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  In Today's Treehouse...
GOP Donors Get Rich in Iraq
Baghdad Riots on US Troops
3000 Got False STD Reports 
Dems: No Credit for Moron
Study: Fellatio for Health
Who Counts Iraqi Dead?
Bush to Cali - Go Ahead - Burn
Miller to Host New Hate Show
Inside FOX Whore News


Quote of the Day

''Why should we hear about body bags and deaths 
  and how many, what day it's gonna happen? 
  It's not relevant. So why should I waste my 
  beautiful mind on something like that?'' 
    -- Barbara Bush, birther to The Monster,  Attribution

  Maybe she's where Moron gets his "Fuck 'em" attitude.

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Volume 1191 - The Bush-Cheney Rapes

 Friday  October 31, 2003        It's Halloween everywhere but the White House


"Ask out troops in Iraq wether the mission has been accomplished.
  Ask our troops in Iraq wether they'd rather have a fancy aircraft landing
  by the president or a responsible postwar plan to keep them safe."
      -- John Kerry, talking like he's got a pair  (USA Today 10/29/03, Page 8A)

 John, it's great to hear you finally speak up, but where have you been for the last 30 months?

 Bush donors rake in humongous contracts
"There is a stench of political favoritism and cronyism"

  Click  Here

 Big givers to Bush and companies with political and military connections are getting
 most of the reconstruction work in Iraq and Afghanistan, a watchdog group said Thursday.

 Winning contractors have given $49 million to national political campaigns and parties since 1990.
 Two-thirds of the money given went to the GOP. Bush got $500,000 - more than any other candidate.

 Cheney's Halliburton was the top recipient of reconstruction contracts, pulling in $2.3 billion. Most of it
 came when the Pentagon secretly awarded Halliburton's KBR unit a $1.6 billion contract last year,
 without bids, to repair Iraqi oil infrastructure. Halliburton said Thursday it was "selected on merit" and
 was "the only company with the right skills and experience to handle such wartime emergencies."

 Bechtel, close to several Republican administrations, was No. 2, with contracts worth $1.3 billion.
 Thursday, Bechtel said it got richer because it offered "the highest technical competence at one of the lowest costs."

 The center singled out SAIC, a technology and services company that works closely with the Pentagon.
 It says SAIC's contract to train Iraqi journalists shows that well-connected companies had won jobs
 in areas where they have little experience. SAIC declined comment.

 Most of the 10 biggest contracts went to companies employing former top government officials
 or executives closely tied to members of Congress or contracting agencies.

 This is not a surprise, nor is it news!
 We knew this was coming when Bush stole the elction.
 They didn't spend $200 million to help the lower class have a better America.
 They stole power to steal billions and nobody, especially the Democrats, cares.

 "We have nothing to say - Dubya is honest! We love him!"


"Earlier this week, the president claimed that the wave of attacks that left dozens dead
  abd scores injured proved that the U.S. was winning the peace in Iraq. Today we heard
  him absurdly claiming that the White House was not responsible for the "Mission Accomplished"
  banner that decorated the flight deck of the Abraham Lincoln."
   -- Howard Dean,  talking like he's got a pair  (USA Today 10/29/03, Page 8A)

 To be fair, Dean's been speaking out a lot more than Kerry, but why are they holding back?
 I hope the Democrats don't do like Gore did, and wait 2-3 years after the election to start their campaign.

 Subject: Quote from the Daily Show

"Democracy is murder on the Carpal Tunnel"
      - Ed Helms on 'The Daily Show'

 I thought of you immediately......
(ok, I'll leave you alone now...)

 Kathy C

Happy Halloween from Ann Coldsore

 U.S. Troops Clash With Rioters in Baghdad 

  Click  Here

 American troops clashed with rioters carrying Saddam's picture in Baghdad Friday,
 and heavy smoke billowed from the mayor's office in a city west of Baghdad after a big explosion.

 Iraqis said the riot broke out when U.S. troops tried to clear market stalls from a main road.
 But U.S. officers said it began with a grenade attack against American soldiers that left two wounded.

 Youths began throwing stones at troops and Iraqi police and set tires ablaze.
 Protesters carried Saddam's picture and shouted "Allahu Akbar," or "God is great."

