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Volume 1119 - Crushing Opposition

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 Wednesday  July 23, 2003 


''If the president calculatedly and repeatedly violates his oath, if the president breaks the covenant
  of trust he has made with the American people, he can no longer be trusted. And because the executive
  plays so large a role in representing the country to the world, America can no longer be trusted.''
    -- chalky-thighs Henry Hyde, whining that Clinton didn't tell all about Monica right away

 He doesn't mind 227 soldiers dying from Bush lies, but he's outraged at Clinton's lies about Monica.

 Hey Henry, why is another man's wife in your lap?

 ...and Henry, where's your left hand?

 US forces believe they have killed Saddam's evil sons
  How many times have we killed the Butcher of Baghdad and his sons?

  Click  Here

"The Butcher's sons George and Jeb were believed to have been killed Tuesday in a raid by invading forces
 who surrounded the home of a cousin, a senior official said. Two other citizens also were killed.

 The invading force has offered a $25 million reward for information leading to the Butcher's capture and
 $15 million each for his sons, who were top leaders in their father's evil empire.

 Jeb was probably his father's successor, according to invading intelligence officials. He ran much of his
 country's security apparatus in the southeast part of the country, controlling several militias, internal security
 services and the military forces of the once-vaunted Republican Guard.

 He was described as quiet, smart and level-headed, particularly compared to George, the Butcher's eldest son,
 who had a reputation for brutality, flamboyance and extreme stupidity. George had a reputation for killing while
 giggling.   They said he made a game of being cruel, often mocking his victims by saying "Please don't kill me,"
 just as he gave the order to execute them.   The homeland had never known such cruelty was possible.
 George often wore a custom-made flight suit and then strutted around in it like he was 'King Shit," as if he were
 a legitimate fighter pilot. George controlled his father's Fedayeen, the paramilitary force that fought foreign
 invaders during the war; many of its survivors are thought to be part of the ongoing guerrilla campaign in Iraq.

"Women say I'm a treat for the eyes when I wear my Wrangler tight-cuts."

 Subject: Issue 1117


 This is one of your best posts.
 Maybe the oregano on the pasta tonight came out of that jar I was hiding my stash in a while back.
 Who knows.
 Boondocks better get a Pulitzer.
 You have buried Judas Miller.
 Lovely short lesson on paranthetical expressions.
 And, it must be the oregano, I was hooting over finally understanding why Hastert is the Speaker.

 Hey and the reason why you probably don't get MP3 donations is that most of us out here barely know how to turn our computers on.

 Rossy Mole

 Subject: Nobody owns a VCR?

 Bart, you wrote:

>  I guess:
>  nobody owns a VCR
>  nobody watches Jon, Dave, Jay or Bill.
>  nobody knows how to make an MP3
>  nobody wants a free subscription to the members section
>  nobody gives a flying shag

 Or we have carrers, mortgages, four kids and we're farking *busy* man.
 At least we find time to actually *read* your page.


 Kevin, good point, but let me tell you what was going thru my mind when I wrote that.
 On NBC's Koresh-awful Fear Factor, people go on that show and eat pig anus.
 That's how desperate they are to become famous, to be noticed by someone - to stand out.

 If I can get a clipfest organized, it could make the new-and-improved hueueueueueuege.
 A good clip wrangler could someday get noticed for his/her great work, and assembling comedy clips has to be
 more fun than eating pig anus - I'm certain of that.  Statisically, if one in a thousand readers watched Jon, Dave,
 Jay and Bill and then sent in one clip each per show, we'll be drowning in MP3s. I didn't mean to suggest that
 everyone should make this page the focus on their day.

 An review of Coulter's book Treason

 1 out of 5 stars.

 Hate-triots Rejoice!, July 21, 2003
 Reviewer: A reader from Washington, DC USA

 Dissent is unpatriotic. The First Amendment is for wimps.
 Being wrong or disagreeing with authority is treason.
 Oh, and Joe McCarthy was a misunderstood, good guy.

 What a sad, deranged person the author is.
 Where does she go from here, Holocaust denial?


"The Republican U.S. Senate impeaches the elected president. The Republican Supreme Court
  hands the presidency to an unelected candidate. Now a Republican congressman pays to unseat
  California's elected governor. If you've got Republicans, who needs elections?"
     -- M Lipton, letter to the editor in the Los Angeles Times

 If you should be in the members section but you're not, contact me.

 Maybe put "subscribe" in the header - I'll watch for those.
 Also, it wouldn't hurt to mention if you signed up with 2Checkout, PayPal or snail mail.

