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Volume 1120 - Thou shall not lie

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 Thursday  July 24, 2003 


"They used the power of the federal courts and law enforcement to settle political scores.
  They used it in Texas with redistricting. They just used it in D.C. They used it in Florida.
  They will use the court system and federal law enforcement to try to win this election.
  I went through a $70 million sham investigation. I know what they will do."
       --James Carville, on the coming "insidious" 2004 presidential campaign, Attribution

 Probe Reveals Lapses Before 9/11 Attacks 
  CIA, FBI, NSA look bad, Bush, of course, is honest, in command, innocent and smart

  Click  Here

"Prior to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the CIA failed to act on intelligence it had about hijackers,
 the FBI was unable to track al-Qaida in the United States, and key NSA communications intercepts never
 were circulated, a congressional investigation has concluded.

 But even had these and many other failures not occurred, no evidence surfaced to show that the government
 could have prevented the attacks that killed more than 3,000 people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

 I'm getting sore from all the handjobs.
 They keep lying that "Nobody could have known."

 Remember James Woods (R-Traitor)?
 He was on one of the hijackers test flights with Mohammed Atta.
 He said it was so goddamn obvious, he went to the stewardess or captain of the plane and said,
 "I'm pretty sure those four Arabs are going to hijack this plane," and the airline called the FBI.

 The FBI talked to Woods and told him, "Thanks, and keep your mouth shut about this."

 That means the FBI had Atta's name and address and whatever ID he used to board the plane.
 They also knew it was possible he was going to hijack the plane, but they never even tracked him
 to see if him and his three virgin-seekers were taking the same flight over and over again.

 On the political front, remember Waco?
 David Koresh set fire to his own compound and killed those kids, according to ther GOP's John Danforth.
 But TO THIS DAY, the sons of bitches blame Clinton personally, because he was in charge at the time.
 Hell, the lying bastards blame him for killing Randy Weaver's wife, too, but when did the facts ever stop them?
 If Clinton is responsible for David Koresh's crimes, why isn't Bush responsible for 9-11?

 Nobody has seen this report yet, but a few pages were leaked to help our never-elected, fraudulent governor.

 I'm sure the report won't contain any information about who ordered our F-16s to stand down
 so the hijackers could complete their mission without any interference.

We don't deserve the truth about 9-11?

 Reports say all information about the Saudi government's role has been taken out to protect Bush.
 As you know, Poppy Bush is an on-the-payroll agent for the Saudi's, and the B.F.E.E. can make more money
 with the Saudis than without them, so if American wants the truth they can just go screw themselves.

 Doesn't it make you sick that they are lying to us?
 ...and that the Democrats don't care enough to demand the truth?

 By the way, don't forget this whitewash was written by the Bush-controlled congress
 that conatins pink tutu Democrats that are afraid of their own shadow.


"It looks like the Terminator is going for your job.
  He has name, he has money - how do you fight a threat like that?"
    -- Judy Woodruff, asking Gray Davis how he could possibly defeat Arnold

 Maybe Davis is every bit the idiot my CA friends say he is.
 His answer to Woodruff was "The Terminator may be back, and he may not be back..."

 If he had any brains, he would have smiled and confidently said, "Debates..."
 Democrats can win ANY debate, especially if a seasoned incumbent is going up against
 a know-nothing ditto-monkey who's running his very first political race of any kind.

 Arnold can't possible have a good grasp of the issues right now.
 Gray Davis should be able to outwit the nitwit in his sleep.

 Davis, take it from me - have retorts ready for Arnold's show-biz one-liners.
 Whenever somebody asks him a question he can't answer, he's going to reply with some cutesy
 comment like, "I won't exploit my opponents youth and inexperience," like Reagan did when
 Mondale brougt up his age. Mondale could've replied, "Yeah, that's a funny line, but we'll need a
 president who can stay awake during a international crisis. Can you give us that guarantee tonight?"

 When Arnold says a line like Reagan gave, and gets the expected laugh, all Davis has to say is,
"Not bad for a semi-professional actor - but could you give us your real answer now?"
 That would screw Arnold to death.