 After a three-hour interlude, gunfire erupted again as U.S. armored vehicles moved into the area.
 Ten explosions were heard, and civilians said our troops had "come under attack."  Later, mortars fell
 on an Iraqi police station near the market. Americans arrested two Iraqis carrying a mortar firing tube.

 "Bring 'em on!   We're not scared!
  We ain't leaving, either!"


"This is in response to the recent letter from a soldier who said he's proud to have been in
  the Middle East. He should please stop the baloney. He wrote this because he's going home
  while thousands of others are still stuck in Iraq and Kuwait. Could the writer have really said
  the same before he was told he was going home?"
      --Sgt. Al Martinez. Kuwait, Letters to the Editor, Stars and Stripes,   Attribution

Click to read The Solitaire Rose Guide To
Helping Distraught Rush Limbaugh Fans.

 Thousands Given Wrong STD Results
  Jesus, what a monsterous screw up this turned out to be

  Click  Here

 British Columbia - About 3,000 people got the wrong results when they were tested
 for gonorrhea and chlamydia over an 18-month period, health officials say.

 Because of a faulty diagnostic machine in this southeastern British Columbia town,
 test results for the two sexually transmitted diseases were reversed.

"The machine was flipping the tests results," Paine said. "In other words, if you were a positive,
 you would have received a negative reading. If you were a negative, you got a positive reading."

 About 3,000 people are believed to have been tested between Nov 2000, and May 2002,
 and about 83 were told they were clean when they actually had one of the diseases.
 Most of the 83 have been contacted but not all, Paine said.   The rest of the 3,000 were
 told they were infected and were given treatment although they did not have the diseases.

 Koresh, I can't even imagine the trouble this screw up caused. Some guy who maybe got a lap dance
 once in Vegas a decade ago "found out" he HAD an STD, then had to go home and confess to his wife
 and warn her to get treatment for an STD neither of them has, probably causing a divorce.

 Meanwhile, some scumbag who cheated a hundred times and HAS the STD was given the green light,
 and his wife may now be fully infected but she dismisses the symptoms because she's been monogamous.

Marty's Entertainment Page
Noam Chomsky opines
Barbra Streisand's auction for charity
A vampire kit
Dennis Miller & CNBC
Gwen Stefani's clothing line, L.A.M.B.
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones hosting the Nobel Peace Prize concert
ABC picked up 4 comedies
Paul McCartney's baby
Rosie O'Donnell (R-BushWorshipper) goes to court
An Arizona chain gang
Kid Rock hosting VH1's Christmas show
And some sleeping tigers

 Non-dueling Quotes

"If Iraq was funding terrorists, why didn't we do Saudi Arabia and Syria, too? And if that was
  valid enough reason, then why did the focus so suddenly shift to weapons of mass destruction?
  Why, if WMD were the focus, did the United States secure the oil fields but not the nuclear-research facilities?
  Why did the focus then shift a third time to freeing the people of Iraq? Doesn't it seem strange to anyone
  that we haven't had one constant reason for starting a war?"
     --Sgt. Garth Talbott, 82nd Airborne, in Iraq since March, in a letter to the News & Review,    Attribution

"To those that would attack Sgt. Garth Talbott as a malcontent, please go take his place. Now.
  Or shut the hell up. Perhaps President Bush should get around the news filter of his "objective" staff."
       --posted at Vertical Hold,      Attribution


"The Clinton and other past administrations had ignored evidence of growing terrorist
  threats and despite repeated attacks on American interests, until Sept. 11, the terrorists
  faced no sustained, systematic and global response from the United States.  They became
  emboldened, and the result was more terror and more victims."
    -- Condi Rice, the San Francisco treat Attribution

 Excuse me, Ms Liar, but that charge can only begin to stick after you explain what concrete, positive
 and public steps Bush took to fight bin Laden from January 21, 2001 to September 10, 2001.

 Until you provide us with that list, you're just another lying whore.

