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  In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Deaths Pass 1,000 
Tonight's 60 Minutes
Bush Taps Baker for Debates
D-r-i-v-e   b-y   N-e-w-
Don't Look at the Flash
Mysterious GOP Money
Bush laments 1,000 dead
Rove: The King of Dirt
The Crimes of GW Bush


Quote of the Day

"It's absolutely essential that on Nov. 2, we make 
  the right choice, because if we make the wrong
  choice then the danger is that we'll get hit again 
  and we'll be hit in a way that will be devastating 
  from the standpoint of the United States." 
    --Dick Cheney, warning America that you're either 
        with Halliburton or bin Laden,  Attribution

  It's called, "The politics of fear."
  Hitler's blueprint to scare the scared.


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Volume 1396 -  The Cambodian Goat 

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 Wednesday    September 8, 2004                                                                                                             Mike Malloy on AAR weeknights


"Why does God hate Florida?  Could it be that God is angry about the 2000 stolen election?
  Or is the Big Guy just warning Jeb et al not to try the same shenanigans again this time?
  I tried to reach Falwell and Robertson to ask them what was on God's mind when he decided
  to punish Florida twice in one month.  My efforts have been so far unsuccessful."
    --Eric Alterman, Altercation, Attribution

 U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Pass 1,000
  This is just the first thousand - how long until we lose the second thousand?

  Click  Here

 Fighting with Sunni and Shiite insurgents killed eight Americans in the Baghdad area on
 Tuesday and Wednesday, pushing the count to 1,003. That number includes 1,000 U.S. troops
 and three civilians, two working for the U.S. Army and one for the Air Force. The tally was
 compiled by The AP based on Pentagon records and AP reporting from Iraq.

 Rumsfeld cited progress on several fronts in Bush global war and said U.S. enemies should not
 underestimate Bush's willingness to dsend young ASmericans into the sandy meat-grinder.



"I think John Kerry would make a fine President."
    --John McCain, who flip-flops between Bush oralist and common sense,  Attribution

 Tonight's 60 Minutes hints at Bush blockbuster tonight
  Rumors say the BFEE is about to have a bad evening

  Click  Here

 The 1,500 word piece claims: "Twice during his Guard service - first when he joined in May 1968,
 and again before he transferred out of his unit in mid-1973 to attend Harvard - Bush signed documents
 pledging to meet training commitments or face a punitive call-up to active duty.

"He didn't meet the commitments, or face the punishment, the records show."

"Rich & connected means they can die in my place..."




"Just to answer that guy - because he's right, I'm privileged - my tax burden went down,
  and I don't think that's right. I think your tax burden ought to go down. This is about fairness
  and the fact is George W. Bush and I fit in the same category of privilege.  Bush thinks the
  wealthiest people ought to be rewarded again. I don't. I think the average American deserves
  the tax break in this country."
    --John Kerry, responding to a heckler who yelled: "Yeah, you're average, John!" while Kerry
       was discussing the tax burden of the "average American",     Attribution

 Notice Bush never has to respond to hecklers.
 The Secret Service arrests those who slip thru the GOP love detector.


"I think Bush is an outstanding President who has done in
  the field that I know best, foreign policy, a superb job."
     --Henry "Who's blood is this?" Kissinger,   Attribution

 Subject: Kerry's return

 Oh boy!

 Kerry has hired Bart!  (ah...I mean John Sasso)
 Let's get down in the mud boys and girls and see who squeals first.



 Bush Taps Baker for Debate Team
  America's future may depend on Kerry vs Baker

  Click  Here

 Kerry's team, led by Vernon Jordan, approved the schedule in July.
 The first debate between Bush and Kerry is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 30.

 If Kerry agrees to the traditional 90-seconds, 60-seconds, 30-second handjob,
 we   m i  g h t   need to start bugging Hillary for a promise not to sleep thru 2008.

"A toast to Christ, His kingdom
and a dry (?) drunk president!"


"Our press's penchant for reporting lies as truth about one president, and then suppressing
  truths about another, demonstrates a sort of cognitive disorder actually more worrying than
  any simple 'bias,' liberal or 'conservative." What this grand disorder has produced, in these
  United States, is a press system as irrational as those in power.  Never fearing that the press
  might act on our behalf, they simply use it to define reality for us, so that it has worked here as
  it has worked in closed societies, where truth remains negotiable  -- things meaning always,
  and only, what Bush/Cheney's GOP interprets them to mean."
       --Mark Crispin Miller, Pravda on the Potomac

 Subject: Time to strike back

 It appears that George Bush is going to continue dissembling about John Kerry's Senate record.

