Bartcop Poker Club

We have six ten sixteen so let's give it a try. 
How about this Friday night at 9:30 CST?

I'm still working on the details - does anyone know how to set this up?
Apparenbtly we can't do a tournament, just a regular table.
The bad news, it wants a $40 minimum.
How do we get around that?
What limits do we need to keep it friendly?

If you know your way around, send an e-mail
Also, if you're new, say bartcop referred you :)


We tried this a year or two back, but let's try again.
We need a Poker Room Manager for private games at

Since our last attempt, they've upgraded their software and now, I think, they have created
private rooms where we can play No Limit Texas Hold Em tournaments with a $6 entry fee - cheap.

Please don't write to say you know of other, better places to play.
This site is the big one, and it's sanctioned by the World Poker Tour.

Let's give it a try - if it doesn't work, we'll wait until we double in size and try again.
The Poker Room Manager will be our advance man, he or she will pick a night and a time and we'll play.
You need a password to get in, and our Poker Room will be Monkey-Free.

To be Poker Room Manager, all you need is an understanding of the game, an open account
at and we're all set.  I'd do it myself, but I can't get stretched too thin.
Mostly, the Poker Room Manager would put together an easy-to-understand paragraph on how to
deposit money to get the game started. To deter fraud, they make you jump thru a bunch of hoops.

Sooner is better than later.
Let's play a few friendly $6 tourneys and let be the referee, purser, etc.

Look for me under  bartcop

If you want to play, or manage the room, send me an e-mail at

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