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Volume 1114 - He didn't mean to lie?

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 Wednesday    July 16, 2003 


"We shouldn't be opening firehouses in Baghdad while closing them in Brooklyn,''
     -- John Kerry, slowly and meekly beginning to attack    Attribution

"But Iraq has oil, and oil burns very hot..."

 Ari's last day turns into a hammering
  Ari is leaving to lie for a different crooked company

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"Yankees fan Ari Fleischer decided to postpone his retirement as White House liar until he delivered his 300th
 briefing yesterday. Fleischer might have been better off leaving it at 299.  Instead of a soft and affectionate
 farewell from the White House press corps, he received an extended hammering yesterday afternoon on why
 Bush's State of the Union address contained an allegation against Iraq based on bogus intelligence. Instead of
 fading into the sunset, the press secretary who presided over a well-oiled media operation for 21/2 years is
 leaving at a time when the Bush White House's credibility is being questioned like never before."

 White House Tries to Dismiss Iraq Claim as Campaign Issue 
  Honesty shouldn't be a factor when hundreds of Americans are dead?

  Click  Here

 As part of their offensive, White House officials released new information to buttress Bush's claim,
 attacked the credibility of his Democratic critics and accused the news media of a "feeding frenzy."

 After weeks of declining to disclose such information, Mr. Bush's aides described a chronology that
 they said mitigated Bush's citation of unsubstantiated British intelligence in his SoftU address on Jan. 28.
 The president referred to the intelligence that Iraq had tried to buy uranium from Africa to further a nuclear
 weapons program as one reason in making his case for invading Iraq.

 Today Mr. Bush, personally addressing the issue for the fourth time in six days, asserted at the White House
 that questions about the evidence he used did not undercut his overall case for war.

 Team Bush must be amazeed that their boy is being called on his lies after three years of giddy press.
 They have no experiance that spinning because they've never had to do it. They've always been able
 to bark, 'That issue is closed," and the press has always agreed and changed ther subject for Mr. Rove.

 Sea Biscuit looks great!

 I'm a horse racing fan, and it seems to me, from just watching the promos
 that this is going to be a big, important movie that will make mucho box office.

 Subject: Careful what you wish for...

 Hey, Bart!

 You keep calling for Democrats to resign if they won't show some courage and
 oppose Bush's agenda. I agree that gutless appeasement seems their preferred
 strategy far too often, and it is maddening, and sickening. I'm with you on that.

 But no Democrats should resign, or even retire. For the likelihood is that they'd be
 replaced by a Republican. If the GOP gets close to 60 in the Senate, say 58 with a
 Breaux and a Zell Miller voting with them, they can force cloture, and stop the filibuster
 threat, that even now the Democrats are using to keep two very bad news judge nominees off the bench.

 It's counterproductive, and irresponsible, to urge Democrats to resign.  It would only
 make things worse. Besides taking back the presidency, the other critical need is to get
 the majority of one or the other body of Congress away from the GOP. This is not the time
 to do the traditional Democratic circular firing squad, and then shoot the wounded. That
 would be a mistake, like drawing to an inside straight. Our odds aren't that good to begin with.

 Besides, asking for courage to oppose him during a war, with the guy at 70 or 80% approval, is hard.
 In the mid-50s and falling like a stone from the continuing US deaths in Iraq and now the lies in the SOTU,
 with Dr. Dean calling for those responsible to immediately resign, the media giving it big story treatment,
 not so hard, and I predict you'll see more of it.


 Phil, no.
 When you say,  "It's counterproductive, and irresponsible, to urge Democrats to resign."
  it comes off like you're the authority on this and you shouldn't be questioned about your wisdom.
 Why should they cash their paychecks if they're unwilling to work?

 You think it's hard to attack a president with approvals in the 70's?
 The impeached Clinton with approval in the seventies and got enough votes in the next presidential
 election to steal it, with the help of a crooked governor and a crooked court of partisan hacks.

 You're telling me to be happy with these spineless cowards.
 You're telling me to count my blessings and consider myself lucky.
 I reject that advice.
 I will NOT be happy with a party of scared ninnies who refuse to fight..


"What has been the one, constant, distasteful theme of the Clinton administration? ... Lying.
  Bill Clinton utters more lies than all the boys on prom nights have ever uttered combined.
  He is a liar about all things relevant, irrelevant, important, trivial, every which way he can.
  He is a liar.  Lying matters, the truth matters.
  --Jonah Goldberg, son of LBJ and Lucy the Bat, wants you to think that lying about sex is worse
     than lies that get hundreds of brave Americans killed, with possibly hundreds more to come.

 Liars can't be president
   by Bill Bennett

  Click  Here

" the Founders understood, almost nothing matters more in a chief executive than his
 public character and trustworthiness, his truthfulness and integrity. And on these grounds alone,
 [liars] should be disqualified from being president.  Public office is a public trust, and people who
 violate it ought to be held accountable.”
       --Bill Bennett, who was talking about Al Gore at the time.

