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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Bridge Cover-Up Admitted 
Bush's Delusional Retreat 
F 9/11 and Military Morale
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Imagination Topples Govts
Moore on Maher's Show
The Manchurian Candidate
Shot of Monkey Mail
Liberals Want a Network


Quote of the Day

"It's not enemies. It's Americans. 
  We're all Americans."  
     --Teresa Heinz Kerry, after being told by a 
     reporter that she was in :enemy territory"  Attribution

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  Tomorrow Mike Malloy joins AAR 10PM EST
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Volume 1368 - Manchurian Global 

  Weekend    July 31-August 1, 2004 


"Dying for Bush's lies should not be considered a lofty cause.  Bush is still expecting
  to be cheered and revered for his courage in 'making a tough decision.' It is as if the
  more Americans who die for Bush's folly, the more undeniable his greatness becomes."
       -- James Bovard, in his book: The Bush Betrayal   Attribution

 Cover-Up of Iraq Bridge Incident Admitted
   Look for Jesus on a cloud - the Republicans are admitting the truth

  Click  Here

 Testifying under immunity, three U.S. Army commanders admitted Friday that soldiers were told
 to cover up an incident in which two Iraqi civilians were forced off a bridge into the Tigris River,
 where family members say one of them drowned. The commanders, however, said they don't
 believe anyone died, despite what the family and prosecutors say.


from 1988...


"During shock and awe, I wondered which of the megaton bombs Jesus,
  our president's personal saviour, would have personally dropped on the
  sleeping families of Baghdad. I wondered, 'Does Jesus understand collateral damage?'"
     --Meryl Streep, at a fundraiser for Kerry   Attribution

 Bush Retreats Into Private, Paranoid World

  Click  Here

 A sullen Smirk is withdrawing more and more from aides and senior staff, retreating
 into a private, paranoid world where only the ardent loyalists are welcome.

"Yes, there are concerns," a top Republican political advisor admitted Wednesday.
"The Bush we see today is not the same, gregarious, back-slapping President of old.
 He's moody, distrustful and withdrawn.".

 Maybe he's depressed about America being hated all around the globe.
 Maybe he's depressed because he thinks Kerry's going kick his ass.

 Mostly, I'll bet he's depressed because he's going to be a one-termer
 like his failed, traitorous-to-America father.



"Clearly the job of president is over Bush's head.
  He has proven himself to be dangerously incompetent...
  Bush's reelection depends entirely on willful ignorance.
  He might well ride the sea of ignorance right back into
  the White House. It would not be the first time Americans
  have chosen the demagogue over the competent."
     --Charley Reese,   Attribution

 F 9/11 "Devastating" on Military Morale
  Movie depresses soldiers, says one deployed overseas

  Click  Here

"Specialist Janecek, who is feeling depressed because a close family member is nearing the end of her life,
 just saw the film today. I saw him in the DFAC. He is devastated. 'I feel shitty, ashamed, like this was all a lie.'
 Not only is he looking at going straight to a funeral when he returns home, but now whatever pride he felt for
 serving here has been crushed by Moore's film. Specialist Everett earlier after seeing the film:

"You'll be mad at shit for ever having come here.' And there are others. Mostly the comments are absolute shock
 at the close connections Moore makes between the Bush family and the Bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia.
"Bush looks really really REALLY corrupt in this film. I just don't know what to think anymore,' is a common
 comment to hear. Some of these soldiers are darn right ashamed tonight to be American soldiers, to have been
 apart of this whole mission in Iraq, and are angry over all that Moore has presented in his film."



 Subject: Tom's Pokerfest summary

  Click  Here

  I think this is the last of these.

 Wealthy imagination topples destructive government

  Click Here

 I think radio and television should be Public Property and managed by local interests
 for their education and enrichment, Not for Corporate Profits and criminal propaganda.

 I think the energy and power production facilities that robbed California should be seized by the
 state until repaid, and managed by the state for benefit of the people not the Profit of the Corporations.