 Once again, we are going to hear the constant accusations of "flip-flopping".
 The latest Bush charges have to do with Kerry's alleged flip-flopping on the war in Iraq.

 I believe that the obvious riposte to any charge leveled against Kerry by Bush is to point out:
"This is yet another one of George Bush's 'mission accomplished' falsehoods".

 Or, another response might be as follows:
"This appears to be yet another aircraft carrier flight suit stunt on the part of President Bush".

 Donald P. R

 Don, that's too plain-spoken for Kerry.
 He likes to speak in rambling, 40-word sentences using a dozen $5 words.


Help a soldier out.

 Don't Look at the Flash
  Ground Zero as a Profit Center

  Click  Here

 Maybe Derek Smith, like the rest of us, grieved at the murder of innocent friends and countrymen.
 As for the 12-million-dollar corpse identification fee, that's chump change to the $4 billion corporation
 Smith had founded only four years earlier in Alpharetta, Georgia.

 Nevertheless, for Smith's ChoicePoint Inc., Ground Zero would become a profit center lined with gold.

 As the towers fell, ChoicePoint's stock rose; and from Ground Zero, contracts gushed forth from War
 on Terror fever. Why? Because this outfit is holding no less 16 billion records on every living and dying
 being in the USA. They're the Little Brother with the filing system when Big Brother calls.

 ChoicePoint's quick route to no-bid spy contracts was not impeded by the fact that the company did
 something for George W. Bush that the voters would not: select him as our president.

 Here's how they did it. Before the 2000 election, ChoicePoint unit Database Technologies, held a
 $4 million no-bid contract under the control of Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, to identify
 felons who had illegally registered to vote.

 Greg Palast continutes to point at that which everybody wishes weren't true.
 Will America ever pay attention?
 Or do we love the ignorance of bliss?

Click to Order

Show your co-workers how you feel.

 Lawsuit uncovers new Bush guard records
  Where was the Bush boy, after he took an oath to be on duty?

  Click  Here

 Democratic National Committee communications director Jano Cabrera said.
"For months George Bush told the nation that all his military records were public..
 Now we know why Bush was trying so hard to withhold these records. When his
 nation asked him to be on call against possible surprise attacks, Bush wasn't there."

 The records show Bush's last flight was in April 1972, which is consistent with pay records
 indicating Bush had a large lapse of duty between April and October of that year. Bush has
 said he went to Alabama in 1972 to work on an unsuccessful Republican Senate campaign.
 Bush skipped a required medical exam that cost him his pilot's status in August of that year.

 The newly released records do not include any from five categories of documents Bush's
 commanders had been required to keep in response to the gaps in Bush's training in 1972
 and 1973. For example, National Guard commanders were required to perform an investigation
 whenever any pilot skipped a medical exam and forward the results up the Air Force chain
 of command. No such documents have surfaced.

 Watch 60 Minutes  tonight for more on this.


BTW, if you're a subscriber
and have a page or blog to plug,
send me your link.



"The Administration of George Bush, arguably the most incompetent and corrupt in US history,
  is given a free pass by the media. Had the current management of the WaHoPo been in charge
  during Watergate, Woodward and Bernstein would no doubt have been ordered to get back to
  covering freeway smash-ups, and Nixon would have finished his term, unexposed and unpunished."
     --Ernest Partridge,   Attribution

 Subject: Clinton in the hospital...

 Hey Bart:

 I think, just maybe, what The Big Dog has done here is successfully create our very own
 post-convention "Terror Alert" on behalf of the democrats to snatch a ton of air time away
 from what would have been wall-to-wall, "Dubya is God" media coverage.

 We definitely needed a diversion from the Nazi-Con media saturation,
 and The Big Dog ...IS...one magnificently shrewd politician.

 Timing the bypass surgery to steal some of Dumbya's bounce?

 Thanks Bartcop!
 Gene R

 Gene, the vulgar Pigboy accused Clinton of that yesterday.
 I heard him ask, "Do you really think this is a coincidence?"