 Hey Bill, Gore's "lies" didn't get hundreds of Americans killed, but Bush's lies have.

 Why are you so silent on the truthfulness issue now, Bill?

 Is it because you're a self-serving whore, giving the murderous Bush boy a pass while condemning
 such important Gore "lies" such as did he accompany FEMA on Mission # 27 or Mission #28?

 You're a whore Bill, and I want you to admit it right now.

    "I'm a whore."

"My lies are no worse than Gore's - except for the dead people..."

 Worth another look...

 Bush's crazy, bloody was is not only costing us a solider per day.
 It has cost us $100 billion so far, and they expect tp stay 4-5 years.

 We could have peace AND what's behind Door Number Three.
 Click above and see what's behind Door Number Three.

"Good Will Hunting" monolog nails current pResident

  Click  Here

 Now the politicians are sayin' "send in the Marines to secure the area"'cause they don't give a shit.
 It won't be their kid over there, gettin' shot. Just like it wasn't them when their number got called,
 'cause they were pullin' a tour in the National Guard. It'll be some guy from Southie takin' shrapnel
 in the ass. And he comes home to find that the plant he used to work at got exported to the country
 he just got back from. And the guy who put the shrapnel in his ass got his old job, 'cause he'll work
 for fifteen cents a day and no bathroom breaks.

 Subject: Radio Show Seven ROCKS!

 Heyyyy, Bart!

 Actually having some Tecate's while listening to BartCop Radio this time.
 The mike sounds better, and you got that high pitched background noise out of the sound!

 I wish I could go to BartCop Manor and be the sound guy, but they still want to pay me more than a
 French whore for what I do.  So, I guess I'll just have to stick it out where I'm at.  I hope the whole
 flying by the seat of your pants thing is working out for you.  By doing it this way, you get a better idea
 of all the elements that are really involved in getting a smart mouth, a mike, and the truth out there to
 the masses (cough).  Do you think the Media Whores will keep their kneepads on for the junta?
 They seem to be realizing that some of them might have actually qualified as journalists once upon a time...


 Tom, if nothing else, those radio shows are getting longer :)


"There has been since 9/11 a chill on dialogue in this country. . . . You only have to listen to talk radio
  or watch Mike Savage on MSNBC, and you'll see the spirit of what's out there. You can't have a
  democracy when people don't get the facts and when people don't get the chance to agree or disagree.
  We've got to have a dialogue in this country . . . that is premised on an understanding that asking questions,
 demanding evidence, and holding people accountable is not unpatriotic, it's the duty of every American."
     --Gen. Wesley Clark, sounding more like a winner every day Attribution

 A presidential whodunit
  by sometimes-liberal Mike Kinsley

   Click  Here

"The Bush argument blaming the CIA for failing to remove this falsehood from the president’s speech is
 based on the logic of “stop me before I lie again.” Bush spoke the words, his staff wrote them, those
 involved carefully overlooked reasons for skepticism. It would have been nice if the CIA had caught this
 falsehood, but its failure to do so hardly exonerates others. Furthermore, the CIA is part of the executive
 branch, as is the White House staff. If the president — especially this president — can disown anything
 he says that he didn’t actually find out or think up and write down all by himself, he is more or less
 beyond criticism. Which seems to be the idea here.

 The president says he has not lost his confidence in CIA Director George Tenet. How sweet. If someone
 backed me up in a lie and then took the fall for me when it was exposed, I’d have confidence in him too."

 Have a question or a comment?

  Email Bart

 Subject: Iraq War

 Don't you think that it would be fair to bill the Oil and Energy conglomerates for this war and
 peacekeeping costs as they are the the real benefactors of this exercise. Also in line with this policy,
 they should be held monetarilly liable for the soldiers who died in the conflict, both corporate and
 personally, for their decision. I believe that if they are made to pay for their faux pax, they will avoid
 the extremism of war in the future. In other words, " Bill the Oil War to the Oil Companies and the
 Executives who made these decisions and make these costs non-tax deductable.

 John L.

 John, good idea.
 The greedy oil companies should give a million dollars to every family who lost a life in Iraq,
 and should at least pay for the education of the dead soldier's children.

 Kerry Says Bush Has Credibility Gap
  Has to be British - the press here won't run a story like this

   Click  Here

 John Kerry says Bush hasn't matched tough rhetoric with strong actions and is
 suffering from a credibility gap on national security.

"The gap between America's national security and this administration's deeds is
 widening every day,'' Kerry said at a veterans' memorial hall in New York Wednesday.

"Americans have a right to ask: Are we safer today than we were on Sept. 11?''
"Are our nation's firefighters and police officers better prepared to wage the war on terror?''

