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Volume 1108 - Lyin in Wait

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 Wednesday    July 9, 2003 


"I want to talk about a person who has lost his job and doesn't have the Bush economy to blame.
  That's right. I'm talking about the intellectual godfather of modern conservatism. I'm talking
  about Michael Savage. This towering giant of our 21st century conservatism was fired by MSNBC
  because he had this to say to a caller to his show who identified himself as gay -- quote --
 "You're one of the sodomites. You should only get AIDS and die, you pig."

 Mr. Savage, it's just not fair. You would lose your job, while Rick Santorum, elected by the Senate
 Republicans to be one of their leaders, gets to keep his. You may be gone from television, but you
 will not be gone from the hearts, minds and bookshelves and politics of today's right-wingers.
 They'll always admire you for your stupidity, intolerance and bigotry.
   -- James Carville, knocking 'em dead, buried by CNN in a 3 PM timeslot when nobody can watch

"Only a few times in college, and they made me do it..."

 9/11 panel: Gov't agencies hampering probe

  Click  Here

 The federal commission investigating the Sept. 11 terror attacks said today that its work was
 being hampered by the failure of executive branch agencies, especially the Pentagon and the
 Justice Department, to respond quickly to requests for documents and testimony.

 Why does Bush need to stonewall what he knew and when he knew it about 9-11?

 I remember 1998.

 When Ken Starr was issuing subpoenas for Hillary's underwear draw in the presidential bedroom,
 Clinton's lawyers tried to block that (they were unsuccessful, so Starr's goons got to ruffle through Hillary's
 panties while they, no doubt, wore the special pants with the holes in the pockets) and the press screamed,
 "What do the Clintons have to hide?" at the top of their collective lungs.

 Three years later, America suffers it's worst day in history and this unelected Rapist-of-the-Treasury and
 Murderer-of-the-Economy is blocking the investigation into 3000 deaths on his watch while he was busy
 with ANOTHER month-long vacation talking to the cows in Crawford.

 Hillary's panties  vs  3000 dead?
 I guess it's because I'm a lefty, but I think the 3000 dead are more important.

 Bush and the press say we have no right to know what Bush did wrong,
 and the American taxpayer had every right to ruffle thru Hillary's underwear.

 But America wants to believe that Bush is innocent in the 9-11 murders,
 so we're going to stick our heads in the sand and fucking pretend.

 The INSLAW Octopus
   by Richard L Fricker, March of 1992

  Click  Here

 A House Judiciary Committee report released last September found evidence raising "serious concerns"
 that high officials at the Department of Justice executed a pre-meditated plan to destroy Inslaw and co-opt
 the rights to its PROMIS software.  The committee's call for an independent counsel have fallen on deaf ears.
 One journalist, Danny Casolaro, died as he attempted to tell the story (see sidebar), and boxes of documents
 relating to the case have been destroyed, stolen, or conveniently "lost" by the Department of Justice.

 But so far, not a single person has been held accountable.

 Dusty Baker doesn't back down from the truth
  Is racism driving this non-story?

  Click  Here

 Chicago Cubs manager Dusty Baker didn't back down when asked about his recent comments
  that black and Latin players were better suited to play in the heat than white players.

"I meant what I said. ... I try to be as honest as possible, and if that's how I feel,
 then that's how I feel." he told reporters.

 Saturday, Baker said: "We were brought over here for the heat. Isn't that history?
 Your skin color is more conducive to heat than it is to the lighter-skinned people.
 I don't see brothers running around burnt."

 The comments have prompted debate on radio shows and in newspaper columns across the country.

 Sure, I'll bet Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly and all the racists had cows over this.
 Can anyone explain how Baker's comments are offensive?
 Has the truth become offensive?

 Who would argue that whites handle heat better?

 Who's old enough to remember Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder's comments that slaves were paired
 together by size to produce larger and stronger children? If I remember that sorry episode right,
 that not only got him fired but he was drummed out of all of sports for speaking the historical truth.
 I've been critical of Baker in the past, but I'm with him on this one.

