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Volume 1136 - Troops in Iraq face pay cut

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 Friday   Aug 15, 2003 


"If war is forced upon us, we will fight in a just cause and by just means, sparing,
  in every way we can, the innocent. And if war is forced upon us, we will fight with
  the full force and might of the United States military, and we will prevail."
     the lying son of a bitch, who stole the White House so he could steal Iraq's oil 1/28/03Attribution

 Troops in Iraq face pay cut - outrage!!!!

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 The Pentagon wants to cut the pay of its 148,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, who are already
 contending with guerrilla-style attacks, homesickness and 120- degree-plus heat.

 Unless Congress and The Greedy Pinhead take quick action when Congress returns after Labor Day,
 the uniformed Americans in Iraq and the 9,000 in Afghanistan will lose a pay increase approved last
 April of $75 a month in "imminent danger pay" and $150 a month in "family separation allowances."

 These brave men are trying their best to stay alive
 and the deserting Smirk is trying to cut their paychecks?

"Fuck 'em friends need a big tax cut."

 Of course, the gelding Democrats will be too timid to mention this...


"If war is forced upon us — and I say 'forced upon us' because use of the military is not my first choice
  - I hug the mothers and the widows of those who may have lost their life in the name of peace and freedom."
    -- the lying bastard who killed 267 brave men and women - so far, he could steal Iraq's oil 2/10/03 Attribution

 Those lives were lost to make the B.F.E.E. even richer.

 Spain: Aznar in crisis over Iraqi WMD 

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 The right-wing Popular Party (PP) government of José María Aznar in Spain is facing increasing criticism
 over its use of the claim that Iraq posed a military “threat” with its “weapons of mass destruction” as a
 pretext for supporting the US-led pre-emptive attack on Iraq.

 Aznar already faced intense opposition to his policy, with opinion polls registering 98 percent of Spanish
 people against the war. Feelings ran so strong that Aznar, while pledging his full political support for the
 action, had to hold back on sending combat troops to Iraq, limiting Spain’s contribution to logistical support.

 Aznar is in trouble just like Blair is in trouble.
 But Bush is riding high because we don't have a free press in this backward country anymore.
 Bush's good puppy press refuses to print the truth that the rest of the world is seeing.

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"If war is forced upon us, we will liberate the people of Iraq from a cruel and violent dictator."
  -- the lying bastard who killed 10,000 Iraqi's so he could steal Iraq's oil 2/20/03   Attribution

 Ala. Justice Won't Remove Courthouse Commandments
  Says the move might anger the Invisible Cloud Being

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 U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson of Montgomery, who ruled the monument violates the constitution's
 ban on government promotion of religion, had said fines of about $5,000 a day would have been imposed
 against the state if the monument were not removed.

 Why fine the state?
 Fine this idiot judge who's trying to force HIS superstitions on other people.
 What about some personal responsibility for these idiots who break the law?

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 Bush's tax cut for the super-rich

 Most likely, you've already noticed some change in your take-home pay as a result
 of the tax cut. Would you characterize the extra amount you're receiving as:

 Very significant                                   3.36 %
 Somewhat significant                           9.89 %
 Better than nothing                             15.53 %
 Not very significant                         16.91 %
 Insignificant                                     33.43 %
 Haven't noticed any extra money   19.39 %


 Subject: parkinson's drugs

 Hey Bartcop,

 My grandmother has Parkinson's and has a heavy gambling addiction.  However, I don't know if it's the drug or not.
 Gambling addiction is more of a compulsive behavior than anything and I can see how the effects of the drugs on the
 nerves could make one more apt to gamble.  However, she's been addicted to gambling for a good long time, and so were
 her sisters and other family members.  I do believe that compulsive gambling is hereditary, but drug related, not so much.


 Tony, by "addiction" do you mean she enjoys gambling?
 Or her gambling habits are causing trouble in her daily life?

 You know me, I'm not one to argue, but I'm fairly certain you can't inherit a gambling addiction

 I can understand how a drug could magnify "things," but that can be good and bad.
 I knew people who took LSD in college (cough) and LSD either gave you the most fun
 or the scariest nightmare. It's hard to break even on LSD, so with that in mind, Parkinson's or the
 drugs could magnify a desire or a fear, but it won't pick the "gambling gene" and kick it into high gear.

 I should know, I'm a doctor.

 Bush resume now online

  Click  Here

 If Gray Davis is being recalled for mis-handling Callie's power and energy system,
 why isn't Wacky Pataki in trouble for the power outage that affected New York?

 Either the governor's in charge of providing cheap, reliable electricity or he's not, right?

 For now, on my laptop, I have no sound, so we can't do radio until I get it back.
 Also, as of yesterday, I'm once again able to get subscribers into the members section.

