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is finally here!!!

  Show 22 is in the can. Tommy is making it sound real and this time Hannity gets the boot.

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  In Today's Treehouse...
Pigboy: records siezed 
FBI hides anthrax secrets?
Dollar hits new low - again
7-year old corrects Bush
Bush: Master of Illusion
9-11 victim sues Bush
The Bush Medicare Plan
Demo Monkey Mail
Vote on the Changes


Quote of the Day

"He just exploded."
   -- an American soldier, talking about the effect
       his cannon had on an Iraqi man.   Attribution

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Volume 1214 -  21 and gone forever

 Thursday   December 4, 2003


"Bernie, there's not a moment when I'm sitting there on Meet the Press when I'm not thinking
  about my dad. He's in my head; he's in my heart. That's why I ask straight questions: What are
  you going to do about that issue? How about this one? Well, that's not what you said that this!
  It's the way our dad engaged us - always give the other guy the benefit of the doubt but hear
  him out. Hear him out. And don't dismiss him, and don't brand him as anything. It's not right."
   --Tim Russert to Bernard Goldberg as seen on   thedailyhowler.com

 Tim, was your father a bought-off, world-class liar with a fixation on Clinton's cock?  .


 During impeachment, you hammered every Democrat who came on your whore show for details
 about which breast Clinton kissed first. But when Cheney comes on your show, you fellate him.
 Where in the world do people get the impression that you're fair and impartial?

 Pigboy: Agents Seized Medical Records 

  Click  Here

 The vulgar Pigboy told his listeners Thursday that prosecutors in Palm Beach County
 have seized medical records from four of his doctors. Limbaugh, reading from a statement
 prepared by his attorney, (Kennedy rape attorney Roy Black) denied any wrongdoing and
 accused prosecutors of going on a "fishing expedition."

 No Pigboy, it's called "gathering evidence."
 One of the reasons heroin is illegal is because once you're hooked on it, it overtakes you
 and you're not able to make sound decisions so you need to shut up and stop lying.


"Today it was a good day, we got some steaks for dinner and it was going perfect
  until we heard incoming. I'm tired of this. I don't understand what we're doing wrong.
  The government probably has a lot of long-term plans for this country, but as far as
  I'm concerned it's come down to making it alive out of this place."
     -- an American soldier named Uday, in a letter to his family. He died days later.  Attribution

 Am I the only one who cries after reading something like that?
 Did you see 60 Minutes II last night? They talked to several soldiers who were missing arms
 and legs, but the worst ones were the burn victims.  Boy, you want to talk about heroes?
 One guy was driving a fuel truck when an RPG lit it up. Instead of diving out of the truck,
 he stayed inside so he could drive the truck away from the truck full of men behind him.
 His fingers were burned off, and his arms and face were just burnt to fuck.
 He said, "The doctors told me I've had 22 operations."

 The reporter asked him about his love life, and did he want to find a girl (he's only 20)
 and get married and he laughed and said, "Sure, but she'll have to love me for
 what's inside because there's not much outside to be attracted to."

''We got a call from his dad at 7 Tuesday morning. We could not believe it.
  Twenty-one years old and he's gone forever.''  --Uday's uncle  Attribution

 ...all so that never-elected son of a bitch could steal some oil.

 FBI Hiding Anthrax Probe Secrets

  Click Here

 Disclosing information about the FBI's investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks as part of a lawsuit
 could compromise the probe, alerting potential suspects that they are being watched and possibly
 leading to the destruction of evidence, the FBI has warned in court papers.

 Koresh, how many more years does the Bush FBI need to make an arrest?
 When it was Tommy Chong with plastic pipes, the Bush FBI was very swift and methodical.
 But if Anthrax Boy is just trying to kill liberals, the Bush FBI drags their feet?
 I'll bet they know who the killer is, and it's embarrassing to them so they're stonewalling.

 Funny how they can't trace anthrax in the mail, but trying mailing your cousin with cancer an
 anonymous joint and the Bush FBI will be inside your house before the glue on the stamp dries.

 Dollar Hits Record Low Vs Euro - Again
  After that headline went up, to protect Bush, Yahoo changed it to...
 Despite Good News, Dollar in the Dumps
 The Chimps image must be protected by the American media

  Click  Here

 The dollar slumped to a record low against the euro for a fourth straight day
 on Wednesday as investors focus on the dominant sell-off trend and not on
 the strong U.S. data that heralds an economy regaining its stride.

