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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Vets like Kerry over Dole
Bush Lawyer is a Swifty 
Bush as Tonya Harding
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Bush photo - Fake medals
The Unpolitical Animal
Assault Dishonors G.O.P. 
Kerry: Bush's 'Fear & Smear'
Q's About Bush's Service


Quote of the Day

"These charges against John Kerry are false.
  Or at least, there is no good evidence that 
  they are true. George Bush, if he were a 
  man of principle, would say the same thing." 
   --Editorial, LA Times, "These Charges Are False" 

   But since he's not, he won't.

"I'm not objegated to respond..."


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Volume 1386 - Fear and Smear 

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  Wednesday    August 25, 2004                                                                                                      Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"George's mother was his Cub Scout leader. That's when some say her hair turned white."
    --Pickles Bush, trying to be funnier than her clown husband     Attribution

 Veterans defend Kerry, criticize Dole
  Dole reverts to the worst kind of whore

  Click  Here

 Vietnam war veterans defended  John Kerry from charges he lied to get
 his medals and scolded super-whore Bob Dole for joining the critics.

 Dole fiercely attacked Kerry on CNN saying he won "three Purple Hearts
 and never bled that I know of. I mean, they're all superficial wounds."

 Bob Dole, you are a disgraceful bastard.

 Dole's suggestion that Kerry "never bled" runs counter to US Navy records
 showing that Kerry still carries shrapnel in his left thigh from a 1969 firefight.

 I once had some respect for Bob Dole, a man who milked an entire career out of
 being wounded in battle, and now he turns gutter whore for the AWOL Deserter?

 Remember the super-famous quote of Dole's,
"Stop lying about my record!"
 That was aimed at Bush the Smarter, who was lying about Dole's record.

 Dole gets in line to fellate Dubya the AWOL deserter.
 McCain gets in line to fellate Dubya the AWOL deserter.
 Why do Republicans forgive and forget the BFEE's horrible personal attacks?

 It would be one thing to mischaracterize a voting record or an issue position, but saying
"McCain betrayed his fellow POWs in Hanio Hilton? is something McCain forgives?"
"McCain went crazy in Vietnam - can we trust him now?" is something McCain forgives?"
"McCain has a black baby - did you know that?" is something McCain forgives?"

 Bob Dole, no matter how much you apologize, you can't be forgiven for this.
 Like the idiot monkey, you suggest Kerry hand-pushed that shrapnel into his legs
 so deep the the Navy surgeons were unable to reach it?

 Bob Dole, that makes you an extra-stupid whore - you disgust me.


 Subject: Najaf

 Bart, ol' man,

 I just realized yesterday why the US troops are being so aggressive in Najaf,
 when there's really no *reason* not to let the Iraqis take the lead:
 the Bushista want a "victory" for the "War President" in time for his convention.

 Btw, one of the "sticking points" last week in Najaf was that Sadr's people wanted
 observers to come in and audit the Shrine, so that they can't be accused of stealing things,
 or there being damage *after* they left (Amurkans wouldn't do that, would they?) and blaming it on them.



"John, I didn't mean to offend you. You know, when you continue
  to attack George Bush . . . you know, George Bush is my guy.'"
    --Bob Dole, (R-Whore) to John Kerry after accusing him of stealing a Purple Heart    Attribution

 Bush Campaign Lawyer Tied to Group's Anti-Kerry Ads

  Click  Here

 Bush's re-election campaign lawyer, Ben Ginsberg, has been providing legal advice to the
 Swift Boat Liars who falsely accused Kerry of lying about Vietnam, sources said on Tuesday.

 Bush campaign spokesman Scott Stanzel lied: "There has been no coordination at any time."
"It's another piece of the mounting evidence of the ties between the Bush campaign and this group,"
 said Kerry campaign spokesman Chad Clanton.

"Unka Karl told Unka Ben to lay low, dammit..."


 Subject: Maureen Dowd

 Bart, what have you got against Maureen Dowd?
 She's a great writer and vehemently anti-Bush.


