Wishing the 'President' would stop
getting our soldiers killed with his lies

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Volume 1097 - The Bum's Rush

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 Monday   June 23, 2003 


"The men and women of our military face a continuing risk of danger and sacrifice in Iraq,
  our military is acting decisively against these threats. Dangerous pockets of the old regime
  remain loyal to it, and they, along with their terrorist allies, are behind deadly attacks designed
  to kill and intimidate coalition forces and innocent Iraqis."
      -- President Liar, in his Saturday radio address

 No, no, no, no, no!

 You said "Mission accomplished" when you played dress up in the pilot's uniform, remember?

 Stop lying!

 While you are raising millions at plush country clubs
 those brave men in Iraq are dying, about one per day!

 The Selling of the Iraq War 
  The First Casualty

  Click  Here

 The Bush administration decided to go to war with Iraq in the late fall of 2001. At Camp David on the weekend
 after the September 11 attacks, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz floated the idea that Iraq, with more
 than 20 years of inclusion on the State Department's terror-sponsor list, be held immediately accountable. In his
 memoir, speechwriter David Frum recounts that, in December, after the Afghanistan campaign against bin Laden
 and his Taliban sponsors, he was told to come up with a justification for war with Iraq to include in Bush's State
 of the Union address in January 2002.

"Saddam is terra, ...and my approval rating was falling."


"It's hard to find evidence of the nation's economic struggles at the resort where golf greens
  are manicured and mulch even surrounds wooden sign posts marking speed bumps."
      --Deb Riechmann, on the Reynolds Plantation, site of Dubya's latest fundraiser

 Subject: Re: 'D.C. 9/11' Spin


 Everyone should remember that as President, poor whimpering Dumbya could have headed
 straight to New York (from Florida) if he wasn't such a gelding. Never forget that Clinton,
 our last Real President, made it back from Australia (of all places) to personally comfort
 the people of NYC long before the Cowardly Lyin' made it out of his rabbit hole.
 The pResident does whatever his handlers tell him,... no balls and no brains.

 Impeach the lying bastards.


 Bush was 120 miles away from New York, Clinton was 11,000 miles away.
 Clinton beat Dim Son to New York because Bush was too scared to travel.

 If it wasn't for Rudy stepping up, 9-11 would've been a whole lot worse.
 Rudy stood tall and said, "We will get thru this," while Bush ran like a scared rat.


“I want to know who’s the person that’s going to take it to Bush. We’ve got to get rid of this guy.”
     -- Alec Bladwin, to Newsweek

 The Miracle of Death
  The Catholic Church is thankful for Bishop O'Brien's hit-and-run
       by Michelle Cottle

  Click  Here

 As long as he remained in office, Arizona Bishop O'Brien was likely to stand as a controversial
 symbol of the sex scandal (especially if he continued to shoot off his mouth about his innocence).
 While embarrassing in the short term, his hit-and-run nightmare has allowed the Vatican to rid
 itself of a problematic prelate without having to address the sticky issue of sex at all.
 How often has that happened in recent years?

 hey bart

 Peter Garret, ex- lead singer from Midnight Oil - even though he knows only what I told him
 about your site, he was impressed with the  progressive attitude you showed by giving the
 Aboriginal people of Australia some space on your wicked site (#1042), and so agreed to
 hold your sticker for a photo.

 After 28 years as front man for the Oils, Peter is now the President of the Australian Conservation Foundation,
 and representing this organization, he travels Australia and the world in an effort to promote sustainable energy
 usage and protection of the world's ecology.

 Swing that hammer, bartus

 Wal from Australia

 Wal, that was cool, thanks.

 Subject: Worshipping the BartGod?

  Click  Here

 I could care less about Bartcop radio. Now, with your uncommon focus on audio self-whorship,
 you've increased the entropy I am forced to wade though.  You even skip days now!