 Democrats won't give Bush credit for economy
  Giant gobs of horseshit from the Washington Times

  Click  Here

 Democrats yesterday downplayed the strongest quarterly economic growth in 19 years, (7.2 percent)
 refusing to give Bush credit and stressing still-lagging job creation, while the GOP gloated over the news.

 We've been over this before. It was explained the past time a GOP president had "explosive growth."
 I will explain again for the newbies and the can't-learn, easily-duped ditto-monkeys.

 Bush the smarter had the economy running at 40 on the Reagan-Bush Highway.
 Then Clinton won the election (the old-fashioned way - legally) and got the country crusing at
 a very prosperous 75 MPH and America found themselves in economic Paradise.

 Then the evil and corrupt Pinhead's stole the election and forced tax cuts on the super rich, which
 dragged us down to about ten disasterous miles per hour and hurt a hundred million working families.
 The fact that we're now going 17 miles per hour is no great accomplishment for Never-Worked-a-Day.

 All that means is we've gotten faster, and the idiot Bush boy wants to claim credit for the 17?

 So remember, when they scream, "The economy is roaring back," remind them they used the word "back."
 Clinton took the economy into the goddamn stratosphere and we crucified him for working 80 hours a week on it.
 When the never-elected Bush boy barely gets it off the ground, the American media screams his praises.

 Another thing:
 They say it's the biggest recovery jump in 19 years - that's when Von Reagan was president.
 He crashed the economy, like Bush, BIG-time, so he had a "big" jump coming out of it.

 Don't believe their lies.
 You'd rather go from 73 to 75 MPH than Bush's lame-ass 10 to 17 MPH.


"Can you think of anything scarier this trick-or-treat time than a kid showing up at your door
  wearing a G.W. Bush mask? In his rush to dismantle our democracy, destroy the Bill of Rights
  and encourage disrespect for Uncle Sam around the world, he gives us all a fright."
    --John David Rose  Attribution

Bush at his morning briefing

 Study: Fellatio lessens breast cancer risk
  Cunnilingus said to have no beneficial side-effects

  Click  Here

 Doctors had never suspected a link between the act of fellatio and breast cancer,
 but new research being performed at North Carolina State University is starting to
 suggest that there could be an important link between the two.

 Said Dr. A.J. Kramer of Johns Hopkins, who was not involved in the research.
"I am surprised by these findings, but am also excited that the researchers may have
 discovered a relatively easy way to lower the occurance of breast cancer in women."
 (This story isn't real)


"Mission creep is occurring in Iraq. The administration says its goal is to repair war damage,
  but its budget request shows it wants taxpayer dollars to build projects that have nothing to do
  with repairing war damage, such as constructing an entirely new oil refinery."
    --Henry Waxman, who would've known what the B.F.E.E. was up to a year ago if he'd read bartcop.com Attribution

 Bomb alert over 'break-wind' dog
  Your tax dollars at work...

  Click  Here

 Dave Rogerson's life-size mechanical terrier set off a security detector at Norfolk Airport in Virginia.

 Armed security staff were alerted when the toy's wind-breaking mechanism registered as a high
 explosive on sensitive monitoring equipment.

 Rogerson was questioned by FBI agents and looked on in amazement as they took a series of
 swabs from the mechanical toy's rear end.  The toy animal was eventually returned to him, but he
 was not allowed to take his planned flight and had to take an alternative route to Carolina.

 Rogerson said: "There's no humour at American check-ins and I was quite scared.


Click to Enter


"For months the White House has answered virtually every terrorist attack inside Iraq with
  the same talking point: The enemy is "desperate." The killing and chaos were the surest signs
  that America was making headway rebuilding a free and peaceful Iraq because, the administration
  insists, it's progress that threatens freedom-hating terrorists. Desperate? How about sophisticated?
  Or brazen, coordinated or cocky? The terrorists are freely roaming inside Iraq, picking off their targets
  seemingly at will: hotels, police stations, embassies, mosques, even Baghdad's deputy mayor.
  Undaunted, administration officials are sticking with the spin they committed to months ago."
   --Eric Boehlert,   Bush's desperate spin

by K Jackson


"We can't cut and run. The war on terror must not be undercut by "the leftist baby talk of Vietnam"
   that gives "succor and encouragement" to the enemy."
     --Rep. J.D. Hayworth of Arizona,   Attribution

 Excuse me, Sir, but the question seems to be,
"How many thousands of names do we want carved into the Iraq War Memorial Wall in Washington DC?"