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 I wonder how we could police an A.A.R.P. discount, too?
 The Social Security and "fixed income" people might like 
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"If war is forced upon us by Iraq's refusal to disarm, we will meet an enemy who is capable of any crime."
   -- the lying moron who emptied the Treasury to give tax cuts to his super-rich friends 2/26/03  Attribution

 Subject: Donations and the DNC

 Dear Terry McCauliffe,

 I will start donating to Democrats when they stop trying to act like Republicans.
 I will start donating to Democrats when they take each and every opportunity to slam the right wing maniacs
 who stole the election. I will start donating to Democrats when SOMEONE in the party has the guts to be
 PROUD to be from the left and not RUN to the "center" (read RIGHT).

 So, maybe one day I'll give you guys money again. Until then, I am sending MY hard earned money to a refugee
 camp in West Africa to help the orphans whose parents were killed in front of them in the Congolese civil war...
 I am sending my money to GLAAD, Planned Parenthood, NOW, Habitat for Humanity and St. Francis Wildlife
 Association and the ASPCA. At least these organizations are HELPING people (and animals), not like your
 impotent wannabee Republicans that call themselves Dems in Congress

 Victoria M

 Victoria, well done.
 Don't contribute until they start doing their jobs.

 Subject: Fox blows

 It should be "Hey FOX - blow me, then sue me" instead of the reverse.
 Once a suit is filed, no self-respecting lawyer would let their client blow you.
 I'm a lawyer. I know.


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Sex Pistols on Jimmy Kimmel tonight
A letter from Mush Baughlimb
Insane Clown Posse - the worst band ever
Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick returning to 'The Producers'
MSGOP says Jesse Ventura's show will be only on Saturdays
Ingmar Bergman's archive
Peter Frampton & the Terminator
And, the Borneo Bay Cat isn't extinct after all



 "I take personal responsibility for everything I say, of course. Absolutely."
   -- the lying scumbag who giggles when he's about to take a life 7/30/03 Attribution

 Bush Vows Review Into Cause of Blackout 

  Click  Here

 So, ...His Pinheadedness has declared he will get to the bottom of this power outage.
 and vowed that he will leave no stone unturned because the American people had a right to know.

 When Bush was asked how this "crisis" compared to his vow to bring Osama to justice, dead or alive,
 and his vow to bring Saddam to justice, dead or alive, the Brainless Bush boy broke into, "O Solo Mio,"

 ...and the American whore press wrote it up as another triumph!

 Bush's poddle brigade said it was, "Another foreign policy victory,"
and "further proof he was the master of the office of the presidency."

 Hillary on Jon Stewart

 Didn't happen...

 It's my guess it's hard to broadcast a show without electricity.
 Maybe she'll be on next week.

 Click  Here:

ha ha

 The power outage story once again showed us how incredibly stupid the news anchors are.

 Brian Williams must be almost as stupid as the Idiot in the Oval Office.
 He had absolutely no control over his brain or his mouth.
 Again and again, he repeated the stupidest and most pointless cliches you could possibly imagine.
 Without a script, Williams is as helpless as the son of a bitch who wants to cut our soldier's pay.

 And, of course, they called it "Breaking News" for hours and hours after the event.
 No, once the power turned off, there was no other news to break.
 Showing endless streams of people walking over a bridge is NOT "Breaking News."
 It's boring news, and it served no useful purpose at all.

 When these monkeys do the news, it all looks like a Jon Stewart parody.
 NBC quickly came up with a goddamn song for the "event," and they had their
 graphics people construct a too-fucked-to-be-real "Blackout 2003" logo.

 I'm writing this at 6 PM Thursday, and for about three hours, we've seen video
 of people walking by the camera. It's so exceedingly stupid, I had to watch.
 It was fascinating to me, like watching Bush try to open a box that said,
 "Open other end" on all sides.

 One extremely stupid woman kept telling Brian Williams,
 "People are literally walking out of the city."
 Can you believe that?
 NBC broadcast that amazing fact to bring us closer to the news.

 A dozen times, I heard "virtually" misused.
"The streets are virtually full of people."
"There are virtually no lights on in Manhattan tonight."
"I am virtually speaking without my brain, Brian."

 Another brainless slug reporter, when asked by Williams when the lights would
 come back on, said, "I'm in the dark on that, Brian."

 Make them stop!

 Oh Christ, it just makes me want to hurl!

 Dons Leather Jacket, Uzi, Vows To “Terminate That Oversized, Unqualified Idiot”

  Click  Here

 Hiring renowned Hollywood screenwriter/director Quentin Tarantino, Gray Davis has changed
 his strategy to defeat the California recall by beating Schwarzenegger at his own game.

“We’re thinking a cross between the character I wrote for Joe Pesci in Goodfellas,” said Tarantino,
“and a flat-out, revamped Davis taking Arnold straight on – Terminator to Terminator.”