"As U.S. tanks sped through Iraq, meeting surprisingly little opposition except for fedayeen harassment,
  Saddam may have been burning records of his weaponizing and terrorizing. He had probably already
  hidden or destroyed any bad stuff during the year the Bushies spent trash-talking about whupping him.
  Maybe he decided that rather than hit America with biological warfare, he would use psychological warfare,
  discrediting the U.S. with allies by stripping the anthrax cupboards."
   -- Maureen Dowd, rushing to Dubya's rescue.   Full Column

 The Inside Story on the Carlyle Group
   Buzzflash interviews author Dan Briody    "Inside the Carlyle Group"

  Click  Here

 BuzzFlash: Perhaps this is more of a comment, but we found it not-so-curious that after the
 controversial visit of Bush to the U.S.S. Lincoln in the flight suit, that he returned to California
 from 30 miles offshore and gave a speech at, of all places, the United Defense plant. Do you
 have any thoughts there about the fact the President of the United States is speaking at a plant
 that is 50% owned by a company that his father is a consultant with?

 Dan Briody: I think it's brazen, and I think it's shameless. And I think that that will go down as
 a hallmark of this administration. We have seen an absolute affinity for mixing business and politics,
 and throw in a war and you've got the Bush administration. And that scene of him giving that speech
 at United Defense's plant in Santa Clara summed up perfectly what this administration is all about.

 Who said it?

"All these questions about 'do you want to be king?'
  It's not a question of wanting to be,
  it's something I was born into and it's my duty."

Ahmed Chalabi
Smirk, the Wonder Dog
Prince William
Jeb, the Brighter Son

"Dad always liked Jeb best..."


 No, I dont have a website.  I hope you will not use that as an excuse not to debate me.
 If you can't beat me (which you can't), just say it.  Dont use that website as an excuse.
 Us "rich" people dont have time to get a website started because we are busy paying
 taxes to finance your social programs.  That is ok, I dont expect you to defend yourself anyway.

 Take your backwater website somewhere else.

 Supplysider 1971

 Dude, without a website  (you don't know ANYONE who will sponsor you?) I won't debate you.
 We've tried this 30-40 times. With nothing to lose, the GOP fella usually ends up screaming
"you suck n*gger-d*ck, you f*gg*t," ...and there's no debate.

 If you had a website to sponsor you, if you pull that nigger-faggot stuff,
 we can hold the website responsible and shame them off the www.

 C'mon, there are tens of thousands of cowardly GOP websites afraid to debate.
 Can't you embolden just one of them?
 Are your ideas so extreme, that no GOP website would dare stand with you?


"So why is Martha Stewart being charged and prosecuted when no progress has been made in
  the hundreds of cases involving corrupt corporate executives? The money involved in Martha
  Stewart's stock deal is tiny compared to the Enron and Arthur Andersen scandals.The answer
  is easily found with a look at the 2000 election campaign finance records. Martha Stewart
  contributed to Al Gore and Bill Bradley. Fellow defendants Peter Bacanovic and Sam Waksal
  also contributed to Gore. President Bush has repeatedly stated that "You are either with me or
  against me" and "We will help our friends and punish our enemies." With the 2004 election
  approaching, it's time that all Americans understand just what that means."
    --Dale Ohda,    Enemies of Bush

 Subject: Moose

 Bart, come on!  This is just totally absurd and not worthy of you.  I don't know why you took such
 a strong dislike to Moose. I thought he was great. Someone would have to be beyond the scum of
 the earth to do what you're suggesting.  And it wouldn't even work.  It's not logical and wouldn't have
 been possible.  Just for one thing, there were huge numbers of people involved in the investigation.
 You think not a single one of them would have been yelling like crazy either at the time or after the fact
 if they had the slightest, vaguest idea that was going on?  Not a chance.

 I'm not saying we should hang the guy or put him in jail.
 I'm saying I really, really don't like his grandstanding excess,
 and we need to somehow avoid paying a man more for each murder.

 You may not like Moose and think he's publicity-hungry, but jeez, that's not a good reason to try
 to turn him into some kind of unbelievable psychopathic monster just out of your own imagination.

 More dead = more money doesn't rub you the wrong way?
 He's in a life and death job, and he broke the rules to make hueueueuge money.