 We want you to be in the member's section.

 Subject: Kobe's accuser

 Hi Bart,

 Here's a link a friend sent me about Kobe's accuser.  I don't know if you have any reservations
 about disclosing the identity of the accuser or not (might be an interesting topic if you haven't
 covered it already), but perhaps you'd be interested in the info.


 Pete, it's OK that you sent that link, because trust me - it stops right here, and I'm too old
 to be shocked by anything these days, but I can't believe somebody would print her name,
 her address, her picture and her phone number on the internet.

 My gambling instincts, which have been wrong in the past (or else I'd be rich now) are telling me
 that Kobe believes that he's innocent (I spent time on that wording) but there's still every chance
 that girl is 100 percent innocent, ...but, ...have you heard the bombshell that's allegedly brewing?

 The Vail Daily is suing the state of Colorado  for a violation of the Open Records Act


"They" say this is the THIRD time Kobe's accuser has filed rape charges.  (She's 19)
 Sure, she has a right to privacy, but the way I understand the law, CALLING the police  is a
 public record because it's dispatch, it's not part of a criminal case until police arrive and determine
 that a crime has been committed.  If she files rape charges like I do swigs of Chinaco, Bryant's legal team
 has a right to know that - but the cops have to be sued into playing fair?.

 The cops want that information buried - why?  Because maybe Colordo's "Chief Moose" wanted to
 sell the book and movie rights to this big story, and jumped the gun on having Kobe Bryant arrested
 before he checked out his witness's stability and the medical examiner's report.

 There are more reports that the accuser was giving hilarious descriptions of Bryant's anatomy.
 How funny can a penis be to a girl who was "raped" with it?

 Soon, we hope to have our point person on this to explain it all.


 "I'm not concerned about weapons of mass destruction.
 "I'm concerned about getting  Iraq on its feet. I didn't come here
   on a search for weapons of mass destruction."
     --Paul Wolfowitz, (R-Mad Dg)   Wolfie: Iraq Weapons Not a Priority

  Hmmm, it sounds like he's saying he doesn't have time to
  search for weapons that he knows don't exist.

 Subject: thank you for the subscription

 I've been listening to your radio and roflmao, as the kids say, starting with #5.

 You're such a goof.
 Sometimes I wonder at us liberal's ability to look evil in the eye and bust up laughing.
 I guess you have to have a sense of humor to believe that knowledge and reason
 can overcome superstition and prejudice.

 I think you'll get the hang of this radio shit soon.
 You do fantastic for a beginner.

 Anyway, this is just a thank you for the subscription.


 Explanation: A benefactor named Jim wrote to say he'd like to sponsor a dozen one-month
 subscriptions to the members section, so Monday night I had a sign up for a while saying
 "Write now for a free month of Radio Plus," and a dozen people did that.

 Jim says he wants to do this again soon.
 (Bart does 'I'm not worthy' to Jim)

 Review of Hillary's Book
  by John Cross

  Click  Here

 "...and I was honored to do my small part helping to direct traffic inside the hotel. As volunteers we were also able to
 move around, or at least I took that upon myself, moving in to shake hands with all Bill, Hillary, Al and Tipper after the
 dinner, and afterwards, with a few fellow volunteers, brazenly gate crashing  the after-dinner reception reserved for the
 VIPs and top campaign contributors. (I was eventually kicked out by the secret service, but they were very nice about it.)

 Pigboy says US casualties in Iraq no big thing

  Click  Here

"Folks, we're getting a daily death update out of Iraq, and we're hearing slogans like, "One a day," and
 "Our troops are being slaughtered," from the Democrats, as their willing accomplices in the press try to
 concoct this notion that the casualty rate over there is outrageous and intolerable.

 The following statistics come from the Centers for Disease Control website: On a daily basis, on average,
 10 Americans die by drowning, and nine Americans die by fire in their homes. 14 Americans die by pedestrian
 accidents. 27 Americans die in falls. On average, 50 Americans a day are murdered. 118 die in auto accidents,
 and 25 people die from A.I.D.S. every day, on average. Yesterday, two Americans died in battle in Iraq.

 Black Max responds:

 How dare you trivialize the deaths of our soldiers in Iraq with your latest statements?  How dare you compare the
 unnecessary deaths of these brave men and women with Americans slipping in bathtubs and dying in auto accidents?
 And how dare you politicize their deaths by associating the casualty figures with Bush's popularity ratings?
 It is no accident that our soldiers are dying in Iraq.

