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Show 42 the Rush-Reagan Beatdown is in the oven
                                            It's taking longer to bake than we anticipated, but once it is ready
                                            I think you'll agree that's some tasty cake. Check hourly - we're that close.

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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Leaders Gather for Funeral 
Iraq Police Training a Flop
A Reagan-Style Funeral
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Who Should be Kerry's VP?
Reagan's black and white
Poll: Iraq not worth it
We lost Ray Charles
Dogs were authorized


Quote of the Day

"The media ought to start making some 
  money off these pictures and videos, 
  not just publishing them free. We need 
  some prison torture, you know, bubble
  gum cards ... you know, like baseball 
  cards and bubble gum. Now let's have 
  terror cards -- only let's show our prison 
  abuse photos instead of the terrorists 
  and who they are and what they do."  
   --the vulgar Pigboy     Attribution

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Volume 1332 - Sunset Orgy


  Thurs-Friday    June 10-11, 2004


"U.S. military interrogators at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, could put prisoners in "stress positions"
  for as long as four hours, hood them and subject them to 20-hour-long interrogations, "fear of dogs"
  and "mild non-injurious physical contact," according to list of techniques Rumsfeld approved 12/02
    --Whore Street Journal,    Attribution

 Leaders Gather for Reagan Funeral in D.C.


  Click  Here

 America's four living ex-presidents and dozens of current and former world leaders were
 among those assembling Friday for Reagan's funeral service at Washington National Cathedral.
 Meanwhile, America mustered its most magnificent tributes for a last goodbye before Reagan's
 sunset burial at his presidential library near Los Angeles.

 I was offended, they pretended this was November 1963.
 They intentionally made this Kennedyesque, as though it were some national tragedy
 that Reagan died of the old age of 93 and that photo-op trickery pisses me off.

 Republicans have no idea what it's like to see a hero murdered in his prime because our side
 doesn't stoop to the levels that their side does. We've been through tragedy much too often,
 and I resent these opportunistic bastards trying to hog some undeserved glory this way.
 This whole week has been the biggest gaggle of lies and distortions in my 50-year memory
 and this is all part of the "up is down - black is white" mentality our 1984 media has become.

  Care to comment?



"The life and example of Ronald Reagan reinforces how important conviction
  and determination are in a president. Reagan's legacy of optimism and of patriotism
  should inspire everybody, regardless of political party - and screw Hanoi John Kerry." 
      --Bush campaign spokesman Terry Holt   Attribution

 U.S. General: Iraq Police Training a Flop
  How 'bout them cowboys!!

  Click  Here

 Misguided U.S. training of Iraqi police contributed to the country's instability
 and has delayed getting enough qualified Iraqis on the streets to ease the burden
 on American forces, the head of armed forces training said Wednesday.

"It hasn't gone well. We've had almost one year of no progress," said Army Maj. Gen. Paul D. Eaton,
 who departs Iraq next week after a year of training the country's 200,000 man army and police.
"We're fucked up the Wazoo," Eaton said in an interview with The Associated Press.

 Eaton, a plainspoken officer who didn't shirk responsibility for his role in the problems,
 said soldiers of Iraq's 2nd Brigade simply refsued U.S. orders to fight their countrymen.

 This is not a problem.
 We have a full 20 days to turn this 200,000 man army around.
 I suggest we hire Bill Murray - I've seen his work - he's very, very good at this.

 A Reagan-Style Funeral

  Click  Here

 A riderless jet-black horse will walk with Mr. Reagan's riding boots turned backward,
 as Nancy Reagan requested. A group of F-15's will streak above Constitution Avenue
 in the missing-man formation, as the family wanted.

 And Mr. Reagan will be buried at his presidential library in the Simi Valley hills in time
 for the golden light of a California sunset, which he himself planned as the final image of his life.

 Reagan invented the photo op.
 This isn't a funeral - it's a political commercial to re-elect the Illegal Monkey.

  Care to comment?

 When Bush the Smarter assumed the presidency from Reagan, he declared
 that his administration would be a "kinder, gentler" administration.

 Why did he do that?

 Because Reagan was such a mean, harsh and heartless bastard and Bush
 wanted it on the record that America was tired of that kind of "leadership."

 Kids watching today's funeral political rally might come away with the idea
 that Reagan was a decent, caring man, but that would be a false assumption.

Ten views per penny.
Nobody gives you a better deal that that.


 Who should Kerry pick for his VP?

 We want your feedback, and we'll print it if it's short.
 Just put "VP" in the subject header.

