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  In Today's Treehouse...
Contractors had been penalized
Kerry still has shrapnel 
Discrimination alive in Texas 
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Pre-9/11 WTC Power-Down 
Protesting Bush Abortion Policy
Castro's crank call 
Cars made by Microsoft?
Scalia loves his Dick 


Quote of the Day

"I think executive privilege means whenever 
  the president feels that he is threatened, he can 
  simply refuse to comply with a court order." 
    -- Antonin "Three Fingers" Scalia, apparently
        saying that Bush is above every law in the US

 What if the Supreme Court ordered Bush to vacate 
 the White House after losing to Kerry, you crook?
 Does executive privilege give him the right to refuse?

 ...but that would never happen.
 The Whore Court would let Bush stay in.

"I was personally chosen by God Almighty..."

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Volume 1301 - Prove it

  Modemless Week   April  24-28, 2004


"I'm not a religious man. But I have a great relationship with God. I love the guys
  in the Ku Klux Klan as one of my human brothers. But I don't have to like them ...
   -- Smokey Robinson, sounding like a true Christian    Attribution

 Smokey, I have a question?
 Do you love gays, too?
 Or should they rot in hell for being "God's abomination?"

 If he says he loves the guys in the KKK (as Jesus would) then I'll bet Smokey would
 love his gay brothers and sisters because he sounds to me like a real Christian, not these
 "God hates fags, I'm only in-it-for-the-money" Christians who mock that with they profess to love.

 10 U.S. Contractors in Iraq Penalized
   It's how a crooked president does business

"Sometimes the guilty need another chance..."

  Click  Here

 Ten companies with billions of dollars in U.S. contracts for Iraq have paid more than
 $300 million in penalties since 2000 to resolve allegations of bid rigging, fraud, delivery
 of faulty military parts and environmental damage.

 Together, the 10 companies have paid to resolve 30 alleged violations in the past four years.
 Six paid penalties more than once. But the companies have been awarded $7 billion in Iraq contracts.

 The contracts are legal because Bush repealed regulations put in place by Clinton that would
 have allowed officials to bar new government work for companies convicted or penalized
 during the previous three years.

 Bush has all the old felons from Iran-Contra working for him.
 He repealed the ethics laws and put the criminals in charge of the Patriot Act.
 He's the most openly crooked president ever.

  Care to comment?



"... perhaps one in four of those killed in combat in Iraq might be alive if they
  had had stronger armor around them... Thousands more who were unprotected
  have suffered grievous wounds, such as the loss of limbs."
    -- Newsweek, via Buzzflash.com    Attribution

 The illegal president was so worried about tax cuts for ther super-rich and stealing Iraq's oil,
 he neglected to give our fighting boys the protection they needed, just like his daddy in Mogadishu.
 If Newsweek is right, almost 200 soldiers have died because of Bush's greed and stupidity.

 Remember, they impeached Clinton over a blow job, but Bush skates away free, and I'll bet most
 of those 200 military families will be voting for Bush in November - it makes no sense at all.

 Oh, and they hate "Hanio Bill" ...and he never sent a man into combat who didn't come home.

 Kerry Has Shrapnel in Thigh From Vietnam
  Similarly, Bush's nose still runs from his years as a cocaine abuser

  Click  Here

 John Kerry has a piece of shrapnel in his left thigh from an injury he suffered in
 the Vietnam War, his doctor said Friday during a review of 36 pages of the
 Democratic presidential candidate's military medical records.

 Kerry was wounded three times while commanding a swiftboat in Vietnam's
 Mekong Delta, an assignment that brought him close to enemy fire several times. .

 Meanwhile, deserter Bush was drunk and coked out from 1971-73

  Care to comment?


Get your 'Names for Bush"
mousepads, post cards, coffee mugs and lunchboxes


"Let your readers know ...that this unit does not have the extra armor that is now
  required for vehicle convoys... Even though we have been here for over one year,
 we still don't have the right protection from roadside bombs or small-arms fire."
    -- a soldier's letter to the Peoria Journal Star,   Attribution

 "We can't afford armor and tax cuts for the rich..."

 Discrimination in East Texas

 Dear BartCop,

 Sometime back, I sent you an article I had written entitled "Atheist Spirituality", which you graciously published.
 My husband is a MAJOR fan of yours and now recommends that ask your help.

 A little over a year ago, I lost my job because of my religious, political and racial beliefs.  I will be filing a federal
 case against the Texas Department of Transportation within the next 30 days, and my attorney has given me
 permission to let the public know about it.

 Attached are the initial complaints that were filed with the Texas Department of Human Rights.

 Click  Here

 Click  Here

 Click  Here

 Before you read it, I must warn you that the language and racial slurring will be offensive.

 If there is any way you can get my story out or somehow publicize it so that the rest of the world will be made
 aware of the backward atrocities that are still tolerated in parts of East Texas, you have my deepest gratitude!

 Vivian  D
 Palestine, TX

  Care to comment?