 The sell-off in the dollar has for weeks overwhelmed the string of strong economic data,
 including Wednesday's government report showing U.S. workers operated more efficiently
 in the third quarter than at any time in the last 20 years.

 More efficiently?
 Or are Americans just working their asses off to pay the bills?

 Remember when they said Bill Clinton deserves no credit for the economy, that all the credit
 belonged to the America people and they are the reason why the economy was so good?
 Could somebody explain why those same workers refuse to work for the Illegal Bush?

 If the average American worker gets the credit for the good times, we can extrapolate
 from that, that those workers are to blame for Bush's recession, right?

 Of course, it doesn't work that way.
 Clinton paying down the Reagan-Bush deficits gave us the good times and
 Bush's trillions in giveaways to the richest Americans caused this slump.

 Terrance Martin, Age 7, Corrects Bush 

  Click  Here

Marty's Entertainment Page
The newly pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow on Leno tonight
The Artful Dodger is off to Iceland
Bonus BAGnews
Re:  Alice Cooper
Muhammad & May May Ali
Bono is infuriated
Billy Connolly, CBE
Dick Gephardt on the picket line in LA
Princess Caroline, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador
Keith Richards criticizes Mick Jagger's knighthood (again)
Napster's 3-day free subscription
John Walsh Show cancelled
Limp Bizkit bails on southeast Asia
The Bottom Line to be evicted
Bad Sex in Fiction Award given
The FCC recommends more Murdoch consolidation
RIAA files 41 new lawsuits
Acadians granted official recognition of 'historical wrongs'
Frogs in Calaveras County
And, the 'People's Choice Awards' nominees


"If the gays can get married, they can then get divorced,
  and guess who benefits from that? The lawyers benefit from that.
  Who was it that passed this law? A bunch of lawyers and judges."
    --Rush, constantly setting news lows for honesty and dignity   Attribution

 VCR Alert

 Will they ever find Dr Romano's body, twenty feet from their front door?

 A week ago I joked that it's too bad we couldn't choose who ER was going to kill.
 They ended up killing the Rush think-alike, the evil Dr Romano, the guys who wants to let
 the poor and the old and the gay die instead of trying to save them. They killed the guy I
 wanted off the show, so I guess I got my wish after all.

 Tonight should be an easy night for me.
 Survivor usually puts Mrs. Bart in a good mood, but she was not happy when they voted off Rupert.

Surprisingly, this is not an entry into the December Sticker contest.

This is the actual front page of a Santa Fe's Fringe magazine.
If you're in the Santa Fe area, pick up a copy.
Maybe pick up two, and send me one.
I want to read The BartCop interview.


"The blonde in the black micro-mini, cocktail thin, was Ann Coulter. When we saw her at the
 American Songbook gala at Lincoln Center on Monday night, we asked her about her new book.
 She told us it was about "liberals." The tone she brought to that one word was one you might use
 after months of living in a deeply carpeted apartment with a dog that cannot be house-trained.

 "Top secret, they're no good," Ms. Coulter said. "That's the seminal insight of the book." She was
 reluctant to give away the title, so she shared one that didn't make the cut. "My title, much more
 vicious and vindictive, was "Enemies List: The Coulter Collection...The dinner bell rang. In the foyer,
 Ms. Coulter passed Ed Koch. He looked content and smiling in his forest green blazer. It was she
 who interrupted his moment, extending a thin hand. He seemed to have no idea who she was.
 She fumed, extravagantly, and told him to look her up online."
     --Joyce Wadler,  Born Too Late for Torquemada

 George W. Bush: Master of Illusion
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

"It wasn't everyday people, writing e-mails, who pushed those murder lists against Clinton.
 It was well-known public figures who peddled those lists, and they were invited to do so on national TV.
 Similarly, it wasn't a random bunch of  e-mailers who kept trying to prove that Clinton killed [Vince] Foster.
 It was major Republicans--can you say 'Ken Starr?'--who engaged in this endless political porn. As they
 did so, 'good guy' pundits hid beneath desks, too scared to condemn their behavior.

