Subject: no Vaseline for me, please

Bart, you wrote:

> "I doubt we disagree on troops in Iraq, unless you want Zarqawi to have
> $140M a day (a billion per week) to spend on the best ways to kill Americans.
>  That wasn't a problem until Bush created it, but turning our backs on him now is suicide."

You can't prove this any more than I can prove it's false.

I think you just said Iraq has no oil reserves.
If we were gambling, that kind of mistake would cost you plenty.

It's a fantasy argument that lets you win every time, so you recklessly promote it as the truth
when you don't have any greater clue than I do.  your default position is war.  mine is peace.
Bring 'em home.

You'll have to get past your "no oil" blunder before we can proceed.
I say the facts are clear: Iraq has some of the biggest oil reserves in the world.
Either Bush will steal that money or Zarqawi will.

Granted, Bush is a religiously-insane greedy bastard with world domination as his goal,
but he's not trying to set a new record for most Americans killed in a single day.

Why wasn't Zarqawi spending a billion a week before we came, if this is true.

Duh, because he couldn't assume control until Bush after toppled Saddam.
Bananaboy, you're not like, ...stupid or anything, are you?

So, the choices are: foreign occupation by the US, or Zarqawi wins, al qaeda wins.

Iraq is like a wrecked armored car, turned on its side with its wheels spinning.
The money (or oil) is there for anyone walking by to steal.
Do you want Zarqawi to have an extra billion dollars per week?

Boy, Bart, you should find plenty of work with W's administration,
proclaiming as facts what only the easily terrified might fear.

Every time you claim Iraq has no oil reserves, you make me look smarter.
I need all of that I can get, so please continue.

Shame on you.  You don't know that to be true, but I forgot, you think it's OK
to kill foreigners if there is even a remote chance Americans will otherwise be killed.

Did you know the banana stalk is 93% water?
It's about as durable as your argument - even a moderate wind can blow it down.

You have a sort of moral relativism that let's you throw away our soldiers lives
for the most outlandish fairy tales.

You mean *I* ordered our soldiers into Iraq?
I should be on trial for war crimes if I did that.
If you can prove that, I'll swear off Chinaco and drink Cuervo Gold the rest of my life.

...can I get you a Band Aid for your bleeding knuckles, Bananaboy?

Note: Disagreeing with me doesn't make someone a monkey.
           Screaming "YOU throw away soldiers' lives" makes you a monkey.

Most of the insurgents have nothing to do with Al Qaeda, and you haven't demonstrated how
our military prevents Zarqawi's men from doing whatever they want even though we are there now.
Instead you fear monger.

Bananaboy, what do you think our military is doing in Iraq?
They are guarding the oil wells to ensure that Bush gets the maximum out of them.
That's why you never see more than a dozen soldiers in one photograph.

There are maybe 100,000 soldiers guarding Bush's oil wells and Halliburton's pipeline in the south.
The other 40,000 soldiers or so are spread-out, sprawled out all over Iraq, which is bigger than Texas,
getting blown up because there's not enough soldiers to take and hold every Fallujah and Tikrit.
Zarqawi can do anything he wants in Iraq - except screw with Bush's oil wells.

Perhaps if your reading retention rate was higher, you'd have picked that up
the first few hundred times I said it..

You wrote:

> "Funny, that the Pope has to dodge questions and Bart doesn't. "

You've dodged my question about the draft for months now.

If you're going to accuse me of dodging your oh-so-difficult question, you should say what it is.

If you support keeping our troops in the middle east indefinitely, like Hillary, when will you
openly advocate a military draft?  Our military can't remain there like this.  You are dodging this issue.

Answer it.

Your question is, "When will Bart advocate a draft?"
I'm too smart to say "Never," so how about, "I don't foresee that happening."

You, in your Banana-haze of hysterical screaming posing-as-thought, think that Hillary and I
have identical positions, and that are keeping soldiers in the Middle East, "indefinitely."

Again, if we were at a table with our money in front of us, I'd take yours.
After a while, you'd throttle back your wild-ass rhetoric or you'd starve.

Chris from Boca

Admit it - you're the Assistant Night Manager Trainee at the Boca Banana Farm

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