Subject: Delusional Democrats

Hey Bart,

I just have a couple questions to ask those dems who are wailing for Hillary to come out and speak against the war... 
What the hell are you thinking?  
Did you forget the fight with the media that we've all been having over the past 10 years?  
They jump at the chance to portray anything Clinton in a negative light.

One thing this administration has proven to be extremely adept at is manipulation of the media.  
Rove is a genius when it comes to this.  I could almost respect him if he wasn't a walking piece of rat excrement.  
Hillary coming out against the war would be crazy.

Let's discuss a series of events:

1) Hillary comes out against the war.

2) Der Monkey comes out and states "Hillary Clinton and her husband are unpatriotic, dangerous,. and possibly communist!"

3) News outlets around the country run this as front page news, O'Reilly holds nightly tirades against the evil of the Clintons, 
Rush dusts off Femminazi.

4) Monkey Man's poll numbers skyrocket because the news about the scandals we have been getting gets buried 
on page 18 while Bash-Hillary-a-palooza goes on on the media outlets.

5) All of a sudden, Bush's political capital is as high as it was in 2002, all becuase Hillary said "I made a mistake about the war".

It doesn't matter wether or not you want Hillary to run, shut the fuck up about Hillary and the war if you don't want 
Der Monkey back in full force.  You may say this won't happen, but history has proven otherwise.  The average American 
doesn't read blogs.  The average American's only real concern is supporting and caring for their loved ones.  The average 
American doesn't want to think about politics.  The Repugnants are so powerful right now because they are unified 
behind the criminals in power, and they simplify their message so that the average American can access it without too much thought.  If we liberals are really interested in the common good, we need to followe suit, get unified, and stop stabbing 
each other in the back.  Shut up, let the money shoot himself and his party in the foot, take control of congress in 06, 
and then take the White House in 08.... that is all that matters.

Keep on swinging Bart


Rick, I agree except for one part:
2) Der Monkey comes out and states "Hillary Clinton has joined the Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink,
Jane Fonda,  wing of the radical leftists. She is ready to capitulate to Osama right now.
We can't afford an appeaser of radical Ismaic fundamentalists in the White House."

With every day goes by, the country turns more against Bush's bloody quagmire.
Why ruin a sure thing so you can feel better about Hillary before she gains power?

Hillary knows what she's doing.

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