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Volume 1094 - Power-mad killers

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 Thursday   June 19, 2003 


''The president has every confidence in the intelligence and that weapons will be found,'
 'The president has full faith in Director Tenet.''
   -- Ari Fleischer (R-Forked Tongue)

 So, they're going to blame it all on Tenet, and he'll resign to give Bush cover.
 As always, Bush is never held accountable for anything he kills or steals.

 Ex-CIA director: Bush stretched facts on Iraq 

  Click  Here

 Former CIA director Stansfield Turner accused Bush of ''overstretching the facts''
 about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in making its case for invading that country.

 Turner's broadside adds the retired admiral's name to a list of former intelligence
 professionals concerned that the CIA and its intelligence reports were manipulated to justify the war.

 Turner said, ''There is no question in my mind (Bush) distorted the situation, either
 because he had bad intelligence or because he misinterpreted it.''

"You can't touch me - nobody can. I'm King George."


"It's been 639 days since Bush said he'd catch Osama bin Laden 'Dead or Alive!'"
        --posted at Counterspin Central, 06/18/03

"...but, I've been busy with my oil ventures..."

 No Fun with Math

 It seems like every day another American soldier dies in Bush's fake war.

 A quick glance at the record tells us:

Reagan got 240 Marines killed in Lebanon in 1983 after insisting they be housed on land
                  instead of on ships where pickups full of dynamite can't reach them.
Bush the smarter got 150 killed in Iraq after Ambassador Glaspie told Saddam he could take Kuwait.
Bush the dumber got 175 killed in Iraq, so far, with his insatiable hardon for Saddam's oil.

 ...but all anybody ever talks about are the 18 who Bush the smarter sent to Somalia.

 Those 18 deaths in Clinton's term mean everything to the GOP-controlled media,
 but the 565 who died under Republicans are forgotten because they can't blame Clinton.

 To the GOP-controlled media, 18 is much, much bigger then 565.
 You see, it's not about honoring those brave men for their sacrifice.

 It's about making money feeding the Clinton hate machine.

 Chief Moose Steps Down After Book Clash
  He's ready to cash in on the bodies of the murdered

  Click  Here

 Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose, who led the hunt for the Beltway Sniper,
 resigned Wednesday after a clash with county politicians over his upcoming book on the investigation.

 In March, the county ethics commission ordered him to drop the project and barred him serving as
 a consultant on a movie about the sniper case, saying a county employee may not profit on the side from his official duties.

 The commission also said the book could undermine the prosecution in the sniper case by catering to
 "the public's thirst for all of those `inside' details."

 A book and a movie?  How much is Moose going to make from this tragedy?
 Like Osama and Dubya, that sniper was the best thing to ever happen to Chief Moose.

 I've never liked this guy, and my suspicions were confirmed beyond a doubt when they called
 the press conference to tell America if the suspect they had was, indeed, the Beltway sniper.
 Moose preened onstage like he was Paula Jones, begging for the spotlight - he was swimming in it.

 At that press conference, he could've opened with, "We have the Beltway Snipers," but nooooooooooooooooo.
 He was soaking up the applause, mugging for the cameras, shaking hands, giving speeches - it went on forever.
 I really, really wanted to know if they had the guy, so the entire country could exhale, but this arrogant knucklehead
 kept posing for the cameras, no doubt the book and movie money was swirling around in his head like a whirlpool.

 He dragged this pitiful performance on forever and ever.
 I eventually changed the channel, because I couldn't take it anymore.
 I was surprised I could muster that much disgust for someone I hardly was aware of.

 But it gets worse than that.

 What if this greedy publicity hound had book and movie money swirling in his head DURING the manhunt?
 How do we know he didn't "sweeten the pot," a little or a lot?   How do we know he didn't disregard important clues,
 so the story (and the book and movie money) would maybe buy him TWO new houses instead of just one?

 Let's pick a figure, say $2 million, that he'll get for the movie and book deals on the 13 murder victims.
 If Moose had caught the snipers after just three murders, that $2M might have only been $400,000.
 But if 25 had been murdered, would his reward have been $4M?  I don't like this one damn bit.

 How do we know this publicity-hungry opportunist didn't see bigger dollar signs with each victim?