 Actually, no - she's vehemently against everybody.
 She hates the Clintons, hates the Bushes and lies about everybody.
 She's Christophen Hitchens, but with balls.

(Listen to BCR #51 for a full explanation)

 In a way, she's a bigger whore than Rush, Laura or O'Reilly because she wants
 to be free to lie about all sides and never says anything positive about anyone.
 Plus, she doesn't spin - she flat-out makes shit up.

 I realize there's a tendency to like her when she sprays her venom at Bush,
 but I can't stand people who never, ever take a stand.  She's nobody's friend.

...on better bikes everywhere


"This is a presidential race. We're 70 some days away. It's political hardball, and certainly
  Senator Kerry understands that. There's respect there. We were in the Senate together.
  But we're talking about the presidential race, and I tweaked him a little on the Purple Hearts.
  I just wanted him to get off Bush's back and have his people get off Bush's back."
    --Bob Dole, on why he screwed his old friend with a caustic lie    Attribution

 Apparently Dole the Liar ("It's either the White House or Russell, Kansas for me!") thinks screwing
 an old friend with a nasty-ass lie is wrong the week before the election, but 70 days out is OK because
 people understand that this is political hardball where you can fuck an old friend with class.

 By the way, Bob, since we're 70 days away and "tweaking" is accepted, and respect is there,
 ...I always wondered, ...do you stab Elizabeth in the back with your pen after your Viagra kicks in?

 Subject: Why isn't George Elliot charged?

 Why isnt George Elliot charged with filing a false report in his
 recommending John Kerry for a Bronze Star?

 He now refutes what what he signed over 30 yeas ago.
 Was he lying then or is he lying now?

 Cy Mermelstein,
 WW2 combat veteran

 Cy, he's lying now, when he's not under oath, so he won't be charged.
 Besides, the GOP knows he lying - they won't charge him with anything.

 ...a shot of Chinaco for you - 

 Show Me in 'Merica
  Rep. Ike Skelton's constituents are catching up with his Bush skepticism.

  Click  Here

 This pro-military, anti-Bush stance is hardly the first paradox that Isaac Newton Skelton IV
 has put before his public. He is a history-steeped intellectual in a district of small farmers and
 Ozark country folk. He is a man with two near-paralyzed arms from adolescent polio who is
 successful in a glad-handing job. And he is a Democrat in an increasingly Republican district.

 Skelton says that for Kerry to prevail in Missouri 10 weeks from now, he doesn't have to win
 the 4th District, he just can't lose by the nearly 2-to-1 margin Bush beat Gore with four years ago.

"Missouri is Rush Limbaugh country..."


 Written on Black Tuesday

 On Monday's show, Al Franken asked people to give more money to Kerry
 so he can fight the swift boat bullshit - but what will more money do for Kerry?

 If Kerry's not willing to call Bush out like a man, what will more money do?
 Does Kerry want to fight these lies with some fuzzy commercials?

 Is anyone else sick and tired of Kerry and Edwards begging Bush to play fair?
 Is anyone else sick and tired of Kerry and Edwards begging Bush to play nice?
 Is anyone else sick and tired of Kerry and Edwards begging for any goddamn reason?

 Why are they begging Bush to be nice?
 Why don't they act like men and handle this situation like men?

  Bart's Law #8
 Power isn't something that's given to you.
 Power is something you f-ing TAKE.
 Power damn sure isn't something you beg your opponent to give you.

 Can Kerry-Edwards learn that in the next 70 days?
 Or will they still be begging Bush to play fair ...on election eve?


 Subject:  RE; Dowd's Clinton quote

> "Whenever they hit me, I hit 'em back. And whenever they came up
>   with a charge I didn't believe was true, I answered back."
>     --Bill Clinton, on the differences between him and Kerry and Gore,

 Hi, Bartcop

 I saw Bill Clinton say that on Jon Stewart's show and I was wishing the Kerry campaign would take note!
 In 1992, Clinton did exactly that; I remember.  Carville and Stephanopolous were all over the media every day,
 especially on the Today Show which is watched by millions.  They struck back every day and then they would
 take it to a higher level by saying Bill Clinton wants to do....etc.