 ...and, taking this a step further,
 and everybody needs to talke a breath before you launch when I say this, OK?

 I'm going to offer some anecdotal evidence, which is very dangerous when discussing race.
 I live In Tulsa, Oklahoma, (not by choice).

 Sometimes, you can be driving down Memorial Drive, the biggest street in Tulsa, and if it's 106 degrees
 in the July heat, and you catch up to a $50,000 Lexus with all it's windows rolled down, odde are the AC
 in the Lexus is working just fine, because Lexus makes a damn fine car.

 No, if you're a gambler, you'll assume the driver is a black person.

 Hold it!
 Hold it!

 I see you racing to the send button on your "You racist" e-mail, ...but am I right?
 What other conclusion can one come to seeing a 2003 Lexus, new car tags in place,
 and the windows are rolled down on the hottest day of the year?
 We can only assume the driver likes it that way.

 Is it racist talk to say "African Americans handle heat better than whites?"
 If African Americans don't mind the whites-numbing heat, it's wrong to point that out?
 I'm sorry, but that's too much like, "You're not allowed to say OilBoy isn't a real president."

 If it's true, I want the freedom to say it. Hell, I want the freedom to say it if it's not true, but since
 the truth is on my side, let's just stay here for now.  If everyone agrees that facts are facts,
 why should anyone catch some crap for saying what is true?

 And yes, this is "racist talk," to the degree that we're talking about racism.
 Let the truth trump charges of "racism."

 Dueling Quotes

"The stolen sons and daughters of Africa helped to awaken the conscience of America.
  The very people traded into slavery helped to set America free."
   - Bunnypants, Africa, 7/8/03;

"The bombing of Pearl Harbor helped to modernize Japan!
  Attacking Poland saved Germany from Hitler!
  Being privileged kept me out of Viet Nam!
  Bring 'em on! Let's roll!"

"My family preferred using Jew slaves at Auschwitz. They did great work."

 Here's a little slice of todays Part 4 and Five of Radio Show #7

  Click  Here

 A fellow asked about those wacky Greens and their Ego-Boy Ralph...

  U.S. Toll in Iraq Nears '91 War Deaths
  He's determined to out-do his Daddy in every way

 Click  Here

 The Pentagon has raised its count of Americans killed by hostile fire in Iraq since the war
 began, a figure that approaches the 147 killed in the the smarter Bush's 1991 Gulf War.

 Subject: In lieu of a staff, use this

 I just needed to put this out there because this really ruined my day when I heard it.
 They're now reporting that they've got some Iraqi that they claim met with Atta in Prague.
 And it conveniently comes at a time when the White House has had to come out and say that,
 all right, yeah, the Niger/Uranium story was wrong.

 It's so overt and it's such a freakin' lie that it twists my knickers into a huge wad.

 And yet, the media continues to play along and the general, mouth-breathing public falls for it every time.

 It's 9am. Is it too early for a shot of tequila?

 The Vidiot


 Court Allows Suit on Cheney Energy Panel
  Will this gang of thugs finally be held accountable for something?
  Or will Bush's court step in and protect them from the law - again?

  Click  Here

 A federal appeals court dealt a setback to Bush Tuesday, refusing to stop a lawsuit
 delving into Cheney's contacts with the energy industry as his task force was drafting
 the White House's energy policy in concert with Kennyboy, the governor's good friend.

 In a 2-1 ruling, the court rejected the government's arguments that the lawsuit would be
 an unconstitutional intrusion on the operations of the executive office of the president.

 Well gee, it's a smaller intrusion than impeachment, I'd say.

 Subject: fried chicken recipe


 Here's belated kudos to you for your fried-chicken recipe
 I found on the site in the archives. It was the food hit of our 4th of July party.