 Delta to Cut Up to 7,000 Jobs in 18 Months
  Just like Bush said, we've turned a corner - into banruptcy

  Click  Here

 'Joan' hears the voices: Can it top Season 1?
  This season, Joan doesn't trust God anymore

  Click  Here

 Moore to sacrifice Oscar to put F9/11 on TV
  Moore says "real Oscar" would be Bush's election defeat

  Click  Here

 Subject: Cheney's words about Kerry

 Mr. Cheney,  I was shocked and disturbed by your words about Senator Kerry. Saying that if the nation
 makes the "wrong" choice on Election Day that it faces the threat of another terrorist attack as a result,
 was a horrible thing to say. For some reason, I took that as a direct threat from you and President Bush
 to every man, woman, and child in the United States of America.

 How dare you and the rest of the Bush administration spend your days and nights scaring us with these types
 of threats in order to further your own agenda? How dare you undermine the very liberties this country was
 founded on by using such gestapo tactics to intimidate the good people in this country? You and President Bush
 have done nothing but lie, threaten, and bully your way through the last four years. And frankly, I'm sick and
 disgusted with both of you. I've been a Republican all of my life. One of the greatest Republicans, and the finest
 men I've ever know was Barry Goldwater. He'd turn over in his grave if he could see what you and your ilk have
 done to the Republican party. You've turned it into a group of greedy, power hungry, war mongering, fascist thugs.
 You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You've even managed to turn John McCain into a rhetoric-spewing idiot.
 I'm ashamed of the whole lot of you.

 The American people aren't fools, and we will vote you out and try to repair the damage that this administration
 has wrought. May G-d help us all. And don't you ever threaten me or the people of the United States of America
 ever again. You don't scare us. We'll vote you out of office come November and I hope to G-d, as President Kerry's
 first order of business, he has the whole lot of you arrested.

 Marguerite S


 Mysterious Republican Money
    by Robert Parry

  Click  Here

 While Hastert was unable to cite a shred of evidence that the liberal George Soros is funneling illicit money,
 there is a substantial body of evidence that Moon has long commanded a criminal enterprise with close ties to
 Asian and South American drug lords. The evidence includes first-hand accounts of money laundering disclosed
 by Moon confidantes and even family members. Besides those more recent accounts, Moon was convicted of
 tax fraud based on evidence developed in the late 1970s about his money-laundering activities.

 Since serving his tax-evasion sentence in the early 1980s, however, Moon appears to have bought himself protection
 by spreading hundreds of millions of dollars around conservative causes and through generous speaking fee payments
 to Republican leaders, including former President George H.W. Bush.

 Moon himself has boasted that he spent $1 billion on the right-wing Washington Times in its first decade alone.
 The newspaper, which started in 1982, continues to lose Moon an estimated $50 million a year but remains a
 valuable propaganda organ for the Republican Party.

 Why would a Republican volunteer to lose $50M a year?  Why does Bush enjoy such a close relationship
 with Moon, and why won't the press or the democrats ever bring themselves to ask a few simple questions?


Funniest white man in America has a new book out.

Click  to  Order

You're going to hear a lot about this book.
When Kitty Kelley writes a book, everybody talks about it.

Fahrenheit 9-11,
Hunting of the President
Order your copies from the BartCop Bookstone

 Bush laments loss of 1,000 lives in Iraq, claims progress
  One thousand dead fathers, brothers, husbands and sons - but profits are way up

  Click  Here

 With the number of American military deaths in Iraq surpassing 1,000, Bush said Wednesday
 "we mourn every loss of life" and declared that the United States was making good progress in the war against terrorism..
 "We're still at war," Bush lied. "We've got to do everything we can to protect the homeland." .

 Bush will continue the "Iraq caused 9-11" lie until the press or the Democrats call him on it.
 Will that happen between now and November?
 Or will we stand behind the liar because he stole the White House?

 Kitty Kelley's bombshell book due in 10 days

  Click  Here

 It reveals alleged sex offenses against minors by Dubya's father.
 It reveals the use of the White House by male hookers under Dubya.
 Why Bush caused Govt. agents to kill National Enquirer editor. (Anthrax scare)
 It reveals the filth of Bush's ancestors, the most shocking family in US history.

 We already know about the BDEE and Hitler, but A,erica doesn't care.
 Either way, this bomb will make the massive GOP echo chamber howl.


Thanks to Z Vex

 Will Bush duck debate?
  He damn sure will if Kerry will allow him to...

  Click  Here

 The WaHoPo is reporting this morning that Bush is resisting participation in the second
 of three presidential debates scheduled between the end of September and Election Day.

 Bush wants to skip an Oct. 8 debate at St. Louis, where Bush and Kerry are supposed
 to be questioned by an audience of undecided voters.

