask the questions and I don't understand why nobody is."
    --Kristin Breitweiser, whose late husband was Tower 1, Bush's 9/11 coverup?

 TV graphic labels Bush 'professional fascist'
 Broadcaster apologizes for its 'completely unintentional mistake'

  Click  Here

 A graphic on an evening news broadcast identifying President Bush as
 a "professional fascist" has touched off confusion, apologies and an investigation.

 The estimated 360,000 viewers of New Zealand's TV3 news program last night
 were "surprised and confused" by the graphic, which was supposed to promote
 an upcoming weather report, the New Zealand Herald said.

 TV3 issued an apology for "a completely unintentional mistake"
 and said it is conducting a thorough probe into the matter.

 ha ha

 I know I've made mistakes like that.
 You try to do the weather, and then out of the blue,
 the "Bush = Nazi" graphic just JUMPS onto the screen -  ha ha

 Looks like New Zealand thinks like the rest of the world.

Dennis Miller can't stop shaking

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"An EPA report was cleansed by the White House for blaming smokestack and tail-pipe emissions
  for climate change. In place of that material, the White House sought to insert a study underwritten
  by the oil industry that questions the role of fossil fuels in global warming.  Bush is not the first president
  to allow political motives to color the information his government releases. But it's hard to remember one
  who was bolder about seeking to deceive Americans in order to serve his political backers. Bush's calculated
  manipulation of years of research gravely undermines his credibility in other areas. Does he only play fast
  and loose with the truth where oil is involved, or is every subject fair game?"
      --Opinion,   More revisionist history

"Fuck the environment - my family's gotta earn."

 Britney Out, Aniston New Top Forbes Celebrity

  Click  Here

 Pop princess Britney Spears learned on Thursday that fame can be fleeting as
 she disappeared from this year's Forbes Top 100 Celebrity List after last year's No. 1 spot.

 First off, the guy who wrote that is not qualified to write for bartcop.com
 That's an awful thing to say about someone who considers himself a writer.

 Second, they say Aniston made $35 million last year.
 We know she gets $100K per episode of Friends - did they do 350 shows in 2002?

 This Just In...

 I called the Bixby corn people last week and asked, "When is Christmas?"
 They said, "Call back next week, we'll know more."

 I called them last night, said, "Dude, when's the killer corn?"
 He said, "Saturday morning, the first crop comes in.
 You can't buy bushels, you can only buy individual ears."

  ha ha

 They don't have a clue how much I'd pay for each ear of Chinaco Maze!
 If you're new to the page, I'll kill for fresh, Bixby corn.
 I know other places have real good corn, too, but Bixby corn f-ing rocks!

 Filet Mignon?
 You can buy it every day of the year.

 Prime Rib?
 It's everywhere, nothing special about Prime Rib.

 But Bixby corn....

 On the left is the "Merit" strain - it once was king.
 In the middle is the "Calico" strain - that's what's available tomorrow.
 On the right, the "Silver Queen," - the Queen is the current king.

 If you take away Chinaco Anejo, South's Finest Chocolate, Bixby corn and Shirley,
 there's not much reason to go on, you know what I mean? .

 Foreclosures Hit Record High in 1st Qtr 

  Click  Here

 U.S. mortgages in foreclosure climbed to a record high in the first three months of 2003
 as job losses and personal bankruptcies forced more people out of their homes,
 a mortgage industry group said on Friday.

 Where are the Democrats?
 Why don't they do their jobs?
 Why are they cashing their paychecks if they refuse to work?

"Bart, ...Dubya knows how to handle the economy - besides, Mr Rove might not like it if we said anything..."

 You cowards!
 Do something!

 Bush Fries Climate Change Report

  Click  Here

 Undaunted by accusations of cooking the books for war, President Bush deep-fried the data on global warming.

 bartcop.com  reported yesterday that the White House took an environmental report by the EPA and deleted
 critical portions on climate change. The White House knocked out references to studies that directly mentioned
 industrial pollution and vehicle exhaust as contributors to global warming.

 Bush took out a phrase that said, ''Climate change has global consequences for human health and the environment.''
 He replaced it with gobbledygook. ''The complexity of the Earth system and the interconnections among its
 components make it a scientific challenge to document change, diagnose its causes, and develop useful
 projections of how natural variability and human actions may affect the global environment in the future.''

 That's handjob talk!

 Where are the Democrats?
 Why don't the job they were hired to do?
 Why are they cashing their paychecks if they don't want to do the work?

"But Bart, ...Dubya knows how to handle pollution - besides, Mr Rove might not like it if we spoke up..."

 You cowards!
 Do something!