Marty's Entertainment Page


"He's been a world-class polarizer. I don't know if I can stomach four more years
  with him as president. He misled us into the war in Iraq and has mismanaged everything
  since. I just have a gut feeling that Kerry can be trusted to make the right courageous
  decisions and will make a good president. He showed that with his heroism in Vietnam."
     --Ohio Republican Bob Stewart     Attribution

 Subject: RE: You disappoint me

 Christian, you didn't deserve as much wrath as I laid on you
 but just please just don't let them throw you.

 Koresh, where to start?
 Christian is my former Chief O' Staff.
 She retired to become a senior bartcop.com advisor.
 Let's not assume your comments were directed at her.

 Screw 'em.  They will make anything out of anything and everything.
 You know if there weren't "silly" photo they would make one up or tell lies.
 You know that.

 Hey I can handle any f-ing thing the hard right throws at me,
 but when one of my own attacks, I feel like I'm in a straight-jacket.

 And you know they have an awesome message machine to spread the mockery and the insults.
 The only way to stop it is to neutralize them.   You tell them to go screw them selves.
 What you don't do is scold John Kerry for wearing a beekeeper suit or a tutu or whatever the f. that stupid thing was.



 Kerry made a major, potentially history-changing mistake.
 My advising him not to make that same boneheaded, shit-for-brains mistake again is a PLUS.

 We're on the same side, that's why I'm asking for fewer personal insults.


"I always voted Republican before but I'm against Bush ever since
  I found out that he doesn't love this country. His so-called military
  record is a sham. And the worst part is that he lies so much. He lied
  about weapons of mass destruction."
     --Ron King, a black Republican and Vietnam Veteran,   Attribution

 Lies Catch Up to Missing Woman's Husband

  Click  Here

 As the search for Lori Hacking enters a third week without a trace of her, her friends and
 co-workers are recalling moments when they believe she discovered her husband's propensity for lying.

 He got his wife to pack up and move to North Carolina so he could attend medical school - where, it turns out, he wasn't enrolled.
 He kept textbooks spread open around his apartment, but in fact, he had dropped out of college.

 Mark Hacking reported his wife missing on July 19. The next day, he was taken to a psychiatric ward
 after he was seen running around at night naked in sandals outside a motel where he'd taken a room.

 This guy is certified guilty/crazy.
 Have yo heard the details of this story?

 Just today, the whore media reported that Guiltyboy told her family something that made them call of their search.
 What can that mean?
 He shredded her body and threw the mulch into a river or ocean?
 What could a husband tell his wife's family that would make them end the search for her body?


 Subject: Kerry's October Surprise

 Hey Bart

 Remember the brouhaha in the spring about the European heads of state
 who quietly told  Kerry they were ready to support him over Bush?
 And how Cheney demanded to know their names?

 My theory is that Kerry's October surprise is that these heads of state are
 going to announce they will commit many tens of thousands of troops to form
 a new coalition to relieve our troops in Iraq, if and when Kerry and ONLY Kerry is elected.
 No draft.

 President Kerry  (may as well start getting used to it!) has been making some
 pretty heavy promises lately involving coalition-building.  I think he has this in the bag. .

 The Phantom

 Michael Moore on Bill Maher's HBO Show

 It was great - clips on BCR Show 49, but catch it yourself:

 Monday, 2 1:00 AM Real Time with Bill Maher 300 HBOw
 Monday, 2 8:00 PM Real Time with Bill Maher 301 HBO2w
 Tuesday, 3 9:00 PM Real Time with Bill Maher 306 HBOe
 Wednesday, 4 12:00 AM Real Time with Bill Maher 300 HBOw
 Wednesday, 4 8:30 PM Real Time with Bill Maher 306 HBOe
 Wednesday, 4 11:30 PM Real Time with Bill Maher 300 HBOw

  Thanks to Al B

 Powell Makes Surprise Visit to Baghdad
  It had to be a surprise because things are so unstable there

  Click  Here

 Bigfoot alive, well in southern Oklahoma
  It could be a giant cock-fighter making those prints

  Click  Here

 Rush Limbaugh in Night School
  Why is the vulgar Pigboy dating a Weather Underground fugitive?

  Click  Here

 Saudi Royals Dispute 'Fahrenheit 9/11'
  What would you expect from Bush's partners?

