Dont Cut Off The Legs Till You're Sure 
The Reptiles Are Past Regenerating Age
     by Disasterman

It's a stretch, but say Hillary is Jesse Owens & Gdub is Hitler. 
Make it farther fetched, put JC on the sideline 100 meters out 
and Der Fuhrer in the blocks.  

On your mark?    Set.   Einkaufen!

And he's off! The nazis in the stadium cheer!

Oblivious to his stumbling monkey gait (and the 2006
era democrats i now way back machine into bizzaro 1936
who sit with arms crossed, harrumphing through pursed
lips to themselves) the nazis cheer! He trips on a
hurricane and they Cheer! That's not track ash on his
face, it's wind in his hair! And they cheer!

Pretending to run crawling, his optical illusion for
the blind, he says "See, me I'm a runnin' man, I'm a
runner its what I do. Some cross arm kissyfaces' been
hockin & ahemin that little neck huff a theirs' like
I'm on all fours one shoe tied to the other. (Boos) Im
a War guy! (cheers) I can tie my shoes! (Cheers) And I
run for Freedom! (Cheers!) My sweatsocks are soaked in
freedom! The soles of my Nikes are made of FREEDOM!
(sound of broken cheer button wiggling) And me, Im a
stompin man! (bzztchEERS!) 

Before the nazis open their eyes and see hes not really running 
across the sky with baby angels and before he can get up and 
trip on his tangled laces, Dick Cheney hops up in a burlap bag
made of Fascism Bush sticks half of freedom in it and they 
bounce down the track telling 3rd leg jokes. 300 meters to go. 
And they Cheer!

Rounding the bend where Jesse is standing he can let
them hop along, or he can stick out his foot and trip
em into the dirt for a couple harrumphs and the
fathers' sons' whole zeitgeist as a witness a half
stadium of nazis would drop all the whup they had on
that ass before the democrats from the future had time
to swallow, and say how tripping is always wrong.

Moral to the story;
Democrats of the future, get back to where you once belonged.

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