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Volume 1093 - Utopian Anarchists

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 Wednesday   June 18, 2003 


"I know there's a lot of revisionist history going on.
  But Saddam is no longer a threat to the free world,"
    -- Bloody Bush, at a community college in a Washington suburb

 Hey George, that little Baghdad kid with his arms blown off?
 He's no longer a threat to us either.

 I wish this country understood that we have a monster in the White House.
 It's not a blow job monster, either.
 It's a "They're all dead, ...now watch this drive!" monster.

 Dean: Probe of Bush's Statements on Iraq 
  Pistol's firing, Dean wants Bush to explain his fake war

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 Howard Dean on Tuesday called for an independent investigation of Bush and his
 justification for the war against Iraq, arguing that the commander in chief misled the country.

"I think the president owes this country an explanation because what the president said was
 not entirely truthful, and he needs to explain why that was," Dean said in an interview with AP.

"It appears to me that what the president did was make a decision to go into Iraq sometime
 in early 2002, or maybe even late 2001, and then try to get the justification afterward."

"Kill that Al Qaeda and bring his head to me at the Oval Office."


"I guess if Ari had to rebel, being a Republican is better than being on drugs, but not by much."
     -Alan Fleischer, Ari Fleischer's father and a life-long democrat

"Ari has a good mouth..."

 Regulate the F.C.C.
  by, of all people, William Safire

  Click  Here

 Here's what happened: a single media giant, up to now allowed to own television stations reaching
 slightly more than a third of the nation's viewers, will soon — thanks to Floodgate — be able to
 reach nearly half, a giant's giant step toward 100 percent "penetration." And as for "cross-ownership"
 — the ability for newspapers to buy TV and radio stations in the same city and vice versa — the F.C.C.
 as much as said "c'mon in, local domination by a media powerhouse is fine."

 Now it's up to Congress to overturn the ruling by the roundheeled F.C.C. On Thursday, Senate
 Commerce will mark up a bill put forward by Ted Stevens, Republican of Alaska, to roll back the
 penetration to 35 percent. It will be amended by Byron Dorgan, Democrat of North Dakota, to
 roll back the cross-ownership.

 Subject: Clinton's corrupt presidency

 After three years of research, I've discovered that one thing the wing nuts is saying is true
 -- Clinton's presidency was the most corrupt until Bush.

 Why do I say this?  After sufficient research I discovered that the Office of Independent Counsel
 falls under the jurisdiction of the Executive Branch.  That's right -- Ken Starr officially worked for Clinton,
 and his office was indeed more corrupt than Nixon, Reagan and Bush I together.

 So when someone tells me about Clinton's presidency being the most corrupt in history,
 I can let them know that they're right!  Clinton's OIC set vast new records for corruption.



"There's about as much ideological diversity on talk radio today in the US
  as there was in Stalin's Soviet Union in 1934. I mean, it's not just right wing,
  it's very far to the right."
    --Eric Alterman,

 Weapons Of Mass Stupidity
  Fox News hits a new lowest common denominator

  Click  Here

 Fox News is an oxymoron and Cheech and Chong would have made a more credible team of war
 correspondents than Geraldo Rivera and Ollie North. Neither Saturday Night Live nor the 1973
 film Network, Paddy Chayefsky's corrosive satire of TV news, could even approach the comic
 impact of Geraldo embedded, or of Fox's pariah parade, its mothball fleet of experts who always
 turn out to be disgraced or indicted Republican refugees. If Ed Meese, Newt Gingrich and Elliott
 Abrams couldn't fill your sails with mirth, you could count on the recently deposed Viceroy of
 Virtue and High Regent of Rectitude, my old schoolmate Blackjack Bill Bennett.


"...this president -- unlike Ronald Reagan and the elder George Bush -- can operate
  with confidence that Republican control of Washington will provide him eight years to pursue
  his economic agenda. This is because the 2002 redistricting gave Republicans a lock on the
  House until 2012 and the Founding Fathers gerrymandered the Senate for GOP control.
  In the 50-50 election that was 2000, Bush carried 30 states and Al Gore 20. Over time, a
  reasonably competent Republican Party will tend to [elect] 60 Republicans in the Senate.
  This guarantee of united Republican government has allowed the Bush administration to
  work and think long-term."
    --Grover G. Norquist

 No, the Democrat's refusal to fight back is what's giving Bush a free ride.
 These cowards are stealing money. They cash their paychecks but
 they refuse to represent their.constituencies back home.