 They are dying in twos and threes every day because your President, George W. Bush, told one lie after another
 to justify sending them there.  They continue to die because George W. Bush continues to lie.  This war was not
 "thrust upon us," as you say.  It was engineered by the Bush administration under blatantly false pretenses.

 The blood of these brave soldiers is not only on the hands of Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, and others
 in the administration.  Their blood is on your hands, Limbaugh.

 You, sir, are a liar, but worse, you're an accomplice to murder. You are the mouthpiece of a government of
 murderers.  Live with it if you can.  The soldiers who are dying in Iraq every day can't do that.


"I don't want to think my President lied. Maybe he was given false information.
 But if it turns out that the straight truth was not driving Bush's decisions then,
 how can Americans be sure he's making the right ones now?"
    --Claudia Grabowski, 40, from Michigan    The War Comes Home

 From: Smarts

 Subject: Great Web Site

Get more news from Northwest Florida at
NOTES  This article can be found on page B1 of the July 27, 2001 Daily News.

Aide's cause of death still not released
  by Amber Bollman, Daily News Staff Writer

 Repeated attempts Thursday to contact Associate Medical Examiner Dr. Michael
 Berkland about the death of Lori Klausutis were unsuccessful.

 Six days after the 28-year-old aide to U.S. Rep. Joe Scarborough was found dead inside his office,
 local police are still waiting to learn how and why Klausutis died.

"We are waiting on a report from the medical examiner," said Fort Walton Beach Police Chief Steve Hogue.

 Berkland said last Saturday that he would likely be able to announce the cause of Klausutis' death
 by Wednesday, after receiving the results of blood toxicology tests.

 But Berkland was out of town for a conference on Wednesday. On Thursday, even though assistants
 in Berkland's Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola offices said he had returned to the area, Berkland
 did not return repeated telephone calls.

 Secretaries at both offices said he had checked in for his messages.

 Klausutis, of Niceville, was found dead about 8 a.m. last Friday when a
 couple arrived at Scarborough's office for an appointment.

 Police found no evidence of foul play or robbery at the scene, and Berkland
 said Saturday that he had ruled out homicide as the cause of Klausutis' death.

 Berkland, who planned to review toxicology reports and medical records before
 announcing the cause of Klausutis' death, said she had likely died in the office
 sometime Thursday afternoon or evening.

 Klausutis was buried Wednesday in Niceville.

 The reason this never made any headlines is because Scarborough is a Republican.
 Republicans can't commit murder - just ask Bush's good puppy press.
 He could've shot this woman in a restaurant crowded for lunch, and the press wouldn't cover it.

 It's only news if Clinton's zipper is involved.

 Subject: Kobe Bryant?

 Bart, you wrote:

 > I'd like to get deep into this story.

 My question is WHY?
 Don't you think CNN will do a good enough job of running this story into the ground?
 Don't you think Larry King and his whore harem will find every possible way to trash
 the alleged victim and try Kobe on TV before the case ever gets to court?
 Why would you want to get involved with all their rumor-mongering and speculation?
 Why lower yourself to their level?


 Dan, have you ever heard of the Tulsa race riot of 1921?

 A rumor spread thru Tulsa like lightning that a negro had "grabbed the arm" of a white girl who was
 operating an elevator.

 To avenge this nobody-even-knows-that-it-happened 'crime,' the idiot white people gathered with
 guns and torches and burned 35 city blocks of black homes, while shooting and lynching.
 Estimates are up to 300 people were killed, all because whitey heard a wild rumor about a girl

 Since this stupid, religious, bigoted nation is still very hung up on race, a black man charged with
 raping a white girl in an all-white town, and being judged by an all-white jury is damn explosive.

 From your tone, I'd say we share the same opinion of the media, but like with the war,
 I don't have reporters that I can send to Eagle, Colorado who can file reports on
 I'm hoping we can find the right, responsible person who can stay on this story and separate the
 real information from the bullshit.

 ...and forgive me, but to some extent, we uncensored dot-coms  are the media now.
 Takebackthemedia, mediawhoresonline, buzzflash and others may one day be giants.

 It's a big story, and so is Scott Peterson.
 The state of California was so convinced he was guilty, they announced their intention to murder him,
 even with no witnesses,
 no murder weapon,
 no crime scene,
 no motive, and
 almost no forensics.