  Click  Here

 Republican family values sex criminals

  Click  Here

 Over the past several decades we Democrats have had to get used to repeated accusations
 that we are immoral and evil and responsible for everything bad in the world -- the Clinton
 impeachment was the culmination of this. I think that it's time to turn the guns around.

"We're not all having sex..."


 Subject: Have you noticed?

 Bush has yet to name a Supreme Court Justice.
 It just suddenly occurred to me like a "moment of clarity" (or something...)

 Since Bush was appointed the office of POTUS, not a single member of the Supreme Court has retired.
 We all know that Clarence & Antonin aren't going anywhere anytime soon...but what about Rhenquist,
 Souter, Stevens, et al. Who are really "getting up there in years" ?

 In fact, I seem to recall a Washington Post article in 2001 saying that Sandra Day O'Conner was so
 fed up with partisan bickering, that she was going to resign soon herself.  Apparently that hasn't come to pass.

 Rhenquist is 80.  Stevens is 84.
 Have the Justices become so afraid of who Bush might appoint in their place to hold off on their retirement?
 Is this some sort of way for them to atone for their bone-headed 5-4 Bush v. Gore fiasco?

 A Rose

 It could the the liberals are staying on to fight Bush world fascist takeover and the crooks are staying
 to be sure the BFEE doesn't have to worry about the courts stopping Bush's murdering madness.

 VCR Alert


 Christopher Columbus' Secrets from the Grave - Sunday n ight on Discovery Channel

 Was Columbus even Italian?
 Paulie and Silvio will be very pissed.


Robbie Knievel's jump at the USS Intrepid was heart-stopping


 Subject: BCR Show 48 one of my favorites

 I listen 'cause I like Okie speak and you crack me up regularly.
 That's what I like, some serious mockage delivered by an expert.

 Sure wish I could help you in your quest to improve, but I dunno...
 I ordered that wet dream Shirly Manson's album - the one that took root in your brain.

 R. Vogt, Seattle

 Those Shirley albums get in your head and take over.

Up to twenty views per penny.
Nobody gives you a better deal that that.



"I think people got spoiled by prosperity under Bill Clinton.
  So they voted for Bush. Many of them are the younger ones
  who lost their jobs under Bush."
    --Wesley Wells, regional labor council,   Attribution


 With Clinton & Monica, it was "The flag is falling," if we didn't get every detail.

 With Bush and the bin Ladens and 9-11 and four thousand dead, it's
"What good would it do to look backwards and assign blame?"

 If you ask the American media, oral sex is worse than 4,000 dead.

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 Liberals Want Their Own Network
  TBTM organizes a movement at DemoCon 2004

  Click  Here

 Stinson said he wants the best progressive journalists and online publishers to join the New Media,
 the name he uses for the planned network. Editorial standards at the network will be high, he said.

"This is about the issues. This is for real," said Stinson.

 Stinson is meeting next week in New York with other New Media planners, including Greg Palast,
 a reporter for BBC TV and The Guardian. There, the group will begin reaching out to investors.


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"You know something; I'm voting for Bush, I just made up my mind.
     --Michael Savage, (R-Weiner) lying about sitting on the fence until now  Attribution

      "I love getting a piece of wax..."

 Mikey, why do you molest wax statues?
 Can't you find a real woman to have sex with?

 Framed men ordered to pay prison room & board
  After 18 years in the slammer, innocent men told to shell out the bucks

  Click  Here

 Two men wrongly jailed for the murder of the newspaper boy Carl Bridgewater were ordered
 yesterday to pay "board and lodgings" for the 18 years they were in prison. In a ruling condemned
 as "sick" by prison campaigners, the Court of Appeal agreed with a Home Office-appointed assessor
 that the cousins Michael and Vincent Hickey should lose a quarter of loss-of-earnings compensation
 for their free food and accommodation inside.

 The verdict means the Hickeys, victims of one of the worst miscarriages of justice in post-war Britain,
 will lose £60,000 each, about £60 for each week they were locked up.

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 895, 896, 901, 905, 907, 912  dead American soldiers.