 My take-- why the heck shouldn't he take the chance to capitalize on all this and make his family
 financially secure forever?  If he was super-virtuous (I'm not, are you?), he'd say no to all that and
 just keep on doing police work for whatever minimal bucks they pay him.  It'd be nice if he did that,
 but I don't blame him for one second for choosing the bucks, and I don't think anyone else should, either.

 Besides, I'd like to read the book....

 Granted, it's not the same thing, but what if the Modesto Coronor's assistant could make
 $100,000 selling pictures of the corpse of Laci Peterson to the National Enquirer?
 It's against the rules, and it's not super-virtuous, and but I'll bet his family could use the extra $100,000.
 That doesn't sound right, does it?

 I admit I really don't like Moose, and my judgment could be tainted,
 but if you knew one of the sniper's victims, would you want to see Moose make millions?

 Stop The Gay Canadians!
   by Mark Morford an sfgate.com

   Click  Here

 Hordes of quivering GOP lawmakers and vast throngs of proudly homophobic right-wing Christian Americans
 fell into an adorable tizzy the other day as the entire really, really big country of Canada announced it will change
 its law to allow full-on homosexual marriage anywhere in the whole country including Vancouver and Toronto
 and even "that weird province with all the gay French people."

 Hysteria and open weeping and panicky looks accompanied the uncontrollable overeating of many stale Ding-Dongs,
 as millions of sexually confused Bush-ites and members of self-righteous Bible-icious anti-everything groups like the
 American Family Association, along with entire towns such as Colorado Springs, were absolutely certain the world
 was coming to an end, like, immediately. I mean, Canada's right next door!

Click to Enter


"Bush gave a speech Monday in Elizabeth, N.J., where he did not make a single reference to WMD.
  Instead, Bush chose to distract Americans from his Nixonian erasing of his justification for war by
  criticizing his critics as ''revisionist historians.'' Meanwhile, Bush's fellow Republicans in Congress were
  suppressing history by fighting any formal investigation into the possible cooking of intelligence to exaggerate
  the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. Their job, for the time being is being made a piece of cake by a
  Democratic Party that cannot spell the term ''opposition party'' if you spotted them all the o's and p's."
      -- Derrick Z. Jackson,    What are Americans dying for now?

 Can you believe others are starting to point out what the Democrats have become?

 WMDs And The Psychology Of Fanaticism
     by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

  Excerpt One:
"The behind-the-scenes battle within the Bush administration over just what information should be used, or spun, or hidden,
 was a knockdown, drag-out fight between the facts and a zealous, highly politicized, "who needs proof?" mindset.
 And, at the end of the day, the truth was left writhing on the floor.

 This pathological pattern of disregarding inconvenient reality is ...threatening to drag us into a Sisyphean struggle against
 evildoers in Syria, Iran, North Korea, or whatever locale Karl Rove thinks would best advance "Operation Avoid 41's Fate."

  Excerpt Two:
 Dr. Norman Doidge identified the telltale symptoms of fanatics:  an intolerance of dissent, a doctrine riddled with contradictions,
 the belief that one's cause has been commanded by God, and repetition to spread one's message. Sound like anyone you know?
 George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle... come on down!

  Excerpt Three:
 Gustav le Bon, a social scientist known for his crowd psychology theories, has stressed the importance
 of repetition as a weapon in the fanatic's arsenal. Repetition breeds blind acceptance and contagion.

 Writes le Bon,  "If the president says it over and over enough, people will believe it, just as Karl Rove
 got him to say over and over that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11."   The technique was so
 successful that 66 percent Believed that Saddam was behind the attacks. Mission Accomplished.

"Arianna Huffington is an Al Qaeda sleeper cell. She must be killed to protect America."

Marty's E! page
Baron Dave Romm on 'How to Write a Letter to the Editor - part 4'
The Wall Street Poet
Fresh BAGnews
Mandela, Ali & U2 at the Special Olympics
Women on Waves
Rachel, NV
Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp
And, the Sci Fi Channel promises more UFO programming.


 Bush's Vietnam?
  Iraq Grenade Attack Kills U.S. Soldier

  Click  Here

 A fuel pipeline exploded and caught fire west of Baghdad, a possible act of sabotage
 that sent flames high into the sky, as Iraq returned to world oil markets Sunday with
 its first crude oil exports since the U.S.-led invasion.

