Wishing the 'President' would stop
getting our soldiers killed with his lies

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Volume 1098 - Incoherence

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Tuesday   June 24, 2003 


"I want to comment on the 11 individuals that have been killed. I will never downplay Americans
  being killed in combat. It is a very significant sacrifice, especially for their families. And that is
  significant to an individual's family, and I would never say anything different from that. But from
  a military perspective, it is insignificant. They're having no impact on the way we conduct business
  on a day-to-day basis in Iraq."
   --Commander, U.S. Army's 4th Infantry Division Maj. Gen. Ray Odierno,DoD News

 Bush's Court Splits on Affirmative Action 

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 A divided Supreme Court allowed universities to give minority applicants an edge in admissions
 Monday, ruling that the path to leadership in the nation must "be visibly open to talented and
 qualified individuals of every race and ethnicity." But it also said that race cannot be the determining factor.

 In two decisions, the court underscored that racial quotas are unconstitutional but left room for
 the nation's public universities — and by extension other public and private institutions — to seek
 ways to take race into account.   The court preserved the rules outlined a generation ago in a
 landmark ruling that struck down quotas but allowed subtler forms of affirmative action.

"There are already too many colored kids in schools."


"Hillary never aknowledges the incredibly reckless behavior of her husband.
  She always portrays herself as the victim -- that the right is always mischaracterizing the Clintons."
    --Margaret Carlson, who has really turned into a whining bitch.

 Margaret, is that why your husband left you?

 And if you're into criticizing "reckless behavior," why give the man who started a fake war
 and got 200 Americans killed for no goddamn reason a pass on your little list of reckless people?

 Lying and Dying
  Sex, Lies & WMD's

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"Now the mob that practically lynched President Clinton is running the country, with the major media
 as their handmaiden. And their President who would be King, George II, has been caught in a lie so big,
 Joseph Goebbels must be tipping his peaked cap in admiration from his grave. Little Dubya told a lie,
 not about sex (unless he really does strap on a missile slathered with Crisco between his legs before
 mounting one of his beloved ranch animals). No, the Great Pretzel Swallower didn't lie about sex,
 but about the basis for war. So far, this particular war has killed untold thousands of soldiers and
 civilians, including hundreds of Americans, as well as more than a few British blokes, cost us billions
 of dollars in the midst of the worst deficit in U.S. history, gotten our leaders charged with war crimes
 by a Belgian court, served as an Al Qaeda recruiting symbol beyond Osama's wildest dreams, and
 shows no signs of being over, despite Top Gun Georgy's costume-drama proclamation of the end
 of major fighting on board the U.S.S. Lincoln. Moreover, Gulf War II is but one part of the Perma-War
 condition into which the lies of the Bushites have submerged America."

 Bush has created a world that's only safe with him running it.

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 Tribute to Buzzflash

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 This represents my best shot at trying to explain why Buzzflash.com is such a great resource.
 The first thing you see when you arrive at Buzzflash is a three-column page of paragraph-long links.
 In fact, that's about all you see. In the printing industry, that's known as gray space. Lots of it, and
 it's grown quite a bit since I first started going there shortly after they went online in February of 2000.

 Hillary's LIVING HISTORY sold 438,701 copies in its first full week.

 The number represents scanned, purchased, sold and bagged copies at
 Clinton showed selling power coast-to-coast, according to data.

 In the Pacific zone, the former first lady scanned 100,529 copies of LIVING.
 In the nation's Mid-Atlantic region, 86,618 copies were sold, with Northeast stores reporting 25,877.

 Clinton was the top selling book [any format, any genre] last week, according to insiders, with runner-up,
 James Patterson's THE LAKE HOUSE selling 117,957 copies.