 I wonder why Kerry/Edwards refuses to do that?


"The Republicans are in town to do two things - slander John Kerry and try to get laid. "
       --David Letterman,     Attribution

 Bush as Tonya Harding
    A Swift Boat Veterans Rant

  Click  Here

 Subject:  Kerry & the Chimp

 Kerry should just get up in front of the camera and pull a McCain:
"President Bush, you should be ashamed of yourself.  I served my country in more ways
 than you can count.  While you were getting drunk and snorting coke, I was getting my ass shot.

 Oh and by the way, since apparently my past is fair play, yours is too.
 We gave you a pass last time on your drug use, but no longer.

 What drugs have you used and when?
 You refused to answer questions about cocaine use, but you better own up now.
 Isn't it true you were a cokehead?

 You are a disgrace to this country and as an American!
 If you love this country so much, you should resign."

 Chris C

 Chris, good one - that's called "fighting back."
 I'd sure like to see more of that from Kerry - and less begging..

 Bush photographed wearing fake medals

  Click  Here

 Subject: What do you think now?


 What do you think now?  Are you still as worried, about Kerrys' response to the slime machine?
 He played the Bush campaign for the fools that they are.
 Kerry knew these ads were lies and he timed his response perfectly.  In one "swift move" he:

 A. Pinned the lies and smears of the SBVFT right on Bush, did you hear Bush sputtering and
      stammering about 527's yesterday?  Hell, he signed the legislation, to allow them, and now what?
      He wants to restrict free speech? (sounds like material for a future DNC ad)

 B. Embarrassed the media, and showed the public that the media does absolutely no fact checking before they air right wing lies.
     He knows how the press operates, he knows he's at a disadvantage, so he played it the only way he could.

     I was watching Tom Oliphant on Crossfire, he said that Kerry's war record has been questioned in every one
     of his campaigns and he's always used it to his advantage. Think about it, the more they talk about it, the more
     it gets ingrained into the public that, hey, Kerry volunteered for Viet Nam, Bush didn't.

 Polls show Kerry losing ground - some people believe the swift boat liars.

 Now that anything is fair game, just think of all the material Kerry has to use down the homestretch.  He doesn't have
 to make things up, and now the media should actually start looking at facts, (now that they've been punk'd).
 The republicans will be backpedaling, and you'll hear whining and crying, like you've never heard before.

 Kerrys' a tactician.  He's bobbing and weaving, just waiting for his openings.
 He might not score a knockout (I personally think he will), but it will at least be a TKO.

 Kerry in a landslide.
 Keep Swinging

 D. Taylor
 Pittsburgh, PA

 D, I think that's how the smart people see things, but what about the other 90 percent?
 Somehow, Kerry is losing the war hero vote to the AWOL monkey. That's not good.

 Bill Clinton, the draft-dodging, pot-smoking, skirt-chasing KGB agent kicked the ass of a war hero and
 made it look easy. Today, Kerry (so far) is losing the war hero vote to the worst deserter/president ever.

 Kerry and Edwards need to stop begging Bush to play fair and fight like this election means something.
 I'd give anything if Kerry & Edwards would get off their knees and stop begging.

 Kerry and the Democratic campaign:
   14 August 2004

  Click  Here

 Kerry told voters in Iowa that if they believed "I would have gone to war
 the way George Bush did, then don't vote for me."

 Under conditions in which tens of millions of people around the world, including
 millions of Americans, had judged the claims of the Bush administration to be
 crude fabrications, and had taken to the streets to denounce the administration's
 war-mongering, Kerry's pose of credulity was, to put it mildly, unconvincing.