"Are today's liberals as bad as those cons? Unless you simply enjoy propaganda, the answer quite plainly is 'no.'
 Have you seen Bush  murder lists on TV? Have you seen a major 'religious figure' [i.e. Jerry Falwell] selling tapes
 which call Bush a serial killer?...In short, have  you seen anything like the wave of insanity that typified the Clinton-Gore years?",

 9/11 Victim's Suit Against the BFEE

  Click  Here

 5. Plaintiff reasonably believes Defendants knew or should have known the attacks on "911" would
     be carried out and intentionally and deliberately failed to act and prevent these deadly attacks leading
     to the untimely death of her husband. Plaintiff believes, Defendant GWB et al, allowed the attacks to
     take place to compel public anger and outcry to engage our nation and our military men and women in
     a preventable "IWOT" for personal gains and agendas. The statement of "911 Commissioner" and former
     United States Senator Max Cleland reinforces Plaintiff's claims that her President and Commander-in-Chief
     Defendant GWB has not been honest and forthright to her or the American public with regard to "911":

    "As each day goes by, we learn this government knew a whole lot more about these terrorists before
     Sept. 11 than it has ever admitted."[10]

  I applaud this lady's courage for going after those Bush bastards, but at the end of the day, the crooked
  Supreme Court is going to rule for Bush no matter what. This bought-off court does what they're told.
  They don't look at the law, they look and Bush and say, "What does master want us to do?"

  I'm so old, I remember the Supreme Court before they turned whore.

 Subject: Bush the sneak

 I am up to here with the whore media's characterization of Bush's visit to Baghdad on Thanksgiving.
 What on earth was heroic or noble about it? All I could think of when I heard about it was that no
 other president that I know of ever had to sneak into a foreign country like a thief - and sneak out again
 before his presence was known! Even during his trip to England he was surrounded by a thick blanket
 of security and sycophants - I doubt many ordinary Brits got a look at him. What a shameful disgrace!

 Bill Clinton never had to hide himself behind excessive security. Hell, even Richard Nixon could travel abroad openly.
 I surely hope 2004 brings better news for America - we have a lot of apologizing to do for the embarrassment that
 this unelected fraud has brought on us.

 Brad B

 More lies from Bush, media

    Bush is not holding food - it's a prop for the cameras.

  Click  Here

 According to the Washington Post, Bush was actually holding "a decoration, not a serving plate."

 In other words, he was holding a prop, not real food, and thus only pretending for the cameras
 to be serving up the holiday meal.

 The flap marks the second such distortion in as many days about his trip to Baghdad.
 Just yesterday it was revealed that the White House's tall tale of Air Force One crossing
 paths with a British Airways plane was entirely false.

 Then there's that small matter of lying to steal Iraq's oil and getting 440 soldiers killed,
 but that's not impeacvhable like lying about a blow job.

 Bush didn't "spend Thanksgiving" with the troops, but the media says he did.
 He spent about ten minutes serving food - for the cameras - but to hear the spin
 that every major news outlet put on it, you'd think Bush personally served each
 of the 600 men who were hand-picked because they were gung-ho, pro-Bushies.

 Knowing the corporate liars who shill for Bush, the stories were probably written before they landed.
 And lastly, why did Bush have to sneak into Baghdad with lights out if "Mission Accomplished"
 was six long months ago?  In six years will we still have men dying every day in the sands of Iraq?

 From Mike Nord:
 In the big debate over weather the chimp did the thanksgiving stunt for the troops or for his pollsters,
 I was willing to give him the benifit of the doubt and say he did it for both.  Now it turns out he didn't
 even know enough to pick up a real turkey.  Every time I think, "can this bastard be any dumber?",
 he surprises me yet again.

 Oh, and the real treat of the whole thing was that the fake turkey was produced by Halliburton...

 Keep hammering!

 IEAmerica News by American Stranger
  Caught the replay on whiterosesociety.org's Mike Malloy link.

  Click  Here  and then click on Mike Malloy

 Takebackthemedia and Mike Malloy at the same link?
 How can I subscribe?

 I'm all in on the AS/TBMT/Malloy bandwagon.


  I would enjoy reading/printing your comments on this.


This is from Mike Smith, a Vegas ditto-monkey.
He wants you to think the Dow is back to 11,500 and
the 3,000,000 jobs that Bush lost have all come back
The economy is still in a ditch, but Bush's American whore media,
the guys that keep saying we're winning the senseless war in Iraq,
are telling you that we're back to the good times of the Clinton era..

