Defender of Sevastopol - The Soviets found that women tended to make the best snipers.

Project 60: A Day-by-Day Diary of WWII 

Remembering the First Fight Against Fascism

German 170mm gun firing during the Gazala battles.  

June 9, 1942  

The town of Lidice, Czechoslovakia dies. On the direct orders of Hitler himself, the small mining village of Lidice was ordered obliterated from the face of the earth. The SS moved into the city in the early morning yours. The women, 198, and children, 98, were put onto trucks and shipped to death camps. The men, 105, were lined up and shot. All the livestock and dogs were killed. Every building was destroyed; the entire village was completely and utterly obliterated. All of this was done in retaliation for the death of the pervert Heydrich.

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June 10, 1942

After two days of heavy fighting, supplies dwindling to nothing, the Free French position at Bir Hakeim was abandoned. The Frenchmen, after two weeks of valiant struggle, capped their amazing defense by bringing the bulk of their forces out of the encirclement in tact. However, half of the Gazala Line was now in Rommel's hands. The 8th Army still held a strong position in the north and had extended their defenses along an east-west axis toward Tobruk. The battle was far from over.

The Germans open up a offensive in the Kharkov area to secure jump-off positions for the coming summer campaign. Thirty-three divisions, five of them Panzer Divisions, strike the Volchansk Front which gives ground almost immediately.

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June 11, 1942  

The German U-boat U-373 begins laying mines off Massachusetts, Delaware, and the Chesapeake Bay.

A young 25 year old German officer, Michael Kitzelmann was executed in Orel. The winner of an Iron Cross for valor in combat, Kitzelmann had the audacity to question the persecution of citizens in the conquered terrirories.

American bombers hit Japanese positions at Kiska in the Aleutians.

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June 12, 1942

In a desperate attempt to reinforce their positions in the central Mediterranean Sea, British convoys set sail from Alexandria and Gibraltar. Axis aircraft sink 6 merchants and 6 escorts. The Italians sortied the cruiser Trento which was sunk by British planes.

The climax of the Battle of Gazala begins as a massive melee of German and British armor clash. Casualties are heavy.

US bombers operating out of Egypt make their first operational raid on the Ploesti oil fields.

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June 13, 1942

The battle royal between the tanks of the Afrika Korp and the 8th Army behind the Gazala Line ends with heavy losses on both sides. However, the British XIII Corp is threatened with being surrounded and the British armor is decimated. The British are down to their last 75 tanks.

Albert Speer and 35 other Berlin big shots went to a demonstration at Peenemunde. They saw the first launch of the A4 (aka V-2) rocket. The 20-ton rocket with the 1-ton warhead launched well but fell to earth a mile away.

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June 14, 1942

General Ritchie, commander of the British 8th Army, orders a general retreat from the Gazala Line. The battle that started with a foolhardy advance by Rommel and came close to complete disaster for the Desert Fox ends in victory.

Elements of the elite 22nd Air Landing Division take Fort Stalin in the Sevastopol defenses.

German U-boats land saboteurs near Amagansett, Long Island and Jacksonville, Florida. Editor's Note: This is the incident which led to the capture and execution of these men as spies and is being used today to persecute Taliban soldiers at Camp X-Ray.

US Marines begin landing in New Zealand.

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June 15, 1942

While the rest of 8th Army retreats into Egypt, Tobruk once again prepares for an extended siege. The Commonwealth forces defending the vital North African port include the 2nd South African Division, remnants of the 32nf Armored, 201st Guard and 11the Indian Brigades. The wealth of supplies stockpiled In Tobruk border on the embarrassing. However, the defensive perimeter has fallen into considerable disrepair as there are several gaps in the thinned minefield, many of the anti-tank ditches are filled in and gun emplacements no longer in place.

U-boat ace, Erich. Topp (U-552), sinks 5 ships of convoy HG84.

The US merchant Robert C. Tuttle became the first victim of a submarine placed mine off the American coast. The 11,000 ton tanker hit the mine and run aground at Virginia Beach.

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