Drip, drip, drip - young lives go down the drain


 Beats the shit out of me, Lieutenant

  Click  Here

 On July 13, I went into the Tucson Federal Credit Union main location in Tucson, Arizona
 where I have been a member for thirty-four years. While standing at a counter filling out paperwork,
 I was approached by an employee with a cardboard poster, which she displayed to me, with a quiet
 verbal request to remove my sunglasses.

 The poster had two generic FBIish faces side by side.  One face wore glasses, the other a cap.
 They both had superimposed on them the universal prohibition indicator of a red circle bisected by an angled red line.

 I complied with her request and did not question her because it happened so quickly and because she seemed to want
 to make it a very brief low key interaction. When I left, I found myself wondering from where this new stripping of
 individuals' rights in the name of getting clearer images of bank robbers had come. I Googled "cap sunglasses bank"
 and learned that this is happening all over the place.


 From: mac2042@bellsouth.net.

 Subject: liberals on TV

 maybe there would be more liberal TV shows on the air if they
 would quit spending there money on bullshit like welfare and feeding children in africa...

 Yeah, feeding starving children is such a waste of time and money.
 After all, the super-rich oil men need another tax cut, right?.

 you have plenty of voices anyways, rosie o donald is one of them,
 god she is one ignorant fat bitch

 You hit that nail on the head, but Rosie professed her hatred for Clinton, "He disgusts me!!"
 and her undying love for the never-elected giggling murderer, so she's your problem.

 and im not saying im conservative, i dont like them fuckers either,
 but i hate your whiney asses most of all...

 No, if you think feeding starving kids is a waste of money - you are a conservative.
 Enjoy your eternity in Hell.

What it looks like in Iraq if you're
driving a truck for Halliburton.

 The Manchurian Candidate

 Great movie, I think everyone will like it.
 We just watched the original, and they updated the story well.

 One review I read asked, "Since the original was set in Korea/China (Manchuria)
 how can they work 'Manchurian' into the 91-92 Gulf War?"
 Note: The movie reads like an issue of  bartcop.com
 This isn't really a spoiler, but if you're extra-sensitive to spoilers, scroll past.

 Turns out the bad guys work for Manchurian Global, which is The Carlyle Group,
 Halliburton and the BFEE all rolled into one let's-hate-them Evil Empire. In the movie, they
 describe Manchurian Global as a global entity composed of former US Presidents, (Bush)
 former Prime Ministers (John Major) various Middle Eastern arms dealers (Adnan Khashoggi)
 who are working together with a private army to take over the world.

 Great movie, I highly recommend you spend the money to see it.

 Other movie stuff

 Also, if you saw M. Shangalanga Ding Dong's The Village this weekend, please e-mail me the
 surprise ending which I will not publish. I'm not going to give that fraud a single nickel of my money.
 I consider him to be a fake director and I refuse to be held "in suspense" for his fake, horseshit ending.

 Bart, the crappy trick ending to The Village is...
 Have you been watching those creepy  Exorcist: The Beginning  previews?
 remember, if you're Catholic, you have to believe the Devil can possess you or you're not for real.

 Batman Begins  has a preview for their Summer 2005 release.

 I saw about 15 minutes of Eyes Wide Shut on HBO last night.
 You know the pool table scene where Mr Can't Act talks to Sidney Pollack?
 That's the worst acting I've ever seen from Cruise - even worse than "I want the troot!"
 I understand Nicole Kidman is totally nude in that film - yet I can't watch it.
 But to be fair, and what is  bartcop.com  if not fair - that new movie Collateral?
 I thin Mr Can't Act looks great with some gray hair. At least I don't see him standing there in his
 underwear dancing and singing to Bob Seeger when he's sporting that gray hair.

Do you have an opinion?

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"What pushed me over the edge? Name a topic. Everything pushed me over the edge!
  The quiet dismantling of environmental regulations. The phoniness of No Child Left Behind.
  Everybody should be getting up and making a big fat noise."
        --Meryl Streep,   Attribution

When will the rapes stop?
When will the tortures stop?
When will the looting stop?
When will the murders stop?
When will the invasions stop?

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