  Click  Here

 He brought back black and white

  Click  Here

"Calling Reagan an "all-American" insults the millions of Americans whom he deprived of his sunlight.
 Reagan tried to return us to the days where we sat before black-and-white televisions, in separate
 black and white neighborhoods, where white people saw only white people and black people were
 represented by Buckwheat and the only time you saw lots of people of color were dead Indians in Westerns.

 The Los Angeles Times said Reagan's "optimism was catching." Tell that to black folks, the poor, unions,
 people with AIDS, environmentalists, college students needing aid, Holocaust survivors, and pro-choice activists.
 They all caught hell. You could hardly call the Iran-Contra arms scandal an "honest and open debate."


 Subject: Military Confused by GOP Bullshit - Till They're Hit

 I'm a vet of Viet Nam.  A friend of mine, 63, just seriously injured his back.
 He's also a vet, of Korea and Viet Nam.  He is broke and has no health insurance.
 He applied for help last month at a VA hospital and they told him they had no room
 at the inn - service was too long ago, etcetera etcetera.
 Thank you Mr. Bush.

 The young people on the front lines are focused on the future - will the Chief give them guns,
 bullets, tanks, whatever, in the shitholes they are sent to?  If Bush says yes, they cheer and clap
 for the Chief.  I guess that's natural.  They're young, and living in the moment.

 After they are shot, or have a face or leg or arm torn off, and are put out in the street after being
 patched up, that's when they stop believing the Bush and Republican nonsense and lies.  When they
 are old, and tired, and need help from the nation they served, and get turned away - that's when
 military guys start getting a more realistic sense of politics, lies, and more lies of the Republicans.

 I just had a nervous breakdown after listening to the same funereal music with a picture of
 President Ray-Gun in a cowboy hat, and a string of old men seeking publicity parading across
 the TV channels, each more unctuous and toadying than the last.

 Mr Ray-Gun was a nut who believed in laser beams shooting down missles, as if that were going
 to save mankind from itself.  He loved America but he did business with every vicious tyrant on the
 planet, from Saddam Hussein to Ferdinand Marcos.  He sent Don Rumsfeld over to meet Saddam
 twice in 1984, and shipped the chemical weapons that may have been used on Kurds and Iranians.
 His shrew of a wife consulted astrologers and tormented their children and threw their son out of the
 house because he was gay, while Reagan stood by doing nothing.  Now Nancy is a walking vegetable
 and the children are grown up and brainwashed again and telling happy stories about their Daddy.
 It makes me want to puke.

 The reason Clinton had to try and bring down the national deficit was because of Reagan, who spent
 wildly and insanely on military gadgets and projects, without any consideration that later generations
 would have to pay the bills.  Reagan went to Berlin and said "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
 in stentorian tones.  If Reagan had real balls, he would have torn down the Wall in Berlin himself.
 He would have cleaned the Commies out of Poland instead of invading Granada.  What a bunch
 of shit people are willing to swallow about Presidents, once they're dead.

 Reagan made Army films during the ordeal of WWII in which so many American men died, in an
 all-too-familiar pattern which George W. Bush followed.  Patriot who favors war, as long as somebody
 else does the fighting and dying.  Reagan emptied the mental hospitals in California in the 1970's to cut
 expenses for the California state budget, flooding the streets and parks of California with incoherent
 lunatics and addicts, about a third of whom were military veterans of Viet Nam.  Row upon row of
 homeless men slept under the palm trees along the Palisade in Santa Monica, overlooking the glorious
 Pacific, and early morning joggers had to dodge their begging grip.

 I remember, I was there.

 Donald T


 Don, a shot of Chinaco to you and your fellow vets


"I got choked up three times last night. I got choked up during Hastert.
  I got choked up during Cheney, and I almost lost it when Mrs. Reagan went to the casket."
    --the vulgar Pugboy, pretending he has a heart,    Attribution

 Did you hear the story that, seconds before he died, Reagan opened his eyes
 after days or weeks of being shut and looked at Nancy - not with clouded eyes
 but with that clear Reagan sparkle - and then quietly passed away?

 ...do you think Peggy Noonan wrote that?
 ...or was it Karl Rove?

Some people can't read, like the Monkey president.
But if you can read, you'll find the right books here
and it's all just a click away.

 Subject: Iranian hostage rescue attempt

 This subject never comes up.  Ya think maybe for a reason?  Ever done any research?
 I doubt any info readily available.  Could be worth checking into.