 E-Mail Bart  if you disagree.

 Bart... step away from the Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum.
 put the shot glass down... and never look back.

 What the hell is a man of your stature doing with swill such as that?

 It was a joke.


"Simon & Schuster has declared 'Living History' to be the top-selling adult nonfiction book ever,
  based on first-week sales of 600,000 copies. An additional 500,000 copies have been ordered on
  top of an extraordinary initial printing of 1 million copies, the publisher said."
      -- Associated Press

 The vulgar Pigboy says S&S are lying. He claims to have a "secret source," who said
 S&S didn't print that many, because they had nowhere to store a million books.


 How about storing them on outbound UPS trucks?

 The Nazi right can't stand the fact that this book is so big.
 Even before they read it, they branded it, "All lies."

 Plus, remember Rush's "guarantee," that Hillary would never mention Monica?
 Rush gives out "guantees" as often as Nancy Grace.

 Kerry: Bush Misled Americans on War
  It's almost like the Democrats have found  bartcop.com !

  Click  Here

 John Kerry said Bush broke his promise to build a coalition against Saddam,
 and then waged a war based on questionable intelligence.

 ha ha
 We know that last part is true :)

 "He misled every one of us," Kerry said.
 "That's one reason why I'm running to be president."

"I will not let him off the hook throughout this campaign with respect to America's credibility
 and credibility to me because if he lied he lied to me personally," he said.


 I might get a part-time job at McDonald's just to send Kerry campaign money.
 ...not really, but damn - how long have we waited for this?

 You see how easy that was?
 All Kerry did was speak up, and he made major, nationwide news.

 A shot of Chinaco Anejo for John Kerry for earning his paycheck this week.

 Where are the other Democrats?


"If media companies want to boost ratings and credibility at the same time, they should
  follow the lead of New York Times columnists Paul Krugman and Nicholas D. Kristof
  and make weapons of mass destruction the top story of the summer. Not only has Bush
  exaggerated the evidence that Iraq had WMD, but now that news of their lies has leaked out,
  the pro-war camp is spinning like mad. The odds of exposing a major cover-up are looking
  very good indeed...In retrospect, the Bush administration's most publicized war stories have
  all been the products of smoke and mirrors. Contrary to the initial hype, the Hussein
 "decapitation strike" turned up no bodies and no bunkers. Chemical Ali walked out alive.
  Jessica Lynch was never shot, stabbed, or tortured by Iraqis. And despite all the hot tips
  Ahmad Chalabi spoon-fed to New York Times reporter Judith Miller, the WMD search
  teams have not found a single silver bullet or smoking gun. The war on Iraq is a Byzantine
  puzzle that begins and ends with a lie. The media have an obligation to expose it."
     --Cynthia Cotts   Reason to Deceive

 Subject:paying a tithe

 My wife and I wanted to have our child baptised Catholic (actually she wanted it, I really didn't care).
 I was Methodist and divorced and my wife had never been married so this was all my problem.

 We went to talk with the parish priest about it and he said it wasn't impossible but he wouldn't do
 the deed unless I went through 6 months of conversion classes and paid the parish $3000.

 Until that day I had never cussed at a priest, but it felt good to tell the fucker, "fuck you."
 I became an atheist that day.

 Stephen D

 Before anyone writes to accuse me of being a Catholic basher, be ready to prove this story and
 my radio story are both false.  Better you should spend that energy asking your priest why the
 Catholic Church seels absolution to whoever can afford it.

 This is nothing but a scam.

 And as long as I'm going to catch hell for it anyway...

 That bishop in Arizona who killed that guy with a hit-and-run?
 He knew God was watching. If he's any kind of Catholic, he knew that for a FACT!
 How in hell can you drive away from a killing and have a relationship with God?
 That tells me the bishop possibly doesn't believe there is a God.

 This same bishop had just made a deal to avoid prosecution for serial child molestation.
 He secretly relocated raping priests in unsuspecting parishes - he organized these rapes.
 He arranged for these rapes to happen, to some degree. Maybe Keating was right.

 So, Phoenix has a new bishop.
 I wonder if he believes in God?

