Subject: 9-11 conspiracy theories

Hey Bart -

Opening up on 9/11, on your site, is going to absolutely blitz you with response. 
It is not like any other issue.  The conspiracy theorists - 9/11 is like Christmas every day, for them. 
Every discussion I have checked out on the Web is simply overtaken by the 9/11 Tin Foilers. 
This is a cult, Bart.  It is a religion. 
Expect to be overwhelmed with "Bush Did It" messages, if you haven't already. 
This foolish ploy by Charlie Sheen is only going to intensify the madness.

Dude, I get that, but what if Charlie Sheen is right?
He may turn out to be the Paul Revere we need (but probably not :).

On the guy who complained about Morgan Reynolds: That wacko thinks the planes that hit the 
WTCs were "blue-screened" in.  Reynolds, I mean.  And he's supposedly a professor, Ph.D.

On the issue where the 9/11 CTs keep saying no wreckage from the Pentagon plane:

On the issue of no planes hitting the WTCs: The NIST has a 240-page report just on WTC 1 and 2. 
The top of WTC 2 moved approximately 20 INCHES as a result of the Flight 175 impact. 
On camera, stable platform, and verified. 

Anyway, the NIST report is exceedingly thorough, as it should be. 
You and I pay them.

Doesn't that mean Bush controls them?
They censor Global Warming facts - couldn't they censor this, too?

On the issue of "no takeover of Flight 93 by passengers": 
This is a 4-minute audio from Air Traffic Control, Flight 93 and FOUR OTHER AIRCRAFT in its vicinity.

On "drone planes hit the WTCs from the CIA": 
This is an NPR Science interview with the guy who actually headed up the victim ID from the WTCs. 
His team had to examine 20,000 human samples.  Imagine the horror of that. 
To dismiss him and his team, as the CTs wish to do, is to be heartless and reckless.

But are their findings "Bush proof?"

Expect a blizzard, Bart.  Here they come. 
9/11 is a conspiracy theorist's wet dream, even while he/she is sleepwalking.


Dave, thanks for your imput and calm demeanor.

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