"So, which lie should be an impeachable offense? A personal fib to cover-up a blowjob,
  or an elaborately orchestrated web of deceit, forgery and Big Internationally Broadcast
  Whoppers about Vast Stores of End-Times Armaments, for the clear purpose of terrorizing
  Americans into supporting war, even when all the evidence showed us that Saddam, Evil-Doer
  that he was, hadn't developed any major weapons since the Gulf War I?"
    - Dr. Susan Block,   Lying and Dying

 Mr. Sharon, tear down this wall

 Ariel Sharon has told his cabinet that he plans to extend the
 “security fence” Israeli is building along the length of the
 West Bank so that it entirely encircles any Palestinian state.

 But for anyone watching CNN’s Late Report on Sunday it looked
 suspiciously like one “Muvva of All Walls”. So we investigated further
 since Wolf Blitzer didn’t. (He only flew over it, also calling it a “fence”.)

 Saw it on www.asticles.com

 Subject: If Moose finds out what you're saying about him...

 You are possibly the most evil person on the planet who isn't a mass-murderer.

 ha ha

 You have an obscene ability to take an average, normal act by innocent regular folk
 and mischaracterize it as being the most repulsive and reprehensible behavior possible
 while conversely you turn what really IS abhorrent and perverse into the model of purity and grace.

 I'd sure like to see some examples of those wild charges

 I suppose you'd want me to cite some examples. It's unecessary.

  ha ha

 All one has to do it click-in one ANY page you've ever put up.
 But the most recent and maybe the most vile to date is your attack on "Moose".

 So, you think it's OK to get rich breaking the rules?
 I still say if 26 people had died instead of 13, Moose would get more money than he's getting now.
 What kind of morals do you have that you want a man to get more money when more people die?

 If you ever had a chance to get sued for slander, this is probably it.

 Truth is a great defense for slander.
 Besides, I'm undefeated in court.
 I pity the fool who wants a legal piece of me.

 If Moose ever finds out what you're putting out to the public, he's just the kind of guy
 who won't put up with your foolishness. And I, for one, hope he catches up with you.

 What's he going to do, shoot me?
 Oh, that's right - he can't make any money that way.

 You should be ashamed of yourself. You are evil.

 No, I'm a person with opinions who can back them up.

 BTW, how you get that nickname?
 The Mens Room at the local Greyhound station?


"At one point we were in the president's waiting room, and even senators came up to me and said,
 'Mr. President, may I have your autograph?' And the strangest part was, I felt comfortable."
   --Dennis Haysbert,  who plays the president on 24

 Where, Oh, Where Are Woodward & Bernstein?

  Click  Here

“You know,” DNC chair Terry McAuliffe told Democrats assembled in St. Paul Friday, “there are some who
 feel the Democrats should just throw in the towel right now.  I even read the following just the other day by
 political commentator Tom Wicker: ‘The real question is whether any Democrat can match George Bush’s
 claim to be a proven Presidential figure, validated by war and victory.  It won’t be easy . . .’  I also read: ‘
 No political strategist in the country can see any way George Bush is not going to win and win big.’
 That came from Ed Rollins, a Republican political strategist.  Sounds pretty dire, huh?  Well, buck up
 – these were written in 1991.”

 I can't tell you where Bernstein is, but Woodward is at Dim Son's side, praising his every gaffe.

 Hey Bart!

 Firstly, thanx tons for the link to my page (www.perkypat.com).
 I got almost a thousand hits from your site!  I really appreciate it...

 The Rants & Raves page has generated lots of response, and I've
 moved up from doing it bi-weekly to weekly (hopefully not weakly!!!).

 Perky Pat

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"The way things are going the next country Bush invades may well end up being Iraq.
  The Bushists bragged when they caught Saddam's Ace of Diamonds the other day.
  They are less forthcoming when they club deuce after deuce to death.
  Humanity's only hope is to remove the joker from America's deck."
      --Barry Crimmins

 Subject: Agitator in Chief?

 Bush praises Iranian demonstrators ("appreciates the courageous SOULS")
 but American demonstrators are put down as unpatriotic?

 E Walker

 E, it's simple.
 If Bush can get a war started in Iran, he can steal their oil, too.
 I'll say one thing for modern day Nazi's - they think big.