 Subject: Notice of Privacy Practices from my dentist

 I found these paragraphs in the notice given me before they pulled a tooth.  (I was told I could go to
 http://www.dentistry.ucsf.edu  and get a copy, but when I tried, I got a: "specific server could not be  found" window).

 From Page six:

"National Security and Intelligence Activities.  As authorized or required by law, we may disclose
  health care information about you to authorized federal officials for intelligence, counterintelligence,
  and other national security activities.

  Protective Services for the President and Others.  As authorized or required by law, we may disclose
  health care information about you to authorized officials so they may conduct special investigations or
  provide protection to the President, or authorized persons or foreign heads of state."

 What do you or you friend Mark Perkel think of that?
 When do you suppose these things came into being?

 Peace, Jim

 Jim, I'm so old, I remember when you could go to the dentist and it wasn't the fed's business.
 What are they thinking? That only al Qaeda gets a toothache?

 Bush has made a mockery out of privacy laws and the right-wing just loves him like crazy.
 If you have dental work done, Bush sends a copy of your report to Tony Blair?
 Yes, our government had gone crazy and the Democrats couldn't care less.

 If we don't elect Clark and/or Dean, we won't recognize America by 2008.
 By then, the B.F.E.E. will have stolen a majority of the world's money.


"There was a brief period in the late '90s when there were income gains pretty much across the board,
  but that was a brief interruption in the trend of the previous 20 to 25 years, which was the rich getting well,
  the upper middle class doing okay, and everybody else below that lucky to keep their noses above water.
  We seem to be heading back into that kind of realm now.  Real wage gains have gone back to zero after
  staying positive for a couple of years. The kinds of jobs we see appearing in the last few months are heavily
  skewed toward low-wage, low-skill things like retail food service and low-wage health care jobs. In that
  sense it's like a return to the '80s economy."
   --Doug Henwood, The Invisible Recovery

 Don't let anybody tell you the eighties were a time of prosperity.
 Sure, if you're a rich TV talking head, you loved Reagan and the eighties.
 Rush loves them, but not enough to vote for Reagan. Hannity loved them.
 Professional athletes loved getting a tax cut, but the poor got screwed.
 Again today in the whore USAToday, they're screaming about "the greatest in 20 years,"
 because Reagan crashed the economy all the way to zero, so the steps back seemed dramatic.

 Paris Hilton

 The Simple Life may not be high brow TV, but they're watching it in droves.
 Over ten million people watched her last show. That's about half of what the
 biggest show on TV gets, so that makes it a hit.

 I have a fairly good imagination, but I can't imagine what it would be like to be a
 horny, teenage boy living in Altus, Arkansas and find myself necking with probably
 the most famous woman in the world as we close out 2003. Add to that, she's a
 red-hot supermodel who happens to be work 30 million dollars.


 Yeah, it's hard to imagine what's going thru that boy's mind, but then again, 
 I guess I know exactly what's going thru his mind. Like most men with a modem,
 I guess her new Arkie "boyfriend" has the video that made her so famous.

 The Bush/GOP Medicare Plan

 The Democrats are so inept - they need my advice very badly.
 I'll make any bet you want to make that says this medicare plan is a bomb.
 If the Democrats had any will to win or get ahead of this fraud, they'd call it
"The Bush/GOP Medicare Plan" so when it blows up, it's got Bush's name on it.

 They say it doesn't fully kick in until 2009, which means Bush will be gone even if he
 wins next year - but I want the blame to follow Bush and the party who backed it.

 Of course, since so damn many Democrats sold out and voted with him, Bush gets
 to claim it was a "bi-partisan" bill that only a jenius like him could get thru congress.

 You're tired of hearing it and I'm tired of saying it, but the Democrats don't want to win.
 They only want to praise the man who stole power once with a crooked court and then
 solidified that power with crooked voting machines.

 I need a drink.

Great Christmas Gifts

 Subject: I asked to meet you Saturday

 I am glad you liked my question.
 The detainees have haunted me from the beginning.
 Denied Legal Counsel is abomnible. Damn near as bad as stealing elections.
 Both very UNAMERICAN.