 Now, they are postponing Peterson's prelim because they don't have any evidence Geragos can't explain,
 yet they were going to put a needle in his f-ing arm?  The Nancy Grace's of the TV world want this guy dead,
 and Geragos pointed out that the DA ought to have some proof that he did it if murder is on the menu.

 I think that's a damn important story.

  View from the Northland 
   by Richard Fricker

  Click  Here

 "IF the drugs are "unsafe" they why aren't the streets littered with dead Canadians? Or perhaps the drugs
 are only unsafe to Americans? In that case, how does each individual dose know who is American and
 who is Canadian?

 This is only yet another example of  Bushie people lying to the public just as they supported lies about the war,
 they lie about drugs and then pour the profits into their pockets. It is a  lie after lie administration and they keep
 lying to the people.

Marty's E! page
The night of the dickheads - Dennis Miller on Leno
and Dick 'Toe-Sucker' Morris on Jon Stewart
Danny Glover & the 'silent crisis'
Dixie Chicks & Rock The Vote
Annabeth Gish joins 'West Wing'
Steve Buscemi (hero) & the Gotham Awards.
Dame Edna honored in Australia
Orson Welles' Oscar for 'Citizen Kane' withdrawn from auction
Oprah is VH1's #1 cultural icon
(Nothing against Oprah, but that's crazy.
Clinton is waaay bigger than Oprah)
New Who CD has bonus tracks of John Entwistle's final show
Gillian Anderson fell down the stairs
James Brown & his Goofy announcement
Pelusa, the purple polar bear
Bob Guccione staved off foreclosure for another month
Prime Time TV's top 20
And, Kinzua Bridge fell down


 The President Is Not a Fact-Checker
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 And get this, according to the White House, so did national security advisor Condoleeza Rice.
 She's supposed to be the brains of the operation, Bush's intellectual nanny. The former provost
 of Stanford University, we're told,  skipped the footnotes where the strongest cautions were found.
 Assuming purely for the sake of argument that we believe this astonishing excuse, exactly what does
 the woman do all day?  Have we reached the point where we expect American men and women to
 commit their lives and sacred honor on the basis of what Bob Somerby calls "Cliff's Notes" intelligence?

 But the reality, of course, is that Rice's story simply cannot be believed. CIA director Tenet had personally
 warned her chief deputy Stephen Hadley off the African uranium tale on two documented occasions in
 October 2002. Nor is this the first time Rice has been caught uttering improbable stories in defense of  her boss.
 Seemingly above criticism, it was Rice, Joe Conason points out, who pushed the later repudiated tale that Bush
 hightailed it to Nebraska on 9/11 because of "intelligence" indicating terrorists had targeted Air Force One.

Click the ugly giraffe to visit

 Jessica Lynch goes home 

        Pfc. Jessica Lynch receives her Purple Heart yesterday

  Click  Here

"Former POW Jessica Lynch returned home aboard an Army helicopter Tuesday for an expected hero's welcome,
 nearly four months after she was ambushed by Iraqi forces and later rescued from a hospital.

 The helicopter landed in Elizabeth, WV after flying over Lynch's residence in nearby Palestine.. The 20-year-old
 Army supply clerk, severely injured in an ambush in Iraq in March, left Walter Reed hours earlier.
 Lynch was to make brief public remarks from a wheelchair ó her first public words since her ordeal.

 I know some people like to dump on this hero, but a Clinton-hating bimbo on FOX Whore News said she
 personally talked to Lynch's doctor, and he told her that Lynch was not badly hurt in the army truck wreck.

 When asked what caused her massive injuries and her multiple broken bones, her doctor told the FOX bimbo
 that Lynch's injuries were consistent with being repeatly and severely beaten with rifle butts.
 Christ, it's no wonder she's lost her memory ...if that report is true.

 If that story is true, and we don't know because it came from a whore network (aren't they all?)
 but if that story's true and you still want to call her a fake and a fraud and insist she's not a hero,
 maybe we could meet somewhere and you could explain it to me personally?

 Have a question or a comment?

  Email Bart

 Reward for Hussein boys

 Hey Bart,

 I just saw on "Primetime",
 The guy who snitched on the Hussein boys will have to "apply" for the reward through the State Department.
 And that $15 Million reward each for the offspring of Sadamm?

 Turns out, it's, "UP TO 15 million".

 You know, even though it still will be a big pile of money,
 Isn't that a welching, chickenshit way to be?
 I checked Google and didn't find anything that said, "Up to 15 Million Dollars".

 Pissed off in the BiBle Belt


 Curtis, worse than that, what if Osama turned them in?

