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Vol 403 - Blonde Republican Sex Kittens

 February 8, 2001
 VCR Alert - Bill Maher is in DC all week.

 Tonight - Richard Belzer and Rush Feingold, the back-stabbing traitor.
 It's my prediction Belzer will unload on Rush, for all of us.
 Plus - Survivor, Friends Super Size, SNL at 8:40, C.S.I.
 and anybody feel like talking in the chat room at 10 PM EST?

 A dozen times, I've heard the lying Pigboy say:

 "Marc Rich fled to Europe instead of facing the music."

 Like everything he says, this is a big, fat lie.
 Rich was in Switzerland when he heard that Maddog Giuliani had dropped
 all the charges against his oil companies buddies and was going after him
 on the RICO statutes because he was a Democratic contributor.

 How could he flee to a place he was already at?
 This is sorta like the people who "fled to China."
 It wasn't Susan McDougal and Harold Icked who fled to China.
 It was all those Chinese people who went the hell home!

 Since Rush is telling lies, isn't that proof that the real story just won't do the job?
 And if the truth won't do the job, his having to fabricate a better story
 is proof that the vulgar Pigboy is only lying to foam the red-meaters.


Subject: Leaving the White House

George Senior on his last day in office did this:

With one stroke of his mighty pen he forgave the Oil and Mining dues owed to you and me for a year.
I would guess that would be more than a  few supposed missing W's.

Michael Henry

 Yesterday's USA TODAY headline was "Smirk eliminates AIDS, Race offices."

 Before I had a chance to pound him for that (haven't read a paper in three days) he doubles back
 for a flip-flop. And instead of admitting he was doing what Ashcroft said,  (my sources quoted Ashcroft
 as saying "screw the darkies and the queers - they didn't vote for us anyway") he sends out
 lying spokesweasel Andy Card to say it was Andy's mistake.

 I have a feeling Smirk won't be making any mistakes.
 It's always going to be somebody else - always.


Subject: Ain't life grand...

What a great day yesterday.

With the closing of the White House offices on Race and AIDS, we kicked all the "niggers" and "fags" out.

We put out an Executive Order allowing unsafe Mexican trucks and truck drivers who get paid $7 per day
on our nations highways (screw those safe, $15 per hour Teamster drivers - they didn't vote for us anyway).

A right wing nut got elected Prime Minister of Israel

And to top it off, the Commonwealth of Virginia passed a laundry list of restrictions on abortions.

 Ton o' mail and Toons

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You can't tell the Cabinet connections without a program
 By Molly Ivins

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Subject: Three Weeks in and Guess What, folks?

Three important constituencies made the election close enough for Bush to steal--the military,
the Teamsters and the state of West Virginia.

Three weeks into his regime, Bush's administration has done a complete about-face on promises he'd made
to significant numbers of the voters who are part of that govenrment service, union and Appalachian state.

Bush promised the military increased spending, particularly on the salaries of the rank and file (during the debates).
Earlier this week, his Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said that there would be no increase in defense spending  this year.

The Teamsters were the only major union to endorse Bush. Well, the Bush Administration lifted Clinton's ban on
Mexican truckers this week (whose rigs  could never pass ICC regs and who work at 25 cents on the dollar,
as opposed to the Teamsters themselves).

Dick Cheney went to West Virginia during the campaign and told the people there that Al Gore's environmental policies
had killed the coal business--and the miners, enough of them anyway--bought this line and gave the state to Bush.
Those electoral votes were more than enough to put Bush in power (with the theft of Florida figured in).
Yesterday, Bush's Attorney General John Ashcroft reversed Clinton's policy on Black Lung Disability, making claims
more difficult to obtain, rather than less--guess which group of people in America are most affected by Black Lung?

This from a politician whose theme song at rallies was the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again".
We're fucked.

Johnny Angel, Los Angeles, CA

 Mention of  in a New Zealand newspaper

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  Thanks to Sylvia

 White House Barricades

 Remember 1996?
 I do.

 The GOP was whining, non-stop, about how the White House barricades were
 Bill Clinton's way of  "taking the people's house away from them,"

 When they closed off Pennsylvania Avenue, they said "Clinton has declared himself King!"
 Those lowlife bastards fabricated all kinds of frivolous and scurrillous charges.
 Well, now Smirk has a chance to "give the people's house back to them."

 But with the whore press asleep or worse - willfully helping the Smirk agenda,
 there's nobody to call them on their horseshit hypocrisy.

 Now see, if I had a bigger hammer, I'd be contacting big boys in the GOP for a statement.
 If  was big enough, they'd almost have to talk to me, because the alternative
 would be a big, big story pummeling their yellow ass for not applying the same standards
 to Smirk that they tried to put on Clinton.

 They're getting away with it,
 because the lazy whore press refuses to do their job.

That terrible White House shooting yesterday?

 Last night's West Wing

 It was the hardest I've laughed in a couple of months.

 When President Bartlet finally met the blonde Republican sex kitten.
 It was so unexpected, the second I caught a glimpse of the president
 I started laughing loud and hard and couldn't stop for at least a minute.

 Surely - the funniest 30 seconds this show has ever done.

 Sam will be getting some BRSK real soon - wanna bet?

Clinton and Gore Clashed Over Blame for Election
(This story could be total bullshit, but it's worth a read)

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With Field Marshall Von Ashcroft, this isn't a joke.