 Also, someone should get the GOP candidate, whoever he is, on record answering this question:
 "Sir, as governor, will you be able to fix things? Or will the budget troubles continue
   for years, with a constant refrain from your party that, 'It's all Gray Davis's fault?' "

 That's how you win bets and elections. Make them commit NOW.

 If they manage to win, you've taken away their ability to say, 'It's all Gray Davis's fault.'
 PLUS, you've forced him to admit he WILL turn things around, which takles away his ability
 to say, "We're doing our best, this fiscal hole Davis left us is very deep."

 If you set the bet up the right way, you can't lose.
 It's what Gore should've done to Bush, but nooooooooooooooooooooooooo..
 Democrats think it's cheating to use your strengths in a fight.

 Davis should demand one-on-one debates, mano-a-mano, no audience and no moderator.
 When it's Davis's turn, he should say, "Arnie, please explain how a bill becomes a law."

 Subject: Kobe


 Kudos to you for not printing the accuser's info and passing along the link.
 But you did still participate somewhat in repeating rumors about a girl, who was allegedly (important word) raped.

 Good point, but it brings up another:
 There are no bad rumors about Kobe swirling around, even tho he is known by maybe 200 million people.
 If rumors were going around about Kobe, I'd print them with a comment.
 The fact that nobody is coming out with "Me, too," accusations of rape is significant, but then again,
 Mr. Scaife and the GOP have no motive to pay women to accuse Kobe like they did with Bill Clinton.

 There are just as many rumors from her friends giving interviews to the press saying she was very physically hurt,
 which implies force.

 Two things:
Naturally, her friends believe her, but they weren't there. Of course, they describe her as "level-headed, strong
     well-balanced and quite confident to see this all the way through to the end."
All "facts" at this point are just rumors, (besides the filing of the charge), but...
     I've heard the room was cleaned by hotel maids before the police had a chance to stop them.
     Also, the chain of custody was broken. She went to the cops (we hear with torn clothing and bruises) the next day.
     Unless they have witneeses seeing torn clothing and bruising as she left the hotel, (still not conclusive) they won't be
     able to establish how she got the bruises or torn clothing. Kobe's skin under her fingernails would be significant,
     as would hair with DNA attached, which would indicate it was pulled out violently.

 Her family has asked her friends to stop talking to the press period. Regardless of whether Kobe's guilty or not,
 right now she's an alleged victim (just as he is the accused, not "the rapist") and she shouldn't be dragged through
 the mud for potentially having the courage to prosecute a famous person for a horrific crime.

 Just my two centavos...

 Sam Dent

 Sam, like with Scott Peterson, if the evidence proves Kobe is guilty, I'll turn into Nancy Grace :)


"If you can't say that they lied to get us in and have no idea how
  to get us out, then there's something wrong with America."
      --James Carville, speaking the obvious

 Does James Carville listen to ?

  Click  Here  to listen to my comments posted yesterday morning...

  Click  Here  to listen to my Carville's comments posted yesterday afternoon...

 Ditto-Monkey Judge OKs Klayman Suit Against Hillary
 Gennifer Flowers sues for a smaller ass - will they ever let go of his cock?

"Clinton's cock, ...I want it
  Clinton's cock, ...I need it
  Clinton's cock, ...I got to, got to have it
  Clinton'c cock, ...please don't leave me"

  Click  Here

 A federal judge refused to release Hillary from a lawsuit by Gennifer Flowers (R-Sparky) which accuses
 the senator, James Carville and Judas Maximus of masterminding a campaign to discredit Flowers' claim
 of an affair with Bill Clinton.  Flower's attorney, Larry Klayman, said Wednesday "I would nail my scrotal
 sac to the floor to get the senator's testimony in this case."

 How can this judge be serious?
 Flowers was paid $50K by the National Enquirer to make this claim.

 And Bill and Hillary are the most defamed people in the history of this planet,
 so they get sued for defending themselves?

 I guess this judge is a ditto-monkey like the chimps on the Supreme Court.