Dennis Miller can't stop shaking

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"I think that the amount of money that candidates raise in our democracy
  is a reflection of the amount of support they have around the country."
     --Ari Fletcher, with a straight face

 Ari knows that whoever has the most money has the best ideas.

"Ari's our boy - we paid top-dollar for him."

 From: pleasure@aol.com

 Subject: Who's more LIKELY to be LYING ?

 Who's more likely to be lying:
 a man who has the whole world watching his every move,
 or some twerpy hate-monger with a backwater webpage
 who nobody even knows who he is ?

 The correct answer is so totally obvious I needn't say more !

 But I did just put an end to THAT argument.

 Sir or Madam, all you have to do is follow the money.
 There is 11 trillion dollars missing from the United States Treasury.

 You think *II stole that money?

 You say the whole world is watching Bush?  Could be, but who is saying,
"Stop, you're killing too many people!"
"Stop, that oil doesn't belong to you!"
"Stop, you're bankrupting America with those crazy tax cuts for the super-ruch!"

 Nobody but the twerpy "hate-monger" with a backwater webpage and a few other web sites.

 By the way, if you ever want your ass kicked, I debate dittoheads in the live BartCop Chat room.

 Other weapons distracted people


 June 18, 2003

 Enough is enough. I have decided, after much thought, that I can no longer support the party
 I have been a member of since I cast my first vote some 35 years ago.

 The iceberg that sank my Republican Party Titanic was WMDestruction or rather the non-existence thereof.
 I, like millions of other Americans, supported the war on Iraq because we were told and believed that Saddam
 was a threat to America and the security of the world.

 There is nothing like a good war to take our minds off the real problems at home. Never mind the cost to the
 national economy or the anguish of thousands of families at home worrying about their sons and daughters
 fighting and dying in a far-off place. I was one of those who worried, but I was proud when my son,
 an Air Force captain, was sent to Iraq to do his duty.

 Now I realize that I should have been concerned about WED, a three-fold acronym that stands for Weapons
 of Economic Destruction, Weapons of Environmental Destruction and Weapons of Educational Destruction:
 the tax bill that benefits almost exclusively the wealthy, the shameful legislation that postpones the Everglades
 cleanup and the total disregard for the educational needs of our children despite lip service to the contrary.

 The Brothers Bush and their corporate cronies, who wield these weapons, have made me take a hard look
 at who I want to govern this state and this country. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

 S.L. Smith

   "Stop picking on Dubya!         He'd never lie to us!                 He's our president!        And a war-time hero, too!"

 Castro victim to Miami Radio DJs prank
  You'll like this one

  Click  Here

 The DJs sought help from Castro in tracking down a suitcase containing secret documents
 "Chavez" said he lost during the leaders' recent trip to Argentina.

 Eventually, a man posing as a Chavez aide asked Castro: "Do you agree with the shit on the island, murderer?"
 and added, "You fell for it ... the whole of Miami is listening to you, Fidel Castro."

"What did I fall for, you shit?" the irate Cuban leader answered, adding further crude expletives,  including
 references to the anatomy of the host's mother. Castro eventually hung up, ending the 25-minute conversation.

 ha ha

 What's more fun than f-ing with brutal, murdering dictators?
 I don't know - I do it every day!

 ha ha

 Serious Sidebar:
 It it was worth losing 175 American lives "to free the Iraqi people,"
 why doesn't Bush free his 90-mile neighbors in Cuba, instead?

 Rush says "Freedom comes from God," which begs the question,
"What does God have against the people of Cuba?"

Click to Enter

 So if you're Jewish, and you find yourself possessed by the Catholic's devil,
 do you look for the closest 'Catholic Exorcism specialist,' ...or just call your Rabbi?

 I asked Tommy Mack this question, and he replied, "Jews don't get possessed."

 ha ha

 Jews don't  do  the whole possesssion thing?

 Good for them!
 Since there is no Devil (Get real, people!) there's no need for any exorcisms.

Counseling and Psychotherapy for
Individuals, Couples and Groups

 Dave rode a Segway on last night's show.

 He didn't fall off because he's not a clueless moron.