 Once he had the nomination wrapped up, Kerry abruptly dropped his anti-war pose
 and declared, at every opportunity, his support for the occupation of Iraq and opposition
 to the growing popular sentiment to pull the troops out of Iraq, stating repeatedly that
 America could not "cut and run."


 Grains Found in Ga. Traced to Asteroid
  Tektite found in an Georgia an asteroid that crashed 35 million years ago

  Click  Here

 Rodney Dangerfield's Heart Surgery
  Rodney hospitalized Tuesday for heart valve replacement

  Click  Here

 First Lady sends Puffy packing?
  Pickles says mixing with darkies is George's job...

  Click  Here

 Report: Russian Jet Sent Hijack Signal
  Was this terrorism? At press time, it wasn't known...

  Click  Here

 EPA: U.S. Waterways Contain Polluted Fish
  Poisoned water - thanks to Bush and his "Clear Water Initiative"

  Click  Here


"They have obviously decided that some people will believe anything, no matter
  how fictional or how far-fetched, if they just repeat it often enough. That's how they
  have run their administration, that's how they're running their campaign, and that's
  how they will run their convention. You can't cover up reality with a few empty slogans.
  On almost every issue before us, we face the same fundamental choice - between
  the narrow interest of the few and the future of the vast majority of Americans.
  The Bush campaign and its allies have turned to the tactics of fear and smear because
  they can't talk about jobs, health care, energy independence and rebuilding our alliances
  - the real issues that matter to the American people."
     --John Kerry, in New york,  Attribution

 The Unpolitical Animal

  Click  Here

 Man may not be a political animal, but he is certainly a social animal. Voters do respond to the cues
 of commentators and campaigners, but only when they can match those cues up with the buzz of their
 own social group. Individual voters are not rational calculators of self-interest (nobody truly is), and
 may not be very consistent users of heuristic shortcuts, either. But they are not just random particles
 bouncing off the walls of the voting booth. Voters go into the booth carrying the imprint of the hopes
 and fears, the prejudices and assumptions of their family, their friends, and their neighbors. For most
 people, voting may be more meaningful and more understandable as a social act than as a political act.


 Subject: Kerry will pounce, but are Americans still too stupid?

 No doubt you heard about the Kerry/ Weld debates. Weld is a very intelligent man and he and Kerry
 made incredible opponents. Kerry knocked him on the ropes during the last of  those debates when his
 back was against the wall. And he went on to win after running double digits behind Weld.
 Bush is no William Weld.

 I have no doubts that Kerry will mop the floor with him. But, still I'm afraid.  I don't mean this to be as
 Massachusetts snotty as it will sound. Certainly not everyone in this state is Einstein. But I think there are
 a fair number of people here who really appreciated two intelligent men having a civilized debate.

 The national media couldn't tolerate a Kerry/Weld type debate. They give no points for intelligence.
 They will give Bush points for just showing up.Will give him sympathy points for being so out of his league.
 And the American public, always ready  for the LCD, will buy it.  Like that Asian kid on American Idol,
 Bush will win everyone over precisely because he's so awful. And people will think it's cool, the way
 Minnesotans thought it was cool when they got Jessie Ventura. Like Californians when they got Arnold.
 Not a real president...four more years of a novelty president.

 I'm afraid you're right.
 Kerry will win the debate in NY, MA, CA, IL etc.

 But the network/cable/radio whores have already agreed Bush has won the 2004 debates
 and the stupid people are going to look to the paid-for network whores to tell them who won.
 That's why I've been saying Kerry needs a knockout.

 Va. AG: Va. Must Accept Nader's Campaign Petitions
  Republican says "law not valid," Nader to be on Virginia ballot

  Click  Here
 Kilgore says there is no evidence that a state rule requiring campaigns to submit signed petitions
 grouped according to congressional district was ever approved by the board and can't be enforced.

 Kilgore is a Republican, and head of the Bush-Cheney re-election team in Virginia.