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“The media and the Democrats are calling those two evil thugs ‘Saddam's boys.’ Can you believe that?”
     --Rush Limbaugh, who thanks God every day that there's a Mikey Weiner

 But Pigboy, if we called them "those two evil thugs," people will ask, "What two evil thugs,"
 and then we'll have to say, "You know, Saddam's boys."

 Some of us don't have time to stretch every thought into a three hour radio show.

 Subject: Scumbag Dick Morris

 Dear Bart,

 I saw that scumbag Dick Morris on Jon Stewart's Daily Show last night.
 He was trying to blame 9/11 on President Clinton.
 Made me sick.


 Yeah, what a slimy bastard he is.
 Jon got fed up with him real damn fast, too.
 Morris was doing his "Chris the Screamer" impression, and wouldn't let Jon talk.
 At one point, I think I remember Jon saying "I'm sorry," (for trying to speak on his own show,
 then Jon looked at the crowd like, "Can you believe this arrogant asshole?"

 Jon's nice to every guest, but that prick Morris tested his patience last night.

 One thing:
 He said Clinton and Bush were both responsible for 9-11, but Clinton was MORE responsible
 since he had eight years and Bush had "only" nine months, but that misses the point.

 The GOP likes to say (and the whore media love to echo...) that Clinton "should have known."
 But Bush stole the presidemcy AFTER Clinton "should have known," which clearly means that
 Bush should've known moreso, since he had the luxury of being AFTER Clinton.

 I'm so old, I remember when America had a free press.

 Subject: Bart, you're losing me on Kobe printed this and said it was thoughtful!?!

 it's pure speculation. the guy calling into that "radio show" (hint) speculating about a woman he doesn't know,
 a man he doesn't know, what happened in a room he wasn't in, and then is scummy enough to speculate on
 what kind of sex kobe supposedly gave her is a fucking idiot. pure and simple. for the record, the only big
 jock sex i ever had was with a man with a very little dick who only lasted 15 seconds. print that.

 did it ever occur to you or Mike H or the caller on that radio show that girls who have bad judgement (american idol),
 bad taste in men (breakup), bad emotional problems (suicide attempt) and potentially (though the jury's still out on this
 one until some facts are entered into evidence as you say) even the bad judgment of entering a room with a man she'd
 just met and isn't sure if she wants to have sex with or not, can also be raped?

 Reader,  deep breath.....

 I did not say his comments were "thoughtful."  I said his letter was "thought-provoking."
 It has certainly provoked a few thoughts from you :)

 This was a black man venting his feelings AS a black man.  I can't imagine what it's like to
 be black, and see a clean-cut role models to millions be (he feels) falsely accused of rape.

 Every pundit has said, "This guy is NOT Mike Tyson."

 Also, I thought about this for a few minutes, and I can't think of one - not even one - famous black man
 who wasn't fairly or unfairly smeared by our media.

 Young black kids grow up hearing:

 MLK - serial philanderer
 Michael Jordan, philanderer, inveterate gambler
 Michael Jackson - don't even
 Jesse Jackson - philanderer, serial liar
 Mike Tyson - don't ask
 Kobe Bryant - rapist of white women?
 Jim Brown - wife beater
 Magic Johnson - AIDS, must be gay, Rush says
 Clarence Thomas - into beastiality movies
 Charles Barkley - turned Republican
 Spike Lee - delusional
 Puff Daddy - don't ask
 50 Cent - shot 9 times drug dealing
 Tupac, Biggie Smalls - death by violence
 Nelson Mandela - Dick Cheney voted to keep him in prison when he was in the House of Rep
 Ward Connerly - works to keep blacks out of college

 I didn't agree with everything Mike said, and I didn't even know about "NBA sex,"
 but IF (I love that) Mike got a little carried away, can we blame him?

 Wouldn't it be nice to see a black man make it to the top
 without being pulled down by real or imagined charges?

 ...from my Blue Period

 May 16, 2000

 Doesn't it figure?