 Meanwhile, a grenade attack Sunday killed an American soldier and wounded another
 just outside the capital, the latest violence to plague U.S. forces, who have launched
 a large crackdown aimed at putting down persistent resistance.

 Are we going to lose a soldier each day?
 Just so the Lying President can steal their oil?


"The intelligence services of many nations concluded Iraq possessed banned chemical and biological weapons,
  Saddam refused to prove he had destroyed what he had.  We are determined to discover the true extent of
  Saddam Hussein's weapons programs,  no matter how long it takes."
         -- President Liar, in his Saturday radio address

  The US was leading every nation in that weapons hunt.
  We supplied other nations with sexed-up evidence to get them to join the murder of Baghdad.
  No other countries have the satellites, the monitoring ability and the spies inside Iraq.

 The UN inspectors couldn't find any, so YOU had your good-puppy media rdicule them!

 YOU are the one who guaranteed that Iraq had WMD, and were coming at us in less than an hour.
  Don't try to shift the blame now, but of course, the press will help you....


"I never said Iraq had WMD, ...did I?"

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 Media Silent on Clark's 9/11 Comments 

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 Clark: "There was a concerted effort during the fall of 2001, starting immediately after 9/11,
              to pin 9/11 and the terrorism problem on Saddam Hussein."

 Bush's boy Russert: "By who? Who did that?"

 Clark: "Well, it came from the White House, it came from people around the White House. It came from all over.
               I got a call on 9/11. I was on CNN, and I got a call at my home saying, 'You got to say this is connected.
               This is state-sponsored terrorism. This has to be connected to Saddam Hussein.' I said, 'But--I'm willing
               to say it, but what's your evidence?' And I never got any evidence."

 The media are covering damaging revelations about the Bush administration's intelligence on Iraq,
 yet still seem strangely reluctant to pursue stories suggesting that the flawed intelligence-- and
 therefore the war-- may have been a result of deliberate deception.

 Bush is never held accoutable for any of the lies he tells.
 The American media fawn over him and protect him, shielding us from the truth.

 Subject: Bush vs. John Wayne

 In commenting on the D.C. 9/11 movie you say "if he was the John Wayne he claims to be,
 he would've flown from Florida direct to DC."

 Actually I believe that John Wayne is a perfect analogy for the slimy thing in the White House.
 John Wayne dodged the World War Two draft, and hid safe and comfy in California while brave men died.
 A little known fact is that when he performed at a USO show during the war, the soldiers booed him off stage.

 That cowardice would have been a bad enough offense, if he didn't go around the rest of his life pretending
 to be the big strong macho man. He spend decades going about playing the tough guy soldier in every movie
 that came along. He glorified wars from the Plains Wars to Vietnam, though he himself ran when Uncle Sam
 needed him most. A despicable coward and slimy thing at best.

 George Bush also ran like a Florida election official when war reared its ugly head. He got a comfy post
 defending Milner from the Viet Cong, on a plane that was so antiquated it was certain that the pilot would
 never be sent into war. Then he completely vanished for eighteen entire months from his post. Now he goes
 about in bomber jackets and flightsuits, praising the carnage and horror of war. He salivates about sending
 our young men to kill and die for oil. Truly worthy company of the Dirty Duke.


 Call the 

You have two minutes to rant away.

Stump Bart and win a free steak dinner for two!


"First, we are working to make Iraq secure for its citizens and our military.
  Second, we are working to improve the lives of the Iraqi people after three decades of tyranny and oppression."
         -- President Liar, in his Saturday radio address

 "Third, a US soldier is dying every day so my family can steal their oil."

  "That oil is mine - Daddy said so."

 Handcuffed by your liberators?

 U.S. Army Spc. Dandrea Harris handcuffs an Iraqi family with plastic ties
 during a night raid in Habaniyah Saturday, June 21, 2003. They had been
 unsuccessfully searching for an Iraqi man in an adjacent house who had
 recently tried to kill Iraqi informants working with the Army.

 Army officers later appologized to the family for mistakenly handcuffing them


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