People have written saying they want to send Julie a few dollars but PayPal doesn't work for them.
At my suggestion, she has rented a PO Box.
Write to Julie at PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

To e-mail Julie:

And if you can send $5-$10 dollars her way with PayPal, she could really use it.

Remember the karma thing - if you send Julie a few dollars, that means the wild and evil
out-of-control federal government will never put its entire might into destroying YOU!

That's cheap insurance, indeed.


Christian is spending tonight at Julie's house, perhaps Sunday also.
I told her we expect a full trip report when she gets home.
Maybe she'll tell us what the real Julie Hiatt Steele is like :)

Julie - if you're reading this - stop now and read it tomorrow.

When Christian was there earlier in the week, Julie made her Julie Pie.

Tonight, 2/16, Christian is making Julie Train Station Fried Chicken!

              Yum!       Wish I could be there.

 Also, Julie told me a long time ago that she enjoys fine vodka,
 but she hasn't been able to afford any the many years?
 So Christian is bringing her a bottle of the finest - The Grey Goose!

 Smoother than Clooney in a tux

 So, it's Girl's Night Out at Julie's tonight!!
 Train Station Fried Chicken and Grey Goose vodka.

 ha ha

 I know it's been forever since Julie's had a chance to kick back and relax,
 enjoy a fine cocktail, and forget her incredibly horrible ordeal for a few hours.
 If I went thru what Julie went thru I'd be robbing liquor stores,
 but Julie's not into crime, so she's done without for a long, long time.

 So tonight it's party time at the Steele house!
 I can't wait to hear the stories.


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