 Latrell Spreewell chokes his coach, Rush hates him.
 Bobby Knight chokes a player, Rush defends him.

 What's the difference?

 Bobby Knight is "a white guy with a lot of passion."
 Latrell is just "an out-of-control nigger."

 Thanks for clearing that up, Rush.

Marty's E! page
Jon Stewart's guest is Joseph Wilson
A special bonus 'Disinfotainment Today' from Michael Dare
Saint Colin of Washington
Cheech & Chong, together again
A Playboy auction
P. Diddy wants to buy the NY Knicks
Chicago police apologize to Ice Cube
Medal of Freedom awards
And, Pelusa, the purple polar bear


 Dennis Miller repeated his lame, twenty-year old, discredited act on Leno last night.

 It was like watching the most beautiful hooker in Las Vegas, ... thirty-five years and 160 pounds later.
 Problem is, the hooker sees herself as 22, so he expects those Tiny Tim and Ruth Buzzi references to
 bring down the house to the jaded, "heard-it-all-before" Hollywood crowd.
 They were the same old-years-ago jokes he repeated in the column where I was forced to punk him.

 He sees all Arabs as "them," and doesn't mind saying so to a national audience.
 He said murdering Baghdad might set off a "positive domino effect" in the Middle Ea
 Just typing those Hitler-esque words chilled me a little...

 ...and he did his Nancy Grace impression, too!!

"I know they say everyone deserves a trial, but not THIS guy..."

 Apparently, Miller's credibility has taken such a hit, his publicist asked Leno to have him on and play some footage
 of him playing golf like a dork, while praising the Almighty Mr Perfect, the politically correct Tiger Woods.
 If you would allow this billionaire to sit at your table, you're not a racist, Dennis.

 Since his image has become that of a brainless, clueless murdering Nazi, his publicist set up this
 Dennis-is-a-bad-golfer footage up so he could mimic the night when Newt the Heartless came on Leno
 to talk about how saving precious wild animals was so important

 ha ha

 Miller and Newt, trying to get back into the human race - that's funny.
 Hey, Dennis, are you dumping your wife anytime soon?
 That's what Republicans do, you know...

esident-Pray ush-Bay: "u-Day and qu-Say are ead-Day"

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 Clinton: Bush Iraq Mistake Understandable 

  Click  Here

 Bush's erroneous reference to an Iraqi-Africa uranium link was understandable, Clinton said Tuesday,
 in part because Saddam's regime had not accounted for some weapons by the time Clinton ended his term in 2001.

 Clinton's comments reinforce one of the pillars of Bush's defense of the war in Iraq - that Clinton was never satisfied
 that Saddam had rid himself of weapons of mass destruction.

 Yes, this is puzzling - IF Clinton said it.
 Did Clinton address Bush's tremendous hardon for this war that couldn't wait another month?
 IF Clinton said this, I think it's another "too nice" mistake he has made.

 In 1993, shortly after taking office, Bani Sadr of Iran asked Clinton if he'd like the proof that Bush flew to Paris
 to make a secret, illegal and treasonous deal for the Iranian hostage-takers to keep the hostages longer until
 after he and the Reagan Puppet had illegally taken office, and Clinton declined to accept that proof.

 That information certainly would've come in handy during impeachment, don't you think?
 Clinton could've contacted Newt and Delay and asked them if they wanted the truth so bad,
 how about we spill the beans on Poppy the Traitor and Reagan the Illegal Puppet?

 But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
 Clinton didn't want a giant hammer - to have just in case it was needed one day.  Clinton will always be the anti-Christ
 - the whore media will see to that.  Everyone knows lying about a blow job is worse than lies that cause the deaths of 230
 brave soldiers in the sand so Bush could steal Iraq's oil - which he's doing right now!

 Maybe Clinton had good reasons - maybe he already had that proof in-hand, but not knowing all the facts,
 turning down the October Surprise proof and legitimizing Smirk's land snatch seem like mistakes from where I sit.

 Have a question or a comment?