 The family spent the night at my sister and brother-in-law's house in an unincorporated area
 near Terrell in North Texas, so fireworks are allowed. We've had a big party there for the
 last three years. What a feeling, sitting in lawn chairs, fireworks exploding above, the ashes
 and cinders falling down on us. All their neighbors join in. Half-a-dozen grills were lined up cooking away.

 I cooked 25 pieces of chicken but used bone-in thighs and breasts instead of the boneless breast.
 Used a gallon of Wesson oil in a big stock pot. Heated on an electric stove on the next-to-last setting
 as you said. It took over an hour to cook in batches but WOW! the chicken came out great.

 This is now my definitive fried-chicken recipe (did gave you credit).
 Since you cook, you know what I mean by a definitive recipe.
 The definitive rises above all others.

 Thanks again for the great recipe.
 Hope you had a good 4th.

 Loyal BartCop reader,


 Calvin, great letter.  That Train Station Chicken just can't be beat.
 It reminds me, I forgot to tell about our 4th of July dinner.

 We either had steak or burgers, I don't remember, because the beef wasn't the star on the show.
 Mrs. Bart whipped up some of her extra-peaky mashed potatos* but they weren't the star, either.
 I had recently acquired a bottle of Herradura Anejo. And I had my Chinaco and some Silver King
 picked-that-morning luxury corn, and some picked-that-day Kandy Korn.

 So here I am, a bite o beef, and a tiny sip of the Herradura,
 a taste of the Silver King, a peak of potatoe*
 a taste of the Kandy Korn, and a tiny sip of the Chinaco- repeat!

 Jesus, that was a fine meal.

 Note: More recipes can be found at BartCook

  Help turn the tables on Bush and Ashcroft as Poindexter monitors "the enemies of America,"
  which includes anyone critical of President McWarHardon's supermarket sweep of Iraq.

 Subject: Iraqi meat grinder


 while the number of needless dead American teenagers in Iraq is appalling, even more
 appalling is the sort of reporting that says, "no Americans were killed, only four were wounded."

 only wounded?  where is the wounded count?

 Americans in Iraq wear body armor.  it covers them from belly button to the top of their heads.
 has anyone seen or thought about the kind of wounds these kids are taking?

 i saw a lovely story about a young lieutenant who was only wounded.
 he had both his legs blown off below the knee caps.

 thank God he was only wounded!


 Ricky, for reasons I can't fathom, they are happy to give their legs for Smirk.
 The Fraudulent Deserter is their hero - they love him, no matter what.

 When Clinton was president, they hated him with everything they had.
 They truly despised the man who kept them safe and always brought them home.
 Now we have a man-child taunting the enemy to "bring it on" and they love that, too.

 Most military families would rather lose their sons under Bush, fighting for the BFEE's right
 to get their oil from under the sand the Arabs claim as their own. What's most  important to
 the men losing life and limbs is that this 'president' would never lie about sex.
 That's what's important to Americans today - having a good, moral, Christian 'president'
 with a hardon for other people's oil who is ready to kill anybody who tries to stop him.

 They forgive him for being a rich snot who never worked a day in his life.
 They forgive him for buying his way out of combat.
 They forgive him for deserting his post during wartime.
 They forgive him for stealing power and recklessly getting them killed.

 He only lied about the reasons we went to war and why they're dying, so they forgive him,
 cheer him, pose for pictures when he wears his monkey suit and it makes people like you
 and I sick to our stomachs to see them accept this fraud as their superior.

 They even salute the son of a bitch..

There's Wimbledon, soccer and BIG-time analysis of the Tour de France.

Click to Enter

 Subject: Somalia

 Sure, the deaths on the USS Cole weren't his fault, but the ones in Somalia sure as well were.
 Clinton refused to give the military the go ahead to use the right amount force, and as a result
 the forces theiir were under equipped to do their job.