 Subject: You put the wrong Democrat in a tutu

 Hey Bartcop,

 I typically find your webpage very funny, but I take serious issue with you lumping Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI)
 with the tutu-wearing Democrats. Feingold is the finest Senator we've got -- he is the only one to vote against
 (lists many of Fiengold's good qualities.)

 My two cents,

 RG, sounds like we're on the same team.
 My point is - where is Russ Fiengold right now, this very minute?
 Why isn't he calling a press conference to demand that Bush be held accountable for something?

 They crucified Clinton for a  blow job.

 Bush and his fake war got many Americans killed, and nobody cares?
 That's not worth Feingold raising his voice?  Where is the Feingold warrior?

 Bush is borrowing money to give to the super-rich.
 Where is Feingold?  What is he waiting for?

 Last I heard, we were $7 trillion in debt, isn't that right?
 Maybe the Democrats are waiting for Bush to steal another three trillion
 before they stand up and say, "This is crazy and it stops today?"

Dennis Miller can't stop shaking

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"Why mince words? These are the facts: 1) Bush is a liar, 2) Powell is a liar, 3) Rumsfeld is a liar,
  4) Condoleezza Rice is a liar. To the above facts we might add these: There are no WMD in Iraq,
  none were there when our war against Iraq began, and none will be found unless we plant them there.
 These are the conclusions one could reasonably reach after reading Rep. Henry Waxman's web site,
  the section about forged documents used as a justification for war. One might also conclude that
  Waxman has found the smoking gun that could -- and should -- bring down Bush. Even if you assume
  all that is good, should we tolerate being lied to on such major issues? Waxman is on to something.
  He's caught the Bushies in baldfaced lies. But even though he's a powerful congressman, he's just
  one man, and he can be shunted aside. What we need, I believe, is a hue and cry in this country to
  match the hue and cry that went up when Bill Clinton lied about sex. We shouldn't leave Waxman
  dangling out there all by himself. He needs our support. For the sake of our country's future, we
  should expose the White House liars for what they are."
     --Harley Sorensen,   The War Built On A Lie

"I want all liberal reporters killed - That's an order."

 Frankie, Frankie say it ain’t so!!!!
    by Richard L. Fricker

  Click  Here

 But alas, Frank’s fortunes seem to have fallen. After calling teachers slugs and saying
 the best method of dealing with teachers was homicide  Frank has, to put it not too succinctly,
 pissed off the pope. But, that’s ok he once described the Pope as a nice old man who misread
 the Catechism when he opposed the death penalty. As with his fellow Republican Governors,
 George Pataki and George W. Bush, Frank got a real buzz out of killing people. Nothing like
 hauling a unarmed man out of a cell, strapping him to a table and then hiring someone to kill
 him for you. Those rites of passage just aren’t what they used to be.

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Ancestry.com  says the Never-Elected Usurper is related to Colin Powell.

 Damage Control at The New York Times 
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 So why didn’t The Times ever report Schaffer’s 1987 effort to persuade federal
 regulators to close Madison’s doors? Because, Lelyveld writes, she’d taken no
 action until after the Feds kicked McDougal out on July 11, 1986: “From 1984
 to 1986 Ms. Schaffer had the power to suspend McDougal herself and didn’t
 use it while Madison Guaranty flirted with insolvency.”

 This is doubly false. Schaffer took office in 1985, months after federal and state
 regulators settled a disputed 1984 audit with Madison. After the next audit in 1986,
 her office helped give McDougal the heave-ho. “At the [July 11, 1986] meeting,”
 she wrote Gerth, “we jointly confronted the Board with the findings of self-dealing
 and insider abuse….It was a long and confrontational meeting. The Madison
 Guaranty Board members appeared stunned.”

 I confirmed Schaffer’s account with Federal Home Loan Bank Board officials
 quoted in Fools for Scandal. Oddly, The Times never did.

 They keep running that fantastic Victoria's Secret commercial late at night.

 All those supermodels, writhing around in bra and panty, while the announcer
 says they have bras for some low figure and panties for $2.99.

 I mean, what would Heidi Klum look like in three dollar panties?

 ...hold on, ...I need to study that for a few minutes...

