The GOP Wife-Cheating Hall of Shame

 Bush's 15-year old girlfriend's  felony abortion



 The Mail Thing

 The BiG Story #1
 Did Bush throw the 1992 election?
 Show me a hole in my theory.

 The Barry Switzer Factor
 Clinton promised to try to have "the most ethical administration in history."
 Did he deliver?

 The BIG Story II
 If CIA man Bush is innocent of concocting the "October Surprise" in 1980,
 which kept our innocent American hostages stuck in Iranian Hell for an extra 77 days,
 why can't he prove where he was during that fateful time?

 The Iranians "invented" a certain date when they say the meeting took place?
 Why can't Bush prove where he was that day?
 What are the odds of the Iranians guessing a date where Bush has a blank spot?
 And how does this proof tie into Big Story #1?
 Did Bush throw the 1992 election to keep October Surpise buried forever?
 Should we let him get away with that?
 Should his son be rewarded the White House as payback for throwing that election?

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