 Hitler refused to see wounded soldiers, too 

  Click  Here

"While dinner was served on exquisite china, the train stopped once more at a siding.
 A few feet away, a hospital train marked time, and from their tiered cots, wounded soldiers
 peered into the blazing light of the dining room where Hitler was immersed in conversation.

 Suddenly he looked up at the awed faces staring in at him. In great anger he ordered the curtains
 drawn, plunging his wounded warriors back into the darkness of their own bleak world."

 Camp Choas does the Vulgar Junkie
  Held over - it's that good


 It just might be - you gotta click and let it load.

 Who's counting the dead in Iraq?
  Not Barbara Bush, that's for sure...   by Helen Thomas, from Sept 5, 2003

  Click  Here

 Remember the enemy body counts during the Vietnam War?
 Well, we don't do that anymore.
 Trying to find the death count among Iraqis has proved to be mission impossible.

 I asked Pentagon officials: ''How many Iraqis have been killed in this war?''
 The reply was: ``We don't track the Iraqi dead.''

 Weeks later I pursued the question and was told by a Defense Department official: '
 'They don't count. They are not important,'' meaning the casualty figures.

 To this evil and corrupt president, they're just "worthless sand niggers," and Bush has
 as much sympathy for them as he did as a young monster for the frogs with firecrackers
 inserted in their rectums that the blood-loving bastard tossed into the air.  What fun!

"Hey - those frogs asked for it,
  just like those Iraqi civilians!"

 U.S. Rejected Davis on Aid to Clear Trees
  FEMA spent six months studying the governor's request, then turned it down
  hours before fires began, saying state was already getting funds.

  Click  Here

 Bush took six months to evaluate Gray Davis' emergency request last spring for $430 million
 to clear dead trees from fire-prone areas of Southern California.  The request was finally denied
 Oct. 24, only hours before wildfires roared out of control in the largest fire disaster in California history.

 Rep. Mary Bono (R-Idiot), a leader in the effort to get federal assistance for fire prevention,
 questioned Thursday why the FEMA did not rule sooner.

"FEMA's decision was wrong," Bono said. "The timing couldn't have been worse....
 We knew this disaster was going to happen with certainty. It was only a matter of when, and we were
 trying to beat the clock with removing the dead trees."  If Davis had received the denial earlier,
 Bono said, he would have had time to wage an appeal.

 This can't be right - Bush's good puppy press and talk radio and the networks say this was either
 the fault of Bill Clinton or Gray Davis and that's what liberalism does - destroys homes and families.

 CNN is reporting Davis begged for funds in back in March, but Bush told him to suck on it.
 Now the whore media will spin this as "Proof that Bush's 'Clean Forest Initiative' is needed."

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 Noam Chomsky in Havana
     by Bartolo Xavier

  Click  Here

the Bush administration is accusing Venezuela of harboring terrorists!
How does an emerging democracy deal with a privately owned media television station that broadcasts lies?
New accusations against Cuba: from the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was times 357  ....this issue it's  times 358
                                                                                                          They got  one  kill since last issue.
    I want that oil - no matter how many lives it costs!

 Soon, we'll be at 400.

 How long before we hit 600?

  ...and then 1000?

 Total deaths since President Giggles said, "Bring 'em On":  153  154

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2014     2076  wounded for Bush's oil hardon.

 Many of them are missing arms, legs and eyes.
 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html

 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

 Dennis Miller to Host CNBC Hate Show
  Funnyman-turned-government-cabanaboy finds a home for his hate

 "I'm more bald than Ann Coulter at Nazi-Con 2000."

  Click  Here

 Former comedian Dennis Miller (R-Nazi), who was funny a decade ago,
 will return to the GE fold to host a prime-time cable talk show starting next year.

 Miller, who won five Emmy Awards as a liberal, said the hour-long show will debut
 in January on CNBC, the cable business channel.