 Subject: Here's some "monkeymail" for you

  Click  Here

 2.  The Democratic Party is organized crime on a rocket-sled, and its principals must
 be captured and incarcerated for the good of the nation.

 ha ha
 Dude, you're like manna from Heaven.
 I've been looking for a co-host for my radio show.

 You ever done any radio?
 No problem - me neither!

 I'll give you $500 a week - we're gonna be sooooo rich!
 One thing - you have act be just like you're acting now.
 ha ha

Counseling and Psychotherapy for
Individuals, Couples and Groups

 The Greatest Sedition Is Silence:
 Four Years in America
 by William Rivers Pitt    Introduction by Greg Palast

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 I've made a decision

 I know this will shock some people but I've made an important decision.
 Anton, drum roll...

 I'm qutting Chinaco Anejo - I've found something better.

 Yes, it's true. I've found Captain Morgan's Spicy Rum.
 This stuff is so good, their domain name is rum.com
 I mean, please...  ...to get that domain name, this stuff must be good, right?

 Of course, it tastes like melting dry ice burning thru your mouth lesions, but if you're
 drinking Captain Morgan rum, the company sends over this guy to party with you.


 The highlight of the evening, is when The Captain (he always stays in character, too!)
 leads you to several nearby bus stops so you can draw a lil' red mustache and whiskers
 on the public posters, ...and then run away!   How you gonna put a price on that?


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"We are in a nearly no-win situation because Bush demagogically shifted the fears brought on by 9/11
  to justify the invasion of a nation that represented scant military threat to the U.S.   This and other
  glaring contradictions have been obscured by yammering talk-show yahoos who have been attempting
  to equate dissent with treason and capitulation...Unfortunately, this narrow intolerance for debate has
  been exemplified by our president, whose vituperative attacks on longtime democratic allies such as
  France and Germany set a new low for American diplomacy. Further, Bush's belief -- according to his
  close friend, Commerce Secretary Don Evans -- that God has called him to wage war on Iraq, leaves
  little room for legitimate argument. When our leaders believe they are speaking for a Christian God
  while invading a Muslim country, we should be deeply alarmed. Thus the debate over U.S. goals is
  as warranted now as it ever has been."
     --Robert Scheer,  The View From the Throne

 Why do Bush-loving Christians believe that God wanted W to have Iraq's oil? Whatever happened to:
 "Thou shalt not steal?
   Thou shalt not kill?
   Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods?"

 Those don't apply to never-elected, power-hungry killers?

 Subject: American Reality
  by Phillip Schuman

  Click  Here

 As vital as defense of the country is, the military cannot be put on a pedestal
 and given a pass. It has been misused more often than not. As much as we can
 honor the service of our young men and women in the military, the purposes for
 which they risk and sacrifice life and limb are not ones they choose, and like
 the rest of America, they have been betrayed at the top. Gen. Butler, Commandant
 of the Marine Corps and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, called
 war a racket, and our military interventions, acting as high class muscle enforcers
 for the money boys at City National Bank (now CitiBank) and Chase.

Marty's E! page
Harper's Weekly Review
Reader Review of 'The Eagles' in Tallahassee
Jackdaw, the ill-begotten sons of Johnny Cash & Angus Young
Rumors of a Simon & Garfunkel tour
Lollapalooza canceled its opening date
Angelina Jolie joins the 'got milk' campaign
Gil Grissom of CSI was married in Italy
Aaron Sorkin & Maureen Dowd
City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco is 50 years old
Orrin Hatch, copyrights & the remote destruction of computers
Prime-time ratings
And, a Milton, Massachusetts hospital window


 Subject: bartcop on a blackberry

 Hey Bart
 I'm testng a blackberry (wireless palm device) for work.

 One of the features I'm testing is the ability to have a url converted to text.
 Well, bartcop.com works great!  I don't see the pictures nor can I "click" oin links,
 but there's plenty of reading enjoyment.

 Don S

 You kids keep coming up with these newfangled machines!
 I've never even heard of a blackberry.


"Why did the CIA say that they had provided detailed information to the UN inspectors
  on all of the high and medium suspect sites with the UN, when they had not? Did the CIA
  act in this way in order not to undermine administration policy? Was there another
  explanation for this? ... It undermines the credibility of the director of intelligence to be
  making public statements relative to intelligence which are not factually accurate."
      --Senator Carl Levin, the top Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee

 Senator, instead of asking that question into the air, why not put the people who know under oath?
 And if they don't like it, not have the Democrats walk out of the Senate until you get what you want.


