USAAF B-24 "Liberators" form up for a raid over Germany

Project 60: A Day-by-Day Diary of WWII 

Remembering the First Fight Against Fascism

German PzKfw V "Panther" tank

December 28, 1943  

Allied overtures to Turkey collapse as that country makes additional demands that cannot be met.

A German destroyer group encounters two British cruisers (Enterprise and Glasgow) while attempting to rendezvous with the blockade runner Alsterufer (sunk the previous day). Three of the German destroyers were sunk in the encounter.

First Ukrainian Front continues its advance capturing Korostyshev and Kateyvka.

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December 29, 1943

The 1st Ukrainian Front offensive continues as Korosten, Chernakov and Skvira are captured.

Chinese forces, spearheaded by the elite 38th Infantry Division, in cooperation with Merrill's Marauders, begin offensive operations in the Hukawng Valley in northern Burma. Their goal is to reestablish a land supply route between India and China along the "Burma Road

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December 30, 1942

Vatutin's forces smash German defenses south of Kiev advancing 30-60 miles along a 180-mile front.

US Marines secure Cape Gloucester airfield on New Britain.

The Battle for Razabil in the Arakan begins between British and Japanese forces.

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December 31, 1943  

Vatutin's 1st Ukrainian Front retakes Zhitomir, 80 miles west of Kiev.

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January 1, 1944

The "Desert Fox", Erwin Rommel, returns to the front as commander of Army Group B. He is placed in charge of the defense of northwest France, including the Atlantic Wall defenses at Normandy.

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January 2, 1944

Elements of the 32nd Infantry Division land at and take the heavily fortified Japanese position at Saidor in New Guinea. The Americans suffered 54 KIAs and the entire garrison of 1275 Japanese were killed.

The 1st Ukrainian Front captures Radovel.

RAF bombers score a direct hit on Hitler's Chancellery in Berlin, nearly destroying the building.

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January 3, 1944

Montgomery returns to England to take command of British forces for the coming cross channel attack.

The Soviet Winter offensive continues to close on the old Polish border capturing Olevsk and Novograd-Volynski.

RAF Bomber Command executes a disastrous raid on Berlin loosing 27 Lancaster bombers from the 383 planes in the mission

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January 4, 1944

Operation Carpetbagger begins as covert air resupply missions are flown over Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy in order to support resistance movements on the continent.

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January 5, 1944

As temperatures plunge well below freezing, Konev's 2nd Ukrainian Front opens it's offensive toward Kirovograd. The massive attack, from 6 armies, hits the weakened German 8th Army. The initial attacks rip massive holes in the German lines. Meanwhile, 1st Ukrainian Front captures Berdichev and Tarascha.

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January 6, 1944

The Red Army offensive rolls forward capturing Rakitino, inside the old Polish border.

The US 5307 Composite Regiment gets a new commander that will also provide the unit its identity - Merrill's Marauders.

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January 7, 1944

The US 5th Army captures Monte Chiaia and Monte Porchia in Italy.

The 2nd Ukrainian Front begins meeting serious opposition as its spearheads begin to surround Kirovograd.

French resistance fighters bomb the electricity generating facilities at Tulle.

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January 8, 1944

Three German divisions are surrounded by Konev's 2nd Ukrainian Front at Kirovograd. They begin an immediate breakout and abandon the city to the Red Army. The Soviet 67th Tank Brigade scored a substantial victory when it overran the headquarters of the German 47th Panzer Corps.

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January 9, 1944

British forces in Burma take Maungdaw on the Arakan front.

The Soviet offensive continues to roll forward as the Red Army captures Polonnoye and Aleksandrovka.

Two German soldiers were shot dead in Lyon, France by partisans. In retaliation, the Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie, ordered the murder of 22 French civilians.

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January 10, 1944

Vatutin's 2nd Ukrainian Front continues its attacks cutting the Smela-Kristinovka railroad and threatening to isolate the German forces north of Kirovograd.

RAF bombers begin mining the mouth of the Salween River in order to disrupt Japanese supply lines to northern Burma and China.

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January 11, 1944

After a brief trial, Countess Ciano and 17 other Fascist ex-ministers who supported Mussolini are executed by firing squad at Castel Vecchio.

Operation Pointblank opens as 633 heavy bombers and 200 other aircraft from the US 8th Air Force strike aircraft manufacturing targets at Braunshweig, Magdeburg and Ascherleben. Targets were heavily damaged by losses were also heavy at 63 bombers destroyed.

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January 12, 1944

Red Army forces capture Sarny in Poland.

The US 34th Infantry Division captures Cervaro, Italy and starts marching toward Cassino.

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January 13, 1944

Soviet forces take Korets.

The Chinese 38th Infantry Division clears Japanese forces from the north bank of the Tarung River in Burma.

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January 14, 1944

The long awaited attacks by the Leningrad and Volkov Fronts to relieve Leningrad begins. The attack is supported by a major offensive against Novgorod. The operation is intended in destroying Army Group North.

Japanese forces hit the positions of the US 1st Marine Division at Cape Gloucester.

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January 15 1944

The US 2nd Corps captures Monte Trocchio in Italy. Meanwhile, French troops capture Monte Santa Croce.

The government of Peru announces that they have uncovered and thwarted a Nazi backed coup attempt.

A mid-winter thaw brings drastically slows the Red Army operations in the Ukraine.

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January 16, 1944

Japanese attacks on New Britain are defeated and the Marine positions secured.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower takes command the Allied Expeditionary Forces in Britain in preparation for the cross-channel attack.

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January 17, 1944

Slugging through deep mud, Soviet forces capture Slavuta.

The US 5h Army (British 10th Corps) opens attacks on the German Gustav Line along the Garigliano River (German 14 Panzer Corps).

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