Subject: Japanese cars


Your argument is simplistc, shallow and really uninformed.

I sure hope you're herr to straighten me out.
I haven't had a good straightenin' in a long time.

The US and "rest" of the world do not practice free and "fair" trade.

You got me there.
I don't know Bush about any of that, but I know that Demo and GOP presidents
are/were equally free to fight fire with fire if your allegation is, indeed, true.

The BFEE and frankly Clinton sold the US market down the tube
with NAFTA, CAFTA and is a real SHAFTA to American workers.

I don't know about that, either.
But I know when Clinton was president, everybody who wanted a job had one and we had the most
peace and prosperity in our history. If you content the bad effects of SHAFTA took a few years to
manifest themselves, I'll take your assertion under advisement.   (SHAFTA is a joke)

I too have owned japanese midget-junk-piles and once owned a korean midget car.
They are simply crap.

Is that a fact?  I don't believe it is.
For that to be a fact, it would mean:
American car buyers prefer crap to quality.
JD Power and Associates is on the take like a Zogby poll
Consumer Reports is a whore company, shilling for Japan over America.

Your personal anecdotes, while probably true, are still personal anecdotes.
If every Swede I met at that Hollywood party was gay, would all Swedes be gay?

The US buyer has been brain-washed by the corporate advertising whore media conglomerates.

And the dog barks and the kitty says "Meow."
But if your car can't make it past the three year warranty, you can't blame that on "brainwashing."
I don't claim to be an expert, but I bought used car contracts for 8-9 years, and from the finance
point of view, I'd OK a loan on a Camry faster than a Impala because, when you play the odds,
that Impala's coming back to me 2.3 times before the Camry comes back once.

Each finance contract was a poker game - I had to weigh the odds, then place my "bet."
A bet on Japan paid off more often than a bet on Detroit.
I'm sorry, that's not my fault.
I was hired to make "the man" a profit.

I'll bet you most americans are so stupid they couldn't point out the difference between a crankshaft
and BFEE butt-fuggery, even with bush, rummy and KKKKarl slamming them in the rear.
John, the colorful writer

Dude, like with Kelly, I enjoyed the tangle.
Just think - if we could do this live, on BCR.

Wouldn't that be cool if people wrote and said, "Bart, you're wrong on (Pick One) and I'll prove it.
Call me at 9 PM CST and you have my permission to record our conversation for your next BCR."

That would be cool...


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