 Short: I was briefed on Blair's secret war pact 

  Click  Here

"Senior figures in the intelligence community and across Whitehall briefed the former international
 development secretary Clare Short that Tony Blair had made a secret agreement last summer with
 George Bush to invade Iraq in February or March, she claimed yesterday. In damning evidence to
 the foreign affairs select committee, Ms Short refused to identify the three figures, but she cited their
 authority for making her claim that Mr Blair had actively deceived the cabinet and the country in
 persuading them of the need to go to war ."

Howard Dean (Our next president?)  and The Woof!


"If we can find some way to do this without destroying their machines, we'd be interested
  in hearing about that. If that's the only way, then I'm all for destroying their machines.
  If you have a few hundred thousand of those, I think people would realize" the seriousness
  of their actions. There's no excuse for anyone violating copyright laws."
     --Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, endorsing technology that would destroy your computer
        if Lars from Metallica thinks you illegally downloaded "Seek and Destroy".

 Try Telling Clark He’s Not a Patriot
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 All those factors explain the sudden appeal of Wesley Clark, the retired general,  television commentator
 and political flirt who has yet to declare his interest in the Presidency or even his partisan affiliation. In theory,
 he personifies the Democratic answer to the Rove strategy. A native Arkansan, Mr. Clark graduated first
 in his class from West Point, won several service decorations, went to Oxford as a Rhodes scholar, and
 completed his Army career with victory in Kosovo and four stars as supreme allied commander of NATO.
 Aside from Mr. Kerry, he is the only candidate with real military experience—and that includes both the
 incumbent President and the Vice President, each of whom found a way to avoid their generation’s war.

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“The 70s were an abject mess. The music was rotten; the movies were rotten.
  There was nothing redeemable about the 70s. It was one of the most empty decades I can recall.”
    --Rush Limbaugh,

  That's really extra stupid - even for Rush.

 Hey BartCop,
 I read your site everyday. I really enjoy the humor and study the commentary looking for a way out
 of "THIS MESS FROM TEXAS".  Like the Dixie Chicks, I am ashamed that "duh" calls himself a Texan,
 but I take some solace in the fact that he also thinks he is a war hero who was elected.

 Can you stop blaming Nader and the Green party and concentrate on defeating the B.F.E.E.???
 That is my first priority these days and I am trying to recruit everyone to the CAUSE,
 'cause we must stop the destruction of our country and the world.

 Best regards, Billy

 Billy, straighten me out if I'm wrong, but isn't Nader VERY PROUD of what he did in 2000?
 Hasn't he threatened to help Bush stay in power again next year?

 ...and I should make nice with this Bush enabler?

 If I'm wrong, show me and I'll back off.

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 Where the WMDs are
   Letter by  bartcop.com  reader in the Dallas Morning Whore
 Frantic critics of President George W. Bush should immediately cease their panic attacks of
 the American failure to locate even a single Iraqi weapon of mass destruction. Please regain
 your composure and your sanity! There is absolutely nothing to fear since any such weapons
 have been safely placed in the custody of the same people who have possession of George W.
 Bush's strangely missing complete Texas Air National Guard personnel  records from 1972-1973.
 As long as both are in their custody, the American public (and Bush) have absolutely nothing to fear!
 Mark Wilson

"I'm Just A Bug Man"

  Click  Here

"During the 2000 campaign, Bush opposed a DeLay-backed plan on tax credits for the poor to
 demonstrate that he was a "new kind of Republican," distinct from the G.O.P.'s tightfisted,
 meanspirited wing. At the time, Bush accused DeLay & Co. of trying to "balance their budget
 on the backs of the poor." According to a DeLay confidant, Bush later apologized and said he
 would not use DeLay as a right-wing bogeyman again. Yet the two men continue to air differences
 in public. For DeLay, a former exterminator from Houston, Bush is a Republican born of privilege
 and more representative of his party's country-club wing, despite his Midland, Texas, roots and
 frequent trips to his Crawford ranch. Explaining himself, DeLay simply says, "I'm just a bug man."

"I'm nuts about bugs."

Show #4

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 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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