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 Bush Chases Saddam, Ignores Real Threats
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 For the past year, George W. Bush has faced a choice between a real nuclear crisis
 and a fake nuclear crisis. Unfortunately for the nation and the world, he chose wrongly
 óand his mistake has made solving the real crisis more difficult and dangerous.

 The phony crisis, as we now learn in greater detail with every passing news cycle, was
 Saddam Husseinís alleged effort to develop nuclear weapons in Iraq. The President and
 the National Security Advisor, among others, told us that we faced the threat of a
 "mushroom cloud" over an American city if our military didnít move swiftly to overthrow
 the Iraqi despot. The Vice President warned us that Saddam had already "reconstituted"
 his defunct nuclear program.

...not afraid to fight back

 Bushel of Quotes

"Intelligence officials confirmed to Newsday Monday that Valerie Plame, wife of retired Ambassador
 Joseph Wilson, works at the agency on weapons of mass destruction issues in an undercover capacity
 -- at least she was undercover until last week when she was named by columnist Robert Novak."
      --Timothy M. Phelps and Knut Royce,  Columnist Names CIA Iraq Operative  (for all 4 quotes)
"If what the two senior administration officials said is true they will have compromised an entire career of networks,
 relationships and operations. What's more, it would mean that this White House has taken an asset out of the WMD
 fight, not to mention putting at risk any contacts she might have had where the services are hostile."
     --retired Ambassador Joseph Wilson,     Columnist Names CIA Iraq Operative

"It's a shot across the bow to these people, that if you talk we'll take your family and drag them through
  the mud as well.  This might be seen as a smear on me and my reputation but what it really is is an attempt
  to keep anybody else from coming forward to reveal similar intelligence lapses."
    --retired Ambassador Joseph Wilson,     Columnist Names CIA Iraq Operative

 "I didn't dig it out, it was given to me. They thought it was significant, they gave me the name and I used it."
    --Robert Novak., (R-Princeof Darkness)     Columnist Names CIA Iraq Operative

 Joe Conason's Journal
  as seen on

 Predictably, pro-war pundits are hastening to the president's rescue.
 But beneath the usual bluster can be heard a bleat of fear.

 Remember when every televised wise man (and woman) told us that the American people
 supported the war in Iraq, and therefore Bush was electorally invulnerable? Remember when
 those same exponents of the conventional idiocy assured us that -- unlike the querulous British
 -- Americans just didn't care whether the White House had deceived them about the reasons
 for war? It shouldn't be too difficult to recall, since it was only a couple of weeks ago.

 Suddenly, everything looks different -- and everyone learns again that confident predictions by
 overconfident commentators are often utterly wrong.

 That triumphal photo op aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln now seems to have been
 somewhat premature. The lack of postwar planning costs American lives every day. The
 unilateralist approach to policy is discredited, while the dubious rationale for the war looks less
 and less plausible. In fact, as Walter Pincus reveals in his latest scoop, the CIA believes that
 the war may have placed us in greater potential danger, not less, if Saddam really does have
 chemical and biological weapons hidden somewhere.

 Subject: Race and Kobe

 Those pundits like that oily car salesman Dan Abrams had the nerve to say that people are talking about
 a change of venue for the Kobe Bryant rape trial. For any African Americans, including African American
 males (like myself know) that a Black man (no matter who he is) and any white woman (no matter how ugly)
 and any allegation of rape (*true or not) equals a lynching in this country.

 That has been a problem since the 6-8 African slaves left by the Portuguese in this country. So damn right it
 has always been about race and is still about race in this country-when everybody else is encouraged to remember
 their history and we are supposed to forget ours and if we don't forget our history - we's considered 'uppity'.

 This guy is gonna be 'uppity' till the day I die. Fight the power! Now if Kobe DID rape the girl-he ought to go to jail.
 But this girl is damn ditzy.   First she flirts with him - she's in his room within minutes (well at least less than an hour or two)
 and thanks for confirming this - and she is aware or probably suggested to Kobe to get a pay per view movie.

 I'm with you bart, if it was an Adam Sandler or Disney movie-ain't relevant, but if it was a porno. Any jury that has
 common sense can put two and two together. I am in Birmingham AL and a white guy (surprise!) calling into a
 radio talk show put it succinctly. "She tries out for American Idol, not a success. Her boyfriend starts dating a friend
 of hers from high school while she was away at college, she tries to commit suicide unsuccessfully. She works at the
 resort and tries to latch unto a celebrity. Kobe shows up. She is so ditzy that she knows of Kobe but don't know of his
 wife and child. She has an idea of going up to his room, give him the best piece that he ever had and he falls on her
 knees and asks to marry her. After the last grunt Kobe had, he tells her to go and close the door.