 Well Hayes, you can say that a hundred more times, but I'm not buying it.
 Bush the smarter sent those men to Somalia, a piece of hell run by Al Qaeda.
 He sent them without the protection they needed, and look what happened.

 As former head of the CIA, and current president, Bush should've known what he was sending
 those boys into. Remember, the ONLY reason Bush sent them is because he'd just lost the election,
 and he was days away from issuing pardons for the gang of thugs that were caught doing God-knows-what
 around the globe and he needed a legacy - something besides, "He pardoned his co-conspirators."

 To bury the Iran-Contra crimes forever, he dreamed up this little "humanitarian mission"
 to feed the starving Somalis without getting his facts straight and it blew up and 18 men died.

 By the way, would you agree that Vietnam was Nixon's war?

 ...and again, your concern for the 18 in Somalia is touching,
 But what about the almost 600 killed under Reagan, Bush and Pinhead?
 Why do the GOP and the press continue to fret about those 18 brave men
 but the other 600 never get any press?   Weren't they important enough to remember, too?

 Nevermind, join Bush's good puppy press and keep repeating "Somalia was Clinton's fault."
 After all, politics is important.

Marty's E! page
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'The Osbournes' will be back for a 3rd season
Peter Jennings is now a U.S. citizen
A Japanese author & Bob Dylan
Bono threatens civil disobedience
Elvis' tooth is on eBay
Spike Lee dropped his suit against Spike TV
Jeffrey Jones copped a plea
Tommy Mottola is resurrecting Casablanca Records
And some endangered turtles



"Conservatives' lack of interest in the WMD question takes an even more ominous turn when combined
  with general support for presidential warmaking. Thus, [in the view of Republican presidents, legislators,
  and conservative intellectuals], once someone is elected president, he or she faces no legal or political
  constraint. The president doesn't need congressional authority; Washington doesn't need UN authority.
  Allied support is irrelevant. The president needn't offer the public a justification for going to war that
  holds up after the conflict ends. The president may not even be questioned about the legitimacy of his
  professed justification. Accept his word and let him do whatever he wants, irrespective of circumstances.
  This is not the government created by the Founders. This is not the government that any believer in liberty
  should favor. It is foolish to turn the Iraq war, a prudential political question, into a philosophical test for
  conservatism. It is even worse to demand unthinking support for Bush."
   --Doug Bandow, Core duty on WMD

 Subject: All this...


 All this:

 ...and you hate W. , too?!

 I think I love you! ( or at least your site)


 1% of the Defense budget should be directed toward ending violence against women

 Morgaine, sorry, America can't afford to protect its women.
 Instead, we're giving that money to Bush's billionaire friends as bribes to re-elect him.

 You women just need to "buck up."

 Mother questions son's role in Iraq
  Sends note to the boy some call 'president'

   Click  Here

 Jabbing his right hand in the air with juvenile bravado, Bush screeched in that irritating twang, more fit for
 a Western movie than the world stage, "There are some who feel that the conditions are such that they can
 attack us there. My answer is: Bring 'em on. We've got the force necessary to deal with the security situation."
 He bragged, like John Wayne risen, that U.S. forces are "plenty tough" to deal with any threat.

 The president then licked his lips with the smug assurance of a frat boy showing the world how tough he is.
 The flippant, immature "bring 'em on" remark finally got the usually timid Democrats to actually criticize the popular president.

"As I watched the footage of your landing on the U.S.S. Lincoln last week and listened to the speech about major
 combat being over, I found myself nauseated. While your political theatrics are being launched in hopes of getting
 the popularity polls up, my son is still in danger in Baghdad. Your feeble attempt at camaraderie with returning
 soldiers was patronizing, in my opinion.".

 I say too, "Bring 'em on." Bring on the simple truths so well understood and bravely said by a worried mother
 from Indiana who loves her son and her country, but fears what George W. Bush is doing to our nation.

"Have her tongue cut out and then shoot her."

