Subject: Kerry in '08?


I watched through the summer of 2004 as Kerry ran on the democratic ticket, promising that he 
had "teams of lawyers" to deal with any election inproprieties that might arise. I saw him trounce 
Bush in 3 debates. I stood in line in Florida, stood for hours to vote on voting machines that I 
strongly felt were rigged, but even so,  to have a chance to vote for Kerry, to have a chance at 
restoring our democracy. 

I saw a young women with her baby in line waiting to vote, old people, some with walkers. 
I felt their conviction that we had to vote, to have a chance to put our country back on track. 
Many of the people in line openly talked about voting against Bush. Previously that year I had
proudly put a Kerry sticker on my car, endured obcene gestures, dirty looks, and the dirty looks 
that you get in a red state when you decide to openly display your loyalty to a party other than 
the GOP. I did all of these things gladly, because I thought I was supporting a man who was 
going to challenge a "president" I never agreed with on many issues and felt was illegitimate. 

Then to my horror, on the night of the "election", I saw how exit polls didnt reflect election results,
how Ohio was reft with voting problems. It felt like a repeat of what we had in Florida in 2000. 
Then to my total shock, I saw John Kerry, the fighter, the champion of the democratic party, 
roll over and concede with a whimper. Never have I felt so betrayed in my life by ANY politician.

The man who was going to win for us, who was not going to allow the theft we had endured in 2000 
occur again, gave in with no fight at all. As the weeks passed, strangely no teams of lawyers appeared, 
and when questioned about the status of the legal funds for that activity, Kerry acted as if he should be 
allowed to keep the funds. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but it almost seems like Kerry THREW the 
election for Bush, a straw man candidate put in place to insure a win, and no questioning of a second 
election theft.  Maybe the skull and bones connection isn't so far fetched. I am at a loss to explain his 
behavior with anything mor plausible, and I really wish I could. But I now feel that Kerry cannot be trusted. 

If we EVER let the democratic party nominate this man to the democratic candidate to run against the
republicans, they will do so without my support or my vote. Furthermore, I would support the formation 
of a 3rd party that I can trust.

Carl in Fort Lauderdale.

Carl, besides the name recognition, the fund-raising ability and the brains,
the biggest reason I like Hillary is she's NOT going to pull a Kerry in 2008.

They accuse her of having ambition, as if that's a bad thing.
If Gore or Kerry tried to win, they both would have, but they didn't want to do the work..

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