A Story that never got told

Remember when we went to New York and met Les Paul?

There was a little more to the story that never got told.

Uncle Lou (guitar player in Les's band) was nice enough to met us at Rudy's Music Stop in Times Square
so Perry could buy each of his three sons a Les Paul guitar so Les could autograph them for him.

That's Perry on the left, trying out one of his new Les Pauls, and Rudy on the right.

With Uncle Lou there, there were amazing discounts to be had and we kinda got caught up in the moment.

If you remember 2007, Der Monkey Fuhrer had just loaned every taxpayer $600 against
next year's taxes so we did something kinda cool - we bought a Les Paul for Les Paul to autograph.

It was impusive and possibly even stupid, but how often does one meet Les Paul, who was in his nineties?

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Here's Les signing one of Perry's Les Pauls, with our host Greg on the right and
that's me behind Perry -
darn it, I never make it into the photograph, it seems.

After Les signed Perry's guitars, he looked at me, standing there with a Les Paul in my hand.
I guess I wasn't holding it the right way, so Les asked me, "Do you play?" And I said, "No, Sir."
So he wrote on my Les Paul guitar.

He wrote, "Practice."

Later that night, we saw Les perform at New York's Iridium Jazz Club.

When we got home, I went to Tulsa's Guitar Center and bought a Marshall amp for $44.

Not sure why I did that - but I'd hate for some great guitar player to stop by Casa de Bart,
like Rick Del Castillo, and have a Les Paul sitting there with no amp though which to play it,
Funny, to this day, it's never been played.  Hell, it's never even been tuned.  Hymen intact.

If you had told me years ago that one day I'd own a Les Paul and a Marshall amp,
I would've asked to buy some because your dope was better than mine.

So, just like Jimmy Page, I have a Les Paul and a Marshall amp.
I wonder if Jimmy has a guitar with Les Paul's autograph?

So, that's one story that got lost in the past.
I didn't mean to hide the fact that I had an autographed Les Paul, but in the original story
I said there was more to tell but the story was written before UPS delivered the guitar.

Thanks to Perry (Who was called "Frank" in the original story) thanks to Greg and Terri, our hosts,
thanks to Uncle Lou for taking the time to meet us at Rudy's and may the great Les Paul rest in peace.


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