 Also, thanks for your website's support of our troops, both past and present.
 Keep being a burr in the butt of unpatriotic, selfserving, and downright evil politicians.
 Just like cockroaches, when the light shines on them, they scurry off into their hidey holes.
 Or they die and get fancyass funerals.

 Ronnie M.

 Pokerfest Chicago July 17, with an afterparty on Chicago's famous Rush Street
 Pokerfest Seattle  circa late September, early October?

 Anyone in the Seattle area could help set this up?   Contact Bart

 Poll: Voters Say Iraq Didn't Merit War

  Click  Here

 A 53 percent majority of voters now say conditions in Iraq did not merit war.
 Voters are increasingly concerned that Iraq is a quagmire America cannot escape,
 and they are doubtful that a democratic government will be established there,
 according to the poll published in Friday editions of the L.A. Times.

 Voters' mounting worries about the war have damaged their confidence in Bush.
 Forty-four percent approve of Bush's handling of the war, compared to 51 percent in March. .

"I'm a war moron."

  Care to comment?

 Ray Charles - a Legend


  Click  Here

"There will never be another musician who did as much to break down the perceived walls
 of musical genres as much as Ray Charles did," said music producer Quincy Jones.
 Blind by age 7 and an orphan at 15, the gifted pianist and saxophonist spent his life
 shattering any notion of musical categories and defying easy definition.

 One of the first artists to record the "blasphemous idea of taking gospel songs and putting
 the devil's words to them," as legendary producer Jerry Wexler once said, Charles' music
 spanned soul, rock 'n' roll, R&B, country, jazz, big band and blues.

Marty's Entertainment Page

 Poker Talk

  Click  Here


"Thanks to the American people for the leadership of George Bush,
  without which we I couldn't have been here."
     --Iraqi Puppet Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer,    Attribution

 Subject: Reagan remembered

 RISoft Systems sent me an email offering this:

 Ronald Reagan Remembered Tribute Screensaver
 Our Ronald Reagan Remembered Tribute screensaver is a compilation of 22 images that encapsulate
 his life, his career, and his presidency. Inspired by the some of his most famous quotes and speeches,
 RISS arranged the photos in this screensaver to pay tribute to his lifetime accomplishments.

 The also ask for screensaver suggestions, so I sent them this:

 How about one of Reagan at Bitburg Cemetary sucking up to the Nazi dead...
 Or looking smug while he props up an apartheid regime that kills thousands of its citizens...
 Or giving us a straight face while double dealing with Iran and the Contras.
 And get at least one image of him dressed and made up as the clown he was.

 John F.

 State Dept. Warned White House on Torture

  Click  Here

 The State Department warned the White House two years ago that rejecting international
 standards against torture when dealing with detainees could put U.S. troops at risk in a
 department memo from Feb. 2, 2002, surfaced Thursday.

 The memo followed recommendations from the Justice Department advising the president
 he could suspend international treaties prohibiting torture. It warned that failing to apply the
 Geneva Conventions to detainees from the war in Afghanistan would put U.S. troops at risk.

"A decision that the conventions do not apply to the conflict in Afghanistan in which our armed forces
 are engaged deprives our troops there of any claim to the protection of the convention in the event
 they are captured," State Department legal adviser William H. Taft IV wrote in the 2002 memo.

 Well hell, this is just common sense.
 When you declare "no rules apply to our sadism," you open the door for the enemy to go crazy.
 This is what happens when a crooked, never-elected deserter is appointed president over voters' wishes.

 Lying Bastard Quotes

"What I've authorized is that we stay within U.S. law.  Look, I'm going to say it one more time. ...
  The instructions went out to our people to adhere to law. That ought to comfort you."
    - Lying frog-blaster Bush, when asked if torture is ever justified.

 Courtney Love Charged With Attacking Woman
  "I should've killed that bitch when I had the chance..."

  Click  Here

 Who's Getting Rich on Computer Viruses?
   Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, Mindspring, Road Runner and the others

  Click  Here

 Student DJ Suspended For Anti-Reagan Radio Show
 "I was sick of the media glorifying Reagan and rewriting history..."

  Click  Here

 Alzheimer's Focuses Treatment Priorities
  This story seems designed to get Smirk off the hook

  Click  Here

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"I'm sorry, those pictures from the Abu Ghraib. At first, they, like infuriated me, I was sad.
  Then like, a couple days later, after they cut Nick Berg's head off, they didn't seem like much.
  And now, I like to trade them with my friends."
    --former comedian Dennis Miller, on why we're torturing helpless innocents in Iraq  Attribution

 Thatcher talked for what seemed like days.
 Poppy Bush pretended he was crying while telling his too cute "nigger joke."
 Yeah, like we needed to be reminded that Reagan was a nasty-ass racist.