From: Dread Pirate

Subject: Marc Rich Pardon Conspiracy

I've been trying to understand the motives behind Bill Clinton for pardoning Marc Rich
in his last day in office.  Oh sure, the nutcases on talk radio will point to a quid-pro-quo
campaign contribution, but I've got another theory.

Bill Clinton is a political genius.  We know he's got to have plenty of dirt dug up on the
former members of the Bush administration.  I have a feeling that the Marc Rich pardon
WAS done for political reasons that would benefit Bill Clinton, but not for financial reasons,
but rather as a cool calculated form of revenge.

I've been reading biographies on Marc Rich and how he earned his billions.
Turns out he made most of it through O-I-L.  So if there isn't a Dick Cheney-Haliburton-Marc Rich
connection just WAITING to come out, well, then sometimes coincidences really are coincidences.
No coincidence that one of Cheney's big staff members represented Marc Rich.

Why would that be?

But listen to some of this stuff on Rich:
" 1974, he and another senior member of the company founded their own company, created and
headquartered in Switzerland, which by the early 1980s became one of the world's leading traders
in raw commodities from producer nations to developing countries."

The list of organizations and operations that this guy has been involved in reads like a laundy list
of CIA operations.  And I'll bet these operations were later handily exploited by Haliburton,
especially since their CEO was fairly adept at this kinda secret dealings.

There is something BIG here...the press is too stupid and lazy to do the research and connect the dots,
but I'll bet that Bill Clinton has ALL the information he needs to embarass the hell out of Cheney...Big Time.
The last minute pardon of Marc Rich by Bill Clinton was a signal to Bush-Cheney:

I Know What You Did Last Administration.
The Big Dog has got a Royal Flush and he's let the other players know that he does.
Now he's daring them to call the hand.

White House Weds CNN

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Rehnquist visits UA
Election protesters greet Thief Justice

     When Thief Justice Rehnquist (R-Does what Scalia tells him) was at University of Arizona's
James E. Rogers College of Law yesterday when about 250 protesters recognized him and started shouting.
     Their rhythmic chant of "Shame! Shame! Shame!" was followed by a booming chorus of boos.
Rehnquist was in Tucson to speak as part of a roundtable discussion on federal courts.
    With a host of local and federal law enforcement officials on hand, some in SWAT gear,
the protesters had no choice but to remain peaceful. They carried placards critical of the dirty thief,
an Arizonan, who voted with the partisan Republican judges to steal this election from the people and,
like everything else in his silver-spoon, snot-nosed brat's life, hand it to the idiot Smirk.

     Rehnquist never looked toward the protesters - many holding signs telling him to fuck himself -
as he was whisked away to a nearby van by U.S. marshals.  Following his talk, the Thief Justice
left the College of Law in a motorcade led by UA and Tucson police.
     Protesters held signs saying, "How can you sleep at night?", "Impeach Rehnquist",
"Chief Injustice" and "Supreme Ripoff", and my favorite, "Blow me, You Partisan Dog."

Recessions are good for you -- unless you're a Little Guy
 By Molly Ivins

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Subject: PigShit

Did I hear correctly?

The PiG was discussing the shooting at the WH today and he referred to the gunman as
"probably a FM listening, dirty, drug taking FAGGOT"  HA HA.

If only the gay activists would go after him like they did Laura.

Actually, it ended with "maggot."
That's his phrase for anyone who wore blue jeans in high school and college,
because Rush was always too fat to wear jeans like the other, normal kids.

But I also remember when the nutcases attacked the White House when Clinton was president,
Pigboy always said it was because people knew Clinton didn't belong there. Remember?
The vulgar one even said people cheered in Independence Day when the White HOuse blew up
because they hated Clinton so much. (Even tho Clinton halways had higher approval ratings
than the simple-minded Reagan - facts which Rush must ignore to sell his horseshit.)

But now that the idiot Smirk was appointed - against the will of the people - he changes
his story and says "Screw what the people want, I need my tax cut.That's what's important."

But - you ask a great question.
Pigboy has been a bigger insult to gays than Laura ever has - yet they give him a total pass.
At least Laura doesn't laugh at "the idiots" in the gay rights movement like Rush does.
Laura doesn't play "The Lollipop Song," whenever a gay story comes over the wires.
Laura doesn't rollaround in the gay bashing like Pigboy does, but they give him a pass.

Does anybody know why?

It's unfair to go after Laura with both barrels and let Rush have a free ride.
C'mon, you gay activists - explain yourself.

Living in a Slave State
 by Nancy Maynard

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Subject: Ted Drewes!


Love the site.  Check in every day (and speaking of checks, one's in the mail).
I didn't think I could like you any more until I read your Robert Plant concert story.
Although I no longer live in Saint Louis, I go back to see family every year and
I always insist on a stop for Imo's pizza and Ted Drewes on Grand.

Thanks for making me a little homesick (in a good way).
The world's not so big after all.

Keep hitting hard.
I use a lot of your stuff.

Kevin Doyle
(now in Utah, the most Right-wing/Republican/Religious place in the US.
 The land is great, the people are nuts.)

Even tho I grew up in ...Denver, I always liked St Louis.
When we go there or travel thru, we always get the Imo's and the Ted Drewes.
Once, we flew somewhere, I forget, and we had an hour layover in St Louis,
so we called the Bridgeton (maybe) Imo's and had them deliver to the airport!

They also have Steak n Shake, White Castle, and Krispy Creme Donuts there.
All we have in K-Drag, Oklahoma is McDonalds.

But there's nothing like Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.

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 It had everything - Kneel Bush, a Snipe hunt, cocaine, and the Secretary of Cats.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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