Click to Enter

 Dueling Quotes

"One thing is certain: no terrorist network will gain WMD
  from the Iraqi regime because the Iraqi regime is no more."
   --The Cowboy, in his pilot costume, abord the USS Lincoln

"Weapons and explosives smuggled out of Iraq after the collapse of Saddam's regime
  may have ended up in the hands of al-Qaida militants in Saudi Arabia, according to
  Saudi officials and a former Iraqi army officer. Part of a major arms cache discovered
  by Saudi authorities during a May 6 raid in Riyadh appears to have come from Iraq,
  according to a Saudi official and the former Iraqi officer."
     --Mohamad Bazzi,   Iraqi Arms Tied to al-Qaida

 Down on our knees: An American tale
     by Walter Brasch          saw it on  smirkingchimp.com

  Click  Here

"When Bill Clinton came into office, after George H. W. Bush had led the nation into a series of domestic crises,
  there were 10 million unemployed, a federal debt that was four times greater than under Reagan/Bush, higher
  welfare and crime cases than ever before, massive environmental and MediCare cuts, and a $290 billion deficit.

 When Mr. Clinton left office eight years later, the nation had experienced the biggest economic expansion in history.
 More than 22 million new jobs were created, unemployment dropped to the lowest rate in 30 years, and welfare
 cases were down by almost half...However, because Intern Monica got down on her knees before Mr. Clinton
 who then lied about it, he was disgraced and impeached, though not convicted.

 When George W. Bush gets down on his knees before corporations and a phalanx of special interest lobbyists
 who tuck wads of dollar bills into his elastic campaign fund, then lies about the economy, innumerable domestic issues,
 and reasons to send American youth into war, we just nod our heads and tell him to keep sucking and spinning. Go figure."

"Kill this Brasch guy, and kill his smirking chimp, too.
 I haven't sucked anything since my Skull and Bones days..."

Counseling and Psychotherapy for
Individuals, Couples and Groups


"If you wonder why Iran and North Korea are in the spotlight, look no further than the Bush nuclear policy.
  Nations that once looked on America as the leading force in opposing nuclear proliferation, now see Bush
  as its main cause...This administration hates treaties. It believes the United States is powerful enough to
  dictate rules without being bound by them. Nations no longer see America as the foremost steward of
  nuclear sanity, but as a nation using nuclear arms to intimidate others."
       --James O. Goldsborough,  America doesn't need more nuclear weapons


 To:  info@johnkerry.com

 Cc:  bartcop@bartcop.com

 Subject: Thank You Mr. Kerry!!!!!!!!

 I want to thank you for finally standing up for the rest of us little people who really have no voice.
 The stolen 2000 Presidential Election is proof of that statement....

 I just got though reading my daily news from bartcop.com and I was reading where you felt that
 Bush mislead us into war.  It's nice to see a Democrat finally got on board with the majority of
 Americans who have gone unheard.

 I truly hope that you meant what you said about, "I will not let him off the hook throughout this campaign
 with respect to America's credibility and credibility to me because if he lied he lied to me personally."
 I hope that you can get something done about this BIG lie that he told because it's not the only one he's told,
 and you know that.  Go get'em Mr. Kerry.

 We need someone, too!
 Bart's getting tired of doing it alone.

 Dustin G
 Houston, TX by way of Tahlequah, OK

  Click  Here

 With this issue we celebrate our second anniversary.
 Who'da thunk two years ago we'd still be writing about WWII?

 Come to think of it, two years ago, who'da thunk we'd be in
 the middle of fighting World War III - and we'd be the bad guys?

 Project 60 Manager

Marty's E! page
Fresh BAGnews
Season premiere of 'Monk' on USA
Willie, Neil & Mellencamp in 'Farm Aid'
Another Elton John auction
Terminator is a gay icon?
Kate is making Goldie a grandmother
Pam dumps loser Kid Rock
Cher's farewell tour is kicking ass
And, Britney replaced by Jennifer



“The government grew under Reagan, but Reagan fought it.
  He did not want the government to grow like it did.
  It was not part of his plan to stimulate the economy.
  He vetoed spending bills left and right.”
     --Rush Limbaugh, with more bullshit.

 Rush, we've been over this before.
 The only way that makes sense is if the Democrats overrode Reagan's veto.
 Tell us which bills were made into law without his signature or stop lying.

 Have any of you heard about the felon in Springfield (home of crooked cops and judges)
 that was summarily executed by the local bacon using stun-guns, beanbag bullets, mace and batons?

 The local coroner who did the postmortem said that there was "no evidence" that the cops were
 responsible for the suspect's death. (Even tho' the suspect sustained 12 hits from stun guns,
 a half-dozen or so beanbags, and who knows how many batons and boots.)
  The media summarily closed the case.

 Even though the guy was a scumbag, and seriously deserved the IV-execution (he stabbed his girlfriend to death),
 I sorta thought that there was such a thing as 'due process' in this country.