 Bunnypants smirked his way through his political speech disguised at tribute.
 Senator Ralston Purina dressed up like an altar boy.

 Tim the Whore, gushing Reagan's praises like a love-struck school girl.
 Speaker after speaker is remarking how nice Reagan was to his enemies,
 all the while planning their hate attacks against "Hanoi John Kerry."

 Can we have the public airwaves back now?


 Use of Dogs to Scare Prisoners Was Authorized

  Click  Here

 U.S. intelligence ordered dog handlers in Iraq to use unmuzzled dogs to frighten and
 intimidate detainees during interrogations late last year, according to sworn statements
 the handlers provided to military investigators.

 A military intelligence interrogator also told investigators that two dog handlers "had a contest"
 to see how many detainees they could make involuntarily urinate out of fear of the dogs.
 The statements provide the clearest indication yet that intelligence personnel were deeply involved
 in tactics later deemed by a U.S. Army general to be "sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses."

 When war and human nature meet, the outcome is usually cruel, bloody and sadistic.
 Tell a soldier he can use an unmuzzled dog to "scare" a prisoner and inevitably that dog
 will be turned loose to bite a soldier, and when you're naked, that can turn uglier, still.

 Is it even possible to determine the amount of damage this has done to America's reputation?

 America, with their superior military, invades your country, kidnaps and tortures your leader,
 murders his children and then displays their mutilated corpses for the cameras, grabs innocent men
 off the street, puts hoods over their heads, and then turns vicious Germen Shepherds dogs loose on them
 while they're forced to masturbate for the conquerer's camcorders so the folks back home can have a few laughs?

 Are you proud to be an American today?

"This is my Amerikkka,
  so get used to it."

  Care to comment?


Click to Enter

 Subject: Remember to keep straddling that moral fence

 Remember to keep pretending that the Jews and the Muslims are equally to blame
 for all the hatred, lest your bigoted leftist readership get upset. The Jews of France
 are now the target of Arab terror. So, which land are they supposed to surrender
 in order to get some peace, Bart? Which part of France are the evil Zionists occupying?

 Bob Glaser

 What's New in Paris?

  Click  Here

 The spring 2004 fashions have arrived in the chic boutiques of Paris, and along
 with 50s-style full skirts and prim lace collars, anti-Semitism is back in fashion.
 In France this season, Jew-hating is all the rage - literally.
 Attacks against Jews and their property have escalated to an alarming extent.
 The French Jewish community (at 600,000, the second-largest Jewish population
 outside of Israel) is living in a state of anxiety. Hostile acts against Jews are posted
 weekly on the Web site of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France
 (www.crif.org), and on www.consistoire.org/incidentsfr.html, a government hate-crime
 report center. Here are just a few examples from the last few weeks:

 Dude, one of us is religiously insane.
 I'm not straddling a goddamn thing - I want no part of anyone's religious insanity
 and how monkey of you to try to drag me into it.

 Every Jew in the world could move to Oklahoma where they wouldn't be killed,
 but for some reason they want to live with people who want them dead and you trying
 to hold me responsible for their illogical choices just proves you're lying to yourself.

 To me, this looks like some nutty soap opera or "Panic Room" where the only way
 the madness can continue is if the people involved continually and forever repeat the
 idiotic decisions that started the problem in the first place.

 Neither side wants the problem solved.

 They're too busy trying to please some pretend invisible cloud being.
 I want no part of a situation where people choose to die for silly nonsense.

  Care to comment?

 Subject: Advertising on Air America Radio

 Update: We're ready to go with this, but we need more involvement.
 If we went in right now I'd have to put $3000 on the credit card, which
 would work, but that's more than my budget allows - anybody else want in?

 Note: That was poorly worded - we do have additional funds from Helldog-types,
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 Tired of being unknown?

 PO Box 54466
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 If you want to get involved in this - send me your link for approval, then send $190,

 There will never be a better time to advertise, and what better place than Air America Radio?

