Subject: Hillary can't be the one to stand up?

Okay, so let me get this straight: Hillary and only Hillary has
a blank check
to screw her party
and pander to the right
and let them take our rights away, etc.
because: she's ambitious and wants to be preznit.

Dude, you forgot harpy, whore and serial killer.

So, if I understand your line of reasoning, if Hillary would actually
care about America more
than her own ambition,
she could fight for us now; but because she wants to be president,
she and only she is free to let them screw us.

I can't stand behind that, Bart.
That's crazy talk--and I know I put words in your mouth, but the whole thing is crazy talk.

 Kelly D

Kelly, you're not claiming to be joining this fight as an uninterested observer, are you?
Your hatred for Hillary dripped out of my monitor and all over my keyboard.

That tells me you won't even consider the possibility that my position may be valid.

Add to that the fact that we (not you) keep going over the same ground, week after week.
I feel the repetition is caused by the Hillary-haters refusing to answer simple questions.
That tells me you're not being honest with yourself, so how can I be expected to reach you?

Here are some simple questions that you are free to refuse to answer.

1Do you agree that Hillary "isn't like" the other 45 Democrats in the senate?
     That's a yes-or-no question, but feel free to qualify your answer after you've given it.

2What tangible good would it be for Hillary to draw heavy fire years before she gets in the ring?

3You see what they're doing to a veteran-war-hero-hawk who oftens votes GOP on defense like Murtha.
      You saw what they did to a war hero who still had shrapnel in his ass - they said he faked that.
     What will they do to Hillary, an uppitty woman (gasp) who never even saw combat?

4Do you understand the concept, "Only Nixon can go to China?"
     Murtha is Nixon, and he's being crucified as we speak.
     Your hatred is telling you it would be good for Hillary and good for the Democrats and good for
     the country if she got herself crucified years before the fight starts - and you say *I* talk "crazy?"

5Like most other Hillary-haters, you've failed to suggest a viable alternative - why is that?
     It's easy - too easy - to pick on any politician if you champion nobody, yourself.

6Why can't you either:
      A. Get behind the party's clear front-runner or
      B. Put the hate away until we get closer to the Demo primaries?
      Our positions aren't equal. At this time, I back the front-runner largely for math reasons.
      Well, that and her husband gives us a great two-fer that cuts out Bob Shrum.
      You are angry as hell and demand to know why I am, for now, backing our front-runner.

7I say the moment she declares the filibuster, she immediately becomes "The most radical
      Democrat in the entire congress, the only senator who thinks Alito is too radical" by default
      - and there goes, in my opinion, our best shot in 2008.    Am I wrong?    If so, show me.
      Show to me how the whore media and the right-wing sharks are going to be nice and play fair.

8How do you answer the charge that you're doing Karl Rove's job for him?
     Hillary is their worst nightmare - nobody is driven like she is and I say she
     won't forget to play the game once she's in it, like Gore and Kerry did.
     Maybe you hate Bill, too, but he said, "The only thing that kept us together was
     she hated them for what they did more than she hated me for what I did."

     I call that motive. I call that inspiration. And just wishful thinking,
     but I'd like to think Hillary was petty enough to make revenge a factor, too.

 I enjoy a spirited debate and I look forward to your answers.

 Disclosure: I spoke frankly to Kelly because he's been reading since Moses wore short pants.

 I'm ready to answer those question by number, Bart

Subject: Challenge

Hello Bart,

I really, really don't think HRC has a chance of winning the Dem primaries in 2008.
Could you answer this Arianna Huffington article in a much less combative manner than you
dismissed Molly Ivins's anti-Hillary screed.  If you can, you might earn some credibility on this issue,
which you are losing steadily.  Just brushing it off with a smartass comment will prove nothing.

Eagerly awaiting your analysis/rebuttal or whatever.

Hillary is Not a Lock for 2008
  by Hillary-hating Arianna Huffington


The other side of the Hillary-can't-miss equation is her strength with the Democratic base.

But does the Democratic base really love Hillary?
The latest straw poll taken by MyDD would seem to indicate otherwise.

As I was putting this together, I couldn't read"without permission."

Hillary came in seventh.
That's right, seventh, placing behind -- in order -- Feingold, Clark, Warner, Edwards,
Richardson, and "Undecided." Sure, is just one blog, but it's an influential one
-- and, increasingly grassroots and netroots are becoming one and the same.

So, the people at  hosted a poll and look what happened: Feingold came in first?
I have nothing against Feingold, but national, scientific polls don't even show him as a player.

What this means is, to make Hillary look like a loser, you have to abandon science.
I believe a scientific poll, one where they contact you, would show Hillary far, far ahead of the pack.

Think about it:
If we had a poll at  that asked, "Who is the greatest female singer of all time?"
I have a feeling Shirley Manson would come in first.   Would that make it true?

Another point: Remember the debate I lost, the one where  readers
voted in favor of the guy who said, "US soldiers are no better than Al Qaeda?"
To me, it proved the crazies are the most eager to write - or vote - in a voluntary anything.

If a scientific poll showed Hillary with less than two percent, I would no longer support her candidacy.

But, when a scientific poll shows Hillary with 43 % and Kerry in second with 14%, would you support her?
NO, you wouldn't, and that's one way that we're different.
You are driven by hatred for Hillary, I'm trying to stop a crooked bastard from picking his Pardoner.

Second last thing: *I* voted for Gore and Kerry - I'll bet you, like Molly Ivins, didn't.
Last thing: Shame on Arianna for using voodoo "science" to prove a point that doesn't exist.

Required apology:
I'm very sorry that I have an opinion that wasn't pre-approved by you.
I'm very, very sorry that I don't follow the pack that abandoned science in their attempt to hang Hillary.


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