Marty's E! page
A 6th season for 'The Sopranos'
Les Paul & B.B. King
Thanks to Hillary, Letterman beat Leno
Rock & Roll Fantasy camp
Stan Lee, Lou Ferrigno & 'The Hulk'
Ex-managers suing Michael Chiklis
The New York Daily News, sued by Harry Potter
And sports didn't help ABC/Disney in the ratings last week



 Independent 9-11 Panel Seeks Documents 

  Click  Here

 Delving deeper than Congress' inquiry, the independent commission investigating the
 Sept. 11 attacks has made far-reaching requests for documents from Bush and does not
 expect Bush to invoke executive privilege, officials say.

 Bush has made clear in prior investigations unrelated to terrorism that it intends to protect
 executive privilege, the doctrine that a president is entitled to confidential advice from his
 aides that he may keep from congressional or judicial bodies.

 Bush will fight with everything he had to stonewall this investigation.
 He can't let the truth about 9-11 get out, and expect to be elected again.

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"By now youíve heard of the boxing match that O.J. Simpson and Joey Buttafuco might have.
  O.J. has set up a few ground rules for the fight. He wonít fight unless Buttafuco wears a blonde wig."
      --  Leno

 White House rewrites EPA Report on Climate Changes
  Why bother to get the facts if the anti-education Monkey just changes them?

  Click  Here

 The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to publish a draft report next week on the environment,
 but after editing by the White House, a long section describing risks from rising global temperatures has
 been whittled to a few noncommittal paragraphs.

 The editing eliminated references to many studies concluding that warming is at least partly caused by
 rising concentrations of smokestack and tail-pipe emissions and could threaten health and ecosystems.

 Bush is taking bribes from our biggest polluters to allow them to rape the environment.
 Can we get some Democrats to raise some hell about this?

          Rape me                             Pollute me                      Drill me                       Kill me                                   Trash me

"Hey, fuck the environment - this is about my family making more money!"

 Faux Andy passes it on.
    by James Higdon

  Click  Here

 I got an e-mail from a dear friend last week.  The e-mail contained an
 article attributed to Andy Rooney, saying "Andy Rooney tells it like it is!"
 I knew halfway through that Rooney never wrote the article because,
 while it followed in a similar curmudgeon rhythm, it was just so unlike Andy.
 But this is a new type of right wing "plagiarism."  The idea is not to pass on
 someone else's work with one's own name on it, but to put someone's credible
 name on one's own easily dismissed work.  The idea being that if it comes
 from someone we like, we will be less eager to throw it in the trash.

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"It must be tough to be Dick Morris. No R will hire you to perform your chosen profession,
  political consultant, because you worked for President Clinton and paid big money to lick the
  athlete's foot fungus from the soles of a prostitute. No D will hire you because you worked for
  Trent Lott and Jesse Helms and paid big money to lick the athlete's foot fungus from the soles
  of a prostitute. With disclosure laws, no sane pol or PAC would even pay you under the table
  for a consult. Even Payless Shoe Source wouldn't hire you, due to liability issues. Your only
  remaining career option is to sell personal tales, true or not, concerning the Clintons to the
  wingnut media. As soon as you exhaust those stories, your only source of income dries up.
  And the longer the President is out of office, every new tale will have people asking
 "Why did he wait so long to tell that one, if it's true?" Then there's the difficulty in keeping
  your stories straight. As Joe Conason points out, Dickie Footjoy has now told three versions
  of an encounter with Bill Clinton, and admits that the version he told in a 1997 book was false.
  So you have zero credibility. You are now just one sorry-ass Dick."
     -- the non-Nazi Roger Ailes,  http://rogerailes.blogspot.com

 Test of Missile System Misses Target
  Another test, another miss. Call us if you get a hit?

  Click  Here

 A missile fired from a Navy cruiser missed its airborne target Wednesday
 in an unsuccessful test of a sea-based missile defense system, the Defense Department said.

 It was the second consecutive failed missile test over the Pacific after a series of successful
 strikes in the past 2 1/2 years, and the first failure of a sea-based test.

 Critics have questioned whether Bush's goal is feasible and whether the
 threat of attack is sufficient to justify the expense.

"It's not about building a shield to protect America.
  It's about my friends getting billions to "research" a shield."

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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