 I noticed the General has included that question in his stump speech and on the trail.
 Was it there all along or did I encourage it?

 It seems that he is gaining momentum.
 I know he settled the question for me Saturday.


 Della, it was great meeting you, and your question was so good, I want everyone to hear it.
 Clark's answer was good, too. Unlike the unelected fascists, *he* believes in the United States Constitution.

 Click  Here

 Semi-fun thing to do:

 Go to Google, type in miserable failure, then hit "Feeling Lucky"

 What pops up isn't a surprise, but the source is.


Click to Enter

 Subject: grow up

 I can't believe you would stoop so low as to call Linda Tripp a whore...
 I'm a former staff member of Al Gore's for 7 years, and don't necessarily
 support everything that Ms Tripp has done in the past, but calling her a whore?

 Grow up and control your anger...

 Stu Walcott

 Stu, funny that as a 7-year Al Gore staffer, you'd give Linda Tripp a break and attack me.
 But since I'm very, very familiar with Democrats, I know to anticipate attacks from my left.
 Democrats like to give the traitor a break and attack the guys fighting for the good side.

 The truth is, Linda Tripp is the very definition of a whore.
 She screwed your president in an attempt to make a quick buck.
 She sold out her "best friend" for money, and sold her reputation for money.
 She even broke the law by taping Monica after the Radio Shack guy told her
 it was illegal to tape someone in DC unless both parties were aware of it.

 She became such tainted goods, even Bush wouldn't hire her, and he's hired rustlers, cut-throats,
 murderers, bounty hunters, desperadoes, mugs, pugs, thugs, nit-wits, half-wits, dim-wits, vipers,
 snipers, con-men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bush-whackers, horn-swagglers,
 horse-thieves, bull-dykes, train-robbers, bank-robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers, and Methodists.
 He hired every Republican thug/bastard he could find, even the ones with felonies who needed pardons
 to avoid doing hard time in prison - yet you defend her and attack me?

 Is this the same kind of advice you gave your boss?
 Did you advise Al Gore to control his anger?
 Maybe that explains why the stupidest man in the history of politics stole his job and his residence.

Click to visit

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 Last issue it was.. times  441  ....this issue it's  times 442

 More Americans lives snuffed out by the Bush gangster's theft of the White House.
 Soon - we'll be at 500, and then 800 and then 1000.

 Will the Democrats be willing to fight for their country next November?
 Or will they just hand it to Bush on their knees, like they did in 2000 and 2002?

      I'm a serious president.

 Total deaths since President Giggle and Kill said, "Bring 'em On":  236  237

 From:  http://lunaville.org/warcasualties/Summary.aspx

 Plus, at least  2444   2496  wounded for Bush's illegal oil grab.
 Many of them are missing arms, legs, eyes and their memories from head wounds.
 Oh, and the burn victims will make your heart sink.

 From:  http://www.antiwar.com/ewens/casualties.html
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?

 December sticker placement contest!


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 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 bartcop.com  PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.
 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
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 Winner gets Joe Conason's book, Al Franken's book or your choice of  a subscription
  to Maxim Magazine   (Maxim has no nudity) or any similarly priced book or magazine.


 Send sticker pics to  bartcop@bartcop.com

 Subject: Re: Changes at BartCop.com

 Hello, Bart
 I just finished reading Kym's list of ideas and criticisms, and felt now is the time to put in my two cents worth.
 To be perfectly frank, Bart, I have been feeling somewhat the same way as Kym.
 Except that I don't see getting more profane as a way to garner more subscribers.
 What I agree with is: there should be more Bartcop.
 I have been reading you for three or four years, now.  You are still a really good writer.
 It's not you that has changed, it's the page.  Without your voice, it's not the same.
 The links are something I can get from many sources.
 But your writing I can only get on Bartcop.com. ...and there just isn't enough of it any more.
 The radio shows are OK, Bart.
 But, in my humble opinion, they don't measure up to the old Bartcop page.
 To make a long story short, I think you are over-reaching.  I regret to say this, my friend, but I don't think
 that anyone could do what you are trying to do.  I do wish you would either cut back on the issues and write more
 -- because that's what you do best -- or just drop the radio show.  But I know you won't :-)
 Failing that, I do have some time I could donate -- and hour or two a day -- to help out, if you are going to
 insist on endeavoring to do the impossible.  What can I do to help?
 Just my opinion --

 Pipe, thanks for that.
 What little feedback I got on that always mentions that same point.

