Subject: Howard Stern report

Here is what I learned from listening to the "air check" that was secretly broadcast on Sirius

Basically, it was a live test with Howard, Robin, Fred, Artie, Gary, and the  rest...
All checking out the mics, how to run the phones, the studio, etc.

It was revealing in that the group did not know that they were initially being broadcast, 
and when they did, they thought nobody was listening as it was not publicized that they 
would be testing- so they were much more "real" than we are used to hearing....

1)  Howard is constantly joking that nobody listens to satellite radio--  something that 
he never would say publically.

2)  Howard and Beth are married.

3)  Howard has spent almost no time preparing for the move which shocked me. 
With only a few days before his debut, he doesn't even know how to turn on his mic.

4)  Howard is complaining incessantly (and Robin and Fred are backing him up) that the mics 
are making his voice sound horrible. Meanwhile, after listening to him for 20 years, I cannot tell 
ANY difference in his voice on Sirius vs FM radio.

5)  Howard's first word on satellite radio? "George"

6)  Howard seems to be spending an incredible amount of time learning how to pick various songs 
from the computer database to play, as is done on regular music radio stations.  He is practicing 
cuing the tracks, etc.  He is testing how fast he can pull up esoteric requested music tracks.    
I am beginning to wonder if he is going to be playing music on his new show? 
Perhaps he will do this to provide bathroom breaks, etc?  Or do we know that there will be commercials?

7)  Artie is lifeless and is probably wondering, "What am I doing here today?"

8)  Howard spent New years eve with Tom and his wife.  I guess they are closer than he lead us to believe.

9)  The call in number is going to be 1-888-9-Asshole

10)  It was 30 minutes before one listener actually called in.  
Big difference from the millions and millions of listeners Howard was used to...

11)  They are "working" on getting the Howard Stern show streamed online.

Verizon User.

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