 She is confused and her feelings hurt that no one ever did that to her before, except the ex-boyfriend. She goes home
 and tell her friends and family, and someone put a bug in her ear that she did not have to take that and Kobe is worth
 millions and she claims rape for payback. Besides, the victim was used to rich white boy sex that lasts two minutes
 and she was with Kobe a grown man that happens to be a professional athlete and he lasts at least last 2 hours.

 At worst, the sex was consensual, and Kobe may have gotten a little rough after a while, because she is not used to NBA sex.
 "Now you know why NBA games are played in 4 quarters" Now that was a white man saying that.

 Mike H

 Mike, that's a thought-provoking letter.
 One other thought to keep in mind about situations like this.

 Paula Jones may have had sex with Clinton, but her husband was a true Clinton-hater.  So Paula ran to tell all her little friends
 she was slurping the Governor, and when word got back to her Clinton-hating husband, she had to change the story so it
 HAD to be a sexual attack, or her husband would never speak to her again.

 Juanita Brodderick may have hax sex with Clinton, but her husband was a true Clinton-hater.  Juanita told all her friends that
 she had shagged the very charasmatic Clinton, but when word got back to her Clinton-hating husband, she had to change the
 story into a sexual attack, or her husband would never speak to her again.

 Monica had no Clinton-hating boyfriend. There was no need to fabricate a story to keep him from leaving her.

 Did Bryant's accuser feel bad after sharing a bed with a super-rich and famous black man?
 Did she sleep with Bryant to get back at her boyfriend, the one who caused her to try to end her life with sleeping pills?
 There are those who are now guaranteeing Kobe will be found not guilty - if it goes to trial.

 Last thing - compare Kobe Bryant's demeanor to Clarence "Slappy" Thomas back in what, 1991?
 Slappy was outraged that the very, very articulate Professor Anita Hill revealed his beastiality piccadilloes.

 With Slappy, it was pure outrage - he even promised that he was no longer the same man he was when nominated,
 which should have further disqualified him from getting a lifetime appointment where he could seek his revenge.

 On the other hand, Kobe was shocked, bewildered, puzzled and dizzy.
 He seemed to have no clue why this woman would make such a claim.

"Bush's eager-to-please poodle..."

 Kobe Bryant

 I'm getting mucho e-mail saying that this is a distraction from Bush - the Rapist of America.
 I know this story won't bring America any closer to democracy, but like I always say, we can't do politics 24/7.

 Sidebar in a Sidebar:
 Enjoy a shot of Chinaco Anejo after dinner.
 God put certain flowers on Earth for you to appreciate.
 Listen to some Shirley, go to Vegas. Don't get nurned out.

 Get involved!
 You will have your own column on

 Steve the Sports Dude is going to decide who this important post will go to.
 Actually, we could use a point man or woman on Scott Peterson's case, too.
 Hell, we could use a point man on the Democrat's race for the nomination, three.

 So send an e-mail to Steve so we can get started.


 In the 2000 race, the GOP-cpntrolled American media told us again and again,
"The president doesn't NEED to be the smartest person in the room."
"Bush will have top advisors, intelligence isn't everything, you know."
"Dubya shoots from the hip, he's a "gut-check" kind of leader.

 Truth is, Bush has never been in a room with a smarter person.
 Almost half the voters fell for that bag of horse manure.

 And what has Bush's lack of intelligence done to America?


 Bush's American soldier body count
 It now stands at 230.

Lance is a minute ahead!
There's also tons of baseball.
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 The idea that anyone would find George W. Bush sexually attractive makes me literally, physically ill.
 George W. Bush's sexual appeal is comparable to month-old tuna salad that's been sitting in the
 Florida sun with bugs crawling through it.

 His murderous greed, his sociopathic selfishness, and his psychotic hypocrisy is as sexually attractive
 as that swarm of mutated horned worms that came out from under Spock's coffin in Star Trek III.

 That fake Sak's Fifth Avenue flight suit with the double-stuffed crotch was the last straw.  Anyone who
 still has an ounce of admiration or respect for the wartime-deserting drunk should be locked up and
 have their brains sectioned.  A cure for stupidity is desperately overdue.

 Meanwhile, our kids continue to die for no damn reason while Dumbo takes another vacation.

 Dian H

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