 Pre-9/11 World Trade Center Power-Down 

  Click  Here

 Did the World Trade Center towers undergo a deliberate "power-down" on the weekend prior
 to the 9-11 terrorist attacks? According to Scott Forbes, a senior database administrator for
 Fiduciary Trust, Inc. - a high-net investment bank which was later acquired by Franklin Templeton
 - this is precisely what took place. The perfect time for CIA agents to plant explosives to bring down the towers

  Care to comment?

 Hundreds of Thousands Protest Bush Abortion Policy
  Click  Here

 Hundreds of thousands of protesters rallied on the National Mall on Sunday to show support
 for abortion rights and opposition to Bush administration policies on women's reproductive health issues.

"Vote That Smirk Out of Office," was a characteristically political placard targeting Bush, but Dorothy Smith, 76,
 of Eldridge, Missouri, carried an emblem she made herself -- a wire coat hanger draped with a sign reading "Never Again."

Click and see what these guys do

 Subject: Where are you?

 Hey Bart,
 Are you ok?
 I look forward to coming home and looking for updates on your site.

 Are you on vacation?  Did Ashcroft raid your house?

 Hope you're ok.


 Tony, we're in a place where sane people wear black ears.
 We'll be back in the 18th Century late Saturday.
 I hope I can get back "on my ball" without a lot of rust.

  Care to comment?

 I was listening to Ed Schultz on Air America Radio.  He got a call from a Democrat who said,
"Thanks for giving me ammunition to use against my ditto-monkey relatives and co-workers."
 Over the years, I've even gotten a few thank yous for that but you don't need ammunition.

 You have the truth, so what's the point of having ammunition?  When some lame-ass knuckledragger says,
"Hillary makes the Secret Service pay rent to her at her home in Chappequah," just say, "Prove it."
 When some lame-ass monkey says, "Clinton had 44 peopple killed in Arkansas," just say, "Prove it."
 When some easilt-led lunkhead says, "Hillary refused to meet with the Gold Star Mothers," say, "Prove it."

 If you want to be polite, you could say, "I didn't know that - what's your source?" they'll be forced to say,
"I saw that in some internet e-mail that's going around," they might realize how stupid they sound.

 And don't let them get away with saying they heard it from FOX, Hannity or the vulgar Pigboy.
 If they try that, just say, "Oh, those Nazi whores who are paid to lie to you? They can't be trusted."

 Whenever anyone tells you something bad about a Democrat, just ask for proof.
 They'll fold like a cheap map.

 Congressman's Intern Caught Smuggling Pot
  His GOP boss thinks medical pot should be legal

  Click  Here

 Gore Pledges Over $6 Million to Democrats
  Six million to  fight Usurper's "outrageous and misleading" re-election bid

  Click  Here

 Study: Neanderthals were adults by age 15
  So the Illegal Monkey must be what - over 100 years old?

  Click  Here

 Army seeks more tanks to protect GIs in Iraq
  Just like his daddy in Mogadishu, a Bush never sends enough armor

  Click  Here

 Music Industry Pirates Sue 477 More Computer Users
  Suing kids for no reason other than Republican greed

  Click  Here

Click for more

 Subject: racial slur

 Mr. Bartcop:

 I did not like your racial slur this week where you used the term "darkie."
 I will say I was pleased that you did not use the term "Nigger" like you
 usually do several times each week.

 Thank you for not being as racially insensitive as you usually are.
 Rev. Waymon Johnson

 If the GOP would stop using it, I'd stop accusing them of using it.

Thanks to Victoria in LA
She reports that Janeanne kept the sticker, too.

 Miami radio station fined over Castro crank call

  Click Here

 The Spanish-language radio station in Miami that crank called Fidel Castro
 faces a 4,000 dollar fine, according to federal regulators.

 The station duped Castro into believing that Venezuelan President Chavez was calling
 about a suitcase containing secret documents he said he lost during a trip to Argentina.

 Eventually, a man posing as a Chavez aide told Castro:  "You fell for it ... the whole of
 Miami is listening to you, Fidel Castro."

 The FCC recommended that the station be fined 4,000 dollars for broadcasting a
 telephone conversation without notifying the other party.

 Why is it illegal to make a prank call to Castro?
 Why is the FCC looking out for Castro's best interests?
 Does this go back to Janet Jackson, too?

 I sure liked the old, pre-Bush world better than the one we're stuck with now.

  Care to comment?

 What if cars were made by Microsoft?

  Click  Here

Every time they repainted the lines on the road you would have to buy a new car.
The oil, water temperature and alternator warning lights would be replaced by a single "general car default" warning light.
The airbag would say "Are you sure?" before going off.

 Care to comment?

Marty's Entertainment Page



      --TBogg, Attribution

 Kerry Demands Bush Prove Guard Service

  Click  Here

 John Kerry, criticized by Republicans for his anti-war activities during the Vietnam era, lashed out
 at Bush for failing to prove whether he fulfilled his commitment to the National Guard during the same period.

 "If George Bush wants to ask me questions about that through his surrogates, he owes America an explanation
 about whether or not he showed up for duty in the National Guard.   Prove it.   That's what we ought to have,"
 Kerry told NBC News in an interview.  "I'm not going to stand around and let them play games." .