 Yes, the page would be much, much better if I published every other day instead of trying once each day.
 The last few weeks I've skipped one day during the week, but it wasn't time off and it wasn't to write.
 Answering mail, sending out stickers, thanking subscribers and tracking advertisers has become a full day's work.

 Two things about the radio show - this issue is late because Tommy and I just finished what certainly will be
 the best radio show yet.   This one rocks. There's a 32-minute beatdown of Sean Hannity that could be my
 best beatdown ever.  The biggest reason (or excuse) that BCR isn't more and better is the time thing again.
 Even after doing 20 shows I still only have about 20 hours in front of a microphone, but I think most people
 will agree this newest issue will have some really bright spots.

 The second issue is the subscriptions are my only source of income, so it's scary just reading the words,
 "...or just drop the radio show."   Do you know how much equipment went on my credit card?

 But I'd really like to try that every other day thing.  It should make the radio shows a whole lot better.
 Right now, I'm having to fight not only burnout, but the pace will inevitably have to slow down before my head
 busts wide open. I'll never stop doing the page, but BCR is a lot better and it's all new and exciting to me.
 Besides, the first shows were so bad, the only direction I could go was up :)

 Remember, if my perceived laziness pisses off enough subscribers, we lose not only the radio show
 but I'm back on the streets during the Bush recession looking for a job and we don't want that to happen.
 Twice, Sam has sent me her plans to coordinate those who have volunteered to attempt to be a staff,
 but I haven't found either e-mail yet because I just can't catch up. But if/when I do, maybe we could
 have a News Manager that could handle the regular news logistics which would free up some time
 for "more Bart" on the page.

 Since subscriptions are what keeps the page and radio show going, maybe we should vote? 
 The question is,
"If we went to every other day, would that cause you to reduce or cancel your subscription?"

 Click  Here  to give me your opinion, subscribers only.


 If you have something important send it to Sam at sam@bartcop.com

 Can't get in the members section?  Sam can help.

Something on your mind?
 Call the
Then  listen for your voice on...

You have two minutes to speak your piece.

 Subject: I'll be busy

 I may not be able to correct any of your mistakes for the next couple of weeks.
 I'll be a little busy. This Sat. nite I will be at a VIP Meet 'n Grope with the Rockettes at
 Rockerfeller Center before attending the Christmas Show across the street at Radio City.
 I think I'm going to look fine with a few dozen Rockettes on my arm. I'll send pictures.
 As a favor to you, I will try to get them to spell out "Bartcop.com" during the show.

 Next Monday, the nice folks at Pepsi have asked me to hold down their luxury box at
 the Garden so I can determine whether David Bowie can stand on the same stage as the
 Rolling Stones or Bruce Springsteen. My bet is that he can. I believe the guitarist will be
 Phil Manarzano or something from Roxy Music. I've never seen Bowie. I'm expecting big things.

 Hate to rub it in, but eat yer heart out, you dumb Okie.

 Rude Rich

 Rude, always great to hear from you.
 Do you play poker?
 I'll bet your money spends real good.

 With our Holiday Special, you can subscribe for $10 and bring along a friend for only $5.
 You only pay about 25 cents a day, which won't even buy a paper of Bush lies these days.


 Added Bonus:
 Subscribe for a year by mail ($100 - PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK 74155) or send a one-time PayPal for that amount,
 and get a phone call from Bart.   Remember: The B.F.E.E. owns the networks, the newspapers and talk radio.
 The internet is all we've got. And consider how the bastard will govern when he never has to face the voters again.

 Joe Conason's Journal
  Why is the White House trying to silence Wesley Clark?

  Click  Here

 In a gross abuse of authority for political gain, the State Department has insisted
 that Wesley Clark's scheduled testimony against Milosevic be closed to press.

 I know why they're doing it - because they can't allow people to be reminded
 that Clark and Clinton won a war without one single soldier losing his life.
 Compared to the disaster we have in Iraq, Clinton's military record is spotless and bloodless.

 Remember - we're going to win.
 So don't give up. Continue the fight.

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 If your GOP workplace doesn't want you to see the truth, use these mirrors.


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