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"Now for an update on the White House's ongoing effort to kill the press corps.
  The White House travel office signed a contract last week with an airline called Primaris
  to fly the press corps to Bush events. The two-month-old company has only one airplane.
  True, media representatives gave their blessing to the deal. But that was before they learned
  that the company's president twice had his pilot's license revoked related to his flying of an
 "unairworthy" aircraft, that the chief executive flopped in his last attempt to start an airline
  and that the 15-year-old plane itself was damaged in a hailstorm a decade ago and spent
  most of the past two years mothballed in France."
   --Dana Milbank, "Do You Hear What I Hear?'        Attribution

 About nine years ago, the Washington Whore Press started a two year investigation into the
 important "Travelgate Scandal," even though the travel office serves at the pleasure of the president.

 Back then, each breath Clinton took was cause to launch another investigation.
 But now that the never-elected Fuhrer has killed a thousand soldiers with his cheap-ass oil lies,
 while rewarding Halliburton hundreds of millions of dollars worth of no-bid contracts,
 the DC Press whores can't find anything to investigate ...besides Kerry's war medals?

 Subject: Alice Cooper

 Look at some of the other winners for DUMBya.  They're either has-beens or wanna-bes:

 (1) Jessica "Is that chicken or tuna?" Simpson.
 (2) Gene "All women are whores" Simmons.
 (3) Ted "I love animals; that's why I like to hunt them down and kill them" Nugent.

 Terry C.

 Don't forget Britney "Einstein" Spears,
 Bo "Hasn't had a hit in 20 years" Derek and former comedian Dennis Miller.

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone


"I have never voted for a Republican in my life. I have supported
  every Democratic campaign since 1952.  There is no one that has
  worked harder or longer in the vineyards of the Democratic Party."
     --Zell Miller, explaing why he turned traitor and joined the enemy   Attribution

 Subject: Volume 1385

 The first Swift Boat ad shows George Elliott, "2 bronze stars".
 Can he proved that he really deserved them?

 Admiral Roy Hoffmann got a Purple Heart in Korea.
 He also won a Distinguished Service Cross and three Bronze Stars in Vietnam.
 Can he proved that he really deserved them?

 We hear a lot about John O'Neill.  Kerry was on a Swift Boat for 4 1/2 months.
 n that time he was wounded three times and won a Bronze Star and a Silver Star.
 How long was O'Neill on a Swift Boat?  How many times was he wounded?
 What medals did he win?  If he won anything, can he prove he deserved them?

 Mike L

 After Bob Dole made a fool of himself last Sunday, somebody quoted from his book
 that he got his first purple heart by throwing a grenade that hit a tree and bounced back
 towards him and went off wounded him slightly - and he wants to bitch about Kerry's
 shrapnel that's embedded so deep the surgeons couldn't reach it?

 I'm really old, and I'd never seen a senior politician make THAT big a fool of himself
 as Dole did last Sunday. I think we have to go all the way back to Wilbur Mills and
 Fanne Foxx in the Tidal basin to find a fuck-up as big as Bob Dole last Sunday.

 Subject: BCR Show 51

 I think show 51 was the best yet.

 I am impressed with the happy medium that you've achieved between rants and recorded material.
 In previous shows, I would notice it was heavy one way or another.  Also, Mike Malloy, Bill Maher,
 and Randi Rhodes are gifts to the left from the almighty Lord of common sense.

 Tally's contribution to the radio show was her best yet.  I was both touched and impressed by her articulate
 personal link between feelings toward her parents and disdain for the swift boat liars.  Thank you, Tally for sharing.
 The only thing I would like to hear more of is Oklahoma / California news reports starring Tommy and ole Bart.

 I would also suggest choosing a short sample of each radio show for free access.  You may be able to entice
 new subscribers this way.  Maybe that's not logistically possible and if so, I'll shut my mouth.

 Click  Here  for a sample of Show 51

 Have you considered calling Mike Malloy's show?
 I would love to hear a regular Bartcop segment on Mike's show.  That would be outstanding.

 I'll call Mike sometime and surprise him.