  Email Bart

 Letters to the Editor

 The July 15 editorial "Weak excuse" about Bush and his staff trying to scapegoat George Tenet and spin the
 uranium argument ended with this sentence: "This hair-splitting brought to mind another president: Bill Clinton."

 I'm hoping you brought up Clinton's follies only because it was a good way of reminding readers that Clinton
 was tried in the media and then impeached for similar actions. You might have gone one step further and said,
 "Of course, no one was killed because of Clinton's hair-splitting."

 There's quite a difference between lying about sex and lying about death.


 They actually printed that in the online Philadelphia Enquirer.

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  Toxic aftermath from uranium munitions

  Click  Here

 The American use of depleted uranium munitions in both Persian Gulf wars has unleashed a toxic disaster
 that will eclipse the Agent Orange tragedy of the Vietnam War, a former top Army official said Monday evening.
 Former Maj. Douglas Rokke, who was director of the Army's depleted uranium project, spoke to 125 people
 at the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society.

 Rokke said his team in the gulf blew up vehicles and structures with these munitions and then tested the wreckage
 for radioactive contamination. He said they found that uranium dust is so fine that it acts like a gas, seeping through
 the tiny pores of protective masks.

"We don't have the ability to clean it up (or) treat it.  I'm a warrior, but my conclusion is that war is obsolete.
 A Veterans Affairs report says over 221,000 of our sons and daughters are on permanent disability and over
 10,000 dead - one-third of our Gulf War I force. And they're coming back sick right now."


"If they run a campaign that doesn't fight back when the Republicans use the courts and
  law enforcement to win elections... I want to know what kind of campaign you will run.
  Are you going to take this stuff, or are you going to fight back?

  In '88 we let the GOP walk all over us.
  We lost.
  In '92, we fought back and won.
  In '94, we went soft and lost.
  They tried impeachment. We fought back, we won.
  In 2000, we let them walk all over us in Florida.
  In 2002, we let them roll over us in Congress.
  In 2004, we know better..."
    --James Carville, hoping Dems will locate their balls in the next 15 months Attribution

 Praising Dennis Miller
  The "most sophisticated" Nazi in Bush's reich

  Click  Here

 In his first return to weekly television since "Dennis Miller Live," Miller has agreed to provide commentary
 Friday nights on the "Hannity & Colmes" show. In a recent phone interview, Miller told me why he got back
 into television. "There are things that irk me," he said. "I wanted to have a place where I could express my opinions."

 ha ha

 What a clumsy liar this pig is.
 Nothing beats having an HBO show, where you can say anything.
 Miller was fired from HBO and ABC for being an unfunny Bush fellator.
 Now he works for Rupert Murdoch and Sean Hannity.

 BTW, Alam Colmes is lucky that there's no apparatus for throwing a traitorus slug out of the Democratic party.
 Every time Colmes looks into the camera and explains how "fair and balanced" Bush's private TV station is
 I want to jump thru the TV and kick his ass with my bare hands.

 Maureen Dowd's Column
  A standout whore at a paper of whores

  Click  Here

 Here in the White House, we've mastered the art of moving beyond what people once thought
 was important to look for. First, we switched from looking for Osama to looking for Saddam.
 Then we switched from looking for "weapons" to looking for "weapons programs." Now Wolfie
 has informed the public that we need to worry less about finding weapons in Iraq than building democracy.

 Subject: Lynch a hero?


 Great site, and thanks.

 Quick response about Lynch -- I think our troops, willing to go and fight and die for their country,
 are worthy of immense respect, even if they're being sent for fraudulent reason; it's not their fault,
 and they're not in a position to protest. But heroism's something else.

 Assuming the story's true, Lynch got herself beaten up, and captured. And then she got rescued.
 I fail to see heroism there on HER part -- perhaps on her rescuers, but not her. Heroism to me
 requires action - she didn't do anything to handle her situation because there wasn't much to do.
 Had she escaped her captors, that might be something else. Had she been tortured and held in prison,
 tormented, and refused to give up any relevant information until she was resuced, that would be something else.
 But she was in a hospital, being treated. Wherein lies any heroism, beyond that of *any* soldier who puts
 themselves in danger by fighting at all?