 Bush can't take any questions that aren't submitted in advance.
 Will Kerry let him slip away and steal another four years as World Dictator and Bully?

"I wish you'd let Condi look at the questions before the debate..."

 Subject: Bush ducking debate?

 I read where Chicken George is trying to duck the Town Hall style debate.
 Everyone should be screaming about this one. Every day.
 Every minute we should be screaming about this.
 The unmitigated gall.
 The contempt for America. How does he get away with it?

 Kerry should be talking about this in every speech.
  This is a the act of chicken.
 The act of a weakling, and the act of a desperate man.

 What's he afraid in a town hall debate...Voters? Citizens?
 The chicken has shown his true colors...Yellow!

 Phil L

 But Phil, if nobody calls him on it...


Click for More Info

Marty's Entertainment Page


"Bush is way up, way up in the polls. In fact, they said if the election was held today,
  the Supreme Court would re-elect him 7 to 2, which is better than last time."
     --Jay Leno,

 Karl Rove: The King of Dirt

  Click  Here

 Over the years, Rove has relied on the planting of bogus stories in the media, production of counterfeit
 documents, the theft of campaign materials and internal documents, production of false witnesses, electronic
 eavesdropping, misuse of government resources, unethical political polling techniques, intimidation of minority
 voters, and "whispering campaigns" to advance the sordid agenda of the neo-conservative, extreme right wing
 of the Republican Party.

 Rove reached his outrage limit with me when Iraq war veteran and prisoner of war Private Jessica Lynch accused
 the Bush administration and the neo-con Pentagon of hyping her capture for blatant political purposes. Regarding the
 Hollywood-like production used by White House and Pentagon propagandists to document her rescue from an Iraqi
 hospital, where she was receiving medical treatment for her injuries (and not abuse by Iraqi soldiers), Lynch told
 ABC News, "Yeah, it does [bother me]. It does that they used me as a way to symbolize all this stuff," Lynch said,
 "I mean, yeah, it's wrong ... I don't know what they had ... or why they filmed it."

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 Things You Never Knew About Mohamed Atta

  Click  Here

 NUMBER 10: Atta's American girlfriend. "I can't really discuss anything. I'm afraid I'll get in trouble."
 NUMBER   6. Mohamed Atta already knew how to fly. The first US flight school's name oddly enough, remains unknown.

 Why does the government wants Atta's secrets to remain buried?

 Subject: Kerry's Iraq vote

 Hey Bart,

 Monday you posted about Buchanan being closer to regular readers based on Kerry's agreeing
 with Bush's decision to invade. There was never a vote on whether we SHOULD invade Iraq or not.
 The vote was to give shrub authority to invade if Saddam refused to give up WMDs   Click  Here

 Bush asked only of Kerry would vote the same way today knowing what he knows now.
 Bush's question is the one we hear nonstop. Kerry answered yes, but also asked 4 questions of Bush.
 You can find those here:   Funny how you never hear Kerry's full answer.

 Ghetto analogy: I authorize you to use my car to take your sick mother to the hospital if necessary.
 You use my car to go to vegas and pick up hookers. I'm sorry that you are a f--k up who abused
 the authority i gave you. I would however still allow someone with a sick mother to use my car.


 Mookie, you and I know the facts - but the voter only hears "He voted both ways."
 This is no time for Kerry to learn about how to form a solid political message.

 Everyone agrees Kerry's message is a muddled mess. He refuses to speak in plain, block letters.
 With Kerry it's always that "hidden nuance" that explains what he really meant to say.

 The voters can't even spell f-ing nuance.
 Kerry needs to learn to speak Bart-ese.

 They say Carville is helping Kerry, too.
 That damn sure can't hurt.


Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq

 976, 993, 998, ...1003  dead American soldiers.

They got five AGAIN yesterday...
Will it be five a day until Bush leaves office?

"No one talks about it. The numbers keep rising, but people seem asleep."
  --Barbara Porchia, who lost a son in Iraq,    Attribution

Maybe now that ourt candidate is out of his coma, America will wake up



"When I was a youngster half a century ago, the US press delighted in relating the fantasies
  of Pravda and Isvestia, and we all wondered "how could they get away with printing such outright lies,"
  and "what kind of effect does all this have on the Soviet People?" Today, there is not all that much
  difference between Pravda c.1960s and the US media today. With FOX, right-wing talk radio and the
  NY Post there is no difference...After decades of this kind of "journalism," discerning Russians came
  to appreciate that they were being systematically lied to by their media - a realization that has not yet
  come to most Americans. For the Soviet citizens seeking to escape the fog of "official news," their
  reality check was the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, the BBC, illegally smuggled-in
  publications and  "Samizdat" - unauthorized personal publications (by handscript or typewriter).
  For us, it is the Internet - while it lasts."
      --Ernest Partridge,   Attribution

