Subject: Aggressive Neal Returns

I'm a Bart addict, so don't take my ranting the wrong way.

I enjoy a good tangle.

I'm stuck on the Iraq Attack vote because I called Hilary's office the day before it to tell 
my Senator not to vote for it.  I talked to a staffer about how 1) Bush clearly would invade 
unless stopped, 2) that the Use of Force vote was the Congress' one chance to stop him and 
3) if not stopped, the unjustified attack would be a crime of the first order. 

Did the staffer tell me that the Senator had a different opinion?  Did he tell me that the Senator
believed that Bush would not invade?  Did he tell me that the Senator believed that the vote 
would be merely "defensive" in nature and would not actually authorize the use of force? 

He told me she was still undecided but that calls from constituents were running "1000 to 1" against. 
I hung up figuring that Hil wouldn't dare buck the instructions of all those New York voters. 
I was wrong.

Wait, do you credit Hillary for ignoring the polls or condemn her for it? 

But haven't you changed your position again?  According to you now, Congress had nothing to do with 
authorizing the attack.  They're just a powerless advisory body under our post-911 constitution anyway, 
I suppose.  So it hardly matters whether or not any of them were fooled by a scary CIA briefing about 
robot planes into believing that an invasion was justified.  They never acted in any culpable way. 
They therefore can't share any guilt for aggressive war, regardless of whether they were fooled or not. 
Only Bush, their superior, is to blame.

You're trying to trick me, aren't you?

Not sure what that underlined part means, but wouldn't we both agree that Bush was going to invade,
with or without congress, with or without the UN, with or without the support of regular Americans.
The little bastard had a hardon for war and he wasn't going to stop until he got what he wanted.

If you want me to say the Dems are too eager to please Bush, I might agree,
but the life and death thing looks like they made a mistake, not a profit.
(Diane Feinstein, call your office!)

But you and I knew that Bush was going in -- and that the Iraq Attack vote was the last chance for 
Congress to stop him.  We knew they were giving the Monkey a big green light to invade by approving 
the Iraq Attack resolution.  Can it be that we had better sources of information than our Senators?

This isn't on the main page because - it's long and we're re-covering the same ground.
Bush had the most info and the senate had more than we did.

By the way, to you "no one knew for sure that Saddam didn't still have a little degraded Sarin"
is equivalent to "everyone knew for sure that Saddam did still have a little degraded Sarin"? 
Certainty from uncertainty, eh?  Maybe we both need to type first, drink later.

When I get confused by a long-ass, run-on sentence, I take all pairs of negatives out.
Works like a charm.

Anyway, the point is, a little degraded Sarin, or a few robot planes, would not justify invasion.

By Koresh, I think we've made a breakthru. 
Suddenly, we're actually debating the issue - 'scuse me while I clutch my pearls.

OK, here we go: Let's say I agree with that statement in bold.

Would four drones with a 1/4 kilo of Sarin make us invade?
If not, would a dozen drones with 2 kilos each?
What about 250 drones with ten kilo warheads?

My friend, I believe it is you that has fallen into the trap.
You may be forced to admit there are circumstances that even you, Batavia Neal,
might vote for a pre-emptive strike depending on how deadly you perceived the threat to be.

And what if people who knew a lot less about the matter attacked you personally,
calling you all kinds of vile names because you knew more about the subject than they did?

I'm keeping the size 11 as a souvenir.
Keep Hammering
(Yes, I'll vote for Hillary if she's nominated.)

Batavia Neal

Dude, thanks for taking all that "in the spirit."

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