"With all that's going on in the world today, it's nice to have a nightly platform to air
 my worship of America's worst mass murderer. I'm happy to be whoring for GE," said Miller.

 Miller has been seen as a potential rising star in the state Republican party, which is what got him this job.
 Republican organizations are the only people who will hire this has-been, wannabe, turncoat traitor.

 "Dennis Miller is a funny guy - he'll MC my second inaugural..."

 VCR Alert

 Tonight, God asks Joan to become a cheerleader on Joan of Arcadia.
 Mrs. Bart laughed out loud when she saw the previews.

 We have a double shot of Wanda at Large, and Dennis the Prick is on Boston Public again.
 It's strange watching Miller as he's going backwards socially and politically. On the show,
 he plays a heartless, I-love-money, greedy-ass Republican who can't stand less affluent people,
 but I have a feeling his character will "turn around" and "see the light" and accept the poor,
 which is exactly the opposite of what he's done with his career.

 Dave is to Halloween what Friends is to Thanksgiving.
 His kids-in-their-costumes is one of the highlights of Dave's year.
 He's had his 23 writers working for weeks just to make tonight funny.

 Also, look for Oklahoma to take revenge on OK State for beating them in football the last two years.

 Sunday, we have the Halloween edition of The Simpsons and the premier of King of the Hill.
 Also, CBS is doing their 75th Anniversary - could be worth watching.

 Claim vs. Fact: Bush Press Conference of Lies

  Click  Here

 CLAIM: "The world is more peaceful and more free under my leadership." [Source: President Bush, 10/28/03]

 FACT: According to Amnesty International's 2003 annual report "The world has become more dangerous, and
 governments more repressive, since the effort to fight terrorism began after the 9/11, attacks on the United States."
 For the U.S. specifically, "Since March, 353 U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq, including 229 in hostile fire."
 [Source: NY Times, 5/29/03 and CNN, 10/28/03]"

 "Shoot this Al Kinda sleeper cell - he just confessed..."


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 Have a good time today.  Take your wife out to dinner, but some toys for the kids.

 Fox News: The inside story
 A former producer describes how top execs
 impose a right-wing spin on the newsroom

  Click  Here

"The fact is," Reina wrote, "daily life at FNC is all about management politics." Reina said that Fox's daily news coverage
 -- and its daily news bias -- is driven by an "editorial note" sent to the newsroom every morning by John Moody, a Fox
 senior vice president. The editorial note -- a memo posted on Fox's computer system -- tells the staff which correspondents
 are working on which stories. But frequently, Reina says, it also contains hints, suggestions and directives on how to slant
 the day's news -- invariably, he says, in a way that's consistent with the politics and desires of the Bush administration.

 That's shocking!
 You mean FOX News is nothing but a propaganda tool and apologist for a bigger, more powerful federal government?
 I'm shocked!

 I'm so old, I remember when Republicans stood for less government.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your voice on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Joe Conason's Journal
  An Iraq critic is consulting the White House. Will the administration listen?

  Click  Here

 Like many supporters of the Iraq war, Thomas L. Friedman is irritated by premature "leftist" comparisons with Vietnam.
 It's easy to tell when he's exasperated, because expressions like "hogwash" and "let's get real" pop out of his laptop.
 He may have been peeved again this morning to see his column on the same page with that notorious leftist Maureen Dowd,
 who explicitly made that very comparison by quoting the great Vietnam correspondent Neil Sheehan. Friedman seems
 convinced that the Bush administration has embarked on a "radical liberal" project in Iraq, which he wholeheartedly
 endorses despite his misgivings about its execution. Those ignorant Bushies probably don't pay enough attention to
 the Times sage, although he essentially agrees with them.

 Wow, is Joe kidding or does his computer not have a sarcasm key?

 The Dragon lady hates everybody, especially leftists.
 If I had a dollar for every lie the Doud-slut told about Hillary, Bill and Al Gore,
 I could buy that $2500 phone hybrid and take live calls on BartCop Radio.

 Doud is a liberal like Andrew Sullivan is,
 like Pat Cadell is,
 like James Woods is,
 like Rosie O'Donnell is.
 like Chris the Screamer is,
 like Tim (meet the Whore) Russert is.

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