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 The Life and Crimes of George W. Bush
  Part One: The Ties That Blind

  Click  Here

 Start from the beginning. George W. Bush wasn't born a cowboy. He entered the world in New Haven, CT,
 hallowed hamlet of Yale. His bloodlines include two presidents and a US senator. The cowboy act came later,
 when he was famously re-birthed, with spurs on his boots, tea in his cup and the philosophical tracts of Jesus of
 Nazareth on his night table. Bush is a pure-blooded WASP, sired by a man who would later become the nation's
 chief spook, a man frequently called upon to clean up the messes left by apex crooks in his own political party,
 including his own entanglements (and those of his sons) with the more noirish aspects of life. His grandfather was
 a US senator and Wall Street lawyer, who shamelessly represented American corporations as they did business
 with the Nazi death machine. Old Prescott narrowly escaped charges of treason. But those were different times,
 when trading with the enemy was viewed as, at the very least, unseemly.

 Does anyone care that Bush is the titular head of as global crime syndicate?.
 Why did they cornber the market on gold and oil?
 Would evil men kill to take over the entire planet?

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 Subject: Who's the moron?


 Your incredible response wins you the dunce of the month award!
 Where the hell have YOU been.
 Clinton had all kinds of terrorist attacks and did NOTHING.


 First WTC Bombing, February 26, 1993:  The bomb left 6 people dead and 1,000 injured.

 Under Clinton, those terrorists were caught and are still in prison.
 Can your Monkey claim the same rate of success?

 Attempted Assassination of President Bush by Iraqi Agents, April 14, 1993.

 He blew up a bunch of stuff in Iraq as retraliation - no US servicemen killed.
 Can your Monkey claim the same rate of success?

 Bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995:

 McVeigh was executed - what else do you want?

<snippet where he listed many overseas attacks>

 Now don't you feel embarrassed?
 Did I surprise you how smart and well-informed I am compared with little bartcop?


 Tank, Clinton busted the WTC's first attackers and the other stuff happened overseas.
 Why do you want to let Bush off the hook for 9-11 and the phoney Iraq war and blame Clinton
 for every terrorist kidnapping and bombing around the entire world?

 If Al Qaeda blows up a nightclub in Bali, how is that Clinton's fault?
 The president's job is to protect America, not Karachi.
 Bush is a miserable failuire and the whole world knows it.

 Besides, Bush the Smarter created Osama and pissed him off with HIS phoney war back in 1991.
 ALL our terrorism troubles can be traced to Bush family greed.

 Who's the moron?
 That's easy - you are.

 Subject: A toast to you...

 Cazadores & Humboldt County Organic:

 I'm sure you don't like either...
 However, that's what I'm toasting you with...you are indeed the best!

  ...just having a great time reading your site as sad and truthful is.

 Al B

 Al, I'll take that because I can really use it right now.

 Great poker tonight on Travel Channel.
 "The Bad Boys of Poker" at The Bellagio.

 Sweepstakes winner Mark Richards has to swim past five dangerous, certified masters - WPT winners all.
 Paul "the Truth" Darden (Gold Rush Tournament), Antonio "Magician" Esfandiari* (L.A. Poker Classic),
 Phil "Unabomber" Laak* (L.A. Invitational), David "Devilfish" Ulliott *(Jack Binion World Poker Open),
 and Gus "the Great Dane" Hansen **(three-time WPT winner), for the right to be called the "Bad Boy of Poker,"
 and to earn a $25,000 seat at the WPT Championship.

 You gotta watch Gus Hansen in action.
 He'll get a 10-6 ...and bet $200K on it.
 There's nobody like him in all of poker - and he wins!

 Right after we hear the truth about Governor Blow Monkey's National Guard "service," on 60 Minutes

 For more TV Stuff, check 

 Random Thought

 Just think, if Kerry had woken from his deep sleep six months ago and had a viable campaign,
 when the Iraqi death toll hit 1,000, he could've hammered Bush with that - but noooooooooo.
 Kerry thought he'd play nice and windsurf and give Bush an 11-point lead before starting the fight.

 Kerry has been to war - so why did he give the enemy six months to prepare for battle?

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