 I fail to see much of a difference between her getting beaten with rifle butts and some other soldier
 who got wounded and who isn't getting media attention from a whore network because he's not cute.
 Her becoming a story was Pentagon spin, and the whole thing's tainted, even if it's true.


 David, using your criteria, McCain wasn't a hero, either.
 I mean, all he did was get captured, right?

 If the story is true (I have to put that in giant, red, bold letters because the doves will attack me
 as falling for every lie the Bush administration puts out, and that's f-ing ponderous and tiring)
 as they were breaking her bones with their rifle butts, I'm sure she asked herself,
 "How the fuck did I get in this position?"

 She got in that position because she wanted to defend her country and take advantage
 of the benefits of being a veteran. She could've stayed in WV and spent her time getting
 drunk and getting laid, but she wanted something more than that.

 So far, we have 240 brave soldiers not coming home.
 Would you say, "They're not heroes - all they did was get themselves killed?"

 Using your criteria, I can only think of four heroes:
 JFK, Audie Murphy, David Hackworth and (choke) Oliver North.
 You can always do some research, but I'll bet if we were live, you couldn't name another American
 war hero. The idea that a hero can only be someone who charged a machine gun is crazy.

 I've been to DC twice and both times, I couldn't bring myself to visit Arlington National Cemetary
 or the Vietnam War Memorial.  My respect for those heroes is so massive I don't think I could
 visit either place without turning into Bob Dole at Nixon's funeral.

 In closing, what about Max Cleland?  He's a damn big hero to me, damn big - what about you?
 After all, all he did was manage to step on a landmine, right?

 Similarly, what about the hundreds of NY firemen who died on 9-11.
 All they did was ride a shiny red truck and climb some stairs, right?

 I don't mean to pick on you, because many, many, many Democrats agree with you.
 That's very sad.    I strongly urge you to re-think your position on this.

 Arrested for speaking?
Bush has spread the new Amerikka to Iraq.

 H.S. Thompson says Bryant's legal wranglings to top O.J. case

  Click  Here

 Hunter S. Thompson is going gonzo over the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case.
 He predicts the legal circus is about to take America to "a new low."

"You thought O.J. (Simpson) was bad? Wait until we get a taste of this scandal," wrote Thompson.
"It will be like a feeding frenzy and a long parade of cannibals," he wrote, adding, "The more I learn
 about this case, the more I understand that this is not about rape at all. It is about money, pure money
 and nothing else. Nobody is going to jail in this case, but some people are going to pay."

 Subject: How come...

 ...if the BFEE thinks it can blame it's poor intelligence on France (source of British intell) and the Clinton administration,
 how come Tennant is still the director of the FBI?  Post-Bush unelection, post-9/11, post everything?

 If everything Clinton did was so bad, why is he still on the payroll?
 just wondering....

 Anne & Matt

 It might be just for the reason you suspect:  At times like this, the Bush-owned American press can say,
"This is what happens when a liberal appointment is in a sensitive position - don't trust the liberals."

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"The Republicans have had control for 10 years, they've gotten arrogant, they demean the institution,
  they demean democracy by virtue of the heavy-handed way they run the House, minority rights are
  downtrodden, and it's time, Mr. and Mrs. America, to make a change."
     - Dick Armey, quoted 7/22/03 in the San Francisco Chronicle,  Attribution

 The nerve of Armey, the foul-mouthed Dick, pretending the GOP only became racist, arrogant bastards AFTER he left.

 The killing of Hussein's sons 
  The Nuremberg precedent and the criminalization of the US ruling elite

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 "There is little doubt that Uday and Qusay were morally and politically reprehensible figures.
  Having said that, both the means by which Hussein’s sons were liquidated and the manner in
  which the killings were greeted by the American government and media speak volumes about
  the nature of the US intervention in Iraq and the character of the American political establishment.

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 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 It now stands at 233.

 Note: I believe this figure to be accurate,
 but don't get your facts from this page.
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