 Even with the comedy, news footage, and analysis, the Bartcop Beatdowns of the nazi right are the main event.
 Keep red-assin' Bart.


 Kerry: GOP Uses 'Fear and Smear' Tactics

  Click  Here

 John Kerry accused Republicans of "fear and smear" attacks and urged them
 to turn their focus to the problems facing voters Tuesday as an effort by
 anti-Kerry Vietnam veterans continued to roil the presidential campaign.

"My duty, as I understand it, is to be a president and commander in chief who finds
 the truth and tells the truth instead of misleading the American people," Kerry said to
 several hundred supporters in the city where Republicans will nominate Bush for
 re-election next week. "My duty is to be a president who tells the truth instead of
 hiding behind front groups, saying anything and doing anything to avoid the real issues
 that matter like jobs, health care and the war in Iraq."

 Daniel W in Colorado Springs

 Your stickers came back to me.
 The PO says your envelope has the wrong address.

Marty's Entertainment Page


"President Bush is sending aid to Florida after the hurricane.
  Not to help the people but to fix the crooked voting machines."
      --David Letterman

 Subject: read this again

 Bart, you wrote,

> No, they stole power to Enron the world the way they did California

 Can't you find a proof reader?
 A third grader could correct most of the stuff.


 Don, not sure what you want from me.
 That's exactly what I intended to say.

 If you disagree, maybe you should say something besides, "read that again."

  is different.

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 Assault on Kerry Dishonors G.O.P.
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Within the past week, the chief eyewitness against Mr. Kerry was thoroughly discredited.
 Larry Thurlow, the former Swift boat captain who claims that there was no enemy fire on
 the day when Mr. Kerry won his Bronze Star, turns out to have won his own Bronze Star
 in the same March 13, 1969, firefight. Confronted with that fact, Mr. Thurlow lamely retorted
 that he didn't remember what his own medal commendation stated about the incident. Did he
 never notice that his Bronze Star included the "combat V" for valor - which can only be
 awarded for bravery under enemy fire?

 Subject: disappointed


 I'll keep it short.
 Iraq is not and was not a backward Muslim country.
 That's what BUSH thinks.

 Disappointed to hear you say it.

 Kit, you could be right - has anyone told the Sunnis and the Shiites?

Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 950, 953, 955, 962, 966  dead American soldiers.

Forgive me for counting Bush's victims.

"I know what I'm doing when it comes to winning this war."
 --The Butcher of Baghdad,      Attribution


 Subject: Re: Alice Cooper

 Personally, I agree with you--but Alice is entitled to his opinion!
 Down with Bush!

 Producer - 'Nights with Alice Cooper'

 Dave, there's nothing I can do to stop Cooper from having ill-informed opinions,
 but it was he who basically said artists should shut up and sing.
 Thanks for the note,


 Questions about Bush's Guard service unanswered

  Click  Here

 Why did Bush stop flying?
 What explains the apparent gap in the president's Guard service in 1972-73,
 Did Bush receive preferential treatment in getting in despite poor qualifying scores and arrests?

 Wait, let's not question the idiot, drunken deserter - let's attack the war hero, instead.

 Young men should remember - if you go to Iraq and get seriously wounded,
  in the year 2028 the GOP will call you "a lying asshole" for "faking" your missing legs.

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 Today in History

 • In 1825, Uruguay declared independence from France.

 • In 1875, Matthew Webb became the first person to swim across Atlantic in 322 hours.

 • In 1916, the National Park Service was established.  In 2006, Bush opened it for oil drilling.

 • In 1921, the United States signed a peace treaty with Canada.

 • In 1943, U.S. forces overran New Georgia in southern USSR and seized Russia's breadbasket.

 • In 1944, Paris was liberated by the French Underground after four years of Nazi occupation.

 • In 1950, Truman ordered the Army to seize control of the nation's breweries to avert a beer strike.

 • In 1981, V-ger II came within 63,000 miles of The Enterprise, sending back pictures of Kirk without his wig.