 John, why not point out that while we borrow money to give to billionaires,
 the first line responders haven't gotten a penny from this never-elected clown.
 Bush needs to have America vulnerable to terror because idiots believe Bush
 is fighting a great war on terra and we can't make it without his brave leadersdhip.


 Last night's poiker game was a hueueuege success.
 The table holds ten players, plus we had five waiting to get in at one point.
 I tried to create a second table, but it wouldn't let me have more than one.

 Next time you find yourself in a crowd waiting to get in, remember you can use
 the chat feature to communicate the name and password of a second table.
 Just go to "Options" and "Create new channel."

 TONIGHT - The big boys play for hundreds of thousands on The Travel Channel.

 After watching, if anyone has poker fever, maybe we'll get together.
 Look for BartCop's Pvt Table, password is chinaco

A great rerun, but these guys have been down 40 days.
I need my GYWO!

Marty's E! page
Carlos Santana has raised over $2 million for ANSA
Senators try to roll back the new FCC media rules
Cameron Diaz is trying to bar the release of some old pictures
Madonna is the 'new' face for the Gap
Drew Carey & ABC
Roseanne is Roseanne Barr (again)
MSGOP & Jesse Ventura
Mike Tyson's shrink is suing for unpaid bills
(ha ha - I'll bet that's a lot of money...)
And TV ratings


 Subject: Chris the Screamer

 I was prepared to watch the first 25 seconds of Hardball before turning the channel
 in disgust when, to my surprise, Chris started refering to W as Ted Baxter.

 This because the White House explanation about Niger yellowcake implies that Bush,
 just like Ted Baxter, just repeated what Lou Grant told him to say.

 Ken D

 Ken, I don't know why the Screamer is turning on his boy George.
 I suppose that's the bad news about having whores on the payroll - they turn on you.

 In May, he was just gaga over the outline of Bush's cock in that pilot suit on the Lincoln.
 He and Liddy sat there drooling over the bulge in George's pants, saying,
"No Democrat has a bulge like that..." and they high-fived each other with glee.

 The California Secretary of State has extended the deadline for public comment on electronic voting machines issues
 until the end of July. If they do this right, California may be able to set a standard the rest of the country will follow,
 so even if you are not a California resident, your input will still be important.

 Submit your comments:   Write to:

 Secretary of State Kevin Shelley
 Attn: Touch Screen Report
 1500 11th Street
 Sacramento, CA 95814

 Send email to:

 Fax comments to:  (916) 653-9675

 If His Words Are His Bond, We're in a Bind
   by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 Quick, somebody get the Bush White House a copy of "All the President's Men."
 A slow drip, drip, drip of incremental revelations and long-overdue admissions
 is not the way to stem a brewing scandal.

 But that's exactly the approach the administration is taking with the firestorm arising
 from the president's Misstatement of the Union fiasco, a.k.a. Yellowcake-gate.

 Suddenly everyone is asking: What didn't the president know, and why didn't he know it?
 And why does he know less and less every day?

Lance climbs the big mountain.
There's also tons of baseball.
Check out sports at BartCopSports!

And hey, drop me a line!
Get involved, send in your opinions.

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A resource for non-embedded writers and an enlightened public

 To Show Loyalty, Rice Lies for Bush
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 For those who now work for George W. Bush, loyalty means surrendering professional integrity
 and accepting public humiliation. Loyalty means uttering words and phrases that nobody can believe.
 Loyalty means misleading the people and the press about the gravest matters of state.

 Loyalty means lying.

 Consider the poignant case of Condoleezza Rice...


"When you listen to the rhetoric, you start to wonder which side won. There is no margin of victory
  that could satisfy them. They didn't want to fight in the first place and they've spewed more rhetoric
  at President Bush than they ever did at Saddam. They think if they just get a little bit angrier, and a
  little bit meaner and a little bit louder the American people will start hating the president as much
  as they do.  Bush  didn't lie. He didn't mislead anybody. His statement was accurate."
    --Tom DeLay, who seems to think Saddam had a viable nuke ready to launch at New York

"I'm nuts about this war!"

 Bush mushroom cloud "Bring 'em on" shirts! exclusive!
Buy a shirt, support and show the world
that you know there's an illegal monkey in the White House.

 Technical Accuracy
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Cheap irony aside, nobody thinks Bush writes his own speeches. People
 don't even expect him to grasp with great particularity what's in them.
 Nobody holds him responsible; certainly nobody ever has.

 It's CIA director George Tenet's fault.
 No, it's Dick Cheney's fault.
 No, it's  Condoleeza Rice's fault.
 Where was Colin Powell?

 We had a word for this kind of circular activity in junior high, but it's unsuitable
 for the newspaper. Anyway, it can't be Junior's fault. He not only  doesn't know
 what's in the intelligence briefings, he doesn't appear to know what's in the newspapers.

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