 Brand New!
Bush mushroom cloud "Bring 'em on" shirts! exclusive!
Buy a shirt, support and show the world
that you know there's an illegal monkey in the White House.


“In Hillary’s world, being a homemaker means ordering a bunch of minions
  around to do things that you don't dare do yourself. In other words, Hillary's
  version of homemaking is telling the servants what to do.”
    --Rush Limbaugh, who said he lost the extra pounds by hiring a personal chef

 Letter to the Editor

"GOP rule-breaking seems to be SOP
      by Dean Everman,  West Palm Beach

 It seems to me that Republicans will stop at nothing if the ends justify the means.
 If the vote counting in Florida doesn't go as planned, make the ballot counting stop.

 If Texas Democrats won't vote on a strictly partisan redistricting bill that favors only
 Republican lawmakers, send Homeland Security agents to arrest them.

 If you can't win an election against a Democratic governor in California,
 begin a recall petition and demand the right to vote again.

 When Democrats in the U.S. Senate refuse to confirm right-wing conservative judicial
 nominees, try to change the rules so they can't filibuster any more.

 Why can't Republicans (the self-proclaimed moral high-grounders) compete on a level
 playing field? It seems they either must cheat, undermine or change a longstanding
 precedent to favor their objectives. The Bush administration recently refused to release
 a critical Medicare memo warning how millions of senior citizens would be negatively
 affected if Republican plans to inject market forces into the Medicare program were implemented.

 Medicare chief Tom Scully declared that Democrats in Congress had no right to any information from him.
"They don't have the right on the Hill to call up my actuary and demand things." Scully said he would
 release the analysis "if I feel like it." I believe he has forgotten that he is a public official and serves
 at the pleasure of the taxpayers.

 And as if that weren't bad enough, the Bush administration proposed a plan the same day to cut
 overtime pay for millions of workers in exchange for comp time. In this time of financial uncertainty,
 once again the Bush administration plans to take money out of the pockets of hard-working Americans.
 Something is rotten in the party of Lincoln, and its odor is permeating the very core of American values.

Copyright (c) 2003, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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 Britney no longer a virgin

               "I'm not?

  Click  Here

 In the upcoming issue of W magazine, (ha ha) Spears details her relationship with Justin Timberlake.

"The most painful thing I have ever experienced was that breakup. "We were together so long
 and I had this vision. You think you're going to spend the rest of your life together. Where I come from,
 the woman is the homemaker, and that's how I was brought up -- you cook for your kids."

 So, you lost your virginity

 Spears, now cutting an image-shifting, comeback album after an 18-month hiatus,
 said she now realizes "I need my single time" to learn to "be self loving."

 I wonder how much that video would command on e-Bay?

 Did I mention that the brother of Oklahoma's Uncle OJ Watts was arrested for first degree murder?

 I can't finds anything on it - nothing on Google, nothing at  (The local Nazi paper)

 Oh, that's right - Uncle OJ is a Republican, and the murder didn't involve Clinton,
 so it can't be considered news by today's good puppy media.

 Call the 

You have two minutes to rant away.


“It was a Republican president who waged the Civil War that, in part,
  was fought to end slavery, to deal with it. By his own words, Lincoln admitted so.”
   --Rush, comparing the Civil War to Bush's war hardon for Arab oil

 Rush, one difference between Lincoln and modern-day Republicans?
 Lincoln wanted to free the slaves.

 Around BartCop Manor

 Mrs Bart - she's really the best.
 Last night, for two hours, she sat and watched the World Poker Tour with me.
 It's on again tonight, for another two hours.  She rocks.

 I'm getting a serious case of poker fever.
 If I can't find anyone, in the dozens of  readers who wants to play poker,
 I may have to search for a town where poker is legal and use my FF miles to get there.

 Also, and I'm not sure what this means, but she reminded me that we both turn 50 this year.
 She wants to do "something special" for her 50th birthday.

 How can I say no to someone who will watch TV poker with me?

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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