 • In 1984, author Truman Capote was found dead in the nude in Marylin Monroe's home in Los Angeles.

 • In 1994, the Senate passed Clinton's crime bill, which put 100,000 cops on the street.
   In 2002, Bush defunded the program to give another giant tax cut to his super-rich friends.



 From: johngl58@yahoo.com

 Subject:  cool it baby

 Hey Dudes,
 Your website really stinks.
 It is boring as hell and the humor is very lame and totally partisan.

 At least a third of that sentence is true.

 I think that it stinks because all you clowns have hooey between your ears.

 No, not really, ...and what an odd thing to suggest...

 Your website should change its name to fartcrap.com. That would be the perfect name for it.

 Perfect is what way?  I fail to see the benefit of such a name change.

 Your website only appeals to the imbeciles and morons who always vote for the Democratic Party.

 ...funny we ran into you here.

 These skanks hate President Bush so much that anything that is said against him is considered valid

 No, actually ...just the negative things.
 By the way, can you suggest anything positive the governor has done?

 ...and any joke made about him is considered funny.

 Dude, me too!
 That's two for you!

 ha ha
 You get them, too?

 Yes, it's damn hard to do a joke about your Monkey that isn't damn funny.

 Pinheads like you are looking for a free ride through life.

 Pinheads like you are looking for a hard, expensive ride thru life?

 You clowns stand for nothing and believe in anything that allows you to indulge yourselves.

 I could make you cry in a live chat room in under 8 minutes.
 Gotny free time?

 When are you people going to grow up and accept responsibility.
 John Larson

 Right after "you people" learn what a question mark is.

 Black Tuesday

 Monday night and Tuesday were bad times for me.

 Monday night, switching from channel to channel, I kept seeing footage of Kerry
 and Edwards begging Bush to please play fair and I became very depressed.
 I went into a rage and wrote an issue that surely would've cost me dozens of subscribers.

 Watching Kerry and Edwards begging turned my stomach so I didn't sleep Monday night.
 It's a damn good thing BCR Show 51 was already in the can, because it would've been
 a whole lot worse hearing it than reading it - and ugly can get real ugly sometimes.

 Then Tuesday afternoon, I opened a package from my good friend Carolina Dan.
 He sent an upgrade to a favorite live Zeppelin concert - April 28, 1977 in Cleveland.
 It was a super-hot night for the band, including their premier of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker.

 You've never heard Nutcracker until you've heard it by Bonham, Page and JP Jones.
 Bonham on drums was like a batallion of Panzer tanks, Page is always a madman and Jones
 was playing three parts at once, right hand, left hand and his feet were flying on the bass pedals.
 I might put that in BCR Show 52 which might be up as early as tonight.

 But that put me back in a good mood and the next time I turned on the TV the cable whores
 had stopped playing the groveling footage so I'm back to "normal" and ready to resume the fight.

 Please guys, act like men and stop begging the BFEE to play nice, would you?

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Computer Tyme Hosting is owned by Marc Perkel, who first put Bartcop on the Internet back in 1996 and keeps 
Bartcop online today. Marc hosts several other political sites including American Politics Journal, Political Strikes
Faux News Channel, and interesting sites like the Church of Reality - a religion based on believing in everything that is real. 

Our motto for this year is - "No Anti-Bush Site Left Behind". So - if you have an anti-bush site and you are 
choking on hosting fees or dealing with threats - let us know and we'll help keep you online. 

 We also have that strongest server side spam filtering on the planet.
Check out Marx Mail for info on how you can have a Spam Free Email Account.

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BCR Show 51  is here
Oh yeah, ...there's some language in this show.

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28 minutes of Bart, Maher and Malloy

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Click  Here  to download Part 2 of  Show 51
29 minutes Bart, Maher and Malloy

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Click  Here  to download Part 3 of  Show 51
27 minutes Bart, Maher and Malloy

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Click  Here  to download Part 4 of  Show 51
30 minutes of Tally, Bart, Maher, Clay, Pryor and Malloy

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