 Kerry has handled this perfectly.
 He said he wasn't going to get into Bush's past misdeeds, but if the GOP insists on talking about Vietnam,
 Kerry will put his war medals up against Bush's deserter's missing months all day.

An excerpt from  Show 36

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 A Vision of Power
   by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

 Mr. Cheney's determination to keep his secrets probably reflects more than an effort to avoid bad publicity.
 It's also a matter of principle, based on the administration's deep belief that it has the right to act as it pleases,
 and that the public has no right to know what it's doing.

 What Mr. Cheney is defending, in other words, is a doctrine that makes the United States a sort of elected dictatorship:
 a system in which the president, once in office, can do whatever he likes, and isn't obliged to consult or inform either
 Congress or the public.

 Not long ago I would have thought it inconceivable that the Supreme Court would endorse that doctrine.
 But I would also have thought it inconceivable that a president would propound such a vision in the first place.


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"Coffin" Woman Hails Press Coverage

  Click  Here

 Former contractor Tami Silicio, fired last week by Maytag Aircraft after her photograph of
 several flag-draped coffins of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq appeared in the press, believes
 newspapers have done an excellent job covering her story. "The newspapers have opened
 my eyes to what that picture meant for everyone in the nation," Silicio told E&P this week.
"I didn't realize how censored the United States has been on what's going on in Iraq."

 Welcome to Bush's Amerikkka.
 Under Bush, you can't criticize without Karl Rove's permission.

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 Enron Agrees to Pay $35M Settlement
  They stole $500M in one day from cali, and they pay a $35M fine?

  Click  Here

 The Enron bastards have agreed to pay $35 million in a settlement with the Commodity Futures Trading
 Commission over allegations it sought to illegally manipulate natural gas prices in its trading practices.
 But the penalty announced Wednesday will go to the back of the line behind thousands of the bankrupt
 bastards' other creditors - meaning the agency won't be paid.

 Enron gets away with it.
 bin Laden gets away with it.
 The anthrax killer gets away with it,
 Al Qaeda gets away with it,
 The Tyco guys and all those CEO super-robber barons get away with it,
 but the Bush administration got Martha because she was a friend of the Democrats.

 Subject: What happened to Media Whores Online?

 Hey, Bart & Co.--

 Any idea what's happened to Mediawhoresonline?  I tried to go there
 to check if it's back from pasture, and the SITE IS GONE!!

 Have you heard anything?  Has the Horse been really sick?  Any news at all?

 Thanks for any light you can shed on the subject.


 Jane, I have no light at all.
 The phone number I had for The Horse just rings.
 Usually when I called ( a while back ) I got a recording.

 Does anyone know anything?
 Even if they're "out of the game," those back issues ought to remain up.

  Click  Here

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
  April 1, 2004 - 600dead American soldiers.
April 28, 2004 - 724 dead American soldiers.

That's 124 dead brave soldiers in four weeks.
Things aren't getting better - they're getting worse.
This plane gets more full every day.

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of coffins



 Scalia Visible As Ever for Cheney Argument

  Click  Here

 Justice Antonin "Three Fingers" Scalia (R-Bought) was every bit his usual blunt and confrontational self
 in Tuesday's Supreme Court argument involving his old friend and hunting partner, Dick Cheney.

 Outside interest groups want access to records of Cheney's energy task force and won a lower court order
 to force the White House to turn them over. Scalia made no secret of his view that the White House should
 be able to keep closed-door matters closed.

 Whoooooooooooooooa - wait a minute.
 When Clinton was enjoying his intern, you said that was the nation's business.
 You bought-off bastards intentionally ruled against the last elected president every time,
 and you're intentionally ruling for the appointed crooks who stole their way into power.

 You love your Dick, don't you, Tony?
 You'd do anything for your Dick.

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Election

 Hey Bart!  I called the Maytag Aircraft, the company that fired Tami Silicio and her husband,
 the woman who took the photos of the coffins.  Their lines were jammed all day and when I
 got through to a live person she confirmed they've been getting hundreds of calls.
 She did put me through to a voicemail.  The guys taking the calls are David Herbst and Larry Barrios.

 I heard the number on Randi Rhodes today and thought you might want to put it on your site.
 They're in Los Angeles at (213)-486-6560.



 Warning to all Bart stalkers

  If you get an erection while reading  bartcop.com
  be sure to call a doctor if it lasts longer than four hours.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the

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You have two minutes to spit your bit.

 Pokerfest in the Atlantic off Palm Beach


 It was a great success - but I failed to win.
 But unlike Eldrick Woods, I do have a major win this year.

 I hope to tell you more about it when I catch up, but the Pokerfest so far has been
 the highlight of the week. And a special shout out to Irish Danny from Ft Lauderdale,
 Dean from West Palm Beach, Rick the LA Dude and his friend Jim, plus Joe P
 who must be rich because he never folded a hand the whole night. I kept trying
 to engage him in a heads-up situation, but I never could make it happen.

 There were others whose names I should remember, but the boat had no fine tequila
 and since we weren't driving, we ended up drinking a few Jack Daniels after the game.

Garry Trudeau offers $10K to anyone
who saw Bush show up in the ANG

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Some newspapers pulled this Doonesbury cartoon

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