 U.S. Announces Creation of New Iraq Army

  Click Here

"U.S.-led civil administrators announced the creation of a new Iraqi army Monday,
 hoping to contain anger among soldiers jobless since Saddam Hussein's military
 was disbanded and to curb a rash of anti-U.S. attacks.

 If this is a jobs program, who's paying their salaries?
 Want to bet you and I are?
 But not the super-rich - Bush is borrowing money to give to them

"The poor never hire anybody - that's what Mr Rove told me."

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Marty's E! page
'Disinfotainment Today' by Michael Dare
7 True Things That You Can't Say On TV' thanks to American Stranger
Dr. Paul's Words of Wisdom
Ari Fleischer's parents
Free Rolling Stones concert in Toronto - 30 July
Adam Sandler got married
Penn v. Bing continues
Still no Jesse Ventura on MSGOP
And, Lil' Kim lost some jewelry


 U.S. Attacks Syrian Border Guards
  Fleeing convoy sited as cause - Another Gulf of Tonkin?

  Click  Here

 U.S. experts are trying to identify those killed and captured when an attack on a fleeing Iraqi
 convoy lead to the shooting of Syrian border guards, three defense officials said Monday.
 Working partly on information from previously captured Iraqi leaders, special operations troops
 attacked the convoy in western Iraq last week to stop what they believed were fugitives linked to Saddam.

 Subject: Radio Alert ASAP

 If you get the Sean Hannity show in that hellhole you live in, you are in for a treat this week.
 My boys Curtis and Kuby are subbing for Hannity for the next few days. I've told you about
 these fellows before but I'm sure you never took my advise to listen to them over the web.

 Curtis is a moron who can barely string a sentence together and Kuby is a radical lawyer
 who wins 100% of their arguments. It's all done in good humor and I suggest you tune in.

 That is all....you may now go back to that porno site you were looking at.

 Rude Rich

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 Iraqis, liquor reacquainted after dry spell 

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 It isn't much but, with the teetotaling Saddam Hussein and his regime no longer in charge, Mr. Majed's
 establishment is hopping by mid-evening, packed with tipsy customers stopping off for a nightcap.

"Everyone expresses themselves their own way," said Mr. Majed, a skinny 25-year-old with an easy laugh.
 "Some write graffiti. Some start a newspaper. We like to drink."

 Wait, I remember reading that Uday had some fine tequila in one of his palaces.
 I guess Saddam and his family were like the Bush family - they can break any laws they want.

 Subject: Hatch the Perv

 Hey Bart,

 I graduated from CU-Denver in '93, at age 36 (those 13 years skiing in Vail
 from '79 to '91 really messed up my 6th semester!).

 A nice young Chicana (or Latina-American, whatever phrase serves these days) student,
 in several of my Poly Sci classes, talked one day about being in Washington, and they visited
 Hatch's office for a photo (must have been visiting the Judiciary Committee, or she was awarded
 some 'Young American' prize, can't remember).

 The crux of this email, is she definitely told me that for the photo, Hatch 'suggested she sit on his lap',
 and then my memory fades, whether he put his hand on her knee or thigh ...

 But what I do remember, was her feeling 'captured' and not happy with his comportment ...

 Just FYI for you ...


 I see a clear majority of members have not logged on to the member's section yet.
 Let me know if you're unable to log on.


 Call the 

You have two minutes to rant away.

Stump Bart and win a free steak dinner for two!

 Subject: Peak Oil

 Hey Bart

 What's your take on this Peak Oil thang that Malloy featured on Friday?
 Are we about to run out of oil, are we screwed as his guest Michael Ruppert suggested?
 Are some things just too scary to feature on any website? Or what?

 Here's a wee thread I started on Malloy after the feature Friday...

 Click  Here


 Brit, we are drowning in oil.
 Tens of thousands of oil wells in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana etc are capped because
 there's so much cheap oil, it doesn't pay to hire Americans to dig it out.

 We're running out of oil like California was running out of electricity two years ago.
 Any oil shortages are caused by the greedy bastards at the B.F.E.E.

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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