 To prepare for the role, Davis has started steroid injections and spent some time training with Robert De Niro.
“No!” snapped De Niro, smacking Davis in the face.  “You have to keep your jaw clenched.  Now Try again – ‘Are you talkin’ to me?’”

When one reporter asked if the new look and one-liners were just a joke, Davis shot back sharply.

“What, you think I’m funny – like I’m a clown?  Huh?  You think I’m here to amuse you? Huh?”

 Canadian Prime Minister Cheese Fries says lighting at Niagara caused the blackout.

Be a doper,
just like the oversexed Governator!

Football's around the corner, the pennant races are heating up,
Mr. Perfect tries to fight off the BartCop Hex, and Ted Williams' head
is in a lobster pot.  It's beginning to feel like fall...
Check it out at...

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"Davis has a $38 Billion deficit and he's the devil.
  Booosh has a $600 Billion deficit and he's Churchill."
    -- Frankiebaby in the bartcop chat room

 Less Than Meets the Eye?
 U.S. Government Sting Operation Criticized as Setup

  Click  Here

 Administration officials are leaving out key facts and exaggerating the significance of the
 alleged plot to smuggle a shoulder-launched missile into the United States, law enforcement
 officials told ABCNEWS. They say there's a lot less than meets the eye.

 The missile shipped into the New York area last month was not a real missile — just a mockup —
 also arranged entirely by the government. The government also arranged the meetings at a New
 Jersey hotel and elsewhere, where Lakhani allegedly told undercover agents posing as al Qaeda
 terrorists about his support of bin Laden.

"One would have to ask yourself, would this have occurred at all without the government?"
 said Gerald Lefcourt, a criminal defense attorney.

...while soldiers are dying
where is the unelected appointee?

He went home to be on vacation - AGAIN,
 The BFEE is making billions off this FAKE WAR.

 Subject: Randall's Flight 93 PEACE


 I saw [yesterday's] page included:

> Apparently I still don't have the facts straight about Mark Bingham and Todd Beamer,
> but I can't spend the rest of the year on it - so if it's important to you, Google it and find out

 I can understand that you don't want to alienate readers with theories from Pluto, and I can also
 appreciate any fear of retaliation you may suspect. I don't blame you for not posting my thoughts.

 Dude, far as I know, we just met.
 I have no prejudice against you.
 Sometimes e-mails to this address remain unread.

 But please bear in mind these phone calls are the building blocks of  9/11, Afhganistan, Iraq, and future destruction.

 Cell phones don't work in planes. Without these calls, there are no hijackers, no boxcutters, no fighting back,
 no evidence needed. When you make reference to them, you are unwittingly helping the BFEE hoodwink their
 real enemies; thinking people, whom I would count as your readership.

 I believe one of us is mistaken.
 You can say cell phones don't work, but many people who lost loved ones claim to have gotten them.

 In thirty years when some of these bastards are trying to make peace with their God before their
 death, they will talk about it and how the 9/11 Commission was a sideshow to appease folks like us.

 I agree we're being hand-jobbed by the B.F.E.E.

 I hope my efforts to uncover what really happened on that day do not jeopardize my family or me, and
 I also hope we don't have to wait 30 years and wade through 20 wars to find out and punish those
 who are guilty. Wish me luck!


 Randall, I think you're safe.
 The media won't run the facts.
 They want their tax cut, no matter how many American lives it costs.

 The Democrats are wetting their pants at the idea of making Karl Rove angry,

 I think you'll be OK, because nobody cares that we've lost the Bill of Rights.
 Nobody cares that America had lost her Constitution.
 This is all about Smirk the Einstein's genius.

 All praise to the Unelected Furhrer.

 Mega-Mouths, Squawkers, and the ‘Hollyweird’
     by Walter Brasch

  Click  Here

 A few celebrities have spoken out against their fellow celebrities. Charlie Daniels called anti-war celebrities
 “the most disgusting examples of a waste of protoplasm I’ve ever had the displeasure to hear about,” and said
 he wouldn’t go to any of their movies.  “Barbara Streisand has opened her alligator-sized mouth wide before her
 humming-bird brain has had a chance to catch up,” ranted R. Lee Ermey, whose best-known role was as a drill
 sergeant in Full Metal Jacket. His argument, reported in London’s Sunday Telegraph, was that Streisand used the
 “bully pulpit, helped by her fame, and people think she’s talking for Hollywood.”

 And now comes body builder/actor Arnold Schwartzenegger...

Smirk the Skirt!
saw it on mediawhoresonline

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 It now stands at  266 267

 Total deaths since the Bloodthirsty Bully said, "Bring 'em On":  63

  Perhaps 1,100 wounded.
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

 Note: Believe this figure.  The site is back up.
 It's from

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