 Oh shit, what, what, what was I thinking--this is Springfield, MO!


 Comment from Marc Perkel

 The cops own the local news media in Springfield.
 They all work together to cover up anything that would get people into trouble.
 That why I don't live there anymore.

The Bug Man

 Subject: Catholic Bashing?

  Click  Here

 International Law for (Republican) Dummies
     or   What everyone knows they know about Right and Wrong

  Click  Here

 You spoke to other neighbors about it, and they suggested you were overreacting,
 that the scientific community had dismissed this theory as bunk, but this convinced
 you more than ever that you were RIGHT, and their ignorance of the THREAT
 wasn't going to stop you from protecting yourself.

 Is Eldrick Woods losing any tournaments this weekend?

 He could win if he plays and I don't know about it...


"Here we lose a good law enforcement guy, Charles Moose, because of some policy
  that won’t allow him to write a book, yet Hillary Clinton gets to stay in the Senate
  despite her book. There's no justice. It just isn't fair.”
     --Rush Limbaugh

 Wahh!!!  It's not fair!

 Wahh!!!  It's all Hillary's fault!

 Wahh!!!  Women shouldn't be allowed to work!

 No Rush, it's just more greed.
 Moose is leaving because he wants money and fame more than he wants to be a cop.

 Orrin Hatch - software pirate?
  saw this on  wired.com   by Leander Kahney

 Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) suggested Tuesday that people who download copyright materials
 from the Internet should have their computers automatically destroyed.

 But Hatch himself is using unlicensed software on his official website,
 which presumably would qualify his computer to be smoked by the system he proposes.

"I hearby give Orrin a Presidential Pardon."

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 They can't shut us up if we're subscriber-supported.

 Building  into a powerhouse could pay off.

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“There is fraud in California but more than that, there is incompetence.
  They have raised taxes out there to the point that people are hopeless.”
    --Rush Limbaugh, forgetting recent history.

 First, California was doing great when we had a responsible president.
 When the Ignorant Thief raped the Treasury, the whole country went into a tailspin.

 Second, and this is a guess because I don't get much California news, but California
 was getting raped by Bush's friend Kennyboy to the tune of $500 million per day.

 At the time, Rush blamed the liberals like he always does, but time proved it was
 Kennyboy, with expressed permission from the Never-elected "president,"
 who caused much of California's budget troubles.  Bush refused to intervene
 because he said, "market forces were at work."


 It wasn't market forces, it was Republican greed,
 and Davis is taking the heat for it now.

 Subject: Chief Moose

 Bartcop -

 I was a police officer for 15 yrs before coming here..
 I got to tell ya, its not that easy to catch anybody, anytime, when you don't know what you're looking for.

 If people knew how easy it was to commit crime, there would be alot more of it. We get lucky occasionally,
 and we only catch the dumb ones..Including the two beltway snipers. They were sleeping in a rest area..
 Thats just begging to be checked by the police on "routine" patrol. A smart sniper would of hid out in the woods
 beyond the rest area, and would of forgone his comfort..(think whats his name in the Atlanta bombing)
 That guy knew how to hide out. If you are smart, and don't mind discomfort, you can hide from law enforcement
 a very long time..It just depends how long you want to avoid human contact. You've heard the term "hiding in plain sight?"
 Well, that applies to most all criminals..We only catch them when they screw up, bad luck, etc..

 Otherwise I think its ludicrous to believe this Chief Moose drug this out to see some more killed..
 He just had to wait until good routine, (see, theres that word again..it is what solves most crimes)
 police work turned something up. Yes, he is cashing in now, but what good democrat wouldn't??
 (sorry, I couldn't resist.)

 Take care BC..
 Bart Carr

 How do we know it didn't happen?
 There should be a way to guard against that, which is why they have the rule, I guess.
  It doesn't rub you the wrong way that he's making these deals, against policy or rules or whatever?

 This story had "juicy" written all over it from the start, and it got bigger (and better for Moose's wallet)
 everytime another person died.

 Remember Bart's Law #2
 Any time a person or entity makes a "mistake" that puts extra money in their pocket,
 expect them to make that "mistake" again and again and again.
 That's why refineries have fires now and then, because a fire allows them
 to scream "unexpected shortage" so they can gouge us on the price of gas.

 In this case, each day Moose failed to make an arrest put more money in Moose's pocket.
 That is extra creepy, but it's good to hear varied opinions on issues - thanks.


 This issue could've been better, but my right arm is killing me.
 I just cleaned up what was there and hit "send."

 Also, I've been working on the big premier of 
 It's mostly put together, but I'll have to do the vocals Monday morning,
 so look for that Monday afternoon at   http://www.bartcop.com/members

"Some people are just lazy and don't want to work."

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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