  So far we are doing ads for:

the goddess-org
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 We're only going to have once chance to get this right. Once we send the ads to AAR
 we can't change them, so be certain of what you want to say in those few seconds

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"The lionizers are correct about one thing: Reagan was one of our most influential presidents
  since FDR, whose New Deal safety net he carefully disassembled. He pioneered policies now
  being implemented by George W. Bush: trickle down economics, corporate deregulation,
  radicalizing the courts, slithering around inconvenient laws and international treaties.
  On the domestic front, he unraveled America's century-old social contract. What the poor
  needed was a kick in the ass, not a handout, said a president whose wealthy patrons bought
  him a house and put clothes on his wife Nancy. National parks were to be exploited for timber
  and oil, not protected. The federal tax code, originally conceived to redistribute wealth from
  top to bottom, was "reformed" to eradicate social justice.
       --Ted Rall,   Attribution

 Yukon Men Convinced They Saw Sasquatch

  Click  Here

 Conservation officer Dave Bakica is convinced that whatever two men saw, it shook them up.
 Marion Sheldon and Gus Jules were traveling out of town along the Alaska Highway between
 1 and 2 a.m. when they passed what resembled a person standing on the side of the highway.

 Thinking it was a person from their small community, they turned around.

 As the two lifelong Teslin residents and members of the Teslin Tlingit Council approached to
 within 20 feet, they noticed the figure was covered in hair, but standing upright the entire time.

   Care to comment?

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

832  833 dead American soldiers.

832 families destroyed forever - all for Bush's illegal war.

Soon it will be 900, and then 1000.



"While few wars are just wars, all are profitable - though, of course, not to the lads and lassies
  who fight and die in them. They are profitable to the military-industrial complex. The Iraq War
  is a multibillion-dollar bonanza for Halliburton Inc., and a lesser bonanza for all the other
  corporations scooping up the dollars, whether to supply mercenaries or to do jobs unemployed
  Iraqis ought to be doing. If there were any sense of decency in the corporate world - which is to say,
  if frogs could sing opera - the corporations would all cut checks to the families of those young men
  and women who have been killed or maimed to provide them with their profitable contracts.
  The corporate world doesn't see it that way, though, and they are cutting checks for the people
  they consider their true benefactors - the politicians in Washington who made the war profits possible."
       --Charley Reese, "War! War! War!"     Attribution

 Subject: Disgusted

 I am so disgusted by the week long Reagathon. What a joke. One time during his presidency
 for a period of about three months I stood in front of the White House with the rest of the nuts
 and held up a big sign with a quote from the book of Isiah that said: "What mean ye that ye beat
 my people to pieces and grind the faces of the poor?"

 I hated that bastard and his whole  administration. The psycho Ollie North was responsible for me
 being politically active. I still to this day cannot speak about the whole thing without being upset.
 We let a demented actor with great delivery wage an illegal war, make it OK to hate again, run up
 the biggest deficit ever, but, thank God, he made Americans feel good about themselves again.

 As if anyone with a conscience could feel proud of throwing away the social safety net and
 murdering thousands of innocent people in Central American in the name of "freedom".
 What the hell is wrong with American public?

 I think it all gets back to religious insanity.
 People get scared and they want to put their future in the hands of some false god.
 A smooth talking actor promises things will be better if we put ourselves in his hands.

 Reagan and the BFEE used the presidency for personal enrichment, and to cover their tracks,
 they dehumanize Democrats like we were Iraqi POWs.  Remember, it was Reagan who used
 to sneer the word, "liberal" like it was "nigger."

 I blame Reagan for the poisoned atmosphere that has split the country - he and the vulgar Pigboy.

 Shana Hiatt - Slippery Future
  Former Playboy model turned poker girl on too fast a track?


 This isn't right.
 Swear to Koresh, Rule #1 in Poker is deal the cards.
 They should leave sex out of poker.

Do you have an opinion?
Do any GOP impressions?

Call the 

Then  listen for your call on...

You have two minutes to record your message.



"This is a special day for me and those of us in my administration who are here,
  because I really never thought I'd be sitting next to an Iraqi president of a free
  country a year and a half ago, and here you are. Having listened to you, I have
  got great faith in the future of your country because you believe in the hopes
  and aspirations of the Iraqi people. It's a proud day for me, and I'm glad you're here." 
     --Dubya, with his hand-picked puppet Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer,    Attribution

  Subject: Bunnypants and stem cells

 Bunnypants has his plate so full with bodybags flowing through Delaware like the Niagara Falls,
 I imagine his advisors are telling Mrs."Just Say No, But I'm on Lots of Prescribed Valium" that Bush
 is gonna stay the course on his misinformed idiotic policies regarding stem-cell research, and use
 research monies for things like, oh war for example.

 Tell Nancy LOTS of people lose loved ones on a daily basis, her husband just so happened
 to be a good actor., and she is not experiencing any other pain than the rest of us "peons."
 Shit happens, even to political liars.....


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