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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Tenet Falls on Sword, Resigns
Another Crooked Contract
Bush Lawyers up for Plame
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
When Will Novak do Time?
Franken to Borts: The Red-Ass 
Double Shot from Robert Parry
Bush Frees Terror Suspect
Mole in our Midst


Quote of the Day

"At one point I respected Al Gore, 
  but I think he's lost his mind... 
  I think he's gone daft because 
  he's a sad little man now." 
   -- Dennis Miller, former comedian   Attribution

 Dennis, speaking of sad, what's it like to turn Nazi
 just as your new hero is proven to have lied about
 the reason he sent 820 men to their needless deaths?

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Volume 1326 -  The self-destructing animal



  Thursday    June 3, 2004


"Dennis Miller's 9pm CNBC show is still at the bottom of the ratings charts
  -- and it dipped lower last month. In April, Miller averaged 211,000 households,
  in May, the show slumped to 132,000 households, declines of 30 to 40%."
      --CableNewser, "May Ratings: Dennis Miller's Sinking Show,"  Attribution

 Poor Dennis - he bet his career that Bush would be a success.

 ha ha

 Hey Dennis, take away "Springtime for Hitler" and you'll discover
 that most people don't see anything funny about being a Nazi.

 Tenet Falls on Sword for Bush, Resigns
  Going out with another lie, "Leaving for personal reasons..."

  Click  Here

 Tenet had been under fire for months in connection with intelligence failures related to the war in Iraq
 specifically assertions the United States made about Saddam's purported possession of WMDs,
 and with respect to the threat from the al-Qaida terrorist network.

 During his seven years at the CIA, speculation at times has swirled around whether Tenet would retire
 or be forced out, peaking after 9-11 and surging again after the flawed intelligence about Iraq.
"He's been a strong and able leader at the agency, and I will miss him," said Bush.

 Where else but working for the BFEE can you totally screw up and get thousands of people killed
 and still be praised as "a strong and able leader," by a monkey posing as a president?

  Care to comment?


"Of course it's Al Gore, who knows a lot about incompetence that got us into this mess;
  9/11 was on the way; 9/11 was on the way by the time President Bush was inaugurated."
     --Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Whore), saying the Captain's not responsible when the boat sinks,  Attribution

 Subject: help with hypocrisy

 I won't pretend to understand the tenets of the Catholic religion.

 Bishop Michael Sheridan implies that a vote for Kerry is a mortal sin.
 I'm wondering why the Catholic hierarchy didn't weigh in when Republican
 pro-choice candidates George Pataki, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arlen Specter,
 and Rudy Giuliani were running for office.

 I'd be grateful if someone could explain away this hypocrisy?
 Is it only a sin if you're a Democrat?
 Are you free of sin if you are a registered Republican?

 A conspiracy nut might think that the Catholic Church was part of
 a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.

 Walt M

 This  bartcop.com  pillar was published in the The Seattle Times

 Bush Gives Contract to Tax Traitor/Campaign Donor
  Another crooked deal by the most crooked president ever

  Click  Here

 President Bush has said he wants to "make sure that the system is fair for those of us who do pay taxes"
 and that "we want everybody paying their fair share." But yesterday, the president went out of his way to
 lavish a massive government contract on a major campaign contributor, even though it specifically moved
 operations offshore to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

 According to news reports, the Bush administration yesterday gave a $10 billion contract for the Department
 of Homeland Security to Accenture (formerly Arthur Andersen), despite the company having recently moved
 its official headquarters to Bermuda to avoid U.S. taxes.  The contract was awarded less than two years after
 the White House and its allies in Congress gutted a House-passed provision that would have banned awarding
 homeland security contracts to corporations who exploit tax loopholes, move offshore, and avoid U.S. taxes.
 At the time, Accenture lobbied to eliminate the provision,  hiring GOP political consultant "and Bush family
 confidant" Charlie Black to lobby on its behalf. Accenture executives have given President Bush more than
 $68,000 in campaign contributions since 2000.

  Care to comment?

Get Your War On, (c) 2004 by my good friend David Rees. Used with permission

 Cancer Deaths Down in U.S., Report Finds
  This year 1.3 million Americans will learn they have cancer

  Click  Here

 Iran Leader: U.S. Installs 'Lackey' Gov't
  Ali Khamenei calls Bush "a shameless liar"

  Click  Here

 Rapes are up 25% In Army
  Gotta be Clinton's fault - because Bush is always blameless

  Click  Here

 Churchgoing closely tied to voting patterns
  GOP goes to church, godless pagans vote for Kerry

  Click  Here

 Bush Consults Lawyer for Plame Leak Probe

                "Can a lawyer get me out of this?"

  Click  Here

 President Bush has consulted an outside lawyer in case he needs to retain him in the
 grand jury investigation of who leaked the name of a covert CIA operative last year,
 the White House said Wednesday.

 There was no indication that Bush is a target of the leak investigation, but the president
 has decided that in the event he needs an attorney's advice, "he would retain him."
 The lawyer is Jim Sharp, White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said.

"The president has said that everyone should cooperate in this matter and that would
 include himself," she said.

 But that's all a lie.  There was only a handful of people involved, but Bush and the
 stonewalling FBI are dragging this out (it's been a year) to get past the November election.

 Leak Probe Subpoenas Reporters

  Click  Here

 Tim the Whore and a journalist from Time Inc. have received federal subpoenas to face
 questioning about the alleged leak of an undercover CIA weapons expert's identity, but both
 news organizations said Sunday they would fight the subpoenas.

 The companies said the subpoenas came from a special grand jury investigating whether a
 figure in the Bush administration improperly disclosed the identity of the agent, Valerie Plame,
 after her husband, former diplomat Joseph Wilson, publicly challenged the White House's claim
 that Iraq had been trying to obtain uranium for nuclear weapons from Africa.   Wilson has
 charged that officials made the disclosure in an effort to discredit him.

 Why are they messing with Tim the Whore - why not Bob Novak?
 remember, they put Susan McDougal in federal prison for 22 months because she refused
 to help Ken Starr unelect Clinton, but when the BFEE rats out a CIA agent for petty reasons,
 they can't put Novak in jail until he talks?

 Why are the Republicans, no matter how guilty or how serious the crime, held unaccountable?
 And why do the innocent Democrats always end up in the most trouble?

 If Susan McDougal had to do time for keeping qwuiet about Clinton's sex life,
 Novak should do time for risking the life of an American agent to help the GOP get revenge.

 Listen to Al Franken give Neal Bortz the red-ass, on his AAR show

 Franken catches Bortz in a lie, calls him on it, so Bortz throws a fit and hangs up.
 All Republicans are cowards who can't face the truth when confronted with it.

 Subject: Does your vote count in 2004??

 Bart, my man,
 You wrote:

>  I live in Oklahoma so my votes never count.

 I think I know where you're coming from, but don't ever give your readers the idea that a vote doesn't count.
 I'm doing my damndest to try to get the recently-elegible to go and register, and I'm also trying to get them to
 read the papers and a few online sites, (Bartcop.com included).

 I'm trying to get kids who have already heard about "disenfranchisement" psyched up to vote for the first time.
 More than any year ever, any one persons' vote is THE vote that counts.

 Back me up on this, Bart.

 Drew, not sure what you want me to say.
 Oklahoma wouldn't vote for Kerry if bin Laden was Bush's running mate.
 We need a get-out-the-vote drive in FL, PA, MO, OH, MI and a few others
 but most of the other states have already "voted."


"The evidence is going to show clearly beyond any doubt that not only is
  Scott Peterson not guilty but Scott Peterson is stone cold innocent."
    --  Mark Mr. Geragos, at Peterson's trial      Attribution


 The day before Laci disappeared, a doctor estimated her unborn baby was 32 weeks old.
 But the baby's body that washed ashore four months later was more developed.

 According to Chris Darden, (failed OJ prosecutor) the fetus has been determined to have been between
 34 to 40 weeks old. "Hence, the argument that Laci Peterson didn't die on Dec. 23rd,  as the prosecution says.
 "We know that he couldn't have done it after that, so who did?"   Attribution

 NYT's Apologies Miss the Point
  by Robert Parry

  Click  Here

 In short, a thorough analysis of the WMD reporting failures at the New York Times would have to
 include a recognition of a pro-conservative tilt in the news columns over the past quarter century,
 especially in areas of investigative journalism. Over and over, when stories might make conservatives
 look bad, the Times insists on the strictest journalistic standards or ignores the stories outright.
 Conversely, when stories parallel conservative interests, almost anything goes.

 Simply put, the Iraq WMD lapses were not an isolated or inexplicable case of bad journalism.
 They were part of a pattern of skewing reporting in a conservative direction.

 GREAT column - I had trouble picking an excerpt because everything Parry writes is gold.
 Please take the time to read this - it's important.

"Screw Robert Parry - he exposed
  Daddy's Iran-Contra earnings...."


 CNN Sues for Access to Fla. Voter Rolls
  Democrats too scared to sue, CNN does the job for them

  Click  Here

 CNN sued Florida's elections office Wednesday to get access to a state list with names of possible felons
 who may need to be deleted from voter rolls. The state uses the list to provide names of possible felons to
 county elections officials, who must review them to determine if individuals should be removed from the rolls.
 The list is of interest to journalists because of the potential for mistakes.

 After the 2000 election, in which George W. Bush was declared the winner in Florida by 537 votes following
 five weeks of recounts and challenges, there were widespread claims around the state by people who said
 they were prevented from voting even though they weren't felons.

 Why are the Democrats afraid to fight their own battles?
 We see Lugar, McCain and Hagel telling the punk to wise up on Iraq,
 we have Larry Klayman filing suit to investigate Cheney's Energy Task Force,
 and now CNN wants Florida elections to be legitimate - but where are the pink tutus?

"We don't want to anger Mr Rove - that wouldn't be prudent!"

 No wonder I can't get an invite to DemoCon 2004.
 Maybe they're afraid I'll take over the party and teach them to fight again.


 Subject: a request

 Bart, you wrote:

> "Osama didn't attack America because we pulled out of of Mogadishu.
>  He attacked America because Bush the Smarter put pork-eating troops on sacred Saudi land"

 I wish you wouldn't sound so convinced whenever you talk about Osama and 911.
 Do you think, absent any evidence, it's right to blame Osama for 911 just because Bush says so?
 I haven't seen a shred of evidence that will stand in a courtroom that points to Osama bin Laden
 as the planner of the 911 attacks. If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.

 If you agree with me, perhaps you could consider putting a disclaimer-ish word whenever you
 mention Osama as guilty of 911, you know, like- "allegedly", "supposedly" etc etc.


 B, I think Osama did it.
 And the page would be much longer if I had to put "allegedly" in front of every statement
 that hasn't been proven in a court of law. For example, we are "allegedly" at war with Iraq.
 That hasn't been proven in court, but most people believe it's true.

 On the other hand, do you have any evidence Osama is innocent?

saw it on  http://911blimp.net/

Did Flight 77 really crash into the Pentagon?

  "It's easy to imagine an infinite number of situations where
the government might legitimately give out  false information,"
 the Solicitor-General, Theodore Olson.

The unusual Passengers of Flight 77...


 Bush Joke  as seen on http://www.zwire.com

"How many members of the Bush Administration are needed to replace a light bulb? Seven.

   "1. One to deny that a light bulb needs to be replaced
   "2. One to attack and question the patriotism of anyone who has questions about the light bulb,
   "3. One to blame the previous administration for the need of a new light bulb,
   "4. One to arrange the invasion of a country rumored to have a secret stockpile of light bulbs,
   "5. One to get together with Vice President Cheney and figure out how to pay Halliburton one million dollars for a light bulb,
   "6. One to arrange a photo-op session showing Bush changing the light bulb while dressed in a flight suit and wrapped in an American flag,
   "7. And finally one to explain to Bush the difference between screwing a light bulb and screwing the country."

Dozens of books you'll like in an easy-to-order format

 AP: Bush Administration Frees Terror Suspect
  Why free this guy and not even give the other 'suspects' a hearing?

  Click  Here

 Nabil al-Marabh, once imprisoned as the No. 27 man on the FBI's list of must-capture terror suspects, is free again.
 He's free despite telling a Jordanian informant he planned to die a martyr by driving a gasoline truck into a New York City
 tunnel, turning it sideways, opening its fuel valves and having an al-Qaida operative shoot a flare to ignite a massive explosion.

 Free despite telling the FBI he had trained on rifles and rocket propelled grenades at militant camps in Afghanistan and
 after admitting he sent money to a former roommate convicted of trying to blow up a hotel in Jordan.

 Free despite efforts by prosecutors in Detroit and Chicago to indict him on charges that could have kept him in prison for years.
 Those indictments were rejected by the Justice Department in the name of protecting intelligence. Even two judges openly
 questioned al-Marabh's terror ties.   The Bush administration in January deported al-Marabh to Syria - his home and a
 country the U.S. government long has regarded as a sponsor of terrorism.

  Care to comment?


"I don't see where I'm better off than I was four years ago. I don't see where
  the city is any better off.  I would say the city has a mix of Bush and Kerry supporters.
  The Kerry supporters feel like Bush has not delivered on his promises."
    --Robert Campbell, mayor of Crawford, Kerry supporter  Attribution

 'Sopranos' to Air Its Fifth-Season Finale

  Click  Here

 Poor Adriana: Scuttling on all fours across dead leaves in a forest until Silvio, Tony Soprano's consigliere,
 popped her with two shots. That was Adriana's ghastly end on the most recent episode of "The Sopranos,"
 underlining how business is business in a mob family - even for Ade, a terribly reluctant FBI informant
 whose own fiance, Soprano soldier Christopher Moltisanti, set in motion the hit Tony ordered.

"The Sopranos" airs its fifth-season finale Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.
 Then 10 more episodes in 2005 will close this magnificent saga.

 It will be sad losing The Sopranos, probably the best TV series ever, but at least we get another mini-season.
 This was supposed to be the last show, but David Chase got carried away and shot more episodes than he
 planned so HBO cut the final year into two mini-seasons so we get a few final episodes next year.

  Care to comment?

 7 Card Stud - tonight -Thursday - at 9 PM Central at PartyPoker.com

 Go there early, download the software and sign up, tell them you were sent by  bartcop

 Then search the games for 7 Card Stud
 The name of the room is  bartcop  the password to get in is  pigboy

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 Warning: Playing poker here is a lot of fun. If you have gambling "issues,"
                          you should avoid partypoker.com because it's a lot of fun.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Boxing Promoter Don King Stumps for Bush

  Click  Here

 Don King, the most crooked man in thwe world's most crooked sport,
 is touring the country with crooked RNC chairman Ed Gillespie to tout the
 election of the most crooked president in the history of the United States.

 King's rap sheet makes him an odd choice for Bush front man. He was convicted in the
 1967 beating death of a man who owed him money and spent nearly four years in prison.
 In 1954, he killed a man who was robbing a numbers house he operated in Cleveland,
 but it was ruled self-defense. King also has beaten tax evasion and fraud charges, faced
 numerous lawsuits from boxers and their handlers and endured three grand jury investigations
 and an FBI sting operation - all while cementing his status as one of the world's top boxing promoters. .

 King's rap sheet isn't any worse than the Iran-Contra thungs Bush hired for Homeland Security.
 Don King fits with the BFEE as snug as OJ's gloves, soaked in blood.

 The Justice Department's victory over the Constitution

"Hmmm...darkie, wears a Pizza Hut
 table cloth, he sure looks guilty..."

  Click  Here

 With a triumphant chorus of "We-told-you-so"s, the Justice Department unveiled yesterday a seven-page
 document summarizing all the accumulated evil that lurks in the heart of alleged enemy combatant Jose Padilla.
 Why release all this information now? The folks at Justice say they were just responding to a request from Orrin Hatch.
 As though Hatch's was the first and only demand for some tangible piece of evidence against Padilla. ...

 The DOJ insists that the timing of this release has nothing to do with public outrage about unsubstantiated warnings
 of stepped-up terror threats. They also say it has nothing to do with the Supreme Court's deliberations over Padilla's
 case, due to be decided this month.

Voices for Change exists with the hope of spreading the messages
of the Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich presidential campaigns
and working together for the greater good.

We are liberal, progressive, grassroots, and, we think!
Even more importantly, we DO!!!


"The FBI is investigating an intercepted Iranian message that says Chalabi told Tehran officials
  that the United States had broken Iran's secret code, U.S. officials said. The message alleges
  Chalabi said he had been told about the code-breaking by a drunken U.S. official.  Chalabi, once
  a favorite of many Bush administration officials, has fallen out of favor in recent months as he
  became an unspoken critic of the U.S.-run Coalition Provisional Authority."
     --Walter Pincus,  Attribution

"The CIA has disliked Chalabi for a long time and has concocted a case against him."
    --Richard N. Perle, tool of the Devil   Attribution

 Geez, who do we root for in this rattlesnake royale?

 Subject: Why I love your site

 Dear Bart-

 I come to your site regularly because your commentary on the Democrats' abject
 cowardice provides me with a consistant reminder of why Nader's candidacy is so vital.
 You can't have it both ways, Bart.

 If the Republicans suck (and they do), and the Democrats are unable to get it up either
 (and they can't), then the only logical choice for lefties is Nader.  You have yet to prove
 otherwise in any of your rebuttals.

 Riddle me this: why did more Democrats in Florida vote Bush in 2000 than for Nader?

 Because Bush had a chance to win and Nader didn't?

 Gore lost his own election, with certain help from James Baker and other Republican cronies.
 The more we suck up to the false dichotomy presented by the Republicrats, the more America
 will ease slowly into some kind of neo-fascist corporate oligarchy.

 You tell me when I can vote for someone who doesn't own multiple houses while most
 Americans struggle to pay their rent.

 Happy to debate you in a chat room on this-

 Ethan, the answer is simple - Kerry can make Bush go away and Nader can't.
 If you want Bush to rape the world for another four years, vote for him or Nader.

 Yes, the Democrats are gutless, spineless cowards, but all they need is motivation.
 Nader couldn't win if Bush's plane crashed into Kerry's plane a week before the election.

 Why not strive for Nader's ideals and vote to get rid of Bush in November?
 I'll agree that Nader wants to change American politics, but can we
 afford any more change like what Nader gave us in 2000?

 Last thing - Nader is rich enough to own multiple houses - what does that prove?

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"Chalabi?  My meetings with him were very brief. I mean, I think I met with him at the State of the Union
  and just kind of working through the rope line, and he might have come with a group of leaders. But I haven't
  had any extensive conversations with him. Mr. Brahimi made the decision on Chalabi, not the United States.
  Mr. Brahimi was the person that put together the group. And I haven't spoken to him or anybody on the
  ground as to why Chalabi wasn't taken.   I don't remember anybody walking into my office saying,
  Chalabi says this is the way it's going to be in Iraq.
    --Dubya, never in the loop, denying he knows Chalabi like he denied knowing Kennyboy Lay,   Attribution



 Subject: Gore

 What do you think of a guy who could not even win his own home state?
 What do the Tennessee people know about him that you don't know?


 That tells me Tenneessee is as backwards as Oklahoma.


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 Subject: Advertising on Air America Radio

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 PO Box 54466
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 we can't change them, so be certain of what you want to say in those few seconds

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Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

816  817 dead American soldiers.

817 families destroyed forever - all for Bush's oil grab.

Soon it will be 900, and then 1000.

Over 800 deaths on Bush's watch



"The fall from grace of neocon soul-mate Ahmad Chalabi, announced by Bush who recently told
  King Abdullah of Jordan..that "you can piss on Chalabi;" plus Colin Powell's admission that he
  was "misled by some of the intelligence;" and the humiliating attack on Chalabi's residence in
  Baghdad signal the administration's need to find scapegoats for the abject failure of the Iraq mission...
       --Gary Leupp, "Instant Karma,"    Attribution

 Bush Sr.'s Iraq-Iran Secrets
    more great writing from Robert Parry

  Click  Here

 Israeli governments have long made a high priority out of forging alliances with countries like Iran
 on the periphery of the Arab world to divert Arab antipathy that otherwise could be concentrated on Israel.
 Plus, Israel and Iran had an important enemy in common: Iraq's Saddam Hussein. Both Israel and Iran had
 a lot to gain by convincing the United States to remove their hated adversary.

 The elder George Bush also understands the rise of the neocons, a movement that took shape in the late 1970s
 and helped the Reagan-Bush campaign in 1980. Many of the neocons were disaffected Democrats who favored
 a harder line against the Soviet Union (which many conservatives argued was then in the ascendancy) and in
 support of Israel (at a time when U.S. diplomats were pushing Israel toward a land for peace swap with the Palestinians).

 God, The Rapture and Vera Casey

  Click  Here

 What will your God be doing on June 11?" I asked George Bush.

"We will be closing down the Vera Casey Parent-Child Center in Berkeley. And, of course, occupying Iraq."

"But why?" I asked. "I thought you guys were pro-life."

 George looked at me like I was the veriest fool. "You are just not getting it, Jane." Obviously not.
 The Vera Casey Center offers excellent child care services to teen mothers who chose not to have abortions.
 It should be a pro-lifer's dream! They should be funding it right and -- gulp -- left. Instead, the Bush administration's
 Scrooge-like grip on the educational purse strings of America is causing the center to close down on June 11.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.


"I'd love to go back to Iraq at some point in time, I really would. I'd like to be able to stand up
  and say, let me tell you something about America. America is a land that's willing to sacrifice
  on your behalf. We sent our sons and daughters here so you can be free."
     --Dubya, changing the reason we went to war,  Attribution

 Hey, lying moron, what happened to "defending America from Saddam's WMDs?"

 Mole in Our Midst
  A theory that explains Bush's policies

  Click  Here

"To make a long story short, the results of a second Bush administration would be as follows:
 A bankrupt United States possessing a broken military -- as Phillip Carter has recently reported
 for the Prospect, it will take years to reconstitute the supplies that have been cannibalized for the
 Iraq venture -- faces off against a nuclear-armed Iranian regime that's seen its two regional adversaries
 replaced with failed states in which Iran-affiliated warlords wield disproportionate influence.

